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Products that killed

Saccharine? Red food dye #3? Toxically shocking Kotex* tampons?

Do you know anyone who died from a seemingly harmless over-the-counter purchase?

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4903/11/2013

Tylenol. E-coli laden food.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 103/09/2013

The Cornballer.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 203/09/2013


by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 303/09/2013

Saccharine had been found to be like aspartame in risk.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 403/09/2013

Lol r2! I forgot about that. At least there is always money in the banana stand.

Pinto and whatever Nader's unsafe at any speed was about (was that about the Pinto too?)

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 503/09/2013

There used to be a propellant in cans of hair-spray that would cause the bones to dissolve in the fingertips of people who handled the product frequently (like beauticians.) When they stopped using those chemicals, the manufacturers never announced why they stopped or told anyone who had already suffered damages why that had happened.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 603/09/2013

Unsafe at Any Speed was about the Corvair, I beleive

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 703/09/2013

My gyno once labeled my pussy as toxic shock. But it had nothing to do with the tampon-related syndrome.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 803/09/2013

The killer tampon. And, no, it doesn't kill from the smell.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 903/09/2013

The pesticide DDT. Thought to be miraculous because it helped control malaria and disease spread by insects during WW II thus saving many lives. Later it was found to be carcinogenic to humans and responsible for a lot of environmental devastation. It was eventually banned worldwide.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 1003/09/2013

Oh thank you r7. I guess there were lots of killer cars back then.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 1103/09/2013

[quote] Toxically shocking Kotex* tampons?

They weren't Kotex. They were Rely brand by Procter & Gamble

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 1203/09/2013

[quote] Pinto and whatever Nader's unsafe at any speed was abou

The Corvair.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 1303/09/2013

Energy drinks - Monster, Red Bull, Four Loko

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 1403/09/2013

Shit, is that true r6?

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 1503/09/2013

R6, Vinyl chloride. It's still used to make PVC pipes, wire coating, vehicle upholstery, and plastic kitchenware. It's highly toxic and long-term exposure may cause cancer (particularly lung and liver), nerve damage, bone dissolution, reproductive issues, and birth defects.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 1603/09/2013

red dye #4 - we had to do without red M&Ms for years.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 1703/09/2013


by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 1803/09/2013


by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 1903/09/2013

Ralph Nader also claimed that several pedestrians and cyclists were killed after being impaled on the tailfins of late-'50s–early-'60s Cadillacs.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 2003/09/2013

Sammy Davis Jr. lost his eye in a collision because he was driving an old Cadillac that had an exaggerated hard plastic dome in the center of the steering wheel. It was shaped almost like L'eggs eggs.

If he lost an eye, can you imagine how many people that design killed? That was in the days before seat belts and air bags.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 2103/09/2013


by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 2203/09/2013

Was this it R21?

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 2303/09/2013

Oops. I mean this.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 2403/09/2013

never mind.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 2503/09/2013

A friend didn't die, but she was drinking a lot of Diet Coke and began having grand mal seizures. The neurologist who treated her said it was caused by aspartame, and that he had treated any number of people who had experienced brain disorders from consuming aspartame.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 2603/10/2013

R22, you got that right. The man who bought the company that makes Segways was killed in a thirty-foot fall off a cliff into a river while riding a Segway.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 2703/10/2013

Is this the type of Cadillac steering wheel that half-blinded Sammy Davis Jr.?

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 2803/10/2013

I believe so, R28.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 2903/10/2013

Teflon gives off fumes when it's heated that are fatal to birds. They go into respiratory distress and die within hours.

Remember the canary in the coal mine? If teflon can do that to a parrot, what does years of exposure to do humans?

They say it's harmless to humans . . . .

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 3003/10/2013

there's the guy who ate a bag or 2 of microwave popcorn everyday for yrs and then sued because he got lung cancer.

also the gal who drank a gallon or 2 of coke everyday for yrs and then keeled over. Doctors said it attributed to her death.

Moderation is always the key!

