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Netflix Recommendations

Have any off the radar titles that you've taken a chance on you'd like to share(any genre)?

by *kisses doll*reply 13305/08/2015

Locked Up Abroad

by *kisses doll*reply 103/08/2013

I just watched Compliance on their streaming. It really bothered me but ended well. I know someone that experienced something VERY similar.

by *kisses doll*reply 203/08/2013

The Ten

The Imposter

Nowhere Boy

Enter the Void

No Safety Guaranteed

The Fall


The Killer Inside Me


The Gift

These are all streaming.

by *kisses doll*reply 303/08/2013

There is a really good documentary about an amateur pianist competition ..."They Came To Play." I've tried to get several friends to watch it with no takers.

Documentary. Piano. Boring.

But it's very entertaining.

by *kisses doll*reply 403/08/2013

I like that, R4

by *kisses doll*reply 503/08/2013

The Disappearance of Alice Creed






by *kisses doll*reply 603/08/2013

Yes to "Nowhere Boy." A real winner, and took me by complete surprise.

by *kisses doll*reply 703/08/2013

I cancelled my Netflix streaming and decided just to go with the DVD subscription now. There was almost never anything worth watching on streaming and almost all of the movies were shitty ultra low budget movies.

by *kisses doll*reply 803/08/2013

I usually only watch BBC documentaries on netflix

by *kisses doll*reply 903/08/2013

The Queen of Versailles

by *kisses doll*reply 1003/08/2013

Alice Creed. Love that movie.

by *kisses doll*reply 1103/08/2013

"Afterschool" with DL fave Ezra Miller.

by *kisses doll*reply 1203/08/2013

The Queen of Versailles is an interesting documentary. Talk about money won't buy you class or taste! It's a freeper exposé!

by *kisses doll*reply 1303/08/2013

R8 I noticed a sharp decline in the number of streaming movies after their last price increases. Prior to that they offered a better selection and more of them every week.

by *kisses doll*reply 1403/08/2013

The Perfect Host (David Hyde Pierce) - messed with my head a bit

Time after Time (totally different than above, sweet story set during WWII)

by *kisses doll*reply 1503/08/2013

"Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story" and "Breakfast On Pluto".

by *kisses doll*reply 1603/08/2013

Perks of Being A Wallflower

by *kisses doll*reply 1703/08/2013

R14 I noticed that too, which is why after several months of waiting for a new selection of streaming movies yet it still always being the same old shit, I got rid of streaming and just went with the DVD's. I don't watch much TV or movies anyway, so the DVD's are enough for me. At least I can actually chose a movie I want rather than have to pick from the shitty selection they give on streaming.

by *kisses doll*reply 1803/08/2013

House of cards is incredible

by *kisses doll*reply 1903/08/2013

I hear there's this sleeper called "Argo"....

I think the documentary "The Lady in Question is Charles Busch" is quite wonderful. Really captures an era in NYC and its theatre (and the impact of AIDS on it), as well as a unique and genuinely gifted artist.

by *kisses doll*reply 2003/08/2013

AMREEKA -- Eager to provide a better future for her son, divorcée Muna Farah leaves her Palestinian homeland and takes up residence in rural Illinois.

by *kisses doll*reply 2103/08/2013

I second Amreeka. I don't normally go for movies like that but it was funny and heartfelt.

Another rando I took a chance on was "The Trotsky." It has Jay Baruchel (Undeclared tv show, Goon, etc...) playing this high school senior who thinks he's the reincarnation of Leo Trotsky and is like this hardcore leftist revolutionary trying to sell his views in modern day Quebec.

by *kisses doll*reply 2203/08/2013

Series: What about Brian

by *kisses doll*reply 2303/08/2013

Weekend by Andrew Haigh

by *kisses doll*reply 2403/08/2013

I'm marathon watching Archer these past few nights. I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying it.

