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Hottest Hot Daddies in Legit Movies

I'll start.

Ugo Tognazzi in Barbarella

by 1603/21/2013

Whoops, posted the url in the author box!

by 103/16/2013

LOVE that harry chest!

by 203/20/2013

Craig T. Nelson in "Poltergeist"

by 303/20/2013

Did Dan Lauria make any movies?

by 403/20/2013

Um yeah, r5. He played my dad in "Terror in the Home" or whatever, I can't remember since my Oscar win.

by 503/20/2013

Sorry, I meant r4.

by 603/20/2013

R5, I watched that on The Movie Channel last night.

It was hilarious!

by 703/20/2013

Me toom r7! That's how it came to mind so quickly, I never would have thought of it otherwise. It's random it came up.

by 803/20/2013

I loved seeing Hill use that phone receiver as an "assault" weapon.

Nan Martin also gave a fabulous cameo as the punch happy grandma.

by 903/20/2013

Yes r9. I wonder if they were a tight cast does Hilary still think of them and did she thank any of them in her Oscar speech? She did a few crappy lifetime movies too and it must make her cringe thinking about how her big toothed visage can be playing a sorority girl getting hazed at any given time in some slob's house..

by 1003/20/2013

Tom Skerrit was hot in Poison Ivy, until they showed that he wore a toupee.

by 1103/20/2013

Franco Nero in "Camelot." My stars!

by 1203/21/2013

Abe Vigoda- The Godfather

by 1303/21/2013

Not exactly Hepburn's "daddy" but Rossano Brazzi in Summertime always struck me as sexy.

by 1403/21/2013

Ben Gazzarra in Anatomy of a Murder

by 1503/21/2013

Brian Blessed.

by 1603/21/2013
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