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The Go-Go's have parted ways with bassist Kathy Valentine

Only a few days after it was announced that The Go-Go's and The B-52's would be doing a tour together this summer, The Go-Go's Facebook page just posted this:

The Go Go's have parted ways with bassist Kathy Valentine, citing irreconcilable differences.

The rest of the lineup, original since 1979 (Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey, Gina Schock and Jane Wiedlin) remains intact.

The band looks forward to another fun and exciting tour this summer.

by Why????reply 60005/25/2013

KV was always a cunt.

by Why????reply 103/08/2013

probably money

by Why????reply 203/08/2013

What the fuck! I want the whole band dammit. The Hollywood Bowl gig was great but KV was obviously missing. Replace lazy ass Belinda, not Kathy.

Btw KVs twitter is pretty good. She seems really cool. What's the deal?

by Why????reply 303/08/2013

I just bought tickets today for their NY show. No Keith in the B-52's either.

by Why????reply 403/08/2013

That's a huge shock. I wonder why.

by Why????reply 503/08/2013

I thought the Go-Go's last tour was supposed to be their "farewell" tour? So sick of that "just kidding!" crap when artists pull that "farewell tour" nonsense and then go on tour again a few years later.

by Why????reply 603/08/2013

No r6 they were going to do a fairwell tour about 4/5 years ago but didnt because Jane got hurt. After her recovery they decided they thought they had a good thing going, why say goodbye? They've been touring every summer with more and more attendance every year including sold out shows.

I've been noticing little things here And there but i didnt see this coming. On her B-day, KV mentioned that she hasn't heard from them (gogos) in months and she recently answered a tweet saying she had no reason not to be on the tour this year.

Sounds like they were doing this behind her back. Bullshit! Should have announced it before the Cali and NY tix went on sale.

by Why????reply 703/08/2013

Why the fuck would you say Belinda is lazy? Do you fucking know her personally?

by Why????reply 803/08/2013

Please God don't get that Bangle to replace her! When a go-go is gone they always get a fucking Bangle!!

by Why????reply 903/08/2013

Basically, she was talking about us. Telling lies.

by Why????reply 1003/08/2013

Well, that's no surprise.

by Why????reply 1103/08/2013

Belinda is the voice and the only one that CAN'T be replaced. The rest play worse than studio musicians.

by Why????reply 1203/08/2013

Belinda can be replace since they are not a giant act or On the level of Debbie Harry.

Gina and Kathy are not worse then studio musicians. Gina's force and fast count alone makes her hard to replace for them.

by Why????reply 1303/08/2013

It doesn't matter how big they are. The Go Gos have been a nostalgia act for decades. People going to a nostalgia act's concerts want to hear the original sound. The songs would sound totally different with a different lead singer.

by Why????reply 1403/08/2013

I liked her on Room 222.

by Why????reply 1503/08/2013

Oh, bless your heart, R15.

by Why????reply 1603/09/2013

I guess they just don't get along.

by Why????reply 1703/09/2013

Since when are studio musicians bad? Studio musicians are some of the finest working musicians in the biz.

by Why????reply 1803/09/2013

This depresses me. Kathy always seemed like the drama-free Go-Go. She (and Jane) aged better than the others, so I always assumed they had fewer substance issues than the others, but who knows.

I guess what bothers me more than Kathy being dropped is that it sounds like there's some bad blood.

by Why????reply 1903/09/2013

I love the Go-Go's. I've seen then five times, the first in 1984 and the most recent in 2011 with the B-52's (the last two times I've seen them have been with the B's).

But something odd is going on.

It's really weird that, out of seemingly nowhere, they fire Kathy (and make no mistake, Kathy was forced out). They've been so emphatic that the Go-Go's aren't the Go-Go's without all five. Belinda lives overseas and they don't do shit unless she's in the US.

I love Jane - she's always been my favorite - but she seems to be in desperate straits these days and is selling everything she owns. Her Twitter feed included a chance to lease her penthouse in SF. She's selling her clothing online. She's offering people a chance to officiate their wedding. And so on. She's written a ton of songs but either that songwriting money is not coming in, or she's in debt.

Jane also hurt her leg a few years back, and Kathy hurt her foot....but Jane is still around, while Kathy's gone?

Unless something personal happened, the only other thing that could explain it is money. Easier to cut a pie four ways instead of five.

by Why????reply 2003/09/2013

I haven't heard of them since the 80's, I'm surprised you all have kept up on them. Do they just play their old stuff in concerts or are they still putting out new music? Is this a lesbian thing?

by Why????reply 2103/09/2013

R21 The audience is at least 50-60% gay men at this point.

They had a new album in 2000 but most of the show is old stuff. They refuse to play most of "Talk Show" since they were all fighting, drugged out bitches during that album and tour and it brings back bad memories.

