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Bed Bugs

What have been your experiences with this spreading menace?

by DDTreply 4103/18/2015

I've had no experience with them.

And I'd like to keep it that way.

by DDTreply 103/21/2013

I prefer not to have listening devices in my boudoir.

by DDTreply 203/21/2013

What r1 said.

I did some census work two years ago and it freaked me out to walk into people's apartments. The minute I'd get home, I'd put all of my clothes into a plastic bag and take a hot shower. Fortunately, none of the buildings I visited were infested, though most of them were dirty.

by DDTreply 303/21/2013

Ewwwww! Those things look nasty.

by DDTreply 403/21/2013

Encountered them in a couple hostels in England. Ended up with bites all over my ankles. A friend of mine had bites all over her chest and neck. It was awful at some places.

by DDTreply 503/21/2013

I slap the SHITE out of them!

by DDTreply 603/21/2013

[quote]Encountered them in a couple hostels in England. Ended up with bites all over my ankles. A friend of mine had bites all over her chest and neck. It was awful at some places.

Eck, that sounds nasty.

by DDTreply 703/21/2013

[quote]Encountered them in a couple hostels in England.

How did you make sure you didn't bring them home with you?

by DDTreply 803/21/2013

They can come into your apt through vents and pipes if anyone else has them, or gets them. This disturbs me, as I live in an apt.

by DDTreply 903/21/2013

R9 If you have roaches they eat bedbugs.

by DDTreply 1003/21/2013

Thanks r10 i sure feel better now!

by DDTreply 1103/21/2013

Well if your a filthy slag you have to worry but if you're clean you're fine.

I love how these people with roaches and mice and bed bugs and other vermin are NEVER dirty.

by DDTreply 1203/21/2013

Doesn't have anything to do with cleanliness - even library books,theatre seats,moving vans and first class hotels have them and they're back after 40 years of being almost unknown except for the "don't let the bed bugs bite" phrase. We used to DDT them into oblivion,but now they're baaaaaacckk!

by DDTreply 1303/21/2013

St. Regis Bahia Beach has them. Worst vacation EVER.

by DDTreply 1403/21/2013

On the tv show Infested (I think), two boys had a hideous rash all over their bodies that just kept getting worse and worse. Doctors didn't know what it was.

Poor kids, around 5 and 8, started getting made fun of at school, so mother kept them out.

Turns out it was bed bugs. One kid woke up in the middle of the night, went into the kitchen and said... "mommy, there are bugs in my bed."

Mother thought kid was having a nightmare, put him back in bed, and went back to the kitchen table... where she promptly saw a bug ON THE TABLE. That's when the horrified mother started putting 2 and 2 together.

The pest control guy was certain that the bed bugs hitched a ride on the NEW bunk beds(now torn apart) that grandma had bought for the house.

The bugs where in the frame and came out at night to feast on the kids. They couldn't be seen during the day. Previously, the mother and grandmother had even stripped the bed clean and washed the sheets several times. They had, in fact, searched the entire bedroom looking for some kind of answer.

If you ever want to be grossed out, watch it. I couldn't find a youtube clip, but the family was black. The kids were cute and the mother was gorgeous.

I felt so bad for her because she was desperately trying to figure out what was wrong with her children. "The rash" was even on their faces and eyelids.

by DDTreply 1503/21/2013

Some people are going to tell some horrible stories our here about bed bugs, but I am not going to be the first.

Don't be too prissy bitches or I will bite you.

I had them twice, cost me thousands of dollars and months of stress. I brought them to my mother's house before I knew I had them. She about had a breakdown. She never told anyone, but lived in semi-seclusion for 4 months. I did all the work. Good Italian boy.

My bf was less paranoid than I was about where they could be, but didn't sleep in darkness for months.(they bite at night-about 3 to 7 am, unless they are everywhere and then look out)

We are not dirty y'all and my mother is a millionaire and lives in clean luxury. Pray you don't get them and try not to get weirded out every time you go on the subway or sit in a movie theatre or come home with new clothes or books from the library, because they can get to you from there. Once you've had them, just try and relax.

We live in our pretty historic condo in Montreal, and y'all are crazy and lucky if you think that the bed bugs don't get down with the clean upscale folk.

3 mattresses, 2 couches, months of laundry with many clothes ruined because they must be dried at hot temperatures, over a thousand dollars in dry cleaning for things that could not be laundered, toxic chemicals but not toxic enough to be rid of the bugs, so then heat treatments that ruined art works and took the gloss off italian shoes and and photo memories, cats in boarding 7 times x 2 cats x 30$ a night.

