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Veronica Mars: The Movie

They're trying to raise two million bucks on Kickstarter to get it made.

by Dick Casablancasreply 18906/06/2014

I'd watch that. I'd also be interested in a series of TV movies if the producers wanted to try that. That was a good character.

by Dick Casablancasreply 103/13/2013

Oh hell yes.

by Dick Casablancasreply 203/13/2013

It's been going up about ten thousand dollars every five minutes, but it did just get announced. Let's hope they can make it!

by Dick Casablancasreply 303/13/2013

Considering how awful S3 was, I'll pass.

by Dick Casablancasreply 403/13/2013

K-Bell is never going to happen.

by Dick Casablancasreply 503/13/2013

I don't think she'll be a superstar, but she'll be a working actress for a long time.

by Dick Casablancasreply 603/13/2013

I hope they're planning on shooting it after she's lost her baby weight.

by Dick Casablancasreply 703/13/2013

I'm in.

LOVE Veronica Mars.

I actually want a "Mars Investigations" pen or mug.

by Dick Casablancasreply 803/13/2013

They're already almost up to half a million bucks!

by Dick Casablancasreply 903/13/2013

Ill contribute if we get to see Ryan Hansen peen.

Oh wait, he got fat. Nevermind.

by Dick Casablancasreply 1003/13/2013

Only if Tommy Wiseau is in the cast.

by Dick Casablancasreply 1103/13/2013

OMG YES! Kristen Bell was born to play VM. And Logan's on board too!

by Dick Casablancasreply 1203/13/2013

Ryan Hansen with a boner and sucking on a dick --

by Dick Casablancasreply 1303/13/2013

Good lord, they're barreling toward the halfway point already.

by Dick Casablancasreply 1403/13/2013

The average pledge is over $75.00. Impressive.

If I had an extra 10,000.00 just lying around it would be fun to play the waiter.

by Dick Casablancasreply 1503/13/2013

I'm impressed that (at present) 6 people have ponied up $400 just to have Kristen Bell follow them on Twitter for a year.

by Dick Casablancasreply 1603/13/2013

Oh, cool.

by Dick Casablancasreply 1703/13/2013

LOVE LOVE LOVE Veronica Mars.

They need to make the movie DARK. Something like Gone Girl.

by Dick Casablancasreply 1803/13/2013

R16, it probably has more to do with raising the $ though.

by Dick Casablancasreply 1903/13/2013

It's so weird. I just researched the series last month and kept thinking that they should make a movie.

by Dick Casablancasreply 2003/13/2013

[quote] Re: Veronica Mars: The Movie

Why the hell would they want to do that??

The TV show was not even THAT great

by Dick Casablancasreply 2103/13/2013

And in less than a day, they're already halfway there.

by Dick Casablancasreply 2203/13/2013

$1.1 million and counting....I think the first million was easy with all the VM fans out there (I include myself and, yes, I donated too) the test will be to see if they can get that second million after the initial flurry of excitement....fingers crossed!!!

by Dick Casablancasreply 2303/13/2013

I still haven't donated R23, I was planning on doing after work.

by Dick Casablancasreply 2403/13/2013

I just checked and they may be able to get to $2million today if this pace continues. They're at $1.3m right now just about 7 or 8 hours in.

by Dick Casablancasreply 2503/13/2013

I'm frankly astonished at the pace the fundraising has come in. I don't think I've ever seen a Kickstarter go quite that fast.

When is Kristen Bell due? I know she loved the character, but I can't imagine having a baby and then going straight back to work.

by Dick Casablancasreply 2603/13/2013

So excited.

by Dick Casablancasreply 2703/13/2013

Has the script been ridden yet?

Can you make a decent movie for 2 million?

by Dick Casablancasreply 2803/13/2013

R28, read the Kickstarter page.

by Dick Casablancasreply 2903/13/2013

Rob Thomas said on Twitter that they broke the record for hitting one million bucks - it had been 7 hours and they did it in 4.

by Dick Casablancasreply 3003/13/2013

looks like they are doing about $200,000 per hour, which means they should reach their goal before the end of the day....they are almost at $1.4 million at the moment

by Dick Casablancasreply 3103/13/2013

Are these actual real numbers or are they pledges? I'm unfamiliar with kickstarter but I think that is how they did Paranormal Activity.

by Dick Casablancasreply 3203/13/2013

Does anyone else think this is a rather shitty exploitation of Kickstarter, a site designed to help struggling artists and entrepreuners who actually lack money, resources, etc.?

by Dick Casablancasreply 3303/13/2013

They lack money for this film... I don't see the difference.

by Dick Casablancasreply 3403/13/2013

This is actual $$$ have to pay via credit card, but it is held in reserve and is only paid out if the goal is met.....if goal not met, the $$$ is refunded

by Dick Casablancasreply 3503/13/2013

Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas are successful and connected and probably wealthy enough to finance the movie themselves. I think if you're part of the Hollywood establishment you should operate there and leave Kickstarter to the 99%.

by Dick Casablancasreply 3603/13/2013

Didn't Kristen Bell's house get foreclosed upon?

