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Will Matt Lauer commit suicide?

Don't you think it would be the honorable thing to do?

by A. C.reply 2503/15/2013

He's had quite a run on the show, and I think all signs are that it's time to move on. I'm sure he enjoys the regularity, fame and money. But he has to consider his audience; fraus who were pissed at the Ann-ouster rumors. And who are probably a lot younger, dumber and fickle.

Americans are getting dumber. They don't won't hard-hitting interview a 7:30 am. They want strippers spraying whipped cream on each other.

It's like a 60-yr. old trying to date college girls. Why?

by A. C.reply 103/15/2013

Is Herr Lauer divorced now?

by A. C.reply 203/15/2013

[quote]Americans are getting dumber. They don't won't hard-hitting interview a 7:30 am.

One of us is getting dumber and I suspect it isn't me.

by A. C.reply 303/15/2013

Is this from Ann Curry or Anderson Cooper?

by A. C.reply 403/15/2013

He is the odds on fav to replace Alex Trebek on Jeporady

by A. C.reply 503/15/2013

They should move Hoda out of the wine-soaked hellhole that is the fourth hour and into the seven o'clock slot.

by A. C.reply 603/15/2013

Where's Alex going?

by A. C.reply 703/15/2013

Retiring R7. I knew once the Pope resigned the demise of everyone on tv for more than 20 years and/or who is over the age of 70 was swiftly forthcoming.

by A. C.reply 803/15/2013


by A. C.reply 903/15/2013

Interesting that the Times thought his demise so imminent that they put it on the front page yesterday.

With the POPE.

by A. C.reply 1003/15/2013

Ha, ha.

by A. C.reply 1103/15/2013

[quote]Interesting that the Times thought his demise so imminent that they put it on the front page yesterday.

NBC probably paid the Times for front page space.

by A. C.reply 1203/15/2013

Speaking of Hoda, I couldn't believe this article today...

by A. C.reply 1303/15/2013

I also posted this link on the Jeopardy thread. I love Jeopardy and I would hate to see that arrogant idiot take Alex's place. Please go to the link and tell Jeopardy to leave the Today show's garbage in the trash where it belongs. There is a reason they are firing his ass and Jeopardy doesn't need their leftovers.

by A. C.reply 1403/15/2013

The OP should kill himself

by A. C.reply 1503/15/2013


by A. C.reply 1603/15/2013

I lost all respect for Alex when he started shilling for that Colonial Penn Life Insurance scam.

by A. C.reply 1703/15/2013

He should get in better shape than ever, then spend all lot of time getting photographed at the beach this summer.

All will be forgiven.

by A. C.reply 1803/15/2013

We were just saying here that it really was time for Trebek to retire. He's so annoying and boring. Those interviews with the contestants are cringe worthy.

by A. C.reply 1903/15/2013

CLUE: Final Jeopardy!

CORRECT RESPONSE: Where in the World is Matt Lauer?

by A. C.reply 2003/15/2013

speaking of Don Pardo is he still alive? I just watched an SNL I taped and I swear they are using some sort of computer program to reproduce his voice to announce the musical guests, hosts and new cast members.

by A. C.reply 2103/15/2013

Don Pardo is 95 and alive.

by A. C.reply 2203/15/2013

No to the suicide, Narcissists don't take themselves out.

by A. C.reply 2303/15/2013

Don is still alive and announcing the show. He'd broken his hip I believe when he had a sound-a-like fill in for him recently.

by A. C.reply 2403/15/2013

I remember when Don Pardo and Art Fleming used to do "Jeopardy!"

by A. C.reply 2503/15/2013
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