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Beyonce debuts new song 'Bow down/Been On'

The second half of the track includes the instrumental featured in the singer’s O2 Priority campaign for tickets to her upcoming world tour. It is rumoured to have been produced by Hit-Boy.

by Our thoughts?reply 3703/19/2013

LOVE it.

by Our thoughts?reply 103/18/2013

Bow Down Bitches.

by Our thoughts?reply 203/18/2013

Excrutiating. She pounds away at those same two notes in every song. Her voice is shrill and unmelodic.

B'day doesn't have the intellectual depth to ever be a serious artist. But as long as she stays attractive she'll make money.

by Our thoughts?reply 303/18/2013

It's boring. Sorry B.

by Our thoughts?reply 403/18/2013

Are these really going to be her first 2 singles? I don't see them as being very radio friendly. Maybe they will grow on me.

by Our thoughts?reply 503/18/2013

How very...ghetto of her.

by Our thoughts?reply 603/18/2013

"Bow down" my ass.

by Our thoughts?reply 703/18/2013

Ho hum, another day, another shit song from Bouncey. Has she ever heard of "Key Change and Chorus"? This is worse than the last one, whatever the fuck that one was called.

by Our thoughts?reply 803/18/2013

Most of her songs sound like schoolyard chants. I didn't listen to this one because I can't stand her.

by Our thoughts?reply 903/18/2013

This is "music"?

by Our thoughts?reply 1003/18/2013

She is really slipping.

I see her and Justin Timberlake being musical has-beens before too long.

by Our thoughts?reply 1103/18/2013

This song is crap. I continue to say it - Her name says it all


by Our thoughts?reply 1203/18/2013

Beyonce is obviously shook by her competition to release something like this. Yes, it's a homage to her Houston , Texas roots (hence the chopped-and-screwed influence), but singers/performers/entertainers of her fame who are secure in themselves don't sing about how 'bitches' should "bow down." to her. She's a 31-y/o mother for fucks sake. She's too old for this foolishness, but "ratchetness" is in for most of her fanbase, many of whom are in their late teens and early 20's and find Rihanna a more interesting personality and making more pop-friendly songs.

This song is some bullshit. She's trying to come off like a neck-rolling hoodrat who grew up whooping ass barefoot in the ghetto in this song when she was raised in an upper-middle class upbringing. Girl, bye. So contrived.

I hope this isn't the lead single. It's Certainly not radio-friendly or pop-friendly at all. It sounds like the intro to her upcoming album. Keep in mind Beyonce hasn't had a #1 Pop hit since 2008. Five-years ago. Which is a lifetime in the disposable world of pop music. All the hype surrounding her has been her PR Machine working overtime. Meanwhile, younger women have more hits than her, including Rihanna, Katy Perry, Adele, and Lady Gaga to name a few.

Of course, this isn't stopping her zesty and tangy ass fanbase from proclaiming that Beyonce is "giving life," and using #Bowdownbitches as a hash tag on social media. If you think Janbot is delusional, Beyonce Stans make Janbot and MJ fans look rational and sane. At least they have more numbers to back their shit up, unlike Beyonce.

by Our thoughts?reply 1303/18/2013

Shit, take me to Vegas to see good ole Britney already. I've had it with these pop tarts with delusions of grandeur.

by Our thoughts?reply 1403/18/2013

"I Been On"???

by Our thoughts?reply 1503/18/2013

...and while I'm on my soapbox, isn't this song a bit hypocritical considering Beyonce is always talking about female empowerment and uplifting women?

by Our thoughts?reply 1603/18/2013

If she were fat white trash, you bitches would be eating this up.

Don't hate because Bey is allowed to grow her own fingernails.

by Our thoughts?reply 1703/18/2013


by Our thoughts?reply 1803/18/2013

Yeah, bow down doesn't exactly follow up well with the girl-power theme of her last album, "4." But... I hope that this is just the intro. Something to get the twitters going.

I wasn't always a B fan, but she won me over with crazy in love and the FIERCE videos she had off of that album.

Also, she always has the strongest live performances at the awards shows. She deserves respect for that.

But damn, every song has been choppy and noisey and hasn't really allowed for her to sing. Tight, restrained, forced, angry... And thats just the tone.

