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Christian group: Supporting gay son is equivalent to supporting drunk driver

Andrea Lafferty of the California based Traditional Values Coalition has compared Mr Portman’s support of his son to her supporting her son’s drink driving.

In an email sent to journalists with the subject line “A Painful Admission”, Mrs Lafferty wrote:

Earlier this week one of my children came to me and told me something which was shocking.

He is a drunk driver and has been driving drunk regularly since college.
I have taken several days to reflect on this and I have decided to reverse my earlier opposition to drunk driving.

My child is a drunk driver and I love him. It is a part of his identity, who he is.

I have reflected on all of this, consulted Scripture (the story of Jesus changing water into wine when the wedding he was attending in Cana ran dry is particularly relevant) and decided that drunk driving is a generational issue. Younger people take a much different view of drunk driving than older people.

Therefore, today I am reversing my opposition to drunk driving. My child has caused me to revisit a decision which, up until now, had been based simply on morality.

My child is a drunk driver. That has personalized the issue for me and taken me above the whole discussion of the morality of it. It is now personal with me.

In addition, I would like to say that drunk driving will make all of us stronger drivers. Think of how much more interesting driving will be in the future if more people have the freedom to drive drunk. It will sharpen the defensive driving skills of the rest of us.

This unreleased press statement follows the same twisted, self-serving logic that several public officials have used in explaining their switch from opposing homosexual marriage to favoring it…

This unreleased press statement follows the same twisted, self-serving logic that several public officials have used in explaining their switch from opposing homosexual marriage to favoring it.

If you remember nothing else from this exchange, remember this: our children are learners and unable to determine morality and then hand it down to their parents and other impressionable adults. This is one factor in why our culture is so morally upside down!

This whole line of argument suggesting that opposition to homosexual “marriage” is a personal and “generational” matter is equally silly.

There are absolutes. There is right and there is wrong. There are objective truths. A civilization which has no governing principles or laws is doomed to collapse. That is the soul of conservatism.

The tough part of being a parent is telling one of those young souls whom we have been charged with raising that he or she is wrong. But because it is tough that doesn’t mean that we are excused from doing it or we can delegate our responsibility to a teacher or “the village” or some other entity.

Being a good parent is infinitely more difficult than being a Senator or President. And telling someone you love that he or she is wrong is the most difficult part of that difficult job.

A nation which recognizes this is on the road to a vast spiritual recovery.

by Anonymousreply 603/16/2013


by Anonymousreply 103/16/2013

This bitchcunt from hell is Lou Sheldon's daughter. Obviously, she didn't fall far from his tree.

by Anonymousreply 203/16/2013

Believing in a magic sky fairy is equivalent to believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

Believing some bleached blonde cunt or her equally repulsive father have some magic power to lead one to the magic sky fairy is just plain stupid.

by Anonymousreply 303/16/2013

She's right - there ARE objective truths.

Truth #1 - Sexual orientation is not a choice.

Truth #2 - God does not exist.

by Anonymousreply 403/16/2013

Christians: some of the most UN-loving people ever invented.

by Anonymousreply 503/16/2013

Same dumb Xtian who would say "The United States was founded as a Christian nation... by Christians!". Was not. After they stole it from the Native Americans, it was founded as a refuge for the oppressed. Freedom of religion... and freedom FROM religion, if you like.

A religious theocracy will never be "free".

by Anonymousreply 603/16/2013
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