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Michelle Obama graces the cover of Vogue April 2013

Mrs. Obama added that "90 percent" of what she and the president talk about has to do with the girls: what they're up to, who has practice, which one of their friends is having a birthday party and did they get that person a gift — conversation she described as "endless" and "pretty exhausting."

She suggested that neither one of them wants to miss any of it. Barack grew up without his father and has talked publicly about his desire to be there for his kids.

"He's doing it while still dealing with Syria and health care. He's as up on every friend, every party, every relationship," the first lady said. "And if you're out to dinner every night, you miss those moments where you can check-in and just figure them out when they're ready to share with you."

by Lovereply 1403/16/2013

She looks fab. Very youthful

by Lovereply 103/13/2013

I do love them.

I wonder if W and Pickles could remember which twin was which.

by Lovereply 203/13/2013

Oh, America. Enjoy your picture books, but do consider what might have been.

by Lovereply 303/13/2013

She looks exquisite, and the setting is fabulous.

by Lovereply 403/15/2013

Cue Freeper meltdown about how no Republican first lady was ever on the cover of Vogue.

by Lovereply 503/15/2013

Really R5? I am surprised because Laura Bush used to go on an annual basis to Fashion Week in NYC.

I still recall Hillary's Vogue cover, she looked stunning and so regal.

by Lovereply 603/15/2013

She looks wonky on the cover. Inside shots are great.

by Lovereply 703/15/2013

As a lifelong Democrat I have to say, she is not pretty.

by Lovereply 803/15/2013

I think she is pretty, it's not all about the physical, she is an awesome person all around, has a nice figure, attractive face, great spirit. Has a bit of a Hapsburg lip though but other than that, she is lovely.

by Lovereply 903/15/2013

I am a black woman and I never got the hype about her looks. The media is still trying to make her happen I guess. I love Michelle but a looker she is not. I get plenty of shit from my friends for saying her looks are so overrated but it's true. People have somehow convinced themselves that she is some paragon of beauty and she isn't. But that's okay. Why should she be? The dialogue about First Ladies in general is so sickening. We force our First Ladies into the role of being temporary Stepford Wife-in-Chief. The general public hates it when a woman doesn't fit into that mold. Ask Hillary. M is such a "cover my bases" people-pleasing First Lady. I'm kind of disappointed she isn't more political like Hillary.I'd give those freepers somethin' to fear.

by Lovereply 1003/15/2013

And Vogue, now I am out. Never buying it again.

by Lovereply 1103/15/2013

They make her look like hell on purpose. A puke green background? For what intent, I do not know. And - you can check - why is she always doing the devil horns thing with her hands on Vogue covers? I don't know how to link - sorry about that - but if you check she does it on the previous cover too! Nothing accidental at Vogue.

by Lovereply 1203/15/2013

That cover was Photoshopped to death, especially her face and her waist.

The wig is awfully high on her head.

While at it, why not Photoshop her eyebrows. They look tattooed in.

by Lovereply 1303/15/2013

R13, Michelle doesn't wear a wig or a weave. Ever.

by Lovereply 1403/16/2013
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