And they're clearly not that well connected, because they've tried to get the movie greenlit for years with no success.

by Dick Casablancasreply 3703/13/2013

Stop trying to make Kristen Bell happen!

by Dick Casablancasreply 3803/13/2013

R36, it is a voluntary service. Just because they ask doesn't mean that people have to give. That means anyone can use the service.

by Dick Casablancasreply 3903/13/2013

Ah, I see. If they get their goal, they prove to Warner Brothers that there's a demand, which means WB will handle promotion/distribution. So the $2 million isn't the entire budget.

Still, they're within a hairsbreadth of 3/4ths of the way there as I'm typing this.

by Dick Casablancasreply 4003/13/2013

r36 is just pissed off he couldn't get anybody to pony up a thousand bucks for his dream project filming fluffy clouds set to his poetic musings.

by Dick Casablancasreply 4103/13/2013

I mean, R36, does have a point. In a way it's gross that the viewers have to shell out $ for a movie whose rights belong to a multi billion dollar corporation. On the other hand, that company will not do it because they think they will lose money on it. So in the end, I did contribute because I know it's not going to happen otherwise.

And R36, yes, possibly Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas have some money, but I assume they're already putting in their share by working for peanuts on a low budget VM. Clearly everyone (cast/crew and fans) are doing it out of love for the project.

by Dick Casablancasreply 4203/13/2013


Amy Sherman-Palladino, take note.

by Dick Casablancasreply 4303/13/2013

Kristen Bell will never happen. She's BO poison. Why don't they replace her with someone who has more audience empathy. Katherine Heigl will do.

VM had an incredible story to tell. It told it in Season 1. Everything was downhill from there.

by Dick Casablancasreply 4403/13/2013

There are so many ways in which this can go wrong and only one for it to go right: Enrico Colantoni shows us that tight little furry body of his.

by Dick Casablancasreply 4503/13/2013

Is there a role for me?

by Dick Casablancasreply 4603/13/2013

Zombie Amanda Seyfried?

by Dick Casablancasreply 4703/13/2013

The first two seasons were brilliant. Can't wait for a movie.

by Dick Casablancasreply 4803/13/2013

[quote] VM had an incredible story to tell. It told it in Season 1. Everything was downhill from there.

Exactly. It should have been a mini-series.

by Dick Casablancasreply 4903/13/2013

Sweet Christmas, they're $40K away from hitting their goal.

by Dick Casablancasreply 5003/13/2013

Now down to $20K to the goal.

by Dick Casablancasreply 5103/13/2013

$2 million!

by Dick Casablancasreply 5203/13/2013


$2 million in something like twelve hours.

by Dick Casablancasreply 5303/13/2013

Ha, that's settled then!

by Dick Casablancasreply 5403/13/2013

How does kickstarter work? Do they charge your paypal or something, and then if the project never happens they refund your money?

by Dick Casablancasreply 5503/13/2013

The payments go through Amazon. You're only charged if the project hits its goal.

by Dick Casablancasreply 5603/13/2013

Kick ass!

by Dick Casablancasreply 5703/13/2013

Kristen Bell is a clam? :(

by Dick Casablancasreply 5803/13/2013

Kristen Bell is not a scientologist! WTF

But Jason Dohring is.

by Dick Casablancasreply 5903/13/2013

No, but Jason Dohrig's father is like King Clam.

by Dick Casablancasreply 6003/13/2013

I thought the donations would slack off once they hit the goal, but they're already up another 150K.

by Dick Casablancasreply 6103/13/2013

I'm guessing $2mil was the cost of filming an episode of the show.

Anyway, the movie is filming this summer ... Kristen Bell is still pregnant!

by Dick Casablancasreply 6203/13/2013

They're getting publicity.

by Dick Casablancasreply 6303/13/2013

[quote]Warner Bros. Digital Distribution is managing the project, and has agreed to pay for marketing, promotion and distribution. The success of the Kickstarter campaign also gives the project a huge headstart in marketing, promotion and audience engagement, giving digital marketers a direct line to its highly motivated fan base.

Cool! That means all the Kickstarter money will go directly to making the money, and WB will pay for the marketing.

by Dick Casablancasreply 6403/13/2013

Fuck yeah!

by Dick Casablancasreply 6503/13/2013

This is awesome.

by Dick Casablancasreply 6603/13/2013

2.5 mil

by Dick Casablancasreply 6703/14/2013

I hope it continues to go up. I think a $2 million dollar Veronica Mars movie might be a little lame and cheap-looking.

by Dick Casablancasreply 6803/14/2013

How much do I have to give to get to see a full frontal of Beaver?

by Dick Casablancasreply 6903/14/2013

Thanks for that link R13, I had never seen it before.

by Dick Casablancasreply 7003/14/2013

[quote] I think a $2 million dollar Veronica Mars movie might be a little lame and cheap-looking.