by *kisses doll*reply 2503/08/2013

I like Netflix, but I like documentaries. A good one that will piss you off is Boogieman about Lee Atwater. No end in Sight, King Corn, and Monica and David are good. I have also enjoyed foreign movies - The Trap, Patrick Age 1.5, Mother, those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. Magicians is a funny movie if you like the British comedy team Mitchell and Webb. They have some silent movies and a good doumentary on Mary Pickford. I love the series Disappeared and I Married a Mobster is a hoot. The best way to utilize Netflix is to pick the genre you like and put in your que the highest rated. I have found my opinions to really mirror the ratings on Netflix, much more that IMDB or Amazon. I just looked at my reviews and here is what I rated high - British series Come Fly With Me, Roast of William Shatner, I Think We're Alone Now (a must), Mr. Warmth, the Don Rickles Project, Cocaine Cowboys, Time of Fear, Trouble the Water, Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie, Abel Raises Cain, the Dark Ages, and while I don't really watch sports I like the human drama behind them and have become addicted to the 30 For 30 documentaries. That's just a some and you can catch up on some good TV shows if you haven't seen them - Damages, Arrested Developement, The Office (British), Sons of Anarchy. There are good shows from Frontline, National Geographic, and the History Channel. If you have diverse interests you can find a lot on Netflix. You don't always have to watch the latest theatrical releases.

by *kisses doll*reply 2603/08/2013

Seconding R2's rec of Compliance. Thought-provoking and hard to get out of your mind afterwards. So much insight into our post-9/11 society.

I'm a big fan of horror movies - not torture porn, but atmospheric, creepy stuff. A few good ones I've seen lately are:

- Stake Land, about a post-apocalyptic America in which survivors have to contend with religious fanatics and vampires in equal number

- Citadel, an Irish movie in which a man, having witnessed the murder of his pregnant wife at the hands of a group of hoodie-wearing chavs who may not be entirely human, is forced to overcome his PTSD and agoraphobia when they come back for his infant daughter

- Lake Mungo, an Australian movie in which a family is forced to seek help of the paranormal kind after the drowning death of their teenage daughter.

These are all on dvd, I don't have streaming.

by *kisses doll*reply 2703/09/2013

You Kill Me - Ben Kingsley is part of a Polish-American family in Buffalo which controls the snow-plow business for the city. A crooked rival is trying to muscle in on their territory, and Kingsley, the family hit man, is sent out to remove the threat. Unfortunately, he drinks himself into a stupor and doesn't get the job done. His family sends him out to a friend (Bill Pullman) in San Francisco to dry out. Meanwhile back in Buffalo, they still have problems. That all happens in the first ten minutes or so. This is a dark comedy. Kingsley gets a job in a funeral parlor. Luke Wilson is his AA sponsor. It's fairly low key but has some great scenes in it.

by *kisses doll*reply 2803/09/2013


by *kisses doll*reply 2903/09/2013

The Art of the Heist - you will be angered by what was allowed to happen to an art collection/museum.

by *kisses doll*reply 3003/09/2013

fun selections!

by *kisses doll*reply 3103/09/2013

House of Cards (Kevin Spacey version)

Broken English

Last Night

Cairo Time


Safety Not Guaranteed

Sleepless Night

King of Devil's Island

Bill Cunningham New York

Prime Suspect (British)

Another Happy Day

by *kisses doll*reply 3203/09/2013

Twilight Zone

by *kisses doll*reply 3303/09/2013

Luther on streaming. Idris Alba is to die for. House of Games.

by *kisses doll*reply 3403/09/2013

I've recommended Foyle's War on other threads, but I'll recommend it again for people who like British mysteries. It's set in Hastings during WWII and deals with wartime crimes and issues: profiteering, racism, black marketeering, espionage.

by *kisses doll*reply 3503/09/2013

I was living in Europe while Friday Night Lights was on. I hate football but absolutely love this show. It was great to catch up with Netflix.

by *kisses doll*reply 3603/09/2013

Yossie and Jagger - a good tearjerker

by *kisses doll*reply 3703/09/2013

Querelle (1982)

