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29 Shirtless Photos

You're welcome, guys:

by Miareply 2803/22/2013


by Miareply 103/16/2013


by Miareply 203/16/2013

#3 is Blake Berris (Nick on DAYS OF OUR LIVES).

by Miareply 303/16/2013

Dreamy! I like almost every one of them!

by Miareply 403/16/2013

I like #3, Jay Byars, #9 Steve Gold, #10 Nick Ayler.

by Miareply 503/16/2013

R3 Is #21 on DOOL, too?

by Miareply 603/16/2013

The second guy looks like he has a giant vagina forming on his stomach.

by Miareply 703/16/2013

Gimme #3, #6, #9, and #10

Not that there's any I'd reject, those just popped out at me as my top four.

by Miareply 803/16/2013

I want #13

by Miareply 903/16/2013

No, I'm certain #21 isn't Blake Berris.

by Miareply 1003/16/2013

#15 = Nipples


by Miareply 1103/16/2013

Agreed, R11. #15 has the puffy nips that are so much fun to play with during foreplay. I wish all men had puffy nips like that...

by Miareply 1203/16/2013

Who is #15? The nipples are amazing but so are those hairy legs!

by Miareply 1303/16/2013

R13 [quote]Who is #15?

His name is Dan, apparently, and he's photographed here by Nigel Rohrbach. The pic is originally from

I found all of this out by dragging the picture to Google Images.

by Miareply 1403/16/2013

I like #15, but #8 is really all I need. Mama would work these beautiful brown nipples and those lips until he begged me to stop!

by Miareply 1503/16/2013

Who is No. 26?

by Miareply 1603/17/2013

r16, #26 is a 26 year old German who works for the German government. His name is Jens :)

by Miareply 1703/17/2013

[quote]#3 is Blake Berris (Nick on DAYS OF OUR LIVES).

No, it isn't.

by Miareply 1803/17/2013

No, #3 is Jay Byars. If I squint, though, I can see similarities in bone structure and body type. Blake Berris, you might say, is the ugly version of Jay Byars.

by Miareply 1903/17/2013

#15 is Jake from 1 Girl 5 Gays

by Miareply 2003/17/2013

[quote]#15 is Jake from 1 Girl 5 Gays

No, it's not. See R14. His name is Dan. Here's the link to the spread in Beautiful magazine by photographer Nigel Rorbach.

by Miareply 2103/17/2013

Actually there is a link for more shirtless guys at the bottom of the list, Jake from 1 Girl 5 Gays is #15 on the next page. Dan is #15 on the first page.

by Miareply 2203/17/2013

Thanks for the link, R22.

by Miareply 2303/17/2013

Does anyone know this model's name? He's quite beautiful.

With good pec juttage!

by Miareply 2403/18/2013

Bump. Please, someone must know. :P

by Miareply 2503/19/2013

R25/R24 I looked on google images, and all it gave me were such names as

fit body man

something in a foreign language that doesn't use our letters

sexy body


strong guy

bloody sword (at that one, I gave up)


by Miareply 2603/20/2013

Great little thread.

by Miareply 2703/22/2013

Actually this thread is annoying. We are in 2013 now so if I or anyone sees a shirtless man posing on the internet then their pics fully nude should just materialize. They have PLENTY of completion these days so what are they hiding?

Please don't waste my time just with shirtless pics.

by Miareply 2803/22/2013
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