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How broke are you?

When is payday?

by $reply 803/09/2013

No payday except for unemployment. However, I have 60K cash to live on for a few months.

by $reply 103/09/2013

As useless as I am with money, I've never been flat broke. A friend told me recently he had a boiled egg for dinner the night before his last payday.

by $reply 203/09/2013

Don't forget the peanut butter sandwiches!

by $reply 303/09/2013

R1, what was your previous job before you became unemployed?

How were you able to save $60K and how long did it take you to put that much away? (I'm impressed. It would take me a decade to put that much away at least)

by $reply 403/09/2013

How much does unemployment pay?

by $reply 503/09/2013

I'm not broke.

I'm employed, and I live slightly below my means. I have all the necessities and a few well-chosen luxuries, and I don't spend to impress other people. Why don't more (employed) people live this way?

by $reply 603/09/2013

I got so scared when the economy tanked that I stopped all unnecessary spending (clothes, eating out a lot etc.) Fear works. I am more financially secure than I was back when times were good.

by $reply 703/09/2013

I have about $70 bucks.

by $reply 803/09/2013
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