French sailor Querelle arrives in Brest and starts frequenting a strange whorehouse. He discovers that his brother Robert is the lover of the lady owner, Lysiane. Here, you can play dice with Nono, Lysiane's husband : if you win, you are allowed to make love with Lysiane, if you lose, you have to make love with Nono... Querelle loses on purpose...

by *kisses doll*reply 3803/09/2013

I know tons of cool movies to recommend but would never do so to someone who says "kisses doll"

by *kisses doll*reply 3903/09/2013

German movie about Turks in Hamburg called "Head On". (not the Greek one). AMAZING movie.

by *kisses doll*reply 4003/09/2013

How does Netflix work now? What do I get now for my $8.99?

by *kisses doll*reply 4103/09/2013

Sassy Pants

Very cute

by *kisses doll*reply 4203/09/2013


by *kisses doll*reply 4303/09/2013

The people complaining about streaming must not know how to use the Search function.

by *kisses doll*reply 4403/09/2013

Annika Bengtzon - A Swedish series about a young and dogged female crime reporter. This is not bleak as some Scandinavian mysteries are. I think there are two series of three episodes each.

by *kisses doll*reply 4503/09/2013

Thanks for the selection suggestions!

by *kisses doll*reply 4603/09/2013

Adventure Time is coming at the end of the month. I HIGHLY recommend it.

by *kisses doll*reply 4703/09/2013

if you like English detective murder mysteries, Midsomer Murders, A delightful cozy type of show set in English coutryside. There ar emany episodes, it's been on for years. Bout you can pretty much dive in just about anywhere. The guest stars are a who's who of Britsh actors, many who you will recognize from other series and movies.

by *kisses doll*reply 4803/09/2013

Another vote for the indie film, COMPLIANCE.

by *kisses doll*reply 4903/09/2013

The scandal!

by *kisses doll*reply 5003/09/2013

I also recommend Annika Bengtzon, and these:


Wallander (Swedish and English)

The Eagle


by *kisses doll*reply 5103/09/2013

R26, Patrick 1.5 is a wonderful movie. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. Glad I chose it, and it's now in my instant queue for the next rainy Sunday.

by *kisses doll*reply 5203/09/2013

R50. That isn't on Netflix

by *kisses doll*reply 5303/09/2013

That's odd, I rented it from Netflix a few weeks ago R53.

by *kisses doll*reply 5403/09/2013

The Swimsuit Issue - Swedish comedy about an all-male synchronized swim team.

by *kisses doll*reply 5503/09/2013

Can you see it now?

by *kisses doll*reply 5603/09/2013

Yikes! compliance is one fucked up movie! And of course, that's its based on a true story makes it terrifying!

by *kisses doll*reply 5703/09/2013

Going Down in La La Land.

It's about a guy who arrives in LA wanting to be an actor but ends up working for Jet Set Men instead.

by *kisses doll*reply 5803/09/2013

r52, I loved Patrik, Age 1.5 as well. A smart comedy-drama with a gay theme. So warm-hearted and genuine that I'm surprised it hasn't been remade by Hollywood.

by *kisses doll*reply 5903/09/2013


by *kisses doll*reply 6003/11/2013

R48, I am watching #6 of the Midsomer series.

Phyllis Logan (Mrs. Hughes on Downton Abbey) plays the wife of a suspect. I kept wondering why she was so familiar, but she looks very different here. She reminds me of Lily Tomlin in her dramatic roles.

Watching English TV, I've gotten used to English actors who play both large and small parts in many different dramas. It makes me wonder if there isn't the same onus there is with U.S. actors who are so concerned about public perception, they can't/won't take projects that might diminish them in any way.

We get to see the compelling Rupert Graves play a hero in The Forsyte Saga and a pretty awful villain in a Wallander episode. Or Roy Marsden doing a tiny walk-on part in a series.

by *kisses doll*reply 6103/11/2013

House of Cards..the spacey version...delicous...

by *kisses doll*reply 6203/11/2013

I had to bump this one up. finally found it again. Thanks for the suggestions for "Queen of Versailles", it was one of the best movies I've seen.

by *kisses doll*reply 6303/11/2013

The original House of Cards is delicious too, R62. It's slightly dated but it's still fun.

by *kisses doll*reply 6403/11/2013

R59, Patrick Age 1.5 is now being remade by Hollywood.

