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The fall of Arnold Klein

How could a man with an ultra successful practice, star friends like MJ, and Liz, with a patent on Botox, several homes, and cars, now be at the point where everything has been taken away, but 1 house in Palm Springs, and 1 car ?

by Harry Glassmanreply 1405/23/2013

huh? link?

by Harry Glassmanreply 103/16/2013

He injected Michael Jackson with everything short of formaldehyde. Who would want to be associated with that freak show? He's a doctor, not a movie star. It's not like he wasn't up to his neck in debt trying to look successful.

by Harry Glassmanreply 303/16/2013

He claimed he really didn't know he had any financial problems till 2010, when his Amex was rejected. Yeah Arnie, sure.

by Harry Glassmanreply 403/16/2013

He claimed that the 2 years prior to filing, he averaged $2.5 million a year from his practice. He couldn't survive comfortably on that ?

by Harry Glassmanreply 503/16/2013

The guy was a first class asshole. He deserves everything that is happening to him. Unethical, greedy, POS. If you knew him, you would understand.

by Harry Glassmanreply 603/16/2013

His starfucking did him in. I wouldn't let someone with that creepy connection to Michael Jackson operate on me, who would!

I mean "starfucking" rather literally, too, MJ's oldest boy Prince looks just like him. How icky is that, getting so close to a celebrity junkie that you become their sperm donor.

by Harry Glassmanreply 703/16/2013

Ask Wayne Newton.

by Harry Glassmanreply 803/16/2013

Dat Tru

by Harry Glassmanreply 903/16/2013

Fun fact: he used to date Charlie's Angels star Kate Jackson, who clearly was just using him for the pills.

by Harry Glassmanreply 1003/16/2013

He met Michael through Liz. She was one of the first people to get the Botox injections way back when, if you remember her amazing transformation post-General Hospital. Then he started writing all those prescriptions for them, anything she wanted. He's a starfucker.

I'm sure he has money ferreted away.

If nothing else, his rich kids can take care of him.

by Harry Glassmanreply 1103/16/2013

Somewhere, they posted a childhood pic of Arnie, next to Prince pic. Identical. AK's sperm makes him the birth daddy.

by Harry Glassmanreply 1203/16/2013

So he doesn't have his office in Bev. Hills anymore ? I remember when MJ was alive, here was there 3-4 times a week, with the press always around.

by Harry Glassmanreply 1303/20/2013

People like this fascinate me - the arrogance, then the fall. David Begelman (studio head), Don Simpson (producer), Phil Spector, O.J.. To be so revered , whether it's in business, entertainers - doesn't matter. To have it all, then, through your own hubris, or greed, lose it all, must be humiliating, and ego bursting.

by Harry Glassmanreply 1405/23/2013
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