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Elaine Paige at Town Hall

I am here fifth row center

by Jealous Bitches?reply 1103/10/2013

Whose concert is she attending?

by Jealous Bitches?reply 103/09/2013


by Jealous Bitches?reply 203/09/2013

Yes, I'm jealous.

by Jealous Bitches?reply 303/09/2013

I saw Elaine Page starring in the London/West End production of "Chess" in the mid-'80s. She was sensational. I'd love to see her in concert.

by Jealous Bitches?reply 403/09/2013

I saw her as Norma in London and New York with Jack Barrowman as Joe both times.

by Jealous Bitches?reply 503/09/2013

Patti/r1 made laugh.

by Jealous Bitches?reply 603/09/2013

OP, I was there too - I would've replied from my iphone but Datalounge was in (surprise!) Primetime.

She was excellent tonight; I'm not a big fan - my partner is - but I was impressed by how she can still belt it out even at age 65.

I thought her story about finding the stray cat the night she first heard "Memory" was cute.

by Jealous Bitches?reply 703/09/2013

She was AMAZING!! I was there too!

by Jealous Bitches?reply 803/10/2013

Paige’s backstage stories were very engaging as well. Her story about Dame Judi Dench injuring herself two days before Cats was to start previews and having to learn the song “Memory” with a different set of lyrics every night .

by Jealous Bitches?reply 903/10/2013

What about Ellen Page!?

by Jealous Bitches?reply 1003/10/2013

Paige was great as Norma Desmond. Like her better than Glenn Close who won the Tony.

by Jealous Bitches?reply 1103/10/2013
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