The bad news - the script is by the writer of the Kevin James' classic Here Comes the Boom. Expect another I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

by *kisses doll*reply 6503/12/2013

I went through a BBC period piece phase after Downton Abbey Season 2 ended and found the following enjoyable: ***He Knew He Was Right

***The Way We Live Now

(Both are based on 19th century Anthony Trollope novels and skewer aspects of Victorian life)

***Daniel Deronda

(The Zionist stuff feels pretty treacly and unnecessary to this goyim, but other than that it's great and Hugh Dancy is purty, Lord Grantham is there and Tom Hooper directs)


***June 17, 1994

I like sports and enjoy most of the 30 for 30 movies, but even if you don't care much about sports you'd probably enjoy this one, which is a cool documentary with no outside narration but just weaved together news/sports footage of the day the juice was on the loose in his white ford bronco.


***Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders

Kim Novak at her campy, trampy best in this clearly 1960s movie that is supposed to be a period piece.

by *kisses doll*reply 6603/12/2013

you can share you netflix loves on Facebook now!

by *kisses doll*reply 6703/13/2013

I was just scrolling through Netflix offerings to add stuff to my queue. If you haven't seen [italic]Baader Meinhof Complex[/italic], I recommend it.

by *kisses doll*reply 6803/15/2013

Let's Go to Prison

by *kisses doll*reply 6903/15/2013

[quote]you can share you netflix loves on Facebook now!

Why would you want to? How embarrassing.

by *kisses doll*reply 7003/16/2013

If you don't share it on Facebook, it didn't really happen.

by *kisses doll*reply 7103/16/2013

SMASHED with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul. A young couple has alcohol issues and the wife, an elementary school teacher, decides to sober up. Features Oscar winner (THE HELP) Octavia Spenser, Megan Mullally and Mary Kay Place.

Another vote for COMPLIANCE.

by *kisses doll*reply 7203/16/2013

I watch Netflix mostly on my iPad. I hate that you can no longer search by genre.

This website is great. They break down what has released and when. Plus you can search in a thousand different ways. Also they show what is about to expire.

by *kisses doll*reply 7303/16/2013

Another vote for Queen of Versailles

by *kisses doll*reply 7403/16/2013

"Whitchapel" British detective series with an edge (might be too graphic for some viewers).

You'll absolutely love it.

by *kisses doll*reply 7503/16/2013

Australian TV series - can't remember the name of it - but it's about 5 women who work in a brothel.

First and second season are riveting - fucking fantastic show. 3rd season sputtered out a bit.

by *kisses doll*reply 7603/16/2013

[quote]I watch Netflix mostly on my iPad. I hate that you can no longer search by genre.

Yes, you can! I just checked after reading your post.

The only thing I don't like about the iPad version of Netflix is that you can't search by actor.

by *kisses doll*reply 7703/16/2013

TV Shows:

"Better Off Ted"

"Vampire Diaries"


by *kisses doll*reply 7803/16/2013

Whores' Glory

Documentary on 3 brothels.

by *kisses doll*reply 7903/16/2013

Wild Target - Bill Nighy plays a very proper hit man, hired to kill Emily Blunt, an out-of-control kleptomaniac/con woman. Eileen Atkins plays his mother, who is very proud of his success in the family business. Martin Freeman and Rupert Grint also appear. Farcical. Do not watch unless you're in the mood for silliness.

by *kisses doll*reply 8003/16/2013

I started a thread about it, but I'll mention it again: I rented the series "Hell on Wheels" and absolutely loved. Ex-Confederate soldier (sexy Anson Mount) goes gunning for the Yankees who killed his wife and son and tracks them to the building of the trans-continental railroad. Vivid in its portrayal of the era and culture, with terrific performances (the cast includes Common and Colm Meaney), and extremely violent.