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 3103/10/2013

We always laugh at people in the past that used lead in makeup and pipes but we probably have so much worse in our own pipes and makeup. Plus all of of those chemicals reacting w/ the drugs we all seem to be on. People will look back at us and shake their heads.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 3203/10/2013

Anyone stupid enough to "aeat a bag or 2 of microwave popcorn everyday for yrs" deserves to die.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 3303/10/2013

Vioxx. My orthopedist gave me a sample when it first came out on the market (bum knee was acting up). About 45 minutes after taking it, I started feeling very dizzy, and nearly fainted. Needless to say, I did not take another.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 3403/10/2013

R16 - does the water that passes through the pvc piping become toxic, as well? Christ.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 3503/10/2013

R35, vinyl chloride is a monomer, and in this natural state it's highly toxic, flammable, and a carcinogen. However, to make polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl chloride goes through a polymerization process, making it safe, stable, and non-toxic. Or at least, that's what the industry says. Here's what the EPA says:

[quote]Sources and Potential Exposure - Air inside new cars may contain vinyl chloride at higher levels than detected in ambient air because vinyl chloride may outgas into the air from the new plastic parts. Drinking water may contain vinyl chloride released from contact with polyvinyl pipes. Vinyl chloride is a microbial degradation product of trichloroethylene in groundwater, and thus can be found in groundwater affected by trichloroethylene contamination.

Oh, and about that new car smell... here's some good advice from

[quote]Vinyl chloride is used in the manufacturing of vehicle upholstery. Though most of the vinyl chloride dissipates once the manufacturing process is completed, some may linger and once closed inside a vehicle, can reach toxic levels. When entering a car for the first time on a car lot, many people attribute the sweet smell of vinyl chloride to "new car smell." Though vinyl chloride is not toxic except in large amounts with prolonged exposure, as a precaution it is best to open the doors or windows of the vehicle and allow it to air out for several hours to prevent any possible contamination.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 3603/10/2013

(From my Grandmother)

In the early 20th century there was a factory in northern NJ that made watches. The women in the factory would take a normal watercolor artist paint brush, dip it in some radium, and paint the hands on the watch and numerals so that they would glow in the dark.

15 years later when the women all started coming down with mouth, throat, oral cancer (they used to lick the end of the brush to form a tip for accuracy in painting), it began to be discovered that radium---for some reason--was not good for you.

Anyway, factory went out of business. People in the area still got sick with cancer. Turns out the factory was dumping the stuff in the ground, too. It remains one of the largest Superfund toxic sites in NJ. True story and can be googled.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 3703/10/2013

Grape Flav-R-Aid from the People's Temple.

Please note that it was NOT Kool-Aid, which makes the expression "drink the Kool-Aid" for someone who's been brainwashed a totally inappropriate reference.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 3803/10/2013

Oh my god, I love you r38! I am pretty obsessed with Jonestown and have read many books on it. I tell people ALL the time that it was not kool-aid and I know my friends find it annoying, but damn, people should get it right. thanks for doing your part to spread the word.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 3903/10/2013

DDT is HARMLESS to mammals.

My 7th grade teacher used to eat the stuff for God's sake.

The only real problem was that it took decades to break down and that was why it was such a good bug killer. The only problem is it found its way into birds (because it failed to break down quickly) and caused thinning of shells.

Mammals don't have that problem. But the fat eagles. would crush their now thin eggs.

We have bed bugs today so that obese eagles can give birth.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4003/10/2013

R39 You're very welcome. I hate when misinformation gets disseminated. Also when common phrases and expressions are misused or inappropriately modified. For example, Liberace's "crying all the way to the bank" has inexplicably become "laughing all the way to the bank."

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4103/10/2013

A regular flu shot administered at a well-known drug/pharmacy left my able-bodief, athletic, friend unable to move without a wheelchair, then cane, then three years of physical rehab. She is in the middle of a horrendous lawsuit. Class action.

Be careful. Be warned.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4203/10/2013

Oh, FFS. No one ever died from saccharine.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4303/10/2013

In my junior high physical sciences class, we saw a film strip about the "beneficial" uses of halides, including an aerosol can of DDT propelled by fluorocarbons.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4403/10/2013

No mention of Marlboro?

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4503/10/2013

Filter, flavor, flip-top box.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4603/10/2013

The guy who ran the experiments for LSD on Army soldiers and then told the world about it has died:

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4703/11/2013

Thalidomide owns this category.

by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4803/11/2013


by Student Nurse McFarlandreply 4903/11/2013
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