Steam cleaning, mother shame and blame. My black boyfriend who could kill you with his bare hands but could't sleep, and oh yes, the bites. Red feeding bites. Welt-like. Itching for months. Scars.

About $20,000. Months of our life. Stress. OCD behavior where none existed before. Unhappy dudes under stress. Relationship troubles. Laundry every day for 6 months. Some fine laughs and sweet sex along the way. Lots of knowledge of BED BUGS. These are not roaches y'all and all y'all. They live in your mattress and your upholstery and bureaus and clothes and papers and sometimes electronics. They can live for a year without feeding but keep reproducing.

They are the size of a flat apple seed at their biggest and don't hang around in the light.

Would not wish this on my worst enemy.

(they tend to feed in three bite formations, referred to as breakfast, lunch and dinner by the charming public health officials)

My sexy boy has two sets of those raised constellation scars on his smooth dark skin, with a few other one meal bites in other places. Me, I had quite a few bites, but less scars.

OK boys and girls. Bed bugs are not life threatening but can seriously fuck with your life and mind.

by DDTreply 1603/21/2013

I'm scared of r16 AND bedbugs!

by DDTreply 1703/21/2013


bring back DDT!

by DDTreply 1803/21/2013

i don't have them but am terrified since i live in an apt building and if your neighbors get them, most likely, you will too.

I don't go to cinemas because of this fear, yeah, i'm mad.

I read up on this and that high heat kills the bugs, eggs etc. putting clothes in dryer at high setting.

Also, even though i don't have bed bugs, i have enclosed my mattress and pillows in protective cases, better safe than sorry.

by DDTreply 1903/21/2013

It's just a bug get some DE and forget about it. The bite is no worse than a mosquito bite, in fact it's better because bed bugs do NOT transmit illness, like mosquitoes do.

by DDTreply 2003/22/2013

Hi webbie!

You put blocks and permanent PT on huge chunks of the US and Europe, preventing countless innocent people from posting...

Yet here I am. You will never be rid of me.

You've ruined DL.

Stupid cunt.

by DDTreply 2103/22/2013

You are a fool r120 and one who has never experienced a bed bug infestation.

They do not carry disease, but they are insidious and very hard to get rid of.

The bites are far worse than mosquito bites for most people, ask your physician. They are most often welt like and scar because of the length of time that bed bugs feed on you. Many people are also allergic to these bites as with many other insects. Shut the fuck up if you once had a bite in a hostel once in 1972 or whatever nonsense you are speaking of.

I neglected to put in my post at r16, that one of the reasons that people are not even aware that they have bedbugs if they are not looking is that the bugs inject an anesthetic like substance into the skin and can feed on a sleeping person for 30 minutes or more without any feeling of being bitten. It is nothing like a mosquito bite even if one is not reactive.

I tried to convey some humour with the horror at my post, but don't dismiss this as nothing.

Bed bugs do not kill people, but for most they are a costly and very real reason to freak out psychologically and socially.

You ain't no tough guy r20, just a big mouth who would be the first one to try to sue your neighbor if you had an infestation.

Be quiet or educate yourself.

For everyone else, yes it is best not to freak out as much as we did, they are only bugs after all, but I hope that you understand that they can happen to anyone, and that they are very transportable.

by DDTreply 2203/22/2013

I live in an apartment building. A neighbor had them and told no one. I found out when I saw a mattress wrapped in plastic next to the garbage dumpster. Her apartment was treated successfully, but she was re-infested a few months later. The second time, they were found in two other apartments. She's been shunned ever since. I ended up printing photos of a bedbug and putting them and a flyers on prevention on all my neighbors doors. It took months and thousands of dollars to get rid of them. I had to visit her home afterwards. When I got home, I went directly into my bathroom and undressed in the shower. I left my clothes there all day, checking often to see if anything was crawling off of them.

by DDTreply 2303/22/2013

Why the DDT ban? I mean yes it's toxic, but surely there's some way it can be used in some limited, licensed manner only on bed bugs? It's an epidemic and only getting worse.

by DDTreply 2403/22/2013

I helped a friend, who was blind, clean/prepare their apartment before the exterminators came. They had to treat the apartment three different times before the little bastards were finally eradicated. I was terrified of bringing them home with me. BTW - the downstairs neighbor was the person who brought them in...they infested my friend's and another neighbor's apartment. This happened a few years ago and it still gives me nightmares.

by DDTreply 2503/22/2013

What is DE r20?

by DDTreply 2603/22/2013

First of all DDT is not toxic at least not to mammals and it isn't toxic to birds either.