Also: Kathy actually looks the best out of all of them. Gina Schock has turned into a lesbian grandma, Belinda looks beat and so does Charlotte. Kathy looked awkward back in the day but was looking great in the here and now.

by Why????reply 2203/09/2013

[quote]Also: Kathy actually looks the best out of all of them. Gina Schock has turned into a lesbian grandma, Belinda looks beat and so does Charlotte.

Wow, you weren't lying about Belinda looking beat - here's a pic of her from last year:

by Why????reply 2303/09/2013

They're still around??? Didn't they get the memo that the 80s are dead and buried?

by Why????reply 2403/09/2013

Ber-limpa got her way, as usual. I guess they will just have to find another dyke bassist.

by Why????reply 2503/09/2013

R23 They looked so bad at the last concert when they sang "We Got The Beat," about a half dozen of us (all gay of course) sang "Bitches look beat! Bitches look beat!"

Belinda has always been my least favorite. Her son - and how he turned out - is the only nice thing I have to say about her.

by Why????reply 2603/09/2013

Belinda hardly looks bad.

Why has she been your least favorite? I love her solo stuff.

by Why????reply 2703/09/2013

This reeks of Belinda's doing. Who happens to release a new song this month and just moved back to LA.

They've been wanting to record new music for a long time but Belinda is the one who says no. Bet it's about money with Belinda and Jane. Kathy was always the one running around trying to keep the band together. What a shitty thing to do to her.

Gina needs to walk away just like they did to her 28 years ago.

by Why????reply 2803/09/2013

[quote]I guess what bothers me more than Kathy being dropped is that it sounds like there's some bad blood.

Bad, bad, blood, blood, the bitch is in the sky...

Lucy's on her lips, is she guy?

Let me tell you 'bout

Bad, bad, blood, blood

Brother a woman lies

The only good thing about bad blood

Is blood shot eyes....

by Why????reply 2903/09/2013

Kathy Valentine - you can now be the new panelist on The View!!!

by Why????reply 3003/09/2013

The Go-Go's are still a thing?

by Why????reply 3103/09/2013

They really have been selling out shows...I bet that money is what is making the old Belinda and Jane appear. Btw Gina was the hot one for a long ass time until '93/4. Wtf happened? Kathy's now the hot one.

by Why????reply 3203/09/2013

When I had Twitter I followed Kathy and Jane and like both. R20, Jane was selling her clothes to help an animal rescue organization. She's done that for years. She's also been a legally ordained minister for years - who loves the gays and gay weddings. I think she identifies a bi-sexual (she's been with her male partner for years). Though this may indeed be money related - I wouldn't base that on Jane's actions. To me this reeks more of Belinda's ego.

by Why????reply 3303/09/2013

You might be right r33. I can see Jane be money hungry but maybe not in this case. I can see her still working with Kathy, even if they didn't get along. So if its Belinda, what is her problem now? What does she gain?

Wonder where does Gina and Charlotte stand? I can't imagine Gina being to happy about this. Talk about flashbacks.

by Why????reply 3403/09/2013

[quote] Though this may indeed be money related - I wouldn't base that on Jane's actions.

I wasn't saying Jane was behind this, R33. But the urgency with which Jane has been hawking her stuff online in the last few months suggests she's got money issues.

by Why????reply 3503/09/2013

R20/35 try a bit of reading comprehension. I didn't say YOU said Jane was behind this. I said I wouldn't base the fact that this is money related ON Jane's recent actions. What stuff has she been "hawking" in recent months? She's always selling her shit for animal rescue organizations. That's no different. If it's money related it's probably because Belinda wants more and the others caved, KV didn't and wouldn't get with the program - therefore was canned.

by Why????reply 3603/09/2013

I know she donates money & does fundraisers R36.

But she offered the rental of her townhouse on Twitter and was tweeting people to spread the word. This does not sound like "raising a few bucks for animal rescue."

I don't blame her for wanting to make a buck. I just thought the rate she's doing it might suggest something more is going on behind the scenes.

by Why????reply 3703/09/2013

Photo is definitely airbrushed, but they probably didn't have to retouch Kathy.

by Why????reply 3803/09/2013

Her husband is cute.

by Why????reply 3903/09/2013

A tweet from Kathy on Wednesday. I wonder if it's related.

[quote]I'm feeling a little ranty, a lot of annoying ridiculousness going on! Sucks when someone tries to make THEIR problem become YOUR problem!!

by Why????reply 4003/09/2013

I love her.

by Why????reply 4103/09/2013

"probably money"

Yeah, a lucrative tour can't possibly compare to her job waitressing at that vegan cafe', selling crafts on etsy and babysitting.

by Why????reply 4203/09/2013

As fun as some of their music is, the fact is that on an historical level, the Go-Go's ruined music and in particular, women's rock music. Because of their success, they set the scene for mindless pop music with pretty girl singers, ala Madonna and her imitators. The Go-Go's were pushed really, really hard on the public, so somebody's daddy had a lot of money.

