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Kansas Bill Would Ban Abortion Clinic Employees From ‘Bringing Cupcakes’ To Their Child’s School

Kansas Republicans are once again resuming their war against a woman’s right to choose and this time they are targeting abortion clinic employees in a very personal way.

A Kansas House committee passed HB 2253 on Wednesday along party lines, with Republicans pushing the bill through while Democrats opposed it. The bill is a broad spectrum of anti-abortion laws sponsored by GOP state Rep. Lance Kinzer, who is the poster boy for many of the outrageous abortion bills introduced and passed in Kansas these days. Included in the bill are measures declaring that life begins at conception, measures that keep women from deducting the cost of abortion procedures on their tax forms, and measures that affect “information the Kansas Department of Health and Environment distributes on abortion and fetal development,” according to the Topeka Capital-Journal.

But these measures weren’t the ones that Democrats objected to the most. Republicans apparently included a section in the bill that would affect employees of abortion providers in a most personal way. The Capital-Journal reports:

“Much of the debate centered on a portion of the bill that bars anyone associated with an abortion provider from working in a public school. It is meant to prevent districts from contracting with groups like Planned Parenthood to provide sexual education materials.”

Democratic Rep. Emily Perry opposes HB 2253, and pointed out another egregious section in the bill designed “to prohibit parents from going in and volunteering at their child’s school if they work at a place that provides abortion services.” Perry’s claim was later confirmed by Republican Rep. Arlen Siegfreid, who stated that the bill would “prohibit an abortion clinic secretary from ‘bringing cupcakes to’ school for his or her child’s birthday party.”

An amendment to fix the outrageous section was offered and passed but only after it was “tweaked to limit it to those who work for abortion providers and volunteer in schools, but not those who volunteer in abortion clinics and work in schools.” In other words, employees of clinics that provide abortion services are banned from volunteering at schools, even if their own children attend the school for which they wish to volunteer.

Parents should not be banned from volunteering at their child’s school because of where they work. This action is what most people would call discrimination. It’s also an intimidation tactic designed by Republicans to force abortion clinic employees to quit their jobs if they want to participate at their child’s school. It’s a sleazy personal attack that has no business being a law. People have the right to pursue whatever job they desire, including jobs that legally improve the health and lives of women. Likewise, parents have every right to volunteer at their child’s school; in fact, such participation is key to educating our kids. Teachers want parents to be involved. We shouldn’t prevent a particular group of parents from getting involved with the school system. Republicans would be standing in the way of education and personal liberty if they manage to slam this bill through the House, where it now heads, and the Senate. It’s a perfect demonstration of government over-reach, and this from the party that constantly screeches about “smaller government.”

by Seriously?reply 1503/09/2013

Appalling - wtf is wrong with Kansas?

by Seriously?reply 103/09/2013

Brought to you bybthe party that claims to want less government!

by Seriously?reply 203/09/2013

And the question remains:

What's the matter with Kansas?

by Seriously?reply 303/09/2013

Look how psychotically convoluted the anti-choice kooks thought-process has become. An idea like this doesn't enter ones mind unless they're a lunatic.

What's the matter with Kansas? It exists.

by Seriously?reply 403/09/2013


by Seriously?reply 503/09/2013

Cupcakes no doubt made from aborted fetus effluvia!

by Seriously?reply 603/09/2013

This law cannot possibly be constitutional.

by Seriously?reply 703/09/2013

Nebraska and the Dakotas are pretty fucking conservative, but they seem to have escaped the extreme craziness that its neighbors to the south have displayed. I wonder what the difference is.

by Seriously?reply 803/09/2013

[quote]I wonder what the difference is.

High quality cupcakes I presume.

by Seriously?reply 903/09/2013

[quota]Nebraska and the Dakotas are pretty fucking conservative, but they seem to have escaped the extreme craziness that its neighbors to the south have displayed. I wonder what the difference is.

The Dakotas have a lot of Lutherans, who tend to be more moderate than Baptists, etc.

by Seriously?reply 1003/09/2013

Yeah, I guess the lack of Baptists is a pretty good explanation.

by Seriously?reply 1103/09/2013

Kansas -- sweet or savory corn bread?

by Seriously?reply 1203/09/2013

I think it's now just a numbers thing. I don't even know what word to use to describe them, but that those ones are outnumbering the sane ones specifically in the state of Kansas. And anyone paying attention to Republican power in statehouses and governorships knows that all they're doing is fucking with people and their rights.

They know in presidential elections they've driven away women (who outnumber men in either nearly or every single state). But they're doing it anyway so that they can move the position of the country on the political spectrum more and more to the right -- while the [italic]centrism[/italic] of the national Democratic Party does their usual song-and-dance using the word "bipartisanship."

That middle strip of the country -- North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma -- have the sane ones outnumbered. They think they're conservative, they think the Democratic Party powers-that-be are liberal, they think they're going to be okay if they just vote for anything and everything Republican. It's really sad … for the people in those states (especially, in this case, with Kansas) who are sane.

I don't know if I have it accurate, but I think it was around 1940 that the first four -- N.D., S.D., Neb., and Kan. -- lost their collective minds. They voted for Franklin Roosevelt's first two elections (1932, 1936) and then turned to the Republicans in 1940 (Wendell Wilkie!) and have since carried only once for a Democrat -- Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Today, they would go for a Barry Goldwater anyway. That's how fucked those states' voters are.

Does this help answer the question, "What's the matter with Kansas?" I think our response should be, "The sane are outnumbered, and we should have sympathy -- and perhaps move out of that state -- only for those sane ones in Kansas. (And those other mentioned states. Be a good way of further reducing their electoral power. Not that they have much.)

by Seriously?reply 1303/09/2013

There are too many farmers, and likewise too many farmers' kids who move to the more populated areas, but with the same mindset. Accumulated.

by Seriously?reply 1403/09/2013

Ditti, R7. It would be shot down on appeal.

Fucking Republicans.

by Seriously?reply 1503/09/2013
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