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Did you ever "run away"?

Where did you go and how did it all turn out?

by Deaniereply 503/17/2013

Why put quotation marks around the words? Either you ran away, or you didn't. You may have just run to your neighbor's house a block away, but in your little head you still ran away. Stop this insane use of punctuation!

by Deaniereply 103/17/2013

No, but I did "runway".

by Deaniereply 203/17/2013

When I was eight I threatened to run away from home. My father asked where I wanted to go and offered to drive me.

by Deaniereply 303/17/2013

I didn't, but my sister did. This was in the late 60s. My mother and father were both abusive. Terrible situation.

She ended up coming back, but at 16 she moved out permanently after my fucking father tried to rape her.

by Deaniereply 403/17/2013

I never did run away as a kid, but when I graduated from high school I hatched a failed plan. I had come out to my mom right after graduation, and she took it really poorly, and was pretty awful to me. It was just her I living at home. I decided to scrap my plans to attend college nearby, and I was going to hop on a bus to San Francisco (I lived in Iowa at the time). I had packed a backpack, left a note in my bedroom for my mom (who was home at the time, but we lived in a bigger house, so I could come and go quietly). I walked out the front door and walked several blocks towards the bus station. One block away, and her fucking car pulls up with her yelling "GET IN!". I was a totally pussy back then, so I did. We drove home, she made me unpack my bag and show me everything I was taking with me, and then I had to read the letter I left for her out loud, with her stopping and asking questions every few sentences ("Why would you say that?" "What were you going to do for money when you got wherever you were going?")

I ended up keeping my plans to go to college nearby (100 miles away), but I just quietly kept to myself that entire summer. Moving to college (which I did without her help) was one of the best days of my life.

by Deaniereply 503/17/2013
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