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Magazine: Michael Douglas “Gay Shocker!”

The Enquirer alleges that Douglas is “consumed with guilt over his gay half brother Eric, who was brutalized for years by their father Kirk and shunned by Michael because neither star could deal with his sexuality.”

In the wake of Eric’s 2004 drug overdose death, says the tabloid, guilt supposed “gnawed” at Douglas and “that’s what drove the macho actor to take the role of flamboyant gay showman Liberace in the highly touted HBO movie ‘Behind the Candelabra.’”

by Consider the source...reply 1903/21/2013

And this is my business how?

Kirk is a rapist. This is small potatoes.

by Consider the source...reply 103/21/2013

One more reason not to go watch that Candelabra movie.

Exploiting the death of a brother you never cared for, and who died of a drug overdose to boot. Well done.

by Consider the source...reply 203/21/2013

I don't believe this. I highly doubt Michael was ever homophobic - he was even on Will & Grace back in 2002, which was 2 years before his brother's death. So I don't believe he's homophobic or that this movie is to confront any fears.

by Consider the source...reply 303/21/2013

Always thought Michael may have dabbled in the homosex where the man goes up into the other man.

by Consider the source...reply 403/21/2013

The Enquirer's homophobic sensationalism is hardly new.

by Consider the source...reply 503/21/2013

Kirk Douglas is a horrible piece of shit.

Of course, when that old bastard dies people will eulogize him and say what a "saint" he was

by Consider the source...reply 603/21/2013

Michael's father should have been convicted...

by Consider the source...reply 703/21/2013

"And this is my business how?"

What are you doing on a gossip board?

by Consider the source...reply 803/21/2013

Someone shut up the hystercal lez-les at r6, we don't know the details, he may not have raped this person. Anyone think that Michael Douglas's son who was a crystal meth dealer currently in prison has done the homosex? I think he's hot.

by Consider the source...reply 903/21/2013

I did a play with Eric Douglas back in the 80s. He told me and another castmate that his father placed him in a "facility" at the age of 15 to "cure" him of homosexuality. He also told us that Daddy Dearest took Michael to whorehouses when he was 14 to "make him a man." That would explain Michael's warped sex addiction problems later. Very, very sad.

by Consider the source...reply 1003/21/2013

I just don't get why Kirk was invited by the Academy to present the supporting actress award, still in wtf mode about that one.

As well as it being incredibly random inviting an unrelated albeit "legendary" senile 100 year old who had a stroke (his last appearance in the 90s was even more awkward), only topped by the discovery that Melissa Leo really IS the trash that she plays, surely the Academy knew he raped Natalie Wood? And his son would know. What the fuck were they playing at.

by Consider the source...reply 1103/21/2013

r1? Backstory? Thanks.

by Consider the source...reply 1203/21/2013

[quote]who was brutalized for years by their father Kirk

And here I thought he was such a nice guy!

by Consider the source...reply 1303/21/2013

Whoops I see the link now. Ignore my previous request.

by Consider the source...reply 1403/21/2013

"Someone shut up the hystercal lez-les at R6, we don't know the details, he may not have raped this person"

I'm not even a lesbian, retard. I guess being against homophobia makes you "hysterical." Of course the self-loathers here would defend a guy who was cruel to his gay son...

by Consider the source...reply 1503/21/2013

MICHAEL Douglas was very girlish as a young actor - not macho at all.

by Consider the source...reply 1603/21/2013

Kirk was super close to gay/bisexual Burt Lancaster, almostinseparable best buddies. No way Kirk was alien to his own experimentation.

But alas these old farts don't mind getting off with a man as long he self-identifies as straight and has a woman to come home to. That gives them license to put down "gays."

If it's true that Michael mistreated his brother, I hope he feels like shit about it.

by Consider the source...reply 1703/21/2013

Flamboyancy does [bold]NOT [/bold] equate being a homosexual.

Let's get it together girl.

by Consider the source...reply 1803/21/2013

Dear Webbie,

I travel all over Europe and have access to literally hundreds of IP addresses.

Trying to ban or block me will only make it worse.

I am harmless.

Get over yourself.

by Consider the source...reply 1903/21/2013
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