Belinda cannot sing, they're not the best musicians, and they lacked an edge like the Runaways did. But MTV didn't want edgy girl musicians, or profound lyrics, or unorthodox-looking women musicians. So they were marketed to the hilt.

It's too bad. I was around when they were hitting it big and personally knew so many more talented women who deserved the success more than they did.

But again, it all comes down to daddy's money.

by Why????reply 4303/09/2013

I'm speechless at r43's post.

by Why????reply 4403/09/2013

I've noticed a lot of critical posts on Facebook against the gogos decision, disappear. Does Facebook drop them after a while or are they being deleted?

by Why????reply 4503/09/2013

This shows how much I have kept up with The Go-Go's over the years. I thought they "parted ways" as a band almost circa 1984/85. I never knew they reunited. I guess they need a better publicist.

by Why????reply 4603/09/2013

In related news, Adam & The Ants will be touring the Outer Mongolia- Summer '13.

by Why????reply 4703/09/2013

So which one of them is married to Steven B. Weisburd?

by Why????reply 4803/09/2013

I remember it differently than r43. There wasn't Daddy's money, there was Miles Copeland's money. Copeland had started a little label called I.R.S. Records to capitalize on New Wave, which was seen as the next big thing. He signed the Go-Go's, Wall of Voodoo, Oingo Boingo and probably some other bands that were already a draw in L.A. but not known nationally.

The Go-Go's were originally more a punk band than a pop band, and several members were lesbians. They had a following among punk dykes.

Belinda wasn't gay, but she had a pink crewcut. Gina was openly gay and the best musician of the group. Jane had girlfriends, I think. Not sure about Charlotte. Kathy was straight. I didn't know them (I may have met a couple of them) but Kathy and Gina were supposed to be the nice ones. Don't know about Jane and Charlotte. Belinda had a bad reputation, which was strange because she was the most easily replaceable both in terms of talent and saleability -- she was as big as a house.

Two of the girls weren't in the original lineup. They released a single or two with the original Go-Go's, but after they got cultivated by I.R.S. Records, they let a couple of the girls go. (I think Gina and Kathy were brought in later.) Belinda had a thin voice, to put it mildly. I don't even think Jane could play an instrument when they started.

Miles Copeland smoothed out their sound and de-dyked them -- makeup, "cute" punk haircuts, girly thrift-shop style clothes. (Interestingly, "Johnny Are You Queer?" was originally their song, but they dropped it when they started to get famous and more pop-oriented.) Copeland also refocused their sound on Gina's drumming and Kathy's bass, which were the group's musical strengths.

I remember seeing the original cover of "Beauty and the Beat" at Tower Records in Westwood the day it came out and just laughing at the cold cream and the towels. Until they went national, most of them wore men's clothes (Belinda wore tent dresses).

Here's a picture of one of the early lineups. Notice they put the lead singer in the back to hide her body.

by Why????reply 4903/09/2013

What was Belinda's reputation?

by Why????reply 5003/09/2013

They were all slutty - and proud of it, at the time. Watch their Behind the Music and you can see.

They used to get hot guys to come by, show their cocks and take photos or video of them. At one point they talked about publishing a book of all of that. Belinda's bio didn't even come close to scraping the surface of a lot of their escapades.

Their original breakup was mostly drugs plus Jane's resentment of Belinda (Jane wanted to sing some of the songs - have the band be more like the Bangles).

by Why????reply 5103/09/2013

The racy stuff starts at 2:20. I think some of this was edited, because the original version had a few frames where they very clearly showed a guy's cock (pixeled/blurred out).

by Why????reply 5203/09/2013


by Why????reply 5303/10/2013

There's got to be someone on here who heard why this is happening. What's the deal here? Who vaoted to out her?

On another subject: Maybe someone can clear this up. The story goes that they were all sluts and proud of it. Great, awesome, rock on, but doesn't that conflict with Belinda's book who basically says that Gina didn't sleep around? She said they had the "mattress rule"; who ever was getting laid took out the mattress so the other would sleep in peace. She said Gina always got a good nights sleep, implying she wasn't getting laid (at least not at their rate). So is the 'they were all sluts' mean 'all but Gina, for the most part'?

by Why????reply 5403/10/2013

I'm not a exactly a fan of theirs but I'll say this, they endured much shit to get ahead. It's amazing they survived it all. The clubs they hung out in in Hollywood were in the most dangerous areas, in alley ways literally, and a lot of kids died from overdoses or were murdered. Many in the punk scene were outright psychotic types, so you couldn't trust anyone around you. Lots of kleptos.