Just for kicks, I then rented "Union Pacific," Cecil B. DeMille's 1939 spectacle about the building of the railroad. Not as camp as his other films, and it suffers for it; and Barbara Stanwyck is truly wasted as the hand-wringing heroine.

On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed "The Professionals" (1966), a supremely entertaining Western starring Burt Lancaster (clearly having a grand time), Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan, Claudia Cardinale, Woody Strode, Jack Palance and Ralph Bellamy.

by *kisses doll*reply 8103/16/2013

The Aadventures of Mark Twain - really twisted and creepy. Check out this Clip:

by *kisses doll*reply 8203/16/2013

Spartacus-- the Starz series not the 1960 Kirk Douglas movie although that is worth a rental too if you've never seen it.

But only rent the series if you are into cock, bad stilted Shakespearian language, slow motion warrior battle scenes, profanity, blood, gore, lots of beheadings, lots of sex both male and female, dirt, filth, starvation, conniving Roman women, betrayal..... and lots of hunky men in nothing more than loin clothes, sometimes less. Andy Whitfield, the actor in series one got cancer and died. He was replaced by Liam MacIntyre for season two. The final season is currently on Starz.

by *kisses doll*reply 8303/17/2013

I watched that the other night R80. I love Bill Nighy.

by *kisses doll*reply 8403/17/2013

Thanks, R73. Great site, esp. to keep track of the expiring titles. And you can follow this site on Twitter.

by *kisses doll*reply 8503/17/2013

I'm watching Compliance right now and WTF? Supposedly based on a real story (link below). What kind of idiot would just believe a cop was on the phone telling them to do this stuff? Police would show up and make an arrest and then strip search if they had to. It's amazing how gullible people are.

by *kisses doll*reply 8603/17/2013

Bernie. Lost Girl. The entire series of Doctor Who. Friday Night Lights.

There is also an abundance of crap on Netflix streaming. Kind of a bummer.

R39 is missing a critical piece of DL history. I wish webbie hadn't eliminated the archive.

by *kisses doll*reply 8703/17/2013

But, R87, isn't it always the uninformed ones who are the most snarky?

by *kisses doll*reply 8803/17/2013

Collapse. Documentary

by *kisses doll*reply 8903/17/2013

Yes! Collapse.

The Parking Lot Movie was also entertaining.

by *kisses doll*reply 9003/17/2013

I second the TV series "Better Off Ted". Smart, funny, sexy spoof of global corporate greed. Exactly like the one I used to work for.

by *kisses doll*reply 9103/17/2013

I just watched Luther both seasons. I was addicted to it and couldn't stop watching it.

by *kisses doll*reply 9203/19/2013

Competition. It makes everything better.

by *kisses doll*reply 9303/19/2013

"An American Crime" of the best I've seen in a long time. With Catherine Keener, Ellen Page, James Franco and Bradley Whitford. Totally shocking and involving, terrific acting. Highly recommended. Trailer below.

by *kisses doll*reply 9403/19/2013

Klown...very funny movie

by *kisses doll*reply 9503/19/2013

I know this is not the thread for this, but, dammit, my Netflix streaming videos keep reloading every 10 seconds. How on earth can I fix that?

by *kisses doll*reply 9603/19/2013

I was told my wifi connection was too slow. When I opted for more speed, I quit having the problem.

by *kisses doll*reply 9703/19/2013

James Franco recommends:

by *kisses doll*reply 9803/19/2013

OPening night is a great film.

by *kisses doll*reply 9903/19/2013

Paste Magazine put out a list of their 100 best movies on Netflix. I've found a few to add to my queue.

by *kisses doll*reply 10003/29/2013

r100, that's a great, eclectic list of movies.

by *kisses doll*reply 10103/29/2013

Holy Motors - fucking amazing!

