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Anderson Cooper Finally Acknowledges His Partner

He told GLAAD in NY last night: "I've had many blessings in my life and being gay is certainly one of the greatest blessings."

by Nickreply 7303/18/2013

He never fails to look spectacular. I would have been so frigging jet-lagged but he looks awesome.

by Nickreply 103/17/2013

You mean he finally acknowledged "this" particular partner. He acknowledged his last partner! Cesar in his best selling book.

by Nickreply 203/17/2013

Anderson gave a great speech at the GLAAD awards last Saturday. Here was my favorite part:

"I'm only here because of what others have done -- so much more than I will ever do. As a gay person, it's important for me to remember that all of us come from a community whose stories for too long have been forgotten or ignored. …I've had so many blessings in my life. Being gay is certainly one of the greatest blessings. It has allowed me to love and be loved, to open my head and open my heart in ways I would have never predicted. The ability to love one another, the ability to love another person is in my opinion one of God's greatest gifts and I thank God every day for the ability to give and share love with the people in my life. My family, my friends, my partner Benjamin, thank you very much."

Classy, eloquent and moving at the same time.

by Nickreply 303/18/2013

It was a really great speech, and so cool when Anderson thanked Ben at the end. In the video of his speech that I saw online, the audience cheered when he did.

US Magazine had a spy in the room who reported this:

[quote]Cooper, 45, is currently dating nightclub owner Ben Maisani, who were "inseparable" throughout the night, an onlooker tells Us. "Ben didn't leave Anderson's side once throughout the night and when Anderson went backstage to say hello to Madonna, Ben came with him.

by Nickreply 403/18/2013

Video of the speech:

by Nickreply 503/18/2013

Well of course Maisani is going to want to hobnob with Madonna.

by Nickreply 603/18/2013

Call me when he acknowledges his Brazilian model whore.

by Nickreply 703/18/2013

you've all missed the most important news: the Kitchen Cousins were in attendance!

by Nickreply 803/18/2013

I want them to acknowledge with whom Maisani was locking lips in the park.

by Nickreply 903/18/2013

Anderson has come a long way in the past couple of years. First he came out and now he's thanking Ben in a big speech. Good for them. You can tell AC got quite emotional at the end when he said his bf's name.

by Nickreply 1003/18/2013

I loved Anderson's speech and you could almost hear him choking up a little, it's very emotional for him and he was looking at Ben when he thanked him. He's not accustomed to talking about love and who he loves, I wished they could've gotten a shot of Ben when AC said his name. Towleroad has a clip where AC is saying that he believes being gay is a blessing because he never would've been able to love the people he has loved if he wasn't gay and he said he wouldn't trade that for the world. He was talking about Ben of course. I think Ben was the one to finally convince AC to come out.

by Nickreply 1103/18/2013

It may have taken years for Anderson to find the right man. I don't remember him being connected to one person for as long as he's been with Benjamin (I notice he didn't call him Ben). Some people might bring up Cesar, but that didn't seem to be as significant as his relationship with Ben, they didn't seem to be a really committed couple. You can tell Anderson really loves Ben and this is it for him.

by Nickreply 1203/18/2013

Found this comment on another site:

[quote]I believe Anderson being so much in love with Ben was the catalyst to him finally coming out publicly, they probably had a lot of discussions about it over the years and he was finally convinced about how important it is to be out. It is true that Anderson has NEVER acknowledged even HAVING a relationship at all throughout his entire career as an anchor, so it's very significant that he's finally done it and why he has.

by Nickreply 1303/18/2013

I normally don't critique anyone on these things but his thank you to Ben was rather boring. Hell, Jodie threw in "beautiful" in her first speech and in her second gave a giant list of what Cydney's means to her. Expected a little more emotion.

by Nickreply 1403/18/2013

[quote]Some people might bring up Cesar, but that didn't seem to be as significant as his relationship with Ben

Uh-oh, now R12 is going to incur the wrath of R2 AKA the delusional Cesarfrau!

