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Was there a thread on the death of Frank Thornton, Capt. Peacock?

Frank died a couple of days ago and I don't recall seeing mention of his death. He was 92.

He always put a smile on my face and I was so sad to hear he resides in Dirt City.

by A fanreply 603/22/2013

Yes, your thread is at least the third but that is ok. Here is the link for the main thread.

by A fanreply 103/21/2013

Thank you R1, that was very kind of you.

by A fanreply 203/21/2013

What is "Dirt City"? Never heard that (slang) term.

by A fanreply 303/21/2013

Dirt City/Grave Yard also known as Box City

by A fanreply 403/21/2013

They need to reunite the cast and do a tribute episode.

by A fanreply 503/21/2013

Again, WTF is Dirt City/Grave Yard/Box City???

by A fanreply 603/22/2013
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