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Lady Gaga moving into this $5.95 million condo?

Gaga went to view this $5.95 million penthouse at The Link on 52nd Street and has also had a look at a pad at The Park Imperial building which boasts panoramic views of Central Park classed as some of the best in Manhattan.

Residents at The Park Imperial have included rapper P. Diddy and Deepak Chopra.

by Pics at linkreply 603/15/2013


by Pics at linkreply 103/15/2013

I'm sure it's quaint. Someday you'll get a nicer place.

by Pics at linkreply 203/15/2013


by Pics at linkreply 303/15/2013

here's to her falling out the window

by Pics at linkreply 403/15/2013

It's nice. But I expected Lady Gaga to move into some dungeon or something.

by Pics at linkreply 503/15/2013

I like it for the most part, but that sofa table behind the couch in the living room is hideous.

by Pics at linkreply 603/15/2013
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