That's a little more than the cost of filming an episode, plus the actors are going to work for SAG minimum.

Plus, Warner Bros has agreed to pay all marketing, promotional and distribution costs.

VM also has a lot of high profile fans, like Joss Whedon (who actually appeared on the show).

I think we'll get a good movie as long as the script is there.

by Dick Casablancasreply 7103/14/2013

They could make it work with $2mil, but as you said, that is a little more than the cost of an episode which would make for a low budget movie. Hopefully they will raise closer to the 5 million dollar range when all is said and done. That should be enough to craft a decent looking movie.

by Dick Casablancasreply 7203/14/2013

I loved VM. Think I'll go rewatch the series on Netflix if it's still there. Love Kristen Bell, too. I don't get why people hate her. She doesn't seem like a spoiled, affected Hollywood bitch. She seems pretty cool. And she's down with the gays.

by Dick Casablancasreply 7303/14/2013

I don't think people hate Kristen, but she has made some awful romcoms and is married to Dax Shepard so ...

by Dick Casablancasreply 7403/14/2013

If the movie makes a profit will the people who contributed share in it?

by Dick Casablancasreply 7503/14/2013

No R75.

by Dick Casablancasreply 7603/14/2013

Worked with her, she is kind of a bitch unless you are in her circle or a VIP.

by Dick Casablancasreply 7703/14/2013

I worked with her, too. She was lovely. Mostly hung out with the maintenance workers and extras.

by Dick Casablancasreply 7803/14/2013

Look I don't care what she's like , all I know is that as I said upthread, she was perfect as VM, and I want to see the movie.

by Dick Casablancasreply 7903/14/2013

lol R78 so bitchy..

[quote] If the movie makes a profit will the people who contributed share in it?

then what is the point of contributing your hard earned dollars so a bunch of millionaires can have a movie made? wtf

by Dick Casablancasreply 8003/14/2013

Because people want the product and the product wouldn't exist otherwise so they are willing to donate to make it happen.

That is the whole idea around Kickstarter, and it has been a very successful enterprise.

by Dick Casablancasreply 8103/14/2013

And it's not like you don't get anything. I kicked in $50 and I get a DVD/Blu Ray and some other merchandise.

by Dick Casablancasreply 8203/14/2013

Because you want to watch it, R80.

The alternative is the movie doesn't get made.

by Dick Casablancasreply 8303/14/2013

3 million

by Dick Casablancasreply 8403/14/2013

[quote]If the movie makes a profit will the people who contributed share in it?

No, they won't, which is why I'd never contribute to a film like this. If it makes millions at the box office, the actors and the studio will make a ton of cash, without taking any risk. All the risk is on the "nobodies" who put their money in and won't see a penny in return.

by Dick Casablancasreply 8503/14/2013

I don't think this movie would make that much, if anything R85 It's more of thank you to fans.

by Dick Casablancasreply 8603/14/2013

R85, what risk?

Anyway, it's either this way or no way. So what you're getting for your money is the movie. That's the return i your investment.

by Dick Casablancasreply 8703/14/2013

I loved her in Deadwood. Her take as the grifter girl was really well done.

by Dick Casablancasreply 8803/14/2013

Jason Dohring is just not attractive to me and hasn't aged well at all. Ryan Hansen on the other hand...

by Dick Casablancasreply 8903/14/2013

Hey fans! Would you contribute to a movie of "Angie: Everyone's Favorite Philly Pepperpot Waitress," featuring none other than yours truly?

Just testing the waters!

by Dick Casablancasreply 9003/14/2013

r78 I did work with her and she was kinda bitchy as I said if you were not an actor or a VIP she was bitchy to you.

How nice for you that your make believe experience was better.

by Dick Casablancasreply 9103/14/2013

R88. I agree, she was really good in Deadwood. Overall a good, likable actress.

by Dick Casablancasreply 9203/14/2013

Has anyone seen Reefer Madness? She played Mary Lane.

by Dick Casablancasreply 9303/14/2013

Are we talkin about Kristen Bell here?

I'm puzzled as to why because she is such a non celebrity/actress/mocktress

by Dick Casablancasreply 9403/14/2013

My guess is this will end with about 5-6mil.

According to an interview with Rob Thomas, WB IS going to pitch in if needed.

by Dick Casablancasreply 9503/15/2013

Why do people like R85 always get their panties in such a bunch? If for some reason it becomes a blockbuster -- highly unlikely given that Warner Bros. DIGITAL and not regular WB is distributing--then it means we'll get more VM movies funded directly by the studios.

by Dick Casablancasreply 9603/15/2013 is a digital begging bowl.

by Dick Casablancasreply 9703/15/2013

Rob Thomas is gay, btw.

by Dick Casablancasreply 9803/15/2013

I'm about to go to Twitter and ask Michael Muhney if he'd do the movie if they'd create a twin for his character, Sherrif Don Lamb (seeing as though Don died in the series).

by Dick Casablancasreply 9903/15/2013

Michael Muhney is EXTREMELY bitter about being killed off and does not talk to anyone from the show.

by Dick Casablancasreply 10003/15/2013

Oh, shit! Harvey Weinstein wants in on the Veronica Mars movie.

