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I miss Ugly Betty

It had its ups and downs, but the first few seasons and last season was great.

I miss Hilda and Justin and Marc and Amanda. And Bobby, sex on a stick.

And Wilhelmina!

I usually don't miss shows once they are gone...but this felt like it should have had a few more lives. (Versus the dreadful Grey's Anatomy that will. not. DIE.)

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4905/31/2015

I completely agree. I especially miss the great characterizations. I think they did it just as good as Meryl did in The Devil Wears Prada. Michael Urie is adorable and I liked how he took the little gay kid under his wing. His scenes with Vanessa Williams were killer. Williams nailed her character on that show. Great job. They even gave her Judith Light to tangle with. Unfortunately, the show jumped the shark around that time and began its decline.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 103/09/2013

I saw a movie with America Ferrera in it tonight, END OF WATCH, w/Jake, and I didn't realize it was her until the end credits rolled.

That was some serious costume Betty wore.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 203/09/2013

It just went off track towards the end of season 2 and 3. It got back on in Season 4 - some of the last ones are the best of the whole series - but by then the damage was done ratings wise.

Still way better than Desperate Housewives or Grey's or just about anything else ABC at that time (Sally Field Programme excepted, of course).

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 303/09/2013


by Suzuki St Pierrereply 403/10/2013

Fans got the Diva back from the dead for Season 5 so start a fan page and get a petition for a Betty Movie or a mini series.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 503/10/2013

I miss it also. A reunion movie, at least, would be nice.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 603/10/2013

oooh R5 that's a fab idea!

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 703/10/2013

It ended too soon.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 803/10/2013

[quote]the first few seasons and last season was great.

There were only 4 seasons.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 903/10/2013

Justin coming out still makes me cry!

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 1003/10/2013

R9 I was more specific in R3.

It was great the first season and a half or so, then it got sort of off track with some of the Daniel stuff and Betty/Henry, which got boring.

It got back on track w/Season 4 but then it was doing Friday nights. Ugh.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 1103/10/2013

My favorite Justin scene:

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 1203/10/2013

It was poorly served by the network, which abandoned it, and by some high-level creative decisions (moving production to NYC did absolutely nothing for it, surprisingly). The writing was always uneven.

But I loved it. It was original and fresh and funny and largely, very well cast. I cannot bring myself to watch the repeats on TV GUIDE net. It makes me a little sad for a show that was such an enormous cultural moment it seems forgotten now.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 1303/10/2013

True or not, there were rumors that Ferrera was too demanding and her behavior contributed to the show's demise.

It apparently started around the time Lindsay Lohan was hired for a 6 episode story arc. Evidently AF got it shortened to 4 episodes. Surprisingly, it wasn't LiLo's antics, as many presumed.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 1403/10/2013

First season was amazing. First half of the second season was also excellent. Then the 2007-2008 writers strike hit. When it was ended and show resumed production, the writing began to suck. Not sure if they hired new writer or what, but the comedic elements began to suffer and they told more serious drama.

Season 3 was especially grusome, but the show got back on track in season 4. However, by that time, ABC had moved it to Friday night and cancellation was inevitable.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 1503/11/2013

Wonderful cast, most of whom should be working now steadily, if the world was just. Ana Ortiz is hot!

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 1603/11/2013

Hilda used to work my nerves but something about her just made me love her.

Then the whole episode with Santos dying was a tour de force. She was amazing. After that, Hilda was my GIRL.

Nobody better mess with my girl Hilda! LOL

And Ana Ortiz and Adam Rodriguez were smoking hot together....

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 1703/11/2013

Santo's interaction with Justin made his death even worse.

"My son is going to show us the rest of the Hairspray and when he is done, you are going to give him a standing ovation. You got that?"

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 1803/11/2013

Ana Ortiz was wasted on Hung. She's the star of Marc Cherry's new show "Devious Maids" but it'll air on Lifetime so I don't know if anyone is going to see it. She deserves something really high profile that takes advantage of her talent.

I really liked everything about UB except Betty and Daniel. Those two only got more annoying as the series wore on.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 1903/11/2013

[quote]I really liked everything about UB except Betty and Daniel. Those two only got more annoying as the series wore on.

Daniel was very monotone and bland.

[quote] Ana Ortiz was wasted on Hung. She's the star of Marc Cherry's new show "Devious Maids"

Put Ana Ortiz in a maid's costume and I will watch!

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 2003/11/2013

Daniel was (wet) dreamy.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 2103/11/2013

I actually would totally watch an Ugly Betty without Betty.

I did like AF and Betty but sometimes she was so in one direction when everyone else was in another.

