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Ben Walker in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

Not very good performance or body. Dear M I condole you. (but then I doubt Mamie could do much better)

by Greply 1806/29/2013

His body was pretty good in LES LIASONS DANGEREOUS

by Greply 103/19/2013

photos? links? Maybe I just had bad seats.

by Greply 203/19/2013

You know, he has a 'normal guy' body and a full face. He's not the actor I would have cast as Brick, but I guess he'll do.

by Greply 303/20/2013

I would take him inside of me.

by Greply 403/20/2013

He's a handsome man with a well-developed, muscular body.

Unless the OP is Joe Manganiello, I see little reason to criticize.

by Greply 503/20/2013

Now R5, I'm not saying he's fat or ugly, but that's not a well-developed muscular body. It's probably better than 3/4 of the bodies on DL, but there is nothing spectacular about it. You can see that body anywhere. I think his body is probably perfect for the time period of the play.

by Greply 603/20/2013

The other thing is that Ben is like 6'7". And it's hard to show lots of muscle on that tall a frame.

Having said that, I thought the production was a mess

by Greply 703/20/2013

Haven't seen the production but it is a period piece and if he was ripped like a millenial gym queen it would have been inconsistent with the period.

by Greply 803/20/2013

I remember him from The War Boys.

That was a pretty good scene.

by Greply 903/20/2013

That is a great body, in our country 'normal' is fat. He is not fat.

by Greply 1003/20/2013

I agree that he looks fine for any period.

But his performance is disappointing and the production itself is as gindingly mediocre as the recent revival of THE HEIRESS, though Johanssen does far better in her leading role than the underpowered Jessican Chastain did in hers.

by Greply 1103/20/2013

Sometimes I lay awake at night with a deep gnawing feeling that Mammie has married a homo just like Maggie the Cat did.

by Greply 1203/20/2013

He's not gorgeous enough to play Brick, he has no magnetism. But all of those Williams roles for men are so hard to cast nowadays; Williams must have been inspired by men like Brando, Newman, Ben Gazzara, etc. And Brick is nothing but magnetism in an otherwise not so great role, in the sense that he requires something you can't really act. He has to be an object of desire because everyone in the play is drawn to him and he's just aloof. Tommy Lee Jones was a good Brick opposite Jessica Lange.

But these roles - as Blair Underwood proved last season, you can't just hit the gym. You have to have something more. (And, let's be honest, in an all-black production of Streetcar, Stanley should've been much darker skinned than Underwood.)

by Greply 1303/21/2013

[quote](And, let's be honest, in an all-black production of Streetcar, Stanley should've been much darker skinned than Underwood.)

Perhaps we should now relegate casting to Pantone.

by Greply 1403/21/2013

No R14 but if you're doing an all-black production the class issue between The DuBois' and The Kowalski's would dictate that Stanley should be dark-skinned, as Stella is meant to be lowering herself by having married him. It gets a bit silly when these all-black Williams productions take place in fantasyland.

by Greply 1503/21/2013

He had a big schlong in Les Liasons Dangereuse on stage

by Greply 1606/29/2013

He had pasty-white feets. Brick should always have tanned, masculine feets. The kind that Skipper would have loved to worship.

by Greply 1706/29/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Greply 1806/29/2013
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