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Tay Tay Lautner reveals a secret crush on Jessica Alba and explains what he's looking for in a girlfriend.

She may be happily married with two kids, but Taylor Lautner has revealed Jessica Alba is the one teen crush he still hasn't managed to shrug off – and can you blame him?

The Twilight actor admitted that he has had a crush on the Sin City star since he was 10 and was left completely tongue-tied when he was introduced to her at a Super Bowl game.

Probed on who his ideal woman is, the21-year-old gushed to More! magazine: “Jessica Alba. I've wanted to marry her since I was 10, but it's not looking good because she's married and has two kids.

The Hollywood hunk continued to recall his first encounter with the stunning actress, admitting it wasn't his finest hour.

“The first time I met her was at a Super Bowl. I was so nervous I could hardly talk. I felt so stupid."

Taylor, who had been dating his High school sweetheart and LA Lakers cheerleader, Sara Hicks, also revealed that he is looking for love and would be happy with a girl not affected by his showbiz lifestyle and most importantly – someone he can trust.

'Trust is way up there, as is loyalty. Apart from that, somebody who can just be herself and have fun. I don't like people who put on an act. I like people who can relax, let their hair down, and have a good time.'

by Patrick S.reply 7503/15/2013

oops, link

by Patrick S.reply 103/14/2013

Nigga please.

by Patrick S.reply 203/14/2013

What? She isn't available to you, Taylor?

How convenient.

by Patrick S.reply 303/14/2013

She doesn't have a penis, silly!

by Patrick S.reply 403/14/2013

What he's looking for in a girl is broad shoulders and a 10 inch penis.

by Patrick S.reply 503/14/2013

Smoke & Mirrors.

by Patrick S.reply 603/14/2013

I recall Wentworth Miller mentioning his attraction to Jessica Alba as well, a number of years ago...

by Patrick S.reply 703/14/2013

You ... you ... bitch! *slap* Stay away from my beard, uhm, wife!

by Patrick S.reply 803/14/2013

Jessica Alba was MY celebrity crush as a swishy middle schooler!

by Patrick S.reply 903/14/2013

Wrong Jessica, R8.

by Patrick S.reply 1003/14/2013

Jessica Alba is known to be stupid and a bitch. Lautner should have better taste.

by Patrick S.reply 1103/14/2013

He clearly just pulled her name out of thin air, trying to come up with someone that straight dudes find hot.

by Patrick S.reply 1203/14/2013

"..also revealed that he is looking for love and would be happy with a girl not affected by his showbiz lifestyle..."

Given his total lack of acting talent, that lifestyle is not going to last long.

by Patrick S.reply 1303/14/2013

The sort of girl he is looking for is more commonly known as a man.

by Patrick S.reply 1403/14/2013

I thought he decided to live in a glass closet akin to Anderson Cooper? This PR puff piece is disappointing to say the least.

by Patrick S.reply 1503/14/2013

Jessica Alba and Megan Fox are the two standard, generic go-to names that closet queens love to throw around to cover up.

Used to be Angelina Jolie, Halle Barry and Cameron Diaz back in the day.

Standard, typical and dull. Just like closet queens.

by Patrick S.reply 1603/14/2013

Why is he still playing this game? Even the fangirls don't buy his straight act anymore. And is it just me or is there more stories linking Tay Tay to girls now? Does anyone think it might be related to the rumors about him and Patrick? It seems likely imo.

by Patrick S.reply 1703/14/2013

"Why is he still playing this game?"

Because he isn't held accountable by his gay counterparts. Closet cases are never held accountable by the gay counterparts.

by Patrick S.reply 1803/14/2013

I wish there were more militant outings like there used to be. These people need to be dragged out kicking and screaming. The closet helps to keep homosexuality in the dark as if it's still this shameful thing. The more people who are visibly out, the better it is for all of us.

by Patrick S.reply 1903/14/2013

I would like to see Taylor Lautner being entered by Chris Meloni's fat Daddy cock.

by Patrick S.reply 2003/14/2013

I remember Neil Patrick Harris discussing his crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt with Jay Leno.....

by Patrick S.reply 2103/14/2013

Neil Patrick Harris has fucked more women than many (most?) straight men. He may have been telling the truth.

by Patrick S.reply 2203/14/2013

yes, these guys are probably bi but they cant live without the dick hunty

by Patrick S.reply 2303/14/2013

no r22....he told Oprah he was always gay and just had difficulty admitting it (as is the case with all so-called bisexual men)

by Patrick S.reply 2403/14/2013

Rosie O'Donnell heart went "athumpa thumpa" for Tom Cruise. I remember everytime his name was mentioned she'd go into convulsions over him. So embarrassing to think about now. The closet is an ugly place.

by Patrick S.reply 2503/14/2013

r24, Biphobia is not becoming, sweetie.

