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Tomorrow morning I begin shooting my bid for an Oscar threepeat!

I shall begin shooting The Homesman, co-starring Tommy Lee Jones, screenplay by Tommy Lee Jones and direction by Tommy Lee Jones. That cranky old coot sure is clever, ain't he. In the film I shall portray Mary Bee Cuddy, a pioneer lady in the 19th century who helps shepherd a bunch of ladies gone across the vast plains and prairies of our great nation. And through it all me and Tommy Lee fight and laugh and cry and conquer.

Speaking of conquering the plan is to make me the belle of Sundance next year and win my THIRD Oscar in 2015. I wonder what Annette's got in the pipeline?

Off to have some Facetime with Ms. Hargitay and then get some beauty rest-big day tomorrow on the first day on set of my threepeat.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 3502/21/2015

Hilary Swank seem to be the only actor that I can shamelessly say that "I am a fan of"

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 103/18/2013

Sounds like a western....does Hilary play the horse? Does she have a husband? Are all her eggs dead now? Is she depressed about not being able to carry a child?

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 203/18/2013

Swank's two Oscar-winning performances were spectacular, especially Boys Don't Cry, which arguably is one of the gretatest female screen performances of all time. The rest of her entire oeuvre is absolute and utter dreck. The dichotomy is quite fascinating, really. But I don't doubt that she may, indeed, strike gold a third time.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 303/18/2013

Is this the movie that Meryl will also co-star, along with one of her daughters? I assume she is doing this as a favor to Tommy Lee Jones. The source material is from a novel that he did not write. Westerns are a hard sell but I would see this if it was well done.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 403/18/2013

Winning three back to back to back is a "threepeat," so no, you're not on your way for that.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 503/18/2013

Sounds dirty.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 603/18/2013

Hmmm, she sounds a little too desperate. I, myself, respect an actor who has more of a love for the craft.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 703/18/2013

Is this a comedy?

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 803/18/2013

Annette, one of your kids didn't come out right. Warren's sperm is much too old and damaged for procreation.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 903/18/2013

So transgendered people are defective in your book Hilary? sad and hypocritical of you....weren't you their spokesperson for a while?

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 1003/18/2013

Ms. Swank, you can certainly try for another win, but I highly doubt that the Academy will award you for a third time when such acting luminaries as Ms. Close, Ms. Bening, Ms. Weaver, Ms. Moore, and Ms. Watts have yet to win.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 1103/18/2013

Don't worry people....I will do my best to upstage her and undermine her confidence.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 1203/18/2013

Is Hillary Swank one of those fading actresses in her 30's? Bitch please, get out of my way!

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 1303/18/2013

[quote]Off to have some Facetime with Ms. Hargitay

That equates to a looooooooooong time for poor Ms. Hargitay, I'm afraid.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 1403/18/2013

OP, you try waay to hard on this one. How long did it take you to make up this dismissable post?

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 1503/18/2013

r15=sad, bitter, has nothing to contribute so takes pleasure in putting down others who try to be creative

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 1603/18/2013

Yep, R4, this is the one. She's playing one of the ladies driven mad out in Nebraska and is brought back to Ohio with Swank's character.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 1703/19/2013

I wonder if Hilary's been fired yet and replaced by Jennifer Lawrence.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 1803/24/2013

[quote]Swank's two Oscar-winning performances were spectacular, especially Boys Don't Cry, which arguably is one of the gretatest female screen performances of all time. The rest of her entire oeuvre is absolute and utter dreck.

She's fantastic in The Gift, which is a really good movie with Cate Blanchett, directed by Sam Raimi.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 1903/24/2013


by Miss Hilary Swankreply 2003/24/2013

Anybody see this movie? A little surprised HS wasn't nominated for her performance.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 2102/19/2015

It truly is shocking that she wasn't nominated for this. It is her third unbelievable seminal performance. It puts the actresses nominated this year to shame, yes including Julianne Moore who will be receiving her own embarrassing version of Pacino's Scent of a Woman Oscar.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 2202/20/2015

I can't believe that Moore will be winning for that POS movie. It will be seen as an embarrassment the day after the Oscars. I blame whoever stole her Oscar for Boogie Nights.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 2302/20/2015

I just saw this movie. In all seriousness, Hil was great. Tommy Lee (love him) was also great.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 2402/20/2015

R23 Kim Basinger, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 2502/20/2015

The Homesman had a lot of buzz. And then people saw it.

It was a very odd film. Jones steadfastly refused to allow any sentiment at all to creep in and it made it hard to engage emotionally with any of the characters. He robbed Swank of what would've been her best scene. I still don't understand why.

You can tell Meryl was on set all of one day.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 2602/20/2015

[quote]He robbed Swank of what would've been her best scene. I still don't understand why.

What scene was that?

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 2702/20/2015

Yes saw it on Netflix. It was a bizarre film but it was quite watchable. What was up with THREE crazy women? They weren't being taken out of an asylum and found it an unbelievable coincidence they just happened to be in that small town. And why did the Swank character hang herself? Didn't see that one coming. Still she probably should've had Witherspoons nomination.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 2802/20/2015


by Miss Hilary Swankreply 2902/20/2015

poor Hilary. At least she has her husband and children to comfort her during this down turn in her career....oh wait, never mind.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 3002/20/2015

I can't stand Hilary Swank but I despise that awful Annette Bening even more. So I'd love it if they both got nominated in the same category and Swank beat Bening yet again. Just to see the reaction of that overrated bitch AB.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 3102/21/2015

[quote]. And why did the Swank character hang herself?

I can't believe you posted a spoiler just like that. Are you a cretin?

Most people haven't seen this film, at least judging by the number of replies here. Did you stop to think about that? Moron.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 3202/21/2015

[quote]Most people haven't seen this film,

now will see it.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 3302/21/2015

Don't yell at R32; doubtless critics - pro and amateur - have similarly spoiled. See the fucker when it comes out!

(Yes, I'm old.)

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 3402/21/2015

R26 managed to post a thoughtful review without spoilers, so it just takes a bit of intelligence.

by Miss Hilary Swankreply 3502/21/2015
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