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The Infamous NYC "Hotel Carter": Murder, Mayhem, Dead Bodies, Suicide, Whores & Drugs. Convenient to Midtown Theatre District!!

The website is inept and hostile.

Most respectable hotels put a lot of time and effort into their websites, which is why you should be very suspicious of hotel websites that look like they were created with Microsoft FrontPage 97.

Take New York’s Hotel Carter, for example, a notoriously dirty Times Square hostelry known for its body count: a woman thrown out of a window, an infant beaten to death, a goth rocker stashed under a bed, a hotel clerk killed by another hotel clerk.

Its website is inept, ungrammatical, and at times perplexingly belligerent. “We do not receive package/shipments for guests. We will refuse to receive package to those who order online and use our hotel address,” the home page states, emphatically, in red italics. You know what else is red? Blood. A clear sign that this might be a murder hotel.

by NightStalkerreply 1106/29/2014

Hotel Carter Body Count at link.

by NightStalkerreply 103/17/2013

Hotel Carter: Woman Thrown Out of Window. Link

by NightStalkerreply 203/17/2013

Hotel Carter: Infant Beaten to Death

by NightStalkerreply 303/17/2013

Hotel Carter: Goth Rocker Found Under Bed, Dead. Link

by NightStalkerreply 403/17/2013

Hotel Carter: Hotel Clerk Kills Fellow Hotel Clerk.

by NightStalkerreply 503/17/2013

How many times has it been featured on one of the Law & Order shows?

by NightStalkerreply 603/17/2013

I've heard the hotel has been cleaned up quite a bit, and is under new management. Staying there this summer for a few days... we'll see what happens haha.

by NightStalkerreply 706/29/2014

IIRC the Carter is where Venus Xtravaganza of [italic]Paris Is Burning[/italic] was murdered by a trick.

by NightStalkerreply 806/29/2014

So... where in Manhattan is your pricey Bed & Breakfast, OP?

by NightStalkerreply 906/29/2014

I would love to get ahold of a building like this and with enough money (tons,) renew it into a "Hotel" (the book/movie) quality hotel.

By the way, you'll find that many, many hotels of that age and room count have pretty sporty death counts.

One large one I worked at had three messy jumpers and one shotgun suicide* during the six years I was there.

* Not that messy. He thoughtfully wrapped himself up in the bedspread before firing.

by NightStalkerreply 1006/29/2014

Friends from Boston spent a fabulous weekend in New York and stayed at the Carter. Without incident. It's the best bang for your buck in Manahttan. And truly near everything. Clean rooms. Courteous staff. Pleasant common areas. ..

Where do YOU live, OP? Have you ever been to New York?

by NightStalkerreply 1106/29/2014
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