Love you B, win me over again.

by Our thoughts?reply 1903/18/2013

R19 - Bey's issue is that a LOT of the songwriters who clamored to work on her first and second solo albums no longer want to work with her due to not only some of her father's shady business fealings, but her taking a good a large percentage of songwriting credits from them. Remember when Ne-Yo was mega-pissed about her taking the credit for writing all of "Irreplaceable." Songwriting credits and publishing rights are extremely lucrative, so she's taking money from the people who were propping her up in the first place. The music industry is small, and many run in the same circles, so an artist can quickly find themselves on the backburner if they fuck with the wrong people.

As a result, Bey has to work with who she can. Hence, the decline in the output of her music over the past decade. Rihanna has more catchy songs because she never admits to being a songwriter, she gives them credit when it's due.

by Our thoughts?reply 2003/18/2013

There might be something to that. It seems like Rihanna is getting all of the catchiest, most radio friendly songs and she keeps churning them out.

Bow Down Bitches is fucking awful. No way that's going to be a hit.

by Our thoughts?reply 2103/18/2013

I like Beyonce better than most pop stars (like Gaga and Madonna) but she is trying to hard. She is over 30 with a kid. Why try and attract teens and college kids? She is out of their age range. Beyonce was big when I was in elementary school. She needs to realize she's not the hot young thing anymore. She doesn't seem to get it.

by Our thoughts?reply 2203/18/2013

Destiny's Child's early songs were so catchy and fun to get up and shake your hips to, Now I think Jay-Z is trying to turn her into Li'l Kim or something. Not. Working.

by Our thoughts?reply 2303/18/2013

I love the song. Especially how they distorted her voiced out for the rap at the end, screwed and chopped Houston style. She didnt need a lame male rapper, not even the camel, to rap on the track for her. That is a first for female artist I think...maybe Missy Elliot has distorted her vocals to imitate a man before? Anyway, it is has tickled my fancy, I hope she does more stuff like this. I like hood/ghetto sounding music.

by Our thoughts?reply 2403/18/2013

Bow Down? What an unoriginal song title....

by Our thoughts?reply 2503/18/2013

Micheal K says it all:

[quote]The song actually sounds like 4 songs crashing into each other. It's like a car crash opera for my ears. In the first part, Beyonce sings about how her subjects better bow down and worship at the altar of her lace front and in the second part she drops her voice to do some rapping.

by Our thoughts?reply 2603/18/2013

When is her album coming out?

by Our thoughts?reply 2703/18/2013

I hate Barfonyce.

by Our thoughts?reply 2803/18/2013

Bouncy is clearly frazzled. Bow Down to what exactly, dear? She hasn't had a hit since Bush was in office. All the stupid ladies, all the stupid ladies.

by Our thoughts?reply 2903/18/2013

Beyonce is way better than her music. Her music does her talent no justice. Whereas Rihanna doesn't deserve the music she gets. Rihanna makes the better club songs and ballads. I love Rihanna's latest single Pour It Up, and it's clear Bow Down was some type of desperate attempt to try to emulate that song and its cockiness. Her Rated R album is superior to Beyonce's entire discography.

by Our thoughts?reply 3003/18/2013

Sill better and more talented than GrandMadonna.

by Our thoughts?reply 3103/18/2013

If there was still such a thing as a "b-side", "Bow Down" would be on it.

by Our thoughts?reply 3203/18/2013

Beyonce needs better writing. Her solo music has always been juvenile. Now that I think about it, her group work was sometimes too(ie bootylicious, independent women). As mentioned, she probably has crappy music, because no one wants to work with her since she doesn't give songwriters their writing credits. If she wants to be relevant, she needs to stop this.

by Our thoughts?reply 3303/18/2013

R33, I think the problem is Beyonce refuses to NOT write her songs. Her ghetto fabulous anthems are so clearly written in her 3rd grade level vocabulary. She refuses to accept the fact that she isn't a lyricist. Her songs are horrible because they are written with her voice. Rihanna and Britney have always made the more forward-thinking pop music and it's because they are smart enough to know not to pen their own songs. They know that's not their lane.

by Our thoughts?reply 3403/18/2013

Celine Dion and her husband have also alienated a lot of talented writers over the years who were responsible for her meteoric rise and goosebump inducing performances by claiming credit for song writing. They pulled that shit with Diane Warren (Jewish), trying to claim as much as 50% of the royalties, and she refused to ever work with them ever again!

by Our thoughts?reply 3503/18/2013

Ok, so tis song is making its way around on the radio. I was SURE it was Beyoncé, but low and behold, its a new girl. Love this song...

by Our thoughts?reply 3603/19/2013

Grandmadonna wishes she had 1/10th the talent of Bey.

by Our thoughts?reply 3703/19/2013
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