If Eric Mabius was forced to work shirtless all the time, and the office was Marc, Amanda, Hilda and Wilhelmina, I would SO watch that show!

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 2203/11/2013

Ana Ortiz should play a rival to Sofia Vergara on Modern Family.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 2303/11/2013

Eric Mabius was fun as a closeted football player "with a mouth like a Hoover" in Cruel Intentions.

On the DVD outtakes, there's a scene of him about to suck off Ryan Phillippe.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 2403/11/2013

r24 -




by Suzuki St Pierrereply 2503/11/2013

[quote] On the DVD outtakes, there's a scene of him about to suck off Ryan Phillippe.


by Suzuki St Pierrereply 2603/12/2013

I miss Ugly Betty, too. I catch reruns sometimes on the TV Guide channel.

I looovved Christopher Gorham as Henry--so dorky hot!

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 2703/12/2013

R26 I don't have a link to my DVD.

But just rent the DVD. The deleted scenes are on the same disk as the film.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 2803/12/2013

I love this thread. I still miss it too!

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 2905/09/2014

I loved Amanda. So ditzy, but cunning. She, Marc and Wilhelmina were great.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 3005/09/2014

[quote]On the DVD outtakes, there's a scene of him about to suck off Ryan Phillippe.

I know the earlier posts are from over a year ago but was there another scene than this in Cruel Intentions where Mabius was about to suck Phillippe off?

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 3105/09/2014

Lohan fucked up on this like she does everything else.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 3205/09/2014

wow that scene should have been included in the film.

and Eric should have been naked !

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 3305/09/2014

I loved it and I miss it, but I grew tired of Justin being a gay stereotype and the way they couldn't wait to make him into a prissy little theater queen. It was so silly and unnecessary.

I too remember hearing how arrogant and demanding America Ferrera became. Not sure that contributed to the end of the show but I think her head did in fact get a little too big.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 3405/09/2014

Yeah, they really did a 180 with Justin.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 3505/09/2014

Wilhelmena Slater had some of the best quotes. Those writers were brilliant.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 3605/09/2014

[quote]I loved it and I miss it, but I grew tired of Justin being a gay stereotype and the way they couldn't wait to make him into a prissy little theater queen. It was so silly and unnecessary.

He was a prissy theater queen from the start. What's wrong with that? Plus, I've known little kids that young and younger who act like that and are into non-traditional masculine stuff like musicals, fashion, and dolls.

Also, he tried to become more "macho" when he grew up and became more self-aware. Remember the season he went to middle school and started acting tough and rebellious and even got a girlfriend? He was trying to suppress his true self so he wouldn't drive his new friends away. Most gay people have done that at one point or another. I wasn't as queeny as Justin, but in high school I pretended not to like musicals/theater or Madonna and just tried to fit in.

Anyhoo, these are my favorite Justin moments, including his rendition of "New York, New York" (from "On the Town," not Liza's version) and putting on HAIRSPRAY on the subway for his father 'cause they're late for the show. XD

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 3705/09/2014

I loved the New York scenes, especially Betty's frequent walk from the #7 train to her house, until I learned it was all green screen, even during the last season when they shot here.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 3805/09/2014

You are quite the special little bunny R38

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 3905/09/2014

WEHT to the kid who played her gay nephew?

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4005/09/2014

Eric Mabius stated in an interview that the show started getting treated badly when an ABC exec took over, and found the show too gay positive. He would routinely send notes to the producers telling them to "tone down the gay stuff" and stop making Justin openly gay.

When he didn't get his way, the show started getting moved around, lost a lot of it's advertising, and was eventually dropped. That exec is no longer at ABC, but the damage he did lingers.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4105/09/2014

R40, mostly school. He attended the Professional Performing Arts School in NYC and graduated in 2012. He's currently in his sophomore year at NYU (Gallatin), along with the Sprouse brothers and Dakota Fanning.

BTW: His name is Mark Indelicato.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4205/09/2014

Michael Urie has scored himself a comedy pilot.

"USA has ordered a pilot for a comedy starring Michael Urie. Majordomo will star Urie as a man who becomes his real estate heiress pal’s personal assistant."

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4305/09/2014

I still totally miss this show!

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4405/31/2015

R43 Yeah, how'd that work out?

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4505/31/2015

I'm still pissed Vanessa Williams never won an Emmy for her role in this. Especially in the first season. She was so good.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4605/31/2015

Now Urie is hosting movis on Logo. Does he do anything else?

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4705/31/2015

He did a guest spot on "Modern Family" as Haley's awful boss.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4805/31/2015

He's opening this weekend with Patti Lupone in "Shows for Days" off-Broadway.

by Suzuki St Pierrereply 4905/31/2015
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