Hygiene was nonexistant in their lives so kudos to any woman who could build a nest out of that situation. On the plus side, punk had an energy that didn't exist in the media at the time. They literally invented a new form of music and performance.

I do respect the Go-Go's for making it through the weirdness of the Masque and the cheap Hollywood apartments and understand them selling out to have a decent life. They almost had to.

But such were the limitations of the punk scene--it WAS devoid of ability, and order, and discipline. The real scene, in my opinion, resided in the jazz clubs, gay bars, and black clubs at the time. There you would hear the best music, see the best shows, and be in the best company.

by Why????reply 5503/10/2013

R54, I think you are correct. Gina was also having relationships strictly with women and was more discreet just as a matter of rule.

by Why????reply 5603/10/2013

I suspect Kathy is having some bipolar episodes. She has been erratic on twitter over the past year - bitching a lot, asking for sympathy, lashing out at the other Go-Go's when they continued to tour after she broke her arm last year. On her birthday, she complained that nobody from the Go-Go's had contacted her for three months but never said if she had reached out to them.

She quit following Belinda and Jane on twitter a few months ago and they her.

She went through a sudden divorce a year or so ago and doesn't look good now. She tweeted a photo of herself at a target range yesterday, and her hair was greasy and face pale and puffy.

I think there's more to the story than has been told. No way do the other Go-Go's do this without a reason. Kathy is doing her best to rally her troops via Facebook and twitter, though.

by Why????reply 5703/10/2013

There is something to be said for the fact that while Jane had full support when she broke her leg, Kathy seems to not have had the same support re: her arm break.

But yeah, something's happening. Wondering if she's using again?

by Why????reply 5803/10/2013

[quote]Belinda cannot sing, they're not the best musicians, and they lacked an edge like the Runaways did.

But, that was never the point. It wasn't opera, or deep soul, or intense singer-songwriter music, where a great voice is necessary.

It may not sound like the best compliment, but her voice was perfectly serviceable for the material. No one listened to the Go Gos for amazing vocals or "edge".

by Why????reply 5903/10/2013

Belinda doesn't have a great instrument of a voice, but she does have a warm, recognizable one and has a good personality for being the front person.

KV's fans now are claiming she was the only decent musician in the band. I thought Gina was considered a pretty great drummer, and Charlotte really good on the keyboard and decent on the lead guitar. Jane, I'm not so sure about.

KV was considered a good guitarist but only a substandard bassist, which is the instrument she played in the band.

by Why????reply 6003/10/2013

The two best musicians are Kathy and Gina. There's no doubt about that, with Gina being top. And KV is not rallying the troops, she hasn't said anything except thank you's for the support.

The part that makes it fucked up is that, even if Kathy misbehaved, she put up with a lot of shit from Belinda and Jane.

They all need to grow up.

by Why????reply 6103/10/2013

Has anyone collected the music of the various members when the group was split up? I'm not talking about Belinda and Jane's solo careers, I mean the bands the other women formed. I've heard clips of the music, most of those albums sound like they've got some good Go Gos-like jams. So I'd say all the women have legitimate musical talent.

by Why????reply 6203/10/2013

Some of it, R62. Charlotte performed with a group called The Graces. Meredith Brooks (of "Bitch" fame) was also in the group, and they had a minor hit with the song "Lay Down Your Arms". Gina was in a band with Vance Degeneres (Ellen's brother!) called House of Schock. They had sort of a rock-country vibe. Never really had any hits, but a song called "Middle of Nowhere" was on the Bull Durham soundtrack and I liked it a lot.

Kathy's been in a couple of groups and I think had some solo stuff. I can remember hearing it online. Pretty good, but never made a huge impression on me.

by Why????reply 6303/10/2013

I know those albums are obscure and didn't have hits, but a lot of times that can be due to lack of promotion, or maybe using the Go Gos sound after it was out of fashion. There's lots of should've been hits out there, just like there's lots of Top 40 hits that are terrible. Beauty And The Beat only had two real hits, but most of the album is catchy. You Can't Talk In Your Sleep is the most hidden of its gems, since it's not on any of the GH albums.

by Why????reply 6403/10/2013

I have nothing against the Go-Go's, but didn't they only have a few hits? Even if Belinda sang her few solo hits as well, are there really enough songs to fill a setlist and to go on tour? I'm just suprised that they have that big of a fanbase still to make in lucrative. Are they playing fairs and clubs or something?

by Why????reply 6503/10/2013

House of Schock and The Graces were my two favorites. Both albums had some great songs - HOS was best because it had a consistent sound. A couple tracks also were featured in The Accused. It didn't do well enough for a second album.

