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Sanjaya Returns !

"Inside Edition" found him singing in the NYC subway. Always thought he was creepy looking, but he's a man now, and looks

by Clay reply 1103/15/2013

A link might be nice.

by Clay reply 103/15/2013

It's true. There was a pic on another site of him singing for tips. I'll try to find it.

He was so flaming. He should have gotten a sugar daddy. Someone would be proud to be dating a former "idol."

by Clay reply 203/15/2013

Like I said in another thread, why can't these people just learn to let go of their dreams of "stardom" after years of trying and getting nowhere? At some point you just need to let go. There's more to life than chasing fame.

by Clay reply 303/15/2013

R3, if he's happy pursuing his dreams why judge him? Nurturing ones passions is key to sustained happiness. As long as he's happy . . .

by Clay reply 403/15/2013

R3= bitter wannabe

by Clay reply 503/15/2013

I didn't know Daniel Sunjata could sing.

by Clay reply 603/15/2013

He may have flamed but he was a stud on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. That kid was fearless. And very sweet. I hope he has a boyfriend who adores him.

by Clay reply 703/15/2013

Here's the photo.

by Clay reply 803/15/2013

R5 = Sanjaya

by Clay reply 903/15/2013

From about a year ago.

by Clay reply 1003/15/2013

Handsome man. He's make a good husband for Chris Brown.

by Clay reply 1103/15/2013
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