I guess we'll be seeing Kristen Bell to be nominated for an Oscar in 2015?

by Dick Casablancasreply 10103/15/2013

R100, MM responded to someone I know who asked on Twitter, saying that he may be up to it.

by Dick Casablancasreply 10203/15/2013

is the cute black guy going to be in it?

by Dick Casablancasreply 10303/15/2013

They're planning on having, in addition to Veronica, Logan, and Keith, Wallace, Mac, Dick, Weevil, and Piz, the kid who was Wallace's roommate in college, which may depend more on the actor availability.

Personally, since it's supposed to surround Veronica's high school reunion, I hope they can get Principle Clemmons. Also, Keith's droll, low-rent lawyer friend Cliff.

by Dick Casablancasreply 10403/17/2013

R104, he also said Parker is planned to return in his current outline.

He said he had two ideas: one a dar noir thriller, and a more fan friendly version. He said he's going with the fan friendly version.

I kind of wish he wouldn't.

by Dick Casablancasreply 10503/17/2013

Yeah, writing for the fans is kind of what doomed the show, I think.

I don't know, I'm one of the few who liked the second season, even though it didn't compare to the first season, but it's kind of rare to find that kind of quality carried through more than one year.

For everyone complaining about how fans are using their money when Warner Brothers had plenty to make the movie, WB also had no interest in making it. This proved that there was a demand. Fan support has lead to Joss Whedon getting to make Serenity as a coda to "Firefly," the resurrection of "Futurama," and even the continued existence of the Star Trek franchise, which had been off the air even longer than VM when they finally got Star Trek: The Motion Picture into theaters. This campaign has just been another way to demonstrate to the suits that there are people who want to see this movie, and it may even be more persuasive, because they're willing to put up their own money to make it happen.

I would much prefer to see Kickstarter stay in the realm of mostly truly independent productions, but considering how much I loved this show, I can't begrudge a good outcome.

by Dick Casablancasreply 10603/17/2013

Donations have hit a wall. I think they'll end up with about $4million, and WB will pitch in a bit and we'll get a decent movie.

And yes, Rob Thomas' interview in HitFlix really bothered me. I don't want 2 hours of fan wanking. I think he should go with his gut on this one.

by Dick Casablancasreply 10703/17/2013

This might be off-topic, but does anyone involved with production know what happened with Teddy Dunn aka Duncan Kane? He figured quite prominently in season one, and then was written out halfway through season two. I personally wasn't a fan, but the way his character left the show reeked of off-camera difficulties.

by Dick Casablancasreply 10803/17/2013

R108, it was purely budget and story reasons.

Dunn was awful, though. Duncan Kane could've been a great character if they'd had a decent actor playing him.

by Dick Casablancasreply 10903/17/2013

Will Jackie, Wallace's girlfriend from season two, be in the movie?

Worst character (and actress) ever.

by Dick Casablancasreply 11003/19/2013

I've been rewatching the series again since the announcement. Right now I'm stuck on the Hannah episodes. She was about as charismatic as school bus fire.

by Dick Casablancasreply 11103/20/2013

The payoff for Hannah is good, though. Logan is such an asshole.

by Dick Casablancasreply 11203/20/2013

Yeah, but he and Veronica had mad chemistry. The first time they kissed was amazingly hot.

It's a relationship that never would have lasted, but especially at first, they really did it proud.

by Dick Casablancasreply 11303/24/2013

They've opened the participation up to the EU, Australia, and New Zealand. They jumped pretty quickly to within striking distance of $4 million. I'm going to guess with about two weeks to go, they end up with $4.5 or thereabouts. Which is pretty damned respectable, all things considered.

by Dick Casablancasreply 11403/27/2013

Exciting, though I don't like anything I've heard about the actual movie.

by Dick Casablancasreply 11503/27/2013

They've broken four million, and also opened contributions up to Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, and Brazil.

by Dick Casablancasreply 11603/28/2013

According to one of the script pages Rob Thomas has leaked, Veronica's gotten a dirty mouth on her. "Fuck me running!"

by Dick Casablancasreply 11704/06/2013

They're now offering rewards for just $1 donations. It's just updates, but they're pretty good so far. Rob Thomas has posted a few pages of the finished screenplay. Looks like Madison is in it.

by Dick Casablancasreply 11804/06/2013

Looks like they opened up the rewards for 1 dollar donations because they want to break the record for most backers. They need over 15700 more in just 5 days to do it, I don't think they are going to make it.

by Dick Casablancasreply 11904/06/2013

I've been emailing with Rob Thomas, and what do you think: is this maybe a hint at a Party Down appearance?