Bisexuality IS a thing. Human sexuality is not in binary opposition. There is no such thing as "straight/gay". Sexuality is much more complex than that.

by Patrick S.reply 2603/14/2013


OK, I'm a bi woman but I had this epiphany right now, reading this shit. THIS is he first time I think I REALLY feel the exact same way the average gay man feels reading such crap. I get it boys!!! I really do.

by Patrick S.reply 2703/14/2013

Jessica must be laughing her ass off right now.

by Patrick S.reply 2803/14/2013

R22 = Delusional

by Patrick S.reply 2903/14/2013

Patrick must be dying inside.

by Patrick S.reply 3003/14/2013

[quote]I don't like people who put on an act.

Oh dear.


by Patrick S.reply 3103/14/2013

what he looks for in a girl - a penis

by Patrick S.reply 3203/14/2013

[quote] was left completely tongue-tied when he was introduced to her at a Super Bowl game.

He must be straight after all

by Patrick S.reply 3303/14/2013

Yes, R25. Then when she came out and was asked by an interviewer why she kept up a fictitious crush on Cruise for so long, she replied that she never had a "real" crush on him and never meant to give that impression, and just thought he was a really physically beautiful person.


Oh yeah, and Miss Seacrest also went out of his way to make a huge fucking deal about his "crush" on Alba at some red carpet event a few years ago.

by Patrick S.reply 3403/14/2013

I agree - it's so embarassing to watch obviously gay people pretending to have a straight crush. Why can't closet cases either A) Just be themselves or B) Stay silent instead of looking/sounding stupid?

by Patrick S.reply 3503/14/2013

Alba the go to gal for gay boys everywhere

by Patrick S.reply 3603/14/2013

r34 most gay men can acknowledge when a woman is "physically beautiful". We do it here all the time. Saying you are sexually attracted is another thing.

by Patrick S.reply 3703/14/2013

I know, R37, but the point I was trying to make was that Rosie obviously wanted people to think that Cruise literally made her wet all those years she was in the closet and used to go on and on about him. Pulling the whole "oh, that's not what I meant" thing when she came out was kind of a cop out.

by Patrick S.reply 3803/14/2013

People should relax about Rosie in my opinion. Her crush was never remotely presented as sexual and I know lots of lesbians who have crushes on men, and lots of gay men who go on about their love for certain women stars.

Rosie was in the closet for sure, but she had a lot of special loves, and they were completely based on her own pretty strange psychology and history. Rosie brought Broadway and Joni Mitchell and Tom Cruise and those sponge balls onto her show and I don't think much of it was calculated. She should be a DL fave, as she remembers and praises anyone who ever brought her pleasure. A talking Encyclopedia of pop culture.

Lautner, well yes it is cool and correct what r27 has to say. Sometimes it is only lies, and transparent ones, that reveal the truth. Jessica Alba was the love object of all teenage boys for quite a while and his choice is not only false, but a bit out of rhyme.

Jessica Alba does not present a slut image, but was universally one hot girl. She is married with two kids.

Safe choice, like Cruise, but Alba is a weird and cynical choice for the pure testosterone that Lautner gleams with. He is not having romance with women, and like R27, I don't think that all goodlooking single male stars are gay or bearded. But sometimes you just get it.

(Rosie should say she was wrong about Cruise for other more important reasons. My best lesbian friend would have fucked Bowie in an instant, and I have some women that I could make a break for.)

Lautner and Alba. Just a team of attractive, famously untalented famewhores. This is a small distinction, but why should Alba be the butt of his team calculations.

He is an ass. A fine ass gay man.

by Patrick S.reply 3903/14/2013

The Twilight stars don't realize they're has-beens. So they're still trying. Still trying hard.

by Patrick S.reply 4003/14/2013

I guess he considers it safe to say he has a crush on the older, unavailable Alba.....if he professed a crush on someone available...the actress might call and say let's date.

by Patrick S.reply 4103/14/2013

He and Colton Haynes have entered the Pathetic Closet Case Hall of Fame.

by Patrick S.reply 4203/14/2013

Does he like fat girls with Oscars?

by Patrick S.reply 4303/14/2013

Tay and Kristen seem so obviously closeted to me. I'm guessing both are on their last gasp of relevancy so maybe one day they'll come out!

by Patrick S.reply 4403/14/2013

[quote]I guess he considers it safe to say he has a crush on the older, unavailable Alba.....if he professed a crush on someone available...the actress might call and say let's date.