The Graces had three members who took turns singing lead. I don't think the three women got along all that well.

by Why????reply 6603/10/2013

They had eight to 10 songs that charted. Their album in the 1990s was excellent. Unfortunately, radio didn't play it.

by Why????reply 6703/10/2013

R67 OK, I just looked up their singles discography, and they only had 7 singles reach the Hot 100, two of them not even making the Top 40. Even with Belinda's few hits, are people really paying to hear these same old ass songs over and over?

by Why????reply 6803/10/2013

wait a minute here - at a target range? hair greasy and skin pale? i don't want that person in my band either!

by Why????reply 6903/10/2013

They have 30-35 songs from the three original albums (Beauty & the Beat, Vacation, Talk Show).

Another 10 or so from their last album (God Bless the Go Go's).

Probably another 8-10 songs from their greatest hits double CD released in the 90s.

So that's a library of some 50 songs that their fans know. And they play other music too. They did a great "Call Me Maybe" cover version in a concert last fall that's on You Tube.

by Why????reply 7003/10/2013

Most, if not all, of Beauty and the Beat is great and Talk Show is underrated. A bunch of great songs in there too.

I loved some of Kathy's solo projects but my favorite of all, including Belinda, is House Of Schock. Gina had at least 4 songs that are very catchy. Middle of nowhere was realized but my favorite is Just To Dream.

3 of House of Schock songs made it on too The Accused soundtrack. Gee, I wonder why?

by Why????reply 7103/10/2013

I suppose some groups are boring doing anything but their Top 40 hits, but if they're that lame, they shouldn't be bothered with at all. Great groups put out great albums, with album tracks that are as good or close to the hits. That certainly describes Beauty and the Beat, considered a New Wave masterpiece, and Talk Show is nearly as good. And I like Vacation too, the song anyway, the album is terrible, but the title track rises way above it.

by Why????reply 7203/10/2013

"The rest play worse than studio musicians."

This has got to be one of the most absurd proclamations ever made on DL. You clearly know very little about popular music

FYI, session/studio musicians are probably some of the most talented of all musicians, they are hired exactly because of their expertise at playing any type of music,

One of the world's most famous guitarists, Jimmy Page, started as a session musician and who the hell do you think made all those Motown and Stax records sound so great, session musicians!

by Why????reply 7303/10/2013

I'm so sorry. I just read my post and its has things I didn't correct.

*Middle of Nowhere was released but my favorite was Just To Dream.

* Three of House of Schock songs made it on to The Accused Soundtrack. Gee, I wonder why?....

by Why????reply 7403/10/2013

I heard Jane's Rush Hour playing at Kroger last week.

by Why????reply 7503/10/2013

[quote]They did a great "Call Me Maybe" cover version in a concert last fall that's on You Tube.


by Why????reply 7603/10/2013

In the 2011 concerts they also played Belinda's Mad About You, which for all the world sounds like a Go-Go's song.

Talk Show is, in my opinion, their finest and most mature album and one they can be proudest of as musicians. But apparently they hated each other during the making of it, and Belinda will only sing "Head Over Heels" from it at concerts.

So there's a bit of a precedent for 50 something women in this band acting like 16 year old schoolgirls.

by Why????reply 7703/11/2013

Talk Show (1984) was ill-fated (it didn't even go gold) partially because Kathy broke her arm, which prevented them from putting out an album in 1983. Vacation (1982) was a bad album with only one hit, so it really hurt their career momentum to have to sit out '83, just as MTV was really taking off.

by Why????reply 7803/11/2013

Belinda Carlisle is a beyotch!

by Why????reply 7903/11/2013

Maybe it's drugs. Maybe Belinda and co. decided that they didn't want the Go Gos to continue to be a druggie band. If Kathy's not clean, she's not welcome.

I can't see them turning their back on her for mental health issues.

by Why????reply 8003/11/2013

It's just so weird for it to happen NOW. They had their problems early on but they've pretty much been all for one and one for all since their early 90s reunion.

But I know Kathy's had some issues with them and apparently, they with her.

by Why????reply 8103/11/2013

Didn't Kathy date Blondie's drummer Clem Burke for a while?

by Why????reply 8203/11/2013

They are good in concert and have plenty of songs to make a good set. I think Belinda has a strong voice, she has to, to be able to carry above the loud drums and guitars in their sound.

by Why????reply 8303/11/2013


by Why????reply 8403/11/2013

[quote]She tweeted a photo of herself at a target range yesterday, and her hair was greasy and face pale and puffy.

If you look back further in the Twitter photos, she also has other photos of: her daughter with her friends, her pets, shots with and without makeup, etc.

The photo at the archery range just looks like a regular woman in her mid 50s without makeup.

by Why????reply 8503/11/2013

Yeah! The Bangles got to appear on Dancing With the Stars.

by Why????reply 8603/11/2013

Come on r80. Kathy has been clean longer then Belinda. Belinda just got clean and they put up with her ass this whole time.