by Dick Casablancasreply 12004/06/2013

Damn, Brandon, you donated $1000? If you don't live in Austin, can I got to the premiere?


by Dick Casablancasreply 12104/06/2013

Brandon, tell him NO PIZ!

by Dick Casablancasreply 12204/07/2013

I can't believe people spent money on this. Even if two million people had each pledged a penny.

by Dick Casablancasreply 12304/07/2013

1 + 1 is B!!!

by Dick Casablancasreply 12404/07/2013

Oh, hush the fuck up, I wasn't adding to the entire budget. I can't believe people collectively gave to this at all.

by Dick Casablancasreply 12504/07/2013

Similarly, I can't believe somebody feels the need to spend their time complaining about what other people do with their money.

by Dick Casablancasreply 12604/07/2013

It doesn't take much time, and money is everybody's business.

by Dick Casablancasreply 12704/07/2013

New update for backers: directors cut of the launch video!

by Dick Casablancasreply 12804/07/2013

$5.5 mil with 7 hours to go!

Plus, they just beat the record for number of backers with 87k.

by Dick Casablancasreply 12904/12/2013

So, while the dollar amount isn't the highest ever, they do have the biggest number of backers in Kickstarter history, plus the record for total for a film, plus the records for reaching a million dollars and reaching their goal.

Good work, marshmallows.

by Dick Casablancasreply 13004/12/2013

VOTN, how much did you donate?

by Dick Casablancasreply 13104/12/2013

$35. That's actually the most I've ever given to a Kickstarter.

by Dick Casablancasreply 13204/12/2013

That's awesome! The $35 reward is really sweet.

by Dick Casablancasreply 13304/12/2013

They screened a teaser at the Veronica Mars panel at Comic-Con.

Apparently, Jamie Lee Curtis has a cameo. I know she and Kristen Bell did a movie together, but I would have thought at this point, she'd be happy to just cash the Activia checks and enjoy bowel regularity.

The years have not been kind to Piz.

Enjoy, Marshmallows.

by Dick Casablancasreply 13407/20/2013

What do you mean about Piz? Chris Lowell looks gorgeous now. He never did anything for me as Piz.

Still wish he wasn't in the movie, though. The only reason he'd be at the reunion is because he and Veronica are together.

by Dick Casablancasreply 13507/20/2013

I don't know, he was cute when he was younger. He doesn't look to have aged well, at least to my clearly subjective eyes.

And I too wish he wasn't in the movie.

Perhaps he just lives in Neptune and is there to lend moral support. I mean, I can't see Mac being in a real hurry to attend a reunion either.

by Dick Casablancasreply 13607/20/2013

I thought he looked hot in The Help.

by Dick Casablancasreply 13707/20/2013

Kristen Bell looks great for having filmed this a few weeks after having a baby, but I still wish they'd have waited a bit for her to get completely back in shape. But that's me being shallow.

The cinematography looks great.

by Dick Casablancasreply 13807/20/2013

For real trailer. Featuring Ryan Hansen shirtless, and despite prior claims that he got fat, I actually think he looks really good.

He's aged the best out of the men.

by Dick Casablancasreply 13901/06/2014

VOTN, you're right, he does look good! Don't know where the fat rumors originated but he's welcome to jump into my bed anytime!!!

by Dick Casablancasreply 14001/06/2014

Who saw it at SXSW?

I never saw the show, but I thought it was a solid B+.

Very good dialogue. Witty. Suspenseful. Very nice mystery.

I had no trouble following, though I could tell i'd appreciate some of the smaller characters more if I had watched.

My friend, who is a big VM fan and the reason we went, lived it, but had some minor nitpicks, and I'll try to be as spoiler free as possible:

He was disappointed by the recasting of the murder victim. She's a girl from the show that Veronica went to high school with and I guess the actress couldn't film the movie. He said it didn't hurt the overall movie but that it was disappointing.

He also didnt like the short screentime of Veronica's boyfriend who is barely in the movie, though he admitted most fans would see that as a good thing.

It kind of reminded me of the movie Brick, without the weird talking. I would say the movie was a success, but again, I can only say that as someone who never watched the show.

Krysten Ritter was gorgeous.

by Dick Casablancasreply 14103/09/2014

Was Krysten Ritter on the show? I thought Breaking Bad was her debut.

by Dick Casablancasreply 14203/09/2014

Apparently she was.

by Dick Casablancasreply 14303/09/2014


by Dick Casablancasreply 14403/13/2014

Anyone watched it yet?

by Dick Casablancasreply 14503/14/2014

I never saw the show, but just downloaded the movie. It gets decent reviews, I figure at worst, it'll probably be a good as an above-average Lifetime movie, and that's good enough for me.

by Dick Casablancasreply 14603/14/2014

R146, post your review, I'm interested what somebody who never saw the show before will think.

I loved it, but I'm a big fan of the show, so I can't trust my opinion.

