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Elephant uses iPhone for the first time

Plays music and dances, plays Fruit Ninja.

Sent from my iPhone

by Ling Lingreply 803/10/2013

i likes the happy elephants!

by Ling Lingreply 103/09/2013

That's a Galaxy Note, not an iPhone.

by Ling Lingreply 203/09/2013

R2 = Samsung Fanboy

by Ling Lingreply 303/10/2013

That is an iPhone, r2. I should know!

Sent From My iPhone 5

by Ling Lingreply 403/10/2013

Then why is the YouTube video titled "Elephant Plays With a Galaxy Note"?

by Ling Lingreply 503/10/2013

And more curiously, why does the "iPhone" say "Samsung" on it?

by Ling Lingreply 603/10/2013

You do realize that it is an ad, right?

by Ling Lingreply 703/10/2013

I wonder how many times he was hit to make him do that right.

by Ling Lingreply 803/10/2013
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