Adventure Time - brilliant cartoon. Netflix only has season 1, but it's a good start to what becomes the best show on TV.

by *kisses doll*reply 10203/30/2013

R40 only one Head On is available in Netflix Streaming...

by *kisses doll*reply 10303/30/2013

R39, I'm crying as I type this.

by *kisses doll*reply 10403/31/2013

Really slim pickings.

by *kisses doll*reply 10503/31/2013

Nobody Else But You. An odd but interesting little French mystery with totally gratuitous male full-front nudity. A number of homoerotic scenes are also thrown in for titillation.

by *kisses doll*reply 10604/02/2013

"North Sea, Texas" is a really beautiful film about two boys in Flanders falling in love.

by *kisses doll*reply 10704/02/2013

Has anything new shown up in Netflix Streaming lately?

I canceled a while back because I was running out of stuff I wanted to watch and also to save some money.

Has anything new and decent shown up recently?

by *kisses doll*reply 10804/02/2013

Cute British movie called School for Seduction. There is a gay character too.

by *kisses doll*reply 10904/02/2013


by *kisses doll*reply 11004/02/2013

I hear about Netflix, but I never watched anything via Netflix. What is it? Do you only watch TV, movies on your computer?

by *kisses doll*reply 11104/02/2013

Electra Luxx is a fun movie.

by *kisses doll*reply 11204/03/2013

[quote]Has anything new shown up in Netflix Streaming lately?

TOP OF THE LAKE - Jane Campion's crime mini-series. Highly recommended by me.

THE FALL - crime mini-series which just aired on BBC and had such great ratings, there will be season 2. Gillian Anderson plays a detective. Netflix has it on streaming as of today.

by *kisses doll*reply 11305/28/2013

The Hunting Party - This was recommended when it came out, but I never got around to seeing it. Richard Gere and Terence Howard are journalists hunting a Serbian war criminal. Gere is a burnout who lost it during the Yugoslavian war crimes, Howard is his successful friend. Now, a few years later, they're disgusted at the lack of war crimes prosecutions and have decided to go after one Serbian warlord they know of. This is a lot funnier than you'd guess. It takes place a few years before the prosecutions finally started. And it includes a younger Jesse Eisenberg.

by *kisses doll*reply 11405/28/2013

Telstar: The Joe Meek Story

Meek was the 1960's British record producer who was openly gay and a major trainwreck. I liked it because his genius is apparent in the movie, but it's marred by Con O'Neill's annoying characterization of Meek with a near-falsetto. Meek had a normal high sort of voice in videos online. Also as Meek's business partner: Kevin Spacey.

by *kisses doll*reply 11505/28/2013

LOL with Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore.

by *kisses doll*reply 11605/28/2013

Thanks r113, both sound good to me.

by *kisses doll*reply 11705/28/2013

[quote]Has anything new shown up in Netflix Streaming lately?

Not only do they add very few new movies to streaming but they recently announced they're removing 2000.

by *kisses doll*reply 11805/28/2013

Lots of good suggestions so far.

Another vote for Stakeland if you're into Apocalyptic movies (plus the overly familiar, elderly nun turns out to be Kelly McGillis, poor thing!).

Senna - I don't care for race car driving but this doc about the race car driver was really compelling.

Mother - a very interesting Korean thriller

They have dozens of the TED Talks if you're into that.

Scream 4 was pretty good.

I also liked Rampart - Woody Harrelson as a corrupt L.A. cop

by *kisses doll*reply 11905/28/2013


by *kisses doll*reply 12005/28/2013

R118, they already yanked most if not all of those. Really good stuff too from the Warner archive and they'll be replacing them with...The Walt Disney catalog, no joke. I don't think my year long free trial will be getting renewed when it expires in the fall.

Assuming, naively, that the new owners don't completely fuck it up, Hulu + has a fantastic film catalog with about half of The Criterion Collection (all commercial free) and most current TV shows; I have my laptop HDMI'd to the TV for streaming from other sources so just use the web interface or the discontinued desktop app when I hit a Web Only movie or show. Hulu does need to work on both their buffer/server capacity and their customer service, though, both of which are problematic to the point of making the service unusable for some people.

