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The Amityville Horror

Just saw the new documentary of the son of the Lutz family last night. It's called, "My Amityville Horror." His stepfather, George Lutz, was a whack job, all into the occult. This son, who's now all grown up, still believes what happened, happened. Even claiming that his stepfather could make shit levitate. He's extremely messed up in the head today.

Those infamous psychics who worked on the case, Ed and Lorraine Warren, were brought into it. Ed's dead, but Lorraine's alive and was interviewed. They just filmed a movie based on Ed and Lorraine called "The Conjuring." Lili Tayler is part of the cast. It's by the same people who did "Insidious." It'll be a big hit this summer, which is something that irritates me. Ed and Lorraine are nothing but con-artists. You should have seen her in this documentary. She takes out what she swears is wood from the cross Jesus Christ died on. She then puts the crew on the spot and demands to know who doesn't believe in god.

Anyway, did anyone see this documentary, and more importantly, what's your opinion of the case, and even Ed and Lorraine?

by Anonymousreply 103/15/2013

I haven't seen the documentary, but I did read the other thread on exactly the same topic.

by Anonymousreply 103/15/2013
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