At worst, you'll have some nice eye candy. And I think the mystery is pretty damn solid. Tragic even.

by Dick Casablancasreply 14703/14/2014

NY Times reviewed it today. Gave it a passable review but spent more time discussing how and why it got made.

by Dick Casablancasreply 14803/14/2014

Watch throuh the credits for more James Franco and the return of Logan's inspirational message.

I found it interesting how at the end, Veronica and Weevil's story paralleled each other. And Gia? I won't do spoilers, but man, she had it rough.

by Dick Casablancasreply 14903/14/2014

Saw it at a Kickstarter fan screening last night and it was a blast.

The dialogue is fun, the mystery solid and I think Rob Thomas delivered in a big way.

I really did love the series, and my favorite aspect of it was the way he created a weekly mystery in addition to the big mystery arc. The movie couldn't do that, but you can't have everything.

The CW fall of 2015, please. FX even.

BTW, Ryan Hansen should be thanking every backer, because he'll probably get a ton of offers from this.

by Dick Casablancasreply 15003/14/2014

Ryan Hansen's body was amazing in his shirtless scenes.

by Dick Casablancasreply 15103/14/2014

It's on iTunes. Downloading it, now. Loved the show.

by Dick Casablancasreply 15203/14/2014

Shirtless Dick pic from the movie:

by Dick Casablancasreply 15303/14/2014

"I'm the reason people know that Anne Hathaway has a vagina. Before that they thought 'Yeah, maybe' but they didn't know."


by Dick Casablancasreply 15403/14/2014

Should be studying, but had to jump on just to kvell a little bit. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Even my husband, who is usually very stoic, had a great time, although I think his biggest laugh was the completely random cameo from Ira Glass.

I'll confess, when Weevil got shot, and the camera pulled back to reveal who had shot him, I gasped.

I didn't know where to look first: Ryan Hansen's cum gutters or Jason Dohring's pecs.

As good as Bell, Dohring and Colantoni were, I think my favorites were Hansen and Tina Majorino.

by Dick Casablancasreply 15503/15/2014

Bell's obvious pregnancy weight was a bit distracting, especially since the Veronica character was always so petite. I lost track of how many different baggy black outfits they had to put her in.

By contrast, at least from the all-too-brief glimpses that we got, Dohring's body was looking incredible.

by Dick Casablancasreply 15603/15/2014

I kind of dug the weight on Bell. She dropped it fast, though, so this must have been filmed right after she gave birth.

Dohring's body looked great, but he looked a little thin in the face.

Piz looks so much better now than he did back in Season 3.

Majorino looked amazing.

SPOILERS- Did anyone else catch at the end that Mac was now working for Mars Investigations?

Also, poor Gia. Her dad was a pedophile, she gets into drugs, her friend ODs, she's blackmailed into being some geeks sex slave. She can't even have curtains. And then she's murdered. Pretty tragic life that Gia had.

by Dick Casablancasreply 15703/15/2014

Watched the download tonight, it was good,

very solid and fun. Lots of cameos.

All the Veronica Mars snappy retorts. Love her.

I'd agree with the B+ rating.

One thing...Jason Dohring...was very gaunt,

I'm worried about him. Sick?

by Dick Casablancasreply 15803/15/2014

He looked good shirtless. But his face did look thin.

by Dick Casablancasreply 15903/15/2014

Other people noticed Dohring's thinness.

I wonder if he hasn't worked much since that vampire show ended.

by Dick Casablancasreply 16003/16/2014

I thought Veronica was funnier than ever, and that the ending to the mystery was incredibly disturbing (in a good way!). The only thing I had an issue with, weirdly, was the media coverage of the murder within the movie. Even though Logan was the son of a movie star, and kind of a Brandon Davis-like gadfly, the headline would never be "Logan Echolls Suspected of Killing Pop Star"…it would be "Pop star dead; Movie Star's Son Suspected in Slaying." Especially if she's expected to be a Gaga-like figure as she is in the movie.

Also, it was a little convenient that the guest stars who went on to bigger fame elsewhere received more screen time this time (i.e. Krysten Ritter and Leighton Meester's character, even though Meester didn't come back, you could tell the part was beefed up because of her fame from Gossip Girl.)

by Dick Casablancasreply 16103/16/2014

I liked it a lot - had the same VM vibe of the show. Dohring looked awful - skinny and old.

by Dick Casablancasreply 16203/16/2014

R161, the ending WAS really disturbing. Gia was basically a sex slave for the past decade, and couldn't live a normal life.

But Krysten Ritter had a fairly large role in season 2. Probably the biggest female supporting role on the show that wasn't in the main credits during the high school years, so her role makes sense.

And Leighton was supposed to come back, but she was stuck filming out of the country, and VM had such a tight shooting schedule they had to recast. I'm guessing at that point it was too late to rewrite the scrip. Kind of a bummer, but not too much of a big deal.

by Dick Casablancasreply 16303/16/2014

I watched it last night and thought it was ... well, very classic "Veronica Mars," meaning awesome. Great dialogue and great interaction between all the characters, as if the seven-year interim between series and film never even existed.

