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What are the chances Lindsey will really do 90 manditory days in rehab ?

You know something will happen. She'll feign illness, get in fight with someone (and be transferred to jail), get caught with something a friend smuggled in - possibilities are endless.

by Sam R.reply 3003/20/2013

If she goes to a real (not Drew affiliated) mandatory rehab she won't have the chance to have friends smuggle shit in. Another reason why Drew's rehabs were not realistic or successful is that he had visiting days all the time and it's not really like that. Real places don't even let you call out for the first 30 days and by the time you can you are pretty with the program and not trying to pull anything shady. I hope she can do this and that she gets it this time.

by Sam R.reply 103/19/2013

Manditory??? Substitute an "a" for the "i"....Oh dear!

by Sam R.reply 203/19/2013

[quote] She'll feign illness, get in fight with someone (and be transferred to jail), get caught with something a friend smuggled in

All of the above. And that's just the first week. She went out partying after she was in court

by Sam R.reply 303/19/2013

She won't do the 90 days.

by Sam R.reply 403/19/2013

The first picture of her in the town bar and she back in jail.

At three weeks tops.

by Sam R.reply 503/19/2013

If only...

by Sam R.reply 603/19/2013

She'll try to check in with a gun in her pussy.

by Sam R.reply 703/19/2013

This won't work. The judge gave her a stiff sentence. But then, the judge also said Lohan could do her rehab in either California or New York--and Lindsay gets to pick the place. Geez Judge! You needed to name the place and not let Lindsay choose it.

So, the 'lock-down' won't work. And if the lock-down doesn't work, then rehab doesn't work.

by Sam R.reply 803/19/2013

After a week or so, I expect the staff will be leaving doors unlocked and begging her to run away.

by Sam R.reply 903/19/2013

She won't do 9 hours, let alone 90 days. She always has and always will get away with every mess she gets into.

by Sam R.reply 1003/19/2013

She'll be dead soon if she doesn't and then her parents can sue the judges and lawyers and handlers. Her parents are fucking gross but they will be right about the fact that this shit should have been nipped in the bud by the system. We need something to shake up these starfucker judges in LA.

by Sam R.reply 1103/20/2013

It is a lock down visitors, no days outside for work....she'll do the 90 days and it won't be easy.

by Sam R.reply 1203/20/2013

If that's true r12 then she may just get clean.

by Sam R.reply 1303/20/2013

Why isn't she in jail for a couple of years by now already???! She's not even a VIP anymore. Why is she being treated so well??!

by Sam R.reply 1403/20/2013

R12 Don't hold your breath. And even if she did, it will probably be one of those resort rehabs where you have a 5-star room with a maid, a gourmet chef, and ride horses and go swimming throughout the day.

by Sam R.reply 1503/20/2013

She'll go somewhere where she'll have a private room with a fully stocked minibar.

by Sam R.reply 1603/20/2013

I don't understand how she keeps getting away with things. Even other celebrities have had to do substantial jail time when they broke the law. Does she just have really good lawyers or something?

by Sam R.reply 1703/20/2013

r17 - I can answer that. First, overcrowding in LA - California jails means that messes like this get out all the time.

Second, her stuff is not that serious, they are misdemeanor probation violations - sure they add up in her case. But ... mostly the poor get put in jail for these infractions. Most people that can afford lawyers can get reductions, much like her. Lindsay's problem is that it does not go away. So, she keeps coming back - but still piddling charges. It's a weird loop.

Third, she's famous, and anything punitive can be challenged (and will be) on appeal. Bad publicity.

The law is different for the rich and poor.

by Sam R.reply 1803/20/2013

How will he be able to fulfill his duties in the Senate?

by Sam R.reply 1903/20/2013

R19 is that a Lindsay Grahm joke?

Oh you card!

by Sam R.reply 2003/20/2013

She'll throw a tantrum, hurling herself against a wall or something. They'll take her to an outside hospital, she'll be released from there and she'll fly home. Eventually there'll be another L.A. hearing and she'll find a way to get out of the deal that way.

Did she really tell her lawyer to shut up in court on Monday?

by Sam R.reply 2103/20/2013

What is wrong with people who are out partying every night? Why can't they stay home like normal people? Even Hollywood celebs stay home.

She won't really come clean unless she admits she has a problem and she hasn't plus staying clean would have to include her mother getting clean and that's not going to happen either. Her mother is her biggest user and sycophant.

by Sam R.reply 2203/20/2013

Can she even afford rehab?

by Sam R.reply 2303/20/2013

[22]--right. She doesn't want to get 'clean.' That's not where the drama is, and she's all about the drama. Enjoys the role of party girl she's playing, along with both parents, so why give it up for the boring sober life? No one will pay attention to her then. This trick is over.

by Sam R.reply 2403/20/2013

[quote]I can answer that. First, overcrowding in LA - California jails means that messes like this get out all the time.

But this time it's not jail, but mandatory rehab. There's no "overcrowded" excuse this time around since there are rehabs all over the country. So if she gets out of this somehow, then they may as well just drop all of this back and forth to court stuff and let her run wild instead of wasting time with all the formalities that go nowhere.

by Sam R.reply 2503/20/2013

r23 -- word here in NY papers is that's why she's unlikely to go to Silver Hill ($1K/*day*) but there's another place in the aread that offers financial aid.

by Sam R.reply 2603/20/2013

She'll get kicked out for screwing someone 8 days in.

by Sam R.reply 2703/20/2013

Or stage a fight with a female staffer.

by Sam R.reply 2803/20/2013

Yep, she won't last.

by Sam R.reply 2903/20/2013

Maybe her good "friend" Charlie can put up the money since he seems to enjoy giving her money, even though he whines about how she doesn't thank him for it.

by Sam R.reply 3003/20/2013
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