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I read Cruise Critic forum cruise reviews

for fun, with no intention of ever going on a cruise.

by is that so wrong?reply 405/14/2013

Someone was posting threads (maybe you, OP?) a few months ago with links to those review sites, and I loved reading them. I have a strange obsession for reading about other people's strange obsessions, and those people whose lives revolved around cruises fit the bill perfectly. Years ago we had another thread I loved about people with an all-consuming passsion for Walt Disney World and searching for "hidden Mickeys." The [italic]ne plus ultra[/italic] of these topics would have to be Michfest, and I know I'm not alone in my fascination with that business.

If it's wrong, OP, then I don't want to be right. Throw up some links and we'll pick the fuckers apart together.

by is that so wrong?reply 103/15/2013

I am indeed also one who frequents the Michfest forum. Will link to a CC review in a bit.

by is that so wrong?reply 203/15/2013

here's one.

by is that so wrong?reply 303/15/2013

This one is blowing my mind.

by is that so wrong?reply 405/14/2013
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