Btw what's with Belinda always getting in the way of the gogos recording new material?

by Why????reply 8703/11/2013

Belinda has always seemed to me to want to forget the Go Gos. I get the impression from how she talks about those days in interviews that she's only in it for the money. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that.

Has anybody heard her French album? Is it any good?

I'd be curious to hear the guitar solo from Mad About You played by someone other than Andy Taylor. His solos are so weird.

Gina played on Hole's Celebrity Skin album.

by Why????reply 8803/11/2013

Heh,heh. Belinda also appeared on DWTS.

[quote]In 2009 Carlisle was on the 8th season of Dancing with the Stars, paired with Jonathan Roberts. She was the first star to be eliminated from the competition, on March 17.[9]

by Why????reply 8903/11/2013

Irreconcilable differences after over 30 years?

by Why????reply 9003/11/2013

Belinda is ALWAYS trouble. I love the Go-Go's (as I said at R20) but Belinda has always been the one whose drama has hurt the band the most.

Belinda has made so few contributions - she doesn't write songs and doesn't play an instrument. Because she is the singer, she gets an uneven amount of say in the band, apparently.

I never really liked her - always on Team Jane, myself. I wish they'd have replaced her ass back in the day.

Gina played on Celebrity Skin, and Charlotte co-wrote "Reasons To Be Beautiful."

by Why????reply 9103/11/2013

What an interesting thread.

by Why????reply 9203/11/2013

Is Jane still a dominatrix? She made a big deal about it when she was on The Surreal Life all those years ago.

by Why????reply 9303/11/2013

I'm so tired of thse women! It was just one errant cock after another, with drug snorting, unwashed coulous, and squalor.

In this modern age, girls and women have so much access to advanced appliances and yet these tarts made ya-ya music with their big bushes and day-glo socks and WHERE'S MY FUCKING VODKA AND TONIC?

by Why????reply 9403/11/2013

That reminds us, Joan....

We are NOT one of your FAAAAANS!

by Why????reply 9503/11/2013

I plaaaayyyy baaaaassss!


by Why????reply 9603/11/2013

Agree r91. I've always felt Belinda held the others hostage when trying to record new songs. I haven't done the meet-n-greet but from the photos I've seen, all the girls except Belinda, seems to want to be there. If she really doesn't enjoy the Go-Gos, she should bail. I would rather keep all but I wouldn't protest a singer replacement. I too wished they would have done that along time ago.

by Why????reply 9703/11/2013

zbelinda has done gay cruises, so she is very supportive of her gay fans.

by Why????reply 9803/11/2013

I hate these lead singers who think they're better than the band who are equally as talented.

by Why????reply 9903/11/2013

And now you're calling me, you want me back again

And now I've got to turn my head and start to pretend

I've never seen YOU, you're someone I don't KNOW

You're all a bunch of bitter, bitchy, backstabbing old hos!

by Why????reply 10003/11/2013

They couldn't tour without Belinda, it's a simple fact. Culture Club wanted to reunite and tour but Boy George said he wasn't interested, so they found a replacement. It lasted like one concert.

by Why????reply 10103/11/2013

They should give it a try anyways. If it works, great. If it doesn't, oh well. It's messed up that one doesn't seem to consider the rest.

They didn't just kick out some new chick, they kicked out a woman who has been there for 30 years. It sucks that they fucked up her livelihood. Belinda has money cause of hubby, Char is married, Jane... I don't know what the fuck she does for income. It seems like the two vulnerable ones are Gina and Kathy and Kathy has a kid.

Gina has had some recent songwriting hits because of Disney. How she scored that? It look like she didn't wanted to say in an interview.

by Why????reply 10203/11/2013

Not "oh well" if it doesn't work out, if it doesn't work out then they're not touring, plus they've pissed off Belinda. Culture Club is definitely regretting pissing off George, now they'll probably never reunite again. Unless a band is still a commercially viable recording act, it's foolish to try to replace the lead singer. And all this stuff about Belinda being evil is just conjecture anyway.

by Why????reply 10303/11/2013

[quote] Jane...I don't know what the fuck she does for income

She's officiating marriages, selling all her belongings and renting out her penthouse condo, apparently, all to make ends meet. Hey, a girl's gotta eat.

by Why????reply 10403/11/2013

Well if Gina and Kathy are allegedly very good musicians, can't they supplement their incomes by playing on other people's albums?

by Why????reply 10503/11/2013

They do r105 but they're supposedly getting a good check from the touring since most show sell out or come close to it.

by Why????reply 10603/11/2013

See that's the problem, "piss off Belinda". The others have been vocal in wanting new material in the past but there is the 'don't piss Belinda off' shit. Since Belinda didn't write most of the songs, they can play what they do now, their hits. Double/Triple bill a tour with B52s or whoever. if they have the courage, they should throw the dice and do it. I know, not gonna happen but wish it would

by Why????reply 10703/11/2013

The Go-Gos have famous fans like Green Day. Maybe they'll throw Kathy a bone and get her some work.

by Why????reply 10803/11/2013

Kathy has been clean and sober for 25 years. It's possible she's fallen off, but I wouldn't bet on it.