I'm on MUBI's mailing list for some reason and, despite having generally good film selections, they seem to have really fucked themselves with their lack of app availability and switching from a fully accessible catalog to a "curated" 30 movies of their choosing per month deal.

Amazon's app recently appeared on my Smart TV, but I can't rationalize paying for what is already free shipping for everyone and additional fees for all of the many, many, many titles not included in Prime at all. It just seems moronic. As does Vudu, iTunes, Cinema Now, etc. all of which charge about the cost of a monthly Netflix or Hulu subscription for watching only one or two movies.

by *kisses doll*reply 12105/28/2013

Just saw another good low-budget horror flick - The Shrine, about an American newspaper crew who go to a remote Polish village to investigate the disappearance of an American backpacker - and find that the villagers there have a seriously freaky secret. Gets a great momentum going in the last half hour or so. I never saw the twist coming.

And that thing in the woods was fucking CREEPY.

by *kisses doll*reply 12206/03/2013

The Fall is worth watching.

by *kisses doll*reply 12306/03/2013

I've seen some excellent movies on Netflix streaming, but most of their choices won't appeal to people who prefer mainstream movies.

I figured the kind of movies I enjoy were in trouble when they added that Facebook favorites category. JFC.

by *kisses doll*reply 12406/03/2013

The Paperboy

I second Bernie

by *kisses doll*reply 12506/03/2013

Two of the best films I've streamed on Netflix this year. Both are quirky, multi-dimensional comedies:

"Nate and Margaret" is not gay-themed per se, but one of the two central characters is gay. It's a Chicago-based slice-of-life story about two unlikely friends who are among society's outcasts. Be prepared to like humans again. This is the type of story that makes this Coaster want to RUN to flyoverland. The twink, Nate, is cute.

"East Side Story" has gay, latino-meets-gringo, urban gentrification, multi-generational, and self-acceptance themes. And it's fucking hilarious. The main characters are sexy. What more do you want? While this tale hit close to home for me, I think it translates to any inter-ethnic relationship. The unexpectedly beautiful cinematography and portrayal of LA makes me feel almost bad for hating SoCal. Viva La Mission!

Not on streaming, but available on DVD, is "The War Boys," a very complex and intense drama exploring cultural, sexual, socio-economic differences that exist among residents -- legal or not -- along the borders of the US and Mexico. Current and very real immigration politics, among other class-warfare issues, are in your face. There is so much going on in this film, but all of it comes together. It's not directly gay-themed, but the gay characters and their coming out is an essential component to the story's message. The young gay boys are hot. Includes two of the sexiest and realistic young gay love scenes I ever did see.

The above are all creative, intelligently scripted, well-executed, independent movies about real people with real issues. If you only like big budget Hollywood blockbusters, and only like eating meat and potatoes, watch these anyway. It'll be good for you!

by *kisses doll*reply 12606/03/2013

"The Revisionaries" showed up recently. It's an amazing documentary about how right-wing nutjobs control the Texas Board of Education and use their power to force ignorant ideological standards on the textbook-writing industry for the entire nation.

It sounds boring, but I found it fascinating. It amazes me that the filmmakers were ever granted permission to film these wackaloons at work fighting against science and historical truth.

by *kisses doll*reply 12706/04/2013

Has anyone watched Survivors?

by *kisses doll*reply 12806/06/2013


by *kisses doll*reply 12902/23/2014

Watching the Queer As Folk series, really brings out the Golden years of gay life. I forgotten about the gorgeous doctor who falls for Michael.

by *kisses doll*reply 13002/23/2014

Take This Waltz is an excellent indie flick with Michelle Williams and of all people, playing totally out of his normal character, Seth Rogan. Oh, and some other hottie whose name has escaped me at the moment. Check it out.

by *kisses doll*reply 13102/23/2014


by *kisses doll*reply 13203/17/2015


by *kisses doll*reply 13305/08/2015
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