My science teacher used to eat the stuff.

The problem with DDT is it takes decades to break down. This is why it worked so well. You could spray it once and years later most of it would still be there.

You spray the current insect spray and you will have most of it broken down in a day or two, resulting in more spraying.

Oddly enough this is MORE toxic to mammals and birds.

DDT also effected bird's egg shells. It caused them to be weaker so when the mother bird sat on her egg (or father bird) her weight would crush the egg.

It didn't kill the birds.

Why did it do this? Because the DDT didn't break down.

The bugs died, other bugs ate it and then the rats at the bugs and the birds ate the rats. And all the while the DDT was still in the same concentration, as when the first bug got sprayed with it.

This is similar to mercury. This is why the fish at the top of the food chain have lots of mercury. The mercury doesn't break down.

DE or Diatomaceous earth is a powerful insecticide. It is actually the skeletal remains of algae. It feels smoother than talcum powder but to insects it's lethal.

When the insect crawls over it, the jagged edges of DE cut up the insect's exoskeleton. This dehydrates them and they die. The plus is the insects can't mutate to adapt to it because it's a physical thing.

However DE must be applied correctly. It must be a dusting, people put clumps of it down. If the insect can't crawl through it, it won't get cut and die. It simply walks around it.

DE also takes a few days to work and it will not work once it's wet.

DE comes in two forms. One is food grade and this is what you want. The other is POOL GRADE and is used for swimming pool filters. THIS IS DANGEROUS TO PEOPLE AND OTHER MAMMALS. You DO NOT WANT, pool grade DE.

Food grade DE is pretty harmless, they even feed it to animals. though you wouldn't want to keep breathing in a bag of it, but then again, you wouldn't want to breathe in a bag of talcum powder either.

by DDTreply 2703/23/2013

To continue

DE will work on anything with an exoskeleton, that means good and bad insects. So if you like bees and use it outside, it'll kill those. Again, once it's wet it is not effective.

My brother in law is a PCO and he says when people don't treat bed bugs correctly that is why they come back.

First of all the bed bugs themselves are easy to kill. One part alcohol to one part water, will kill the bug. Even plain old soap will kill them, but it will kill anything with an exoskeleton as well.

The bed bug eggs are the issue. You can kill all the adults but if you don't get the eggs you're back to square one.

Washing bedding and clothes in hot water (120ºF) will kill them and the eggs. An hour in a hot dryer will also kill the eggs and the bugs. A steamer will kill the bugs and eggs but go over slowly at least 15 seconds her part, or an iron as well.

Bed bug covers that wrap mattresses and pillows make it easy to clean and see infestations.

Bed bugs love wood. They live in clutter. People who have bed bugs almost always have homes full of clutter. Bed bugs live within 10 feet of their food source which is you.

They do not spread any disease, this is why they are not tracked by the government because they are not a disease vector.

Bed bus do not have well developed feet pads so unlike most bugs cannot crawl up metal well, if at all. Unlike the roaches you find crawling over everything. This is why brass beds were so popular during the old days.

While roaches eat bed bugs, they seldom are together unless you happen to sleep in your kitchen. Roaches don't stray far from their food source either.

Bed bugs locate you by detecting the carbon monoxide you exhale. You can also make a crude CM detector from dry ice (see YouTube for an example). This may help detect if you have them.

The key is to treat as soon as possible. If you wake up with a mosquito bite, and itchy assume it's bed bugs and begin treatment.

Finally remember one third of humans don't react to bed bug bites, so it's possible to have them and not know.

This also explains why two people in the same bed and one will get bitten up and one will not.

by DDTreply 2803/23/2013

The problem is not being bitten by them in a hotel so much as bringing them back home with you.

by DDTreply 2903/23/2013

R28 Thanks so much for the information. It is posts like this that keep me returning to DL. I also bought Diatomaceous Earth and sprinkled it around my apt.

by DDTreply 3003/23/2013

I live in Toronto and we have a HUGE bedbug problem, and it's getting worse every year.

just like the US, Canada banned DDT decades ago, but Ontario has gone a step further and banned almost all powerful insecticidal products and even most over the counter herbicides in an effort to be "green". It has backfired , but the lack of strong insecticides is just a small part of the problem.