I don't think she's hurting for money. She's a single mother, but her ex- is a lawyer, and still involved in the child's life. She's also still performing with the Blue Bonnets in Austin.

As far as what went down, who knows. I think there was some hurt feelings last year, because Kathy was injured (wrist and foot) and couldn't tour, but the Go-Go's toured without her... when just the prior year they cancelled the tour because of Jane's injury. So that's kind of strange.

With these women (girls) you never know, because one always seems to have her nose out of joint for some reason. I remember when Gina sued Charlotte for royalties way back when. The most surprising thing about it, as I stated earlier in the thread, is that Kathy was the least "drama queen" of the bunch.

by Why????reply 10903/11/2013

Actually R99, The Bangles are pretty functional compared to The Go-Go's. And - big difference - they're still making new music. They released a new CD in 2011. So that takes much more time and commitment than doing a 6 week tour every two years.

I think there were some hurt feelings between Bangles in the 80s, because Susanna was definitely billed as the "lead", when actually they always rotated the lead singer role in their music.

So hurt feelings, break-up, but then back together. And they've stayed on very good terms every since. (And never had the substance issues of the Go-Go's.) Michael Steele left in '04-'05, but from what I heard it was mostly a time commitment thing. Michael wanted to do music 100% of the time, and the other three had little kids and were trying to balance music and home. From everything I heard, the split was amicable.

By the way, Hoffs released a solo CD last year, and is working on a new Sid and Susie CD with Matthew Sweet for 2013.

by Why????reply 11003/11/2013

[quote] As far as what went down, who knows. I think there was some hurt feelings last year, because Kathy was injured (wrist and foot) and couldn't tour, but the Go-Go's toured without her... when just the prior year they cancelled the tour because of Jane's injury. So that's kind of strange.

I think this nails it. And as a fan I think it's strange too - that they'd accommodate Jane so royally but not Charlotte. Hmmm.

by Why????reply 11103/11/2013

[quote]Jane...I don't know what the fuck she does for income

[quote]She's officiating marriages, selling all her belongings and renting out her penthouse condo, apparently, all to make ends meet. Hey, a girl's gotta eat.

Jane wrote or co-wrote a significant portion of The Go-Go's catalog, and writing (and ownership) yields serious money from royalties alone. Can she really be that destitute?

by Why????reply 11203/11/2013

R109, I think you're wrong on that. Kathy had hellacious battles with both Charlotte and Jane back in the day. Mainly personality conflicts. Charlotte had gone out of her way two years ago to try to get along better with Kathy and even flew to Austin to write a couple songs with her.

I saw a detailed "which Go-Go is speaking to which" story a few years ago. It was about the feuds from the 1990s. If I remember correctly, the only other Go-Go Kathy was speaking to was Gina, who was on good terms with everyone but Charlotte. (This was shortly after their lawsuit.) I got the impression from that article that Kathy can stir up a lot of shit behind the scenes.

I don't think Kathy got kicked out for no reason. She really went off on Twitter last year after her arm healed late in the tour, but the others didn't want her to put her health at risk by rushing back.

Jane doesn't appear to be having financial woes, by the way. In her January blog, she talked about looking forward to decorating her new cabin, saying she still has her home in San Francisco and now a nearby cabin where she can get away from city life. Plus, she still has her home in L.A. I think she's selling some of her Go-Go's stuff because she can not because she has to.

by Why????reply 11303/11/2013

No I don't think Jane has money problems either. Most of the stuff she sales is for charity.

My main curiosity is who voted who off the island?. Was it a full 4/4 vote or 3/4? I have a hard time believing Gina would vote Kathy off. She seems to be the only one who can be pissed off at them but still work with them, for their sake and the bands.

by Why????reply 11403/11/2013

Boy George forgave Culture Club god reuniting without him. He knew it would be a disaster and just sat back and waited until they csndcyonyheir senses, which they did.

They have since reunited and are performing, writing, and recording a new album.

If Culture Club, arguably the most dysfunctional 80s pop band, can get over the drama do can the Go Gos.

by Why????reply 11503/11/2013

R115 There's been talk of Culture Club "writing and recording" for the last 2 years. Don't hold your breath on seeing a final product (although it would be nice).

by Why????reply 11603/11/2013

[quote] No I don't think Jane has money problems either. Most of the stuff she sales is for charity.

