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The Most Fabulous Gown/Dress NOT in Film

What is the most fabulous or most memorable gown you've seen?

My pick would be this inspired confection-- Loretta Young's emerald green taffeta 1948 Oscar gown. Of course, when she accepted her Oscar she had removed that shrug/cape/wrap thingamabob. Have you ever seen anything more divine?

What say you?

by Irene Dunnereply 803/18/2013


by Irene Dunnereply 103/18/2013

Wow. I'm a dumb bunny.

by Irene Dunnereply 203/18/2013

Oh yes, OP. I'm sure everyone will endorse your choice. The gloves make the dress.

by Irene Dunnereply 303/18/2013

Bjork's swan dress.

by Irene Dunnereply 403/18/2013

OP, I HATE your favorite gown! I hate ruffles, I hate bulk, and I hate pink and green together. And I love emerald green, too.

Here's my current favorite dress in the world, which Amy Adams wore to the Oscar afterparties. Why the little idiot didn't wear it on the red carpet I don't know; it's not only beautiful it's both sleek and ornate, simple and insanely detailed, it is beautiful still or in motion. I know, MARY!!!

by Irene Dunnereply 503/18/2013

OP You might like this:

by Irene Dunnereply 603/18/2013

Grace Kelly's Oscar gown. It made the cover of Life magazine.

by Irene Dunnereply 703/18/2013

Nobody beats Halle Berry.

by Irene Dunnereply 803/18/2013
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