This. I have no idea if he's gay. However, the object of his attention is rather convenient.

by Patrick S.reply 4503/14/2013

Rosie was technically closeted...but so was Anderson. Who didn't know she was gay?!

by Patrick S.reply 4603/14/2013

Here's 10 year old Taylor with his ACTUAL crush.

by Patrick S.reply 4703/14/2013

r47, guuurrll!

by Patrick S.reply 4803/14/2013

This str8 stud makes me moist down there.

by Patrick S.reply 4903/14/2013

TayTay: "Um, Jessica? Do you really have cat DNA?"

JA: "That was a role I played on the TV, Tay; it was pretend"

TayTay: "Yeah. Anyways, I turned into a wolf you know."

JA: "You played a werewolf in movies."

TayTay: "I know. Hey, do you still have the pleather catsuit?"

JA: "I'm taller than you; it wouldn't fit."

by Patrick S.reply 5003/14/2013

He's just looking for a hot woMAN.

by Patrick S.reply 5103/14/2013

Wasn't he dating Phil Collins' daughter at one point?

by Patrick S.reply 5203/14/2013

and in related news, Kristen Stewart is dating Katy Perry's assistant.

by Patrick S.reply 5303/14/2013

This is almost as bad as Jackman's "I'm not bothered by people thinking I'm gay but it hurts my wife's tender feelings" and all his "my wonderful wife's this and that" an all of Cruise's antigay efforts.

What kind of team of idiots does he have behind him? He's obviously flaming and isn't a good enough actor to beard convincingly so why don't they just shut up?

Sometimes the best option is really to say nothing but these teams behind the closeted never learn.

by Patrick S.reply 5403/14/2013

Don't bother, Tay. As much as you may want it, that thing won't fit in your ass.

by Patrick S.reply 5503/14/2013

I would be willing to be that Lautner comes out sooner rather than later.

by Patrick S.reply 5603/14/2013

What happened to all the delicious muscle he used to have? Did he stop with the roids?

by Patrick S.reply 5703/14/2013

He did have to bulk up for Twilight. How he did it is open to debate, but the physique he had in the movies is not his normal build.

by Patrick S.reply 5803/14/2013

Interesting that Taylor Lautner does this just a few weeks after the photos of him and Patrick Shriver at the Oscars.

by Patrick S.reply 5903/14/2013

Jessica Alba? Is this 2003?

by Patrick S.reply 6003/14/2013

Disappointed that Taylor seems to be going back into the closet again.

by Patrick S.reply 6103/14/2013

[quote]He must be straight after all

And R33, you must be an idiot if you actually believe that crap.

by Patrick S.reply 6203/15/2013

Sounds like all the talk about him dating Patrick, got to His Handlersv& now they are starting damage control, finding him the nearest beard they can find. Back in th closet & back on the DL for Taylor.

by Patrick S.reply 6303/15/2013

[quote]Sometimes the best option is really to say nothing

So true.

by Patrick S.reply 6403/15/2013

[quote]Sounds like all the talk about him dating Patrick, got to His Handlers

But if Taylor being Patrick is supposed to be a secret, why did they go to the Oscars party together?

by Patrick S.reply 6503/15/2013

What is Patrick going to think of Taylor going back into the closet?

by Patrick S.reply 6603/15/2013

Would someone slap this boy hard across his face and try to knock some sense into him? Any closet case who can't manage his own beard-smoke needs to just keep quiet.



by Patrick S.reply 6703/15/2013

Hi hunties!

by Patrick S.reply 6803/15/2013

It seems as though young Patrick was too busy with Kristen Stewart "steaming up a party with their chemistry" to be concerned with Tay Tay's statement about his heterosexual pursuits.

by Patrick S.reply 6903/15/2013

R69 Wow, PR people these days don't know shit about how to beard. Don't they know that if they want the bearding to look at least halfway believeable, then at least one of the people should actually be (or appear) straight?

by Patrick S.reply 7003/15/2013

It can't be a coincidence that a couple of weeks after the Taylor/Patrick date photos were all over the web, their PR people have Taylor discussing his female crush and what he looks for in a woman, and Patrick displaying incredible chemistry with Kristen Stewart, who is lonely without R-Patz?

by Patrick S.reply 7103/15/2013

I vividly recall seeing Neil Patrick Harris for the first time on TV back in the eighties and thinking, that guy is sooo straight that he looks evil.

by Patrick S.reply 7203/15/2013

He should've just said RuPaul.

by Patrick S.reply 7303/15/2013

Somebody showed him the numbers.

by Patrick S.reply 7403/15/2013

Thank-you r60, Im surprised this bitch even knows who she is.

by Patrick S.reply 7503/15/2013
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