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Forbes' Most Influential Celebrities of 2013

1. Oprah Winfrey

2. Steven Spielberg

3. Martin Scorcese

4. Ron Howard

5. George Lucas

6. Dr. Oz

7. Barbara Walters

8. Bono

9. Suze Orman

10. Clint Eastwood

by Miareply 803/15/2013

You're welcome, Clint!

by Miareply 103/15/2013

I think Forbes is officially OVAH!

by Miareply 203/15/2013

So movie directors are the ultimate power players.

by Miareply 303/15/2013

From a magazine founded by a gay man I would have expected a more interesting selection.

by Miareply 403/15/2013

#3 can't have been too influential if they (or you) can't even spell his name correctly.

by Miareply 503/15/2013

I thought the Madonnabot said she was going to be number one.

After all, she had the biggest selling tour of ALL TIME!!!

by Miareply 603/15/2013

How is it possible that Oprah is the most influential when she can't even get people to watch her network?

by Miareply 703/15/2013

Not so, R7. Oprah's OWN is coming up in the ranks of cabledom. It was slow at first, but it's quickly becoming the engine that could. With shows like "Iyanla: Fix My Life" and "Sweetie Pies"--both of which draw big numbers, and her "Next Chapter" series in which she's scored major interviews, the channel has seen an upswing. And with several new shows coming down the pike, including a LaToya Jackson reality series, more people will definitely tune in.

Oh, and she's Oprah.

by Miareply 803/15/2013
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