I, too, noticed both Kristen's thickness around the middle (but knew it was baby weight) as well as Jason's gauntness. He looked pretty good shirtless, though, so I wouldn't necessarily assume it's because of drugs or something. I have friends who are hard-core runners who have physiques like that, including gauntness around the face.

All that said ... I was disappointed by the ending. While I am completely aware that Rob Thomas did it primarily to please the fans, it makes very little sense for Veronica to give up EVERYTHING she busted her ass for over the previous decade -- in particular, finishing at the top of her class at Columbia Law and getting a job offer from what I assume is a big-league firm -- to return to Neptune and her love/hate relationship with the place.

Also, I don't generally mind product placement in films, but this time they went overboard. Not only did literally EVERY character use a Samsung Chromebook computer and/or a Samsung Galaxy phone, the writers wrapped the MOST CRITICAL PLOT POINT around tampering with a Samsung tablet's webcam. I hope Samsung paid them well!

They also introduced two plot points and left them dangling:

1) Logan was not only in the Navy, but a member of the JAG Corps. In other words, he was *already* a lawyer himself. I don't think this was mentioned at *any* point except when he met Veronica at the airport, and there certainly was no explanation why or how both of them ended up going into law. (Also, as a lawyer Logan would've been perfectly capable of choosing his own defense attorney.)

2) Who the hell tried to kill Keith and Deputy Sacks?! Was it Sheriff Lamb, afraid that Sacks was about to reveal all the ongoing corruption at the sheriff's office? Or was it someone from Weevil's gang, afraid that they would be implicated?

Finally, I liked the cameos of Justin Long and Dax Shepard in the nightclub scene, and I had totally forgotten that Amanda Seyfried played Lilly Kane (Veronica's best friend and the subject of the first season's mystery - she's briefly shown in the film in some still shots shown at the HS reunion).

by Dick Casablancasreply 16403/16/2014

Ugh, I knew this thread would be tainted with a cameo from you-know-who and mentions of school and his husband!

Anyway, the movie was cobbled together pretty quickly, but it was still good. Ryan Hansen stole every scene in which he appeared, proving how underrated he was when Veronica Mars was on the air. And isn't it sad that, once again, It's proven that Veronica Mars is the only character Kristin Bell can play without coming across as a total bitch?

by Dick Casablancasreply 16503/16/2014

R165, she made a good Disney princess in Frozen.

by Dick Casablancasreply 16603/16/2014

I meant to clarify my statement by saying "live-action character."

by Dick Casablancasreply 16703/16/2014

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Gia's closet-case beard boyfriend, tracked by Logan to a WeHo bathhouse...

[quote]Ryan Hansen stole every scene in which he appeared, proving how underrated he was when Veronica Mars was on the air.

Agreed, and FYI, he's apparently doing (or has already done) a series of webisodes in character on The CW's Web site.

by Dick Casablancasreply 16803/16/2014

[quote]Logan was not only in the Navy, but a member of the JAG Corps.

He isn't a member of JAG. At the beginning he told Veronica he was meeting with them, which makes sense considering he has been accused of murder.

by Dick Casablancasreply 16903/16/2014

[quote]I'm surprised no one's mentioned Gia's closet-case beard boyfriend, tracked by Logan to a WeHo bathhouse.

Luke probably paid off that drug dealer in season 1 with blowjobs.

by Dick Casablancasreply 17003/16/2014

Btw the producers were always vague during the show's original run as to where exactly the town of Neptune is supposed to be, and in the movie they merely confuse matters further. On the one hand Rob Thomas has claimed that it's in Orange County and "close to San Juan Capistrano." On the other hand almost every exterior in the original series was shot in or near San Diego (which is a long way from San Juan Capistrano).

Although its setting in "Balboa County" is fake, there are a bunch of "Balboas" in the San Diego area, including Balboa Park. Also, in the film we see a taxi listing a phone number with an 858 area code, which covers the area north of San Diego generally called "North County." However, the only remotely "ghetto" area in North County is Oceanside, which is primarily working-class because of its large military presence. (Btw all the exterior scenes at Neptune High were shot at Oceanside High.) Also, the presence of Kane Software suggests Carlsbad, an affluent area south of Oceanside that's home to numerous technology companies.

In any event, the idea propagated in the film of an exclusive, velvet-rope nightclub *anywhere* in the region is a complete joke. I know the stretch between La Jolla and Oceanside exceedingly well, and thus know for certain there are only five types of bars: 1) seedy dive bars; 2) faux dive bars that look vaguely scruffy but charge $6 for a Bud Light; 3) party-hearty places where Oceanside Marines and lower-middle-class community college kids go to party; 4) bars for the geriatric set; and 5) all the cookie-cutter Chili's-types places preferred by the bland suburbanites that populate most of the region's inland areas.

