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WTF? Neiman Marcus labeled real fur as faux

Neiman Marcus Settles with FTC Over Faux Fur Labeling Flap

UPDATED AT 3:05 pm

The Neiman Marcus Group Inc. and two other retailers have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceived consumers by claiming certain products contained fake fur when in fact the fur was real.

The FTC alleged that the retailers falsely claimed that genuine fur trim on coats and shoes was "faux," in violation of the Fur Products Labeling Act and the Federal Trade Commission Act.

For example, Neiman on its website described a $1,295 cardinal red Burberry Outerwear Jacket as featuring a "Black faux-fur hood with snap-tab detail." The label on the actual coat, however, disclosed that the fur is real.

Another ad for a Weitzman Ballerina Flat ($325) claimed that the shoe had a "Faux fur (cotton/viscose) pom on round toe." In yet another ad, the same shoe was billed as having a "dyed mink pouf." The shoe actually used rabbit fur.

Neiman neither admitted nor denied the allegations. The company was represented by Daniel Schwartz, a partner at Bryan Cave.

more at link

by Anonymousreply 003/19/2013
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