by Nickreply 1503/18/2013

R14, that was a HUGE step for AC, it may have seemed rather dry (I thought it was heartfelt), but you have to know that he's a really private person when it comes to who he loves, he's VERY reserved and not accustomed to doing something like that. As time goes on, he may get more comfortable about talking about that side of his life, but to say Ben's name and acknowledge him publicly is something he's never done or felt he wanted to do with other men in his life. Julio Cesar did manage to get that shout-out in his book, but he couldn't get AC to come out the way Ben did. This is different.

by Nickreply 1603/18/2013

True R15! But facts are facts.

by Nickreply 1703/18/2013

Didn't his bf cheat or something? And how's being gay a blessing? It's like saying my hair colour is a blessing.

by Nickreply 1803/18/2013

How can you compare a lasting book dedication, a book into which Anderson put his blood, sweat, tears, time, and effort, to some bloodless throwaway comment at a rubber chicken dinner?

by Nickreply 1903/18/2013

R18 the tabloids caught him with another man.

by Nickreply 2003/18/2013

Was Gloria Vanderbilt there? I haven't seen any pics.

by Nickreply 2103/18/2013

The only thing thrown-away was Cesar evidently R19.

Maybe he thinks it's a blessing for two men to love each other. Straight men may sometimes have feelings for their close male friends that they can't act on, but gay men can. Why not say it's a blessing, considering all the negativity about it out there.

by Nickreply 2203/18/2013

Ben probably threatened to leave for good if he didn't say something. AC owed it to him, after the way he let Ben's ass hang out there during the summer.

R18 He didn't cheat. They supposedly have an open relationship. And just a very weird one in general.

Now watch as the Benderson loon chimes in with another breakdown.....

by Nickreply 2303/18/2013

R23, shouldn't you be attacking people on the Madonna thread?

by Nickreply 2403/18/2013

so we should praise this guy who I used to see at the Boiler Room in the late 90's lurking in the corner, who, 14 years later, acknowledges he's gay - because, you know, it was so easy for the rest of us to do so

fuuuuuckkkkk youuu

and the only reason he did so because his ratings were suffering

he should have been on the frontlines; instead, he hid behind "I don't want to be the news" - then when it benefited him, he comes out and people applaude

he's an embarrassment

and that goofball Madonna exhorting "he's a fucking bad ass" - figures she would contribute to the false illusion - if it was me, I would have requested anyone but her - such trite frauds, both of them

by Nickreply 2503/18/2013

R25 You just unleased the entire mental institution with those remarks, dear.

Not that you're wrong.

by Nickreply 2603/18/2013

I wonder if Kathy G. is pouting because they didn't ask her to present him the award. I'm sure she's jealous of the passionate liplock he laid on Madonna.

by Nickreply 2703/18/2013

So did Ben go over to the Park Guy's place to fuck him after the ceremony? The whole thing is sad, pathetic, and sad.

by Nickreply 2803/18/2013

Nice, hating on an out gay man. Ya'll are some stupid assholes. So you'd prefer they stay in the closet? What's the point of being out if all you get is a bunch of knuckleheads whining? AC IS a badass, I'd like to see you haters do half the risky things he's done in his career over the years.

by Nickreply 2903/18/2013

No, you are pathetic and sad R28.

by Nickreply 3003/18/2013

Here's a pic of AC and Ben at the GLAAD Awards, Ben looks very intense. And hot. AC's a lucky man and vice versa.

by Nickreply 3103/18/2013

I agree r16, please don't think otherwise but everything you wrote could be applied to her, even more so. Yet look at what she did. I'm really trying not to take anything away but in comparison, it's meh.

by Nickreply 3203/18/2013

Is that Mark Consuelos on Anderson's other side?

by Nickreply 3303/18/2013

I don't think it's Mark R33, can't tell who it is. The guy next to Ben looks like his business partner Pablo.

by Nickreply 3403/18/2013

I'm so happy for the both of them. Obviously they are very commited to each other. Kinda looks like Anderson surprised Ben when he said his name since he was a little emotional. I'm sure they got it on later.

I would love to hear all the reasons AC loves Ben. Ben seems like a very unique person. Compliments Anderson perfectly.

by Nickreply 3503/18/2013

[The only thing thrown-away was Cesar evidently]

I think we can agree that Cesar feels the same way. From what I've heard he couldn't be happier in his relationship.

