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Generation X Gays

How are we going to handle old age? 50, 60... we never had older role models because so many stayed in the closet... or died of AIDS.

Are we, like, the first eld-r-gay generation?

by 47reply 303/17/2013

I'll try to avoid the stupidness of the assumption that every gay man over 50 has succumbed to AIDS, but yes: Generation X will likely turn out to be the first large OPENLY gay elderly population starting 20 years or so from now. What makes you think we'll have to "handle" old age any better or worse than straight old people? Twenty years from now most of the old homophobes will have died off, and hopefully along with them the Republican party as we know it today. (Personally, I'd like to see a return to a truly middle-ground GOP and a much more liberal Democratic Party instead of the current center-left one.) Since gayborhoods are already dying out, I don't think we'll have segregated retirement communities designed for gays only. Personally, I plan to live my retirement in a sizable New York co-op purchased with the proceeds of my wealthy father's estate, travel frequently around the world, possibly hire a young male "companion" to service my needs, and continue to be a loving uncle to all of my nephews (three now, likely to have several more, along with nieces, down the road as my youngest brothers marry).

by 47reply 103/17/2013

"possibly hire a young male 'companion' to service my needs"

You're so classy, Uncle!

by 47reply 203/17/2013

Maybe they'll find a cure for your blindness, OP!

by 47reply 303/17/2013
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