I won't push the point - I disagree and have elsewhere on the thread - but please take a look at her Twitter. She's renting said penthouse. That seems odd. There could be other explanations, but all the activity suggests something else is going on to me.

Also, only a portion of the proceeds go to charity...

by Why????reply 11703/11/2013

R117, Jane has rented her L.A. penthouse for several years - since she moved to San Francisco. Why wouldn't she rent out a home she doesn't live in?

With BC living part-time in L.A. now, maybe they'll record again? Hasn't the fact she lives in Europe long been BC's reluctance to recording?

Someone made fun of the Go-Go's performing of "Call Me Maybe" on tour last year. During the 2011 tour, they performed an awesome version of "Mother's Little Helper."

by Why????reply 11803/11/2013

Maybe you are right r117 but I figured who wouldn't rent it out since she doesn't live here in L.A. anymore. Might as well get some extra cash then let it sit empty.

If she's a bit cash strapped, why buy a cabin though? SF is expensive, that's the last place I would live if I needed cash. Not sure what to think.

by Why????reply 11903/11/2013

That's a shame about KV. The Go-Go's were the best girl group of the 80s, although Apollonia 6 were close.

by Why????reply 12003/11/2013

I saw the first stop on the Go-Go's Beauty and the Beat tour and they sucked. They had no chops. Gina Shock played like one of those wind-up toy drumming monkeys and counted every measure of every song two three four one two three four. It was embarrassing. But, you know, it was like $8 or something for a ticket.

Still, I liked what they recorded after B&TB, knowing they most likely had no ability to replicate the sound live.

A friend and I went to see them on the God Bless The Go-Gos tour and they were a blast. I don't know where people get the "Gina is great" schtick, cuz she's not. She's not embarrassing anymore, but the others became much tighter over the years. The stage set had fake stained glass windows and Jane had a sort of combo priest/nun outfit and it was a really satisfying concert. My favorite song of the night was "Beautiful," from the Beneath the Valley of the Go-Gos compilation.

I would have gone to the farewell tour, which was aborted. No interest in seeing them again if they aren't releasing anything new.

by Why????reply 12103/11/2013

I've seen them live three times--back during the Talk Show tour (my first concert!) and twice in the last decade. The last time, I got to meet them and have my picture made. They were all really nice, even Belinda, who grabbed my hand a couple of times during the concert. I like her, but she is a little cray cray. Read her autobiography, you'll see.

The argument that they don't have enough Top 40 to tour is stupid. Who cares? The Grateful Dead have had exactly one "hit" and I don't think that stops them from touring. The Go-Go's put on a good show and it is fun as hell. No, Belinda isn't the best singer, but she had the star quality none of the rest of them had, and I'm sure that has never set well with the rest. Her French cd is pretty good. I still listen to it sometimes, and her voice has never sounded better.

Not sure why she doesn't want to record new material, if that's true. I loved their "The Whole World Lost it's Head" track in the 90s, the one that Green Day produced. Their 2000s album had some great songs, especially "Unforgiven" and "Throw me a Curve". Belinda is worth $15 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, so I don't think she is touring just for the money. Not sure how she got that wealth since she didn't do much writing.

I would like to see them again, but not sure about B52s...sometimes they are great live and sometimes they seem over it.

by Why????reply 12203/11/2013

After Belinda's solo career dried up in the US, she had a pretty good run in europe during the 90s. I'm tempted to say Madonna-like popularity, but I didn't live there so I don't know for sure. But that has to be a good portion of her fortune.

by Why????reply 12303/11/2013

Gasp! Gina counted! Oh my god.

Have you tried to play at her tempo r121? Try it. If not, sit down. She's regarded as one of the best in pop because she is. This isn't something people make up on DL.

by Why????reply 12403/11/2013

[quote] I loved their "The Whole World Lost it's Head" track in the 90s, the one that Green Day produced. Their 2000s album had some great songs, especially "Unforgiven" and "Throw me a Curve".

Billie Armstrong of Green Day co-wrote "Unforgiven" with Charlotte and Jane. "Whole World Lost Its Head" was Charlotte and Jane. Green Day/Billie didn't produce any tracks.

by Why????reply 12503/12/2013

I'm agreeably surprised by the Go-Go's knowledge on the DL.

Sure beats talking about Britney's parboiled career.

by Why????reply 12603/12/2013

Creem Magazine tried to interview Blimpa during her "Mad About You" days for an article profiling women in rock--she refused to be interviewed for an article that would lump her in with Madonna, Debbie Gibson, Lita Ford, etc. So the writer made fun of Blimpa for being up her own ass and so above it all for the rest of the article.

by Why????reply 