[Call me when he acknowledges his Brazilian model whore.]


by Nickreply 3603/18/2013

Was Ben's park-whore there, too? Why pretend to be a happy couple when the whole world knows you're married to a cheating whore?

by Nickreply 3703/18/2013

You multiples never cease to crack me up.

[ You can tell Anderson really loves Ben and this is it for him. ]

What a joke. The only reason AC mentioned Ben's name in his speech was because he was in a room of LGBT people who wouldn't have it any other way. They would have skinned him alive if he hadn't mentioned his "trade" which was at the very end of that speech.

[ Julio Cesar did manage to get that shout-out in his book, but he couldn't get AC to come out the way Ben did. This is different. ]

Ben didn't get AC to come out. If that were the case AC would have come out a long time ago before they even stated having problems. AC came out because his viewers and certain celebrities were disgusted with him and his treating the LGBT community like a virus he couldn't catch. It back fired royally.

He ranted about how great Cesar was in his book and it wasn't just a 1 second mention at the end of a speech. He was really pouring his heart out. Too bad Cesar didn't feel the same way about him.

Carry on schizo's.......

by Nickreply 3803/18/2013

R38, you don't think it's a bit "schizo" to go on and on about the now vanished/banished Cesar when AC has clearly been in a RELATIONSHIP with Benjamin for nearly 5 years?

[quote]I would love to hear all the reasons AC loves Ben

Yeah me too, AC has a way with words and I'm sure it would be really amazing. Ben has changed his life.

[quote]. Ben seems like a very unique person. Compliments Anderson perfectly.

He seems to have it all. Lots of people have said he's very funny, charming, smart - probably has a lot of interests that were new to AC. AC seems to trust him completely.

by Nickreply 3903/18/2013

This was the first draft of the speech.

'I would like to thank my partner Benjamin. You probably saw him mauling the lips and tongue of some really hot guy that was hot and tanned, unlike me, in the middle of the park in a national publication. I was horribly embarrassed and wouldn't sleep with him for months, but he finally convinced me that if I left him, I would be the laughing stock of the country. So I nutted up and am slogging through this relationship because, quite frankly, I can't do any better because I'm a frigid gay republican.'

by Nickreply 4003/18/2013

Give it up R40. AC and Ben are together and love each other. I guess all you can do to make yourself feel better is make dumb shit up here, but it doesn't change the reality of their relationship.

by Nickreply 4103/18/2013

Anderson couldn't have done better than a bartender?

by Nickreply 4203/18/2013

And to think the two were almost kept apart because Benjamin is black.

by Nickreply 4303/18/2013

OMG, Anderson is dating Forrest Gump.

by Nickreply 4403/18/2013

Ben co-owns two bars and is supposed to be working on a third one for the West Village R42. And AC doesn't seem like the type to reject someone because of what they do, Ben's smart and creative, so they're a good match.

by Nickreply 4503/18/2013

[quote]The only reason AC mentioned Ben's name in his speech was because he was in a room of LGBT people who wouldn't have it any other way. They would have skinned him alive if he hadn't mentioned his "trade" which was at the very end of that speech.

That's the most ridiculous explanation for Anderson's decision to thank Ben in his speech I've heard. R38 needs professional help.

by Nickreply 4603/18/2013

A lot for people don't like talking about their private lives, it has nothing to with being embarrassed or not wanting to acknowledge their partners. I will admit, that ever since publicly coming out, Anderson seems to have spoken about his life a lot.

by Nickreply 4703/18/2013

[quote]They would have skinned him alive if he hadn't mentioned his "trade"

You better read!!

by Nickreply 4803/18/2013

He is a whore, darlin.

by Nickreply 4903/18/2013

R36 & R38 is a straight female posting here.

by Nickreply 5003/18/2013

I'd be offended by not being referred to as 'my lovely partner' or 'my soul mate'.

by Nickreply 5103/18/2013

A little too little....a little too late

by Nickreply 5203/18/2013

So he only said 'my partner' and not 'my loving partner' or 'my best friend and partner' or 'the one who keeps me real and grounded, my partner Benjamin'.