Like most places Toronto has no bylaws concerning household items that have to be thrown out due to bedbugs. Most apartment buildings have huge areas where you find piles of old mattresses, sofas, beds, etc etc... a large percentage of them have been disposed of by their owners because they are infested with bedbugs. There is no law saying you have to dispose of them safely, no warning sign, no plastic wrapping...nothing.

Most people would have enough sense not to take anything they see in the garbage home, right? Well the dirty little secret of Toronto's bedbug infestation is that all those newly arrived immigrants are constantly dragging old mattresses , furniture, beds, clothes, anything they find in the trash they might need. Most come from countries where the bugs are a constant presence so the threat of a few bedbugs is no great concern. Once inside an apartment or condo building the bedbugs gave a nice be home, and plenty of food sources. Plus bedbugs are also being imported when they arrive with the luggage and shipping containers from Asia .

Ain't multiculturalism great?

by DDTreply 3103/23/2013

Bed bugs spreading are the least of your worries now in NYC...

by DDTreply 3203/23/2013

Same, R1. I'm not even sure if we have them in my country.

by DDTreply 3303/23/2013

My grandmother had them and her building's management was totally unresponsive. One day, I visited and saw that they were even crawling around in the bathroom in the middle of the day. At that point, my grandmother was sleeping on the couch, but I could see plenty of evidence of them there. I checked my clothes when I got home and found one, so then I was very reluctant to go visit her anymore. Unfortunately, she died a few months later. (Insert "...then she died" DL joke here) Of course, the building management couldn't wait to fumigate the apartment when she died.

She wasn't a person who bought used items, so I guess they came from a neighbor or hitched a ride on her from outside.

Last night, I woke up with intense itching on my eyebrow and a few hours later, I found one of those goddamned things. I live in an attached house but both neighboring houses are vacant, so I either brought it in from outside, or it somehow came inside and upstairs from the old car outside in which we are storing some of my grandmother's things. I'm heading out to get a mattress cover and to wash all my bedding. I have a metal frame and I don't see any dark spots on my mattress. Ugh, I hope I don't get an infestation.

by DDTreply 3403/23/2013

R12 = never traveled a day in his life.

by DDTreply 3503/23/2013

I'm concerned about my pets. I have about five of those doggybeds and I worry that my animals are getting bitten without my knowing it. Do the bugs only bite humans?

by DDTreply 3603/23/2013

Are bedbugs still a big deal in NYC? I remember all the hysteria about them a couple of years ago, but this thread is the first time I've heard anything about bedbugs in a long time.

by DDTreply 3703/23/2013

roaches do not eat bed bugs

by DDTreply 3808/05/2013

Rock & DDT (Doris Day together) movie from 1961?

by DDTreply 3908/05/2013

Four years ago I moved into a Boston triple-decker that, unbeknownst to me, had bed bugs from the previous tenant. My girlfriend at the time and I both had severe allergic reactions to the bites. My arms looked like Christmas hams after just 2 nights. It was awful; they bit my face, too. They were bad enough that you could occasionally see them out during the day, crawling on a wall. Supposedly that meant that it was a moderate infestation at best. We were on the second floor. The first floor said they had experienced a severe infestation for months but they were Nicaraguan immigrants and were embarrassed about it. They were convinced that the previous tenant in our apartment, an exchange student who had frequent out-of-town guests, was responsible for the infestation. The third floor never got bed bugs.

We didn't have much furniture yet, but the landlord acted really fast. He heat-treated the floor boards, fumigated from attic to basement, sealed every hole in the wall he could find after shoving pool-grade diatomaceous earth inside each crevice. Then he instructed us to put diatomaceous earth all around the floor boards and in every nook and cranny, as well as between our matresses and under furniture. He said that diatomaceous earth, which you can buy cheaply at Home Depot, 100% kills bed bugs and is nontoxic to pets and humans unless inhaled.

Within a week of all of this, no more bed bugs. We lived there 3 years without further incident.

by DDTreply 4008/05/2013

The worst thing about it, is once you find out what's going on, you're extremely reticent to go to bed, but I don't have anywhere else to sleep. Guess it's time to go ring the dinner bell.

I need to be refreshed to start calling around to figure out what to do. The apartment complex better pay for the extermination, they were definitely here before I moved in.

by DDTreply 4103/18/2015
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