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Is God dead?

I saw it on a magazine cover at my doctor's office.

by Rosemaryreply 3812/05/2013

Is the higher power that created the universe dead? No. But as man gets increasingly overconfident in his abilities, he would prefer to think he's God and that real God is dead.

by Rosemaryreply 103/12/2013

Did God ever existed? No.

I thought this was a dilemma that was asked in the '70s.

by Rosemaryreply 203/12/2013

This is the Year ONE!

by Rosemaryreply 303/12/2013

Depends which magazine.

by Rosemaryreply 403/12/2013

The New York Times said God is Dead.

by Rosemaryreply 503/12/2013

That question was popularized by a 1966 edition of Time magazine. I would avoid going to that doctor if he has ~50 year-old mags in his waiting room.

by Rosemaryreply 603/12/2013

r6 just doesn't get it.

by Rosemaryreply 703/12/2013

OP, Are you sure that the headline wasn't a controversial ploy to sell the magazine to a declining and aging audience that still buys periodicals?

by Rosemaryreply 803/12/2013

To be dead, one has to have been alive. So the answer is technically "no", though this shouldn't be construed as an indication that "God is Alive", because it's simply due to the fact that god doesn't exist in the first place.

by Rosemaryreply 903/12/2013

People are actually dying it is so hot.

by Rosemaryreply 1003/12/2013

[quote]Did God ever existed? No.

If I were you, I'd worry more about my grasp of the English language.

I don't think yours ever existed.

by Rosemaryreply 1103/12/2013

[quote]Is God dead?

I think so - he hasn't answered any of my prayers in over 4 years.

I finally gave up.

by Rosemaryreply 1203/12/2013

He was in "Luther" and "Nobody Loves An Albatross" and he's done a lot of television.

by Rosemaryreply 1303/12/2013

He never calls, he never writes...

by Rosemaryreply 1403/12/2013

And I do commercials for the artistic thrills.

by Rosemaryreply 1503/13/2013

r11 will burn for their haughty superiority and love of pointing out other's errors.

by Rosemaryreply 1603/13/2013

No, but he does have a chalky under-taste.

by Rosemaryreply 1703/13/2013

Dead as a doornail - DL hounded him to death about his syntax and grammar.

by Rosemaryreply 1803/13/2013

When I was a kid I asked God for a bike, but my parents said "God does not work that way"

So I stole a bike and just asked for forgiveness.

by Rosemaryreply 1903/13/2013

Tannis, anyone?

by Rosemaryreply 2003/13/2013

God is dead, we we are his prophets.

by Rosemaryreply 2103/13/2013

She's alive and well and will be attending MichFest again this year.

by Rosemaryreply 2203/13/2013

Nobody said get an abortion, just get a second opinion, that's all!

by Rosemaryreply 2303/14/2013

Ignore these people who probably only read the Photoplay.

I saw it too, OP. DEAD. It was right under the Life and "The Sad Gay Life."

by Rosemaryreply 2403/14/2013


by Rosemaryreply 2503/14/2013

honey, hate to break it to you, but this god thing is purely a human invention. humans made god not the other way around.

BTW, there is NO Santa Clause.

by Rosemaryreply 2603/14/2013

Were you in a coma for 35 years?

by Rosemaryreply 2703/14/2013

Was the story by Frances Farmer?

by Rosemaryreply 2803/14/2013

Sometimes I wonder how you're the leader of anything.

by Rosemaryreply 2903/14/2013

r26 thinks they are so smart....but they aren't!

by Rosemaryreply 3003/14/2013

The name is an anagram.

by Rosemaryreply 3103/15/2013

Did we figure it out? Is he as dead as Mandela and Alyssa and Paul?

by Rosemaryreply 3212/05/2013

Loving the obscure movie reference, R20!!!!!!

by Rosemaryreply 3312/05/2013

All of them witches!

by Rosemaryreply 3412/05/2013

Alvin Tostig has a son today.

by Rosemaryreply 3512/05/2013

Lafcadio Hearn thought religion would die out by 1950.

by Rosemaryreply 3612/05/2013

Well Greeks came up with multiple Gods. From then on, all kinds of cultures came up with their own God. In the unlikely case that there is some kind of God, it certainly isn't one of the ones that Humans decided to write about.

by Rosemaryreply 3712/05/2013

God is alive, her talk show's dead, but she runs her own network now.

by Rosemaryreply 3812/05/2013
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