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Gee, Astrud Gilberto, wasn't exactly what you'd call a charismatic performer

no wonder she never made it REALLY big.

&, while I'm at at, how many of her songs were famous, just this one?

by 1964reply 2003/15/2013

She's hella ugly.

by 1964reply 103/15/2013

Rita Tushingham

by 1964reply 203/15/2013

Samba de Uma Nota Só is quintessential Astrud.

by 1964reply 303/15/2013

OP eats chicken spaghetti while watching "American Idol." Sad.

by 1964reply 403/15/2013

Perhaps her biggest, but not only hit in English. You forget, or perhaps have no idea, that she sang in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Japanese.

by 1964reply 503/15/2013

She's Beautiful and talented. My favorite English lyric songs;


Dindi/Best Of Astrud Gilberto

Here's That Rainy Day Feeling Again( Koop Mix)/ Verve remix #2

I Had The Craziest Dream/Beach Sessions

by 1964reply 603/15/2013

Emoting isn't everything OP.

by 1964reply 703/15/2013

Well, I love her and the song, but she really is exceptionally stiff in that video.

by 1964reply 803/15/2013

She had a stiff, schtick!

by 1964reply 903/15/2013

She couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Totally off-pitch.

by 1964reply 1003/15/2013

Exactly R8, that was her signature, to stand out in a more flamboyant age. It was a kind of Hello Kitty thing

by 1964reply 1103/15/2013

The Brazilian Keely Smith (from her "deadpan" period. )

by 1964reply 1203/15/2013

shes a stylist its all about the arrangements and the mood

by 1964reply 1303/15/2013

"The Brazilian Keely Smith"---r12, it's sad how many never got to see KS back in the day!

by 1964reply 1403/15/2013

Does she do a version of Waters Of March?

by 1964reply 1503/15/2013

[quote]Does she do a version of Waters Of March?

No, I think she was off the scene by then.

by 1964reply 1603/15/2013

Be nice, OP.

by 1964reply 1703/15/2013

She's a carioca.

by 1964reply 1803/15/2013

That is so 60s - but shouldnt it be on the beach? This looks like its part of a christmas tv show ... with The Dave Clark Five !

by 1964reply 1903/15/2013

Her albums are delightful even today. Love the song "So Nice." And her "Girl from Ipanema" sounds as fresh as they day it was recorded.

by 1964reply 2003/15/2013
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