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Soccer player gives Nazi salute

To celebrate scoring a goal. Teammate is like WTF?

by Anonymousreply 1903/19/2013

Cute or not?

by Anonymousreply 103/17/2013

Cute or not??!! Are you fucking joking???

The guy's a fucking idiot, and I'm glad he got banned from the national team for life after that little stunt. The fact that he said he didn't know what the salute stood for is even more damning: he's either a complete and total troglodyte, or he thinks we are. I suspect he knows full well what it stands for - and what the nazis did to jews, gypsies, gays...

by Anonymousreply 203/17/2013

Who said anything about him being against gays?!?

by Anonymousreply 303/18/2013

R3, I think it goes with the package: you do the nazi salute, you make a statement. That statement is pretty unambiguous about where you stand on the issue of race and sexual identity. Are you as much of an idiot as the soccer player?

by Anonymousreply 403/18/2013

I think he's hot, in a sort of an unkempt, politically bewildered way. We could work on that.

by Anonymousreply 503/18/2013

R5, you're an arsehole.

by Anonymousreply 603/18/2013

Giorgos Katidis banned from national team for life after Nazi salute goal celebration

The growing sentiment of neo-fascism in Greece appears to have spread to the beautiful game, as AEK Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis "pulled a Di Canio" by apparently giving a Nazi salute after scoring in his side's 2-1 victory over Veria on Saturday.

For the gesture, the tattooed 20-year-old has been handed a life ban from the Greek National team, whom he once captained at U-19 level. Katidis, however, will not join Di Canio and Christian Abbiati in the pantheon of proud football fascists, as he has denied knowing what the gesture meant on Twitter.

The BBC reports:

The Greek football federation called it "a severe provocation" that insulted "all the victims of Nazi bestiality". Katidis denied he gave a Nazi salute. "I am not a fascist and would not have done it if I had known what it meant," Katidis said on his Twitter account. [...] He insisted he was simply pointing at a team mate in the stands.

The "pointing at a team mate" excuse is painfully unlikely, but it is quite possible that Katidis is naive/stupid enough to not know the meaning of his offensive celebration.

(After all, this is a man half-witted enough to apparently have "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" tattooed just above his junk.)

While the club will decide his future at a board meeting next week, AEK's German manager Ewald Lienen has supported his midfielder, insisting he is apolitical and probably saw the salute "on the internet or somewhere else" without knowing what it meant. Which seems a perfectly good defense for repeating it in front of thousands of people.

by Anonymousreply 703/18/2013

R6 Coming from a Euroe, I take that as a compliment.

by Anonymousreply 803/18/2013

Didn't Prince Harry do the same salute? He didn't get punished.

by Anonymousreply 903/18/2013

It's plausible that he did it out of ignorance but regardless he's paying the price now. I think his response seems as though he were mimicking others rather than passionately involved in fascism.

Perhaps too much is made of "Nazism." People throw the term around, it's dulled it's meaning. Fascism isn't just about hand gestures and symbols anyway. Half of CPAC could be defined as fascist but people accept that as normal political discourse - anti-minorities, anti-women, anti-gay, etc.

No, Prince Harry did not do that. He wore a Nazi uniform to a private, fancy dress party.

by Anonymousreply 1003/18/2013

Very cute!

by Anonymousreply 1103/18/2013

r5 / r6: and you're wrong on that score as well - I'm definitely not a "Euroe" (as you spell it...), I just happen to be living here at the moment.

My beef with you, though, is not just that you're an ignorant twat, but that your main comment on cryptonazis (and rapists on another thread) is that they're hot.

by Anonymousreply 1203/18/2013

That hand gesture, delivered with that much conviction, suggests that homeboy knows godammned well what it means.

The stunned look on his teammate's face really says it all, doesn't it?

Love the tacky-ass "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" tattoo in the crotch region. Klassy!

by Anonymousreply 1303/18/2013

I doubt there are many people in Greece who are unaware of the meaning of the salute.

by Anonymousreply 1403/18/2013

I don't disagree with the banning, but it'd funny if he really didn't know what it meant. It reminds me of the dumb girl on King Of The Hill, putting Communist Party signs on her lawn, because she had no idea what communism is.

by Anonymousreply 1503/18/2013

He did not know what he was doing. He really didn't- you can tell from his tweets after the fact. This is a big overreaction.

by Anonymousreply 1603/18/2013

Not only is he a Nazi, but he has ugly tats.

by Anonymousreply 1703/18/2013

Stupid mistake, my ass. That douche wanted the attention and he got more than he bargained for.

by Anonymousreply 1803/18/2013

and R12, your transition to Euroe is coming along nicely, lookit all you've picked up already!

And since you missed the sarcasm, I'll explain. He is not hot. Instead, he represents a frightfully increasing minority of native Euroes who favor their recessive Neanderthialan traits. Not nearly enough Jews remain for their turn, however, so they are left with the mockery.

by Anonymousreply 1903/19/2013
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