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Sexy Utility Workers

There's a group of five beefy, impeccably groomed Pacific Gas and Electric Company workers, all under 40, installing a new transformer on a power pole across the street from my house. I've been watching them from my front deck all morning long.

Except for that 10 minute break with a bottle of lotion.

They're on lunch break. I finally got the courage to go out there, introduce myself, and explain to them that the whole scene looks like an introduction to a gay porn movie called "Power Pole".

The first guy who spoke said to me: "Oh, Mary! That's SO tired...". Second guy points to the only one still at work, who is up in the crane carriage doing something with wires. He has one of those huge Anthony Recker Troll asses and is wearing mirrored sunglasses. He says "Marky did work for Colt."

My cat runs over, yells at me, then begs them for some lunch meat. "This you're cat?" Me: "Yeah, he's the only pussy I've ever had". I get a lecture on how many GLBTs work for PG&E.

Damn. I love living in San Francisco.

Tried to Google "Power Pole" and "gay porn" but only came up with this...

by Anonymousreply 003/19/2013
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