How many more slaps in the face will Ben put up with until he's back in that park sucking face with another guy?

by Nickreply 5303/18/2013

then AC kissed Madonna.....still fighting the y gay way urge I guess.....what a dope.

by Nickreply 5403/18/2013

Wow, the usual nutbags around here are really having a hard time processing Anderson's speech. I guess they're really pissed off at Ben now that he's been referred to as AC's partner by Anderson himself. Poor Cesar never got such recognition, only a mere mention buried at the end of his book along with two other people!

[quote]So he only said 'my partner' and not 'my loving partner' or 'my best friend and partner' or 'the one who keeps me real and grounded, my partner Benjamin'.

You keep telling yourself that, dear, but you ain't fooling anyone. The fact that the notoriously private Anderson thanked Ben as his partner is actually a pretty big deal, as indicated by how the media is covering the GLAAD awards: pretty much every single headlines is either about Madonna or about AC and Ben.

by Nickreply 5503/18/2013

I wonder if his talk show had continued if he would open up more about his life with Ben or was the GLAAD acknowledgment the last he'd say on it.

by Nickreply 5603/18/2013

I thought the park pics of Ben and that guy turned out to be old and taken before they were dating. Am I wrong?

by Nickreply 5703/18/2013


by Nickreply 5803/18/2013

That is a DL meme R57. A lot people had a lot of trouble excepting the sordid, scandalous truth.

by Nickreply 5903/18/2013

The only thing sordid or scandalous is your illiteracy, r59.

by Nickreply 6003/18/2013

He owns a bar?! The scandal of it all!!!

by Nickreply 6103/18/2013

check out youtube - people are saying that Anderson wants to go straight with Madonna after that passionate smacker he laid on her.

by Nickreply 6203/18/2013

He'd certainly never kiss his partner in public the way he kissed her.

by Nickreply 6303/18/2013

To recap, since meeting Ben, Anderson Cooper has finally come out as a gay man after years of being dodged by the issue, and now for the first time ever, he has publicly acknowledged his partner and identified him by name. Ben is truly the game changer that some on DL have been saying all along.

by Nickreply 6403/18/2013

r60 is the illiteracy troll....ignore it

by Nickreply 6503/18/2013

Not the most passionate mention but its a step.

by Nickreply 6603/18/2013

Bed also made out with that guy in the park. I know I'm late to that discussion but wth is up with Anderson going back to him after that?

by Nickreply 6703/18/2013

Why is Ben going back to Anderson after he made out with Madonna? It's because they have a wide open relationship.

by Nickreply 6803/18/2013

Great pic of Anderson and Ben sitting at their table during the awards. Ben looks hot and sharp! The guy next to AC looks like Mark Consuelos.

by Nickreply 6903/18/2013

No one knows if they're having an open relationship. I don't get that impression even with those pics (and no one even knows if those pics are before or after AC).

[quote]He'd certainly never kiss his partner in public the way he kissed her.

Well you sound like you'd find something else to complain about even if he did. He came out, that's not enough, he acknowledged his partner publicly and THAT'S not enough. What more do you want? A blow job live on 360?

by Nickreply 7003/18/2013

Another pic of AC and Ben from the NY Times. I'm still getting used to seeing Ben acknowledged as AC's partner in the MSM instead of just the NY Post/Gawker/Queerty. But the word is out there now. Ben is pretty hot and looks great in his suit. AC is smiling at him. Don't know who the dude is that's talking to them.

by Nickreply 7103/18/2013

Caption from the pic in the New York Times:

[quote]The CNN anchor Anderson Cooper (center) was the recipient of the Vito Russo award, which honors an openly gay person in the news media who has made a significant difference in promoting equality. At right was his partner, Benjamin Maisani, a co-owner of Eastern Bloc and Bedlam, two gay-friendly bars in the East Village.

The fact that Ben is now referred to as Anderson's partner in the NY Times is going to make some heads explode on DL (I'm looking at you R36/r38)!

by Nickreply 7203/18/2013

Yes R72, this is a first and the floodgates are open. I guess AC and Ben are prepared for what might happen now that it's all out in the open and in the mainstream. Of course we know the resident DL crazies won't be able to process it.

by Nickreply 7303/18/2013

You do have to give r53 a bit of credit on the first line. It's good that he's thanked Ben but lets not act like it was a loving tribute.

by Nickreply 7403/18/2013
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