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Storefront Churches

You know, the ones you see that are no bigger than a barber shop with names like "Tabernacle of the Divine Christ" or "Jesus the Rock Ministries". Are these real churches or just a money making business for the minister.

by Penelops, Sector 1355reply 903/19/2013


by Penelops, Sector 1355reply 103/19/2013

Mostly money laundering fronts.

by Penelops, Sector 1355reply 203/19/2013

I rented to a Mexican church. It was very odd. It's a real church, since they have services every day, but they do a lot of meals, like every night and every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and they're very into playing really horrible christian rock. They make a lot of noise. I know they were letting new arrivals sleep in the place, too.

I would say that it functioned as a social club as much or more than it did a church as we generally think of them.

There was a minister, but every month half the congregation would show up in person with wads of cash to pay the rent, and I got the feeling that the decisions were communal.

They moved to a larger building after a few years, and now they've bought a real church building the Baptists could no longer fill.

by Penelops, Sector 1355reply 303/19/2013

Some people can't afford a country club, so they make due.

by Penelops, Sector 1355reply 403/19/2013

So basically you provided shelter to illegal aliens. Why didn't you call the INS or homeland security and see if they were legit?

by Penelops, Sector 1355reply 503/19/2013

I drive by a few near my house everyday namely:

Global Kingdom Ministries,

Good Shepherd Community Church

and Highway Gospel Church

All Scams

by Penelops, Sector 1355reply 603/19/2013

Church of the Guiding Light

by Penelops, Sector 1355reply 703/19/2013

Tax free clubs. Period.

by Penelops, Sector 1355reply 803/19/2013

Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus!

Wait no they're actually huge. A scam nonetheless.

Read Nightmare Alley!

by Penelops, Sector 1355reply 903/19/2013
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