Finally, the house Logan and Dick live in is directly on the beach. That particular stretch of coast is renowned for its cliffs, perhaps most famously in Laguna Beach, and there are virtually *no* stretches of beach on flat, buildable land except for the so-called "Millionaires Row" in Del Mar.

Yes, I know I'm totally overanalyzing this shit.

by Dick Casablancasreply 17103/16/2014

[quote]Who the hell tried to kill Keith and Deputy Sacks?! Was it Sheriff Lamb, afraid that Sacks was about to reveal all the ongoing corruption at the sheriff's office? Or was it someone from Weevil's gang, afraid that they would be implicated?

It looked like an older white guy watching them in the garage, so I would guess not one of the PCHers. Also, Sacks said that Lamb was only a puppet. I'm guessing it was someone at the sheriff's office.

There's a follow-up novel coming out on the 25th written by Rob Thomas that continues the story and is considered in canon. My guess is that will illuminate a bit on the subject.

by Dick Casablancasreply 17203/16/2014

I thought it was pretty funny that Gia lived on "Exposition Blvd".

by Dick Casablancasreply 17303/16/2014

I love that, R173.

I wish I wore lipstick so I could do that little finger trick Veronica pulled.

by Dick Casablancasreply 17403/16/2014


by Dick Casablancasreply 17503/20/2014

Best $100 I've ever spent!

I donated through kickstarter, and it was well worth it!

by Dick Casablancasreply 17603/20/2014

I enjoyed it. I hope they make more. And I hope they make a Party Down movie too. I love Veronica but Logan is gross (altho I admit their first kiss was hot as hell on the show) I just like Pizz better but if you're going have her be with someone let it be Wallace. Mix it up a bit. He's been her lackey for so long, he deserves some ass.

by Dick Casablancasreply 17704/01/2014

Wallace and Veronica would seem so ...incestuous. I don't know why. Maybe because their parents dated.

I could get behind Weevil and Veronica. He's always been in love with her.

by Dick Casablancasreply 17804/01/2014

If anyone is still interested in the darker story that Rob Thomas considered for the movie, it was adapted into the first of four VM mystery novels under the title "The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line." It picks up shortly after the end of the movie, with Veronica and Mac taking over Mars Investigations while Keith recuperates from the attempt on his life.

It was a nice piece of mind candy, but while this might be heresy, I think doing the "we're gettin' the band back together!" plot was a better choice. It kept it accessible to people who hadn't seen the show, but still had enough Easter eggs to keep the long-time fans happy. The book's mystery was a lot more personal for Veronica, as it involved someone she never thought she'd see again coming back to Neptune.

by Dick Casablancasreply 17906/03/2014

[quote]it involved someone she never thought she'd see again coming back to Neptune.


If so please confirm so I can NOT read the book.

by Dick Casablancasreply 18006/03/2014

It's not Duncan.

by Dick Casablancasreply 18106/03/2014

Thanks! Good to hear.

Although, I'm sure Duncan would be more tolerable in book form.

by Dick Casablancasreply 18206/03/2014

He couldn't be any flatter in printer form, so...

by Dick Casablancasreply 18306/03/2014

Printed, even.

by Dick Casablancasreply 18406/03/2014

Welcome back VotN. I've missed you!

by Dick Casablancasreply 18506/03/2014

[quote]Btw the producers were always vague during the show's original run as to where exactly the town of Neptune is supposed to be, and in the movie they merely confuse matters further. On the one hand Rob Thomas has claimed that it's in Orange County and "close to San Juan Capistrano." On the other hand almost every exterior in the original series was shot in or near San Diego (which is a long way from San Juan Capistrano).

I always thought it was near San Diego... doesnt Veronica even say this in the Pilot?

[quote]Anyway, the movie was cobbled together pretty quickly

Funny because I actually felt the story was cobbled together.

[quote]Who the hell tried to kill Keith and Deputy Sacks?!

I thought it was pretty clear that it was someone/people from the Sheriff's Department that caught on to Sacks being a snitch.

[quote]Gia was basically a sex slave for the past decade.

Did it go on for that long? I was under the impression that the events on the Yacht took place a few years after High School.

by Dick Casablancasreply 18606/03/2014

In the movie, they said Susan Knight's disappearance happened 9 years earlier.

by Dick Casablancasreply 18706/03/2014

So when is the sequel? The movie made its budget back and more.

I want a dark Veronica now that the fanwanking is out of the way.

by Dick Casablancasreply 18806/05/2014

Personally, I'd rather they see if Amazon or Netflix wanted to do a 6-episode season. Don't get me wrong, I'm still delighted that the movie happened at all, and if they were to run a Kickstarter for a sequel, I'd be first in line, but I think the concept works best when it's spread out and you get clues to the mystery a little at a time, and then the big reveal is that much more satisfying.

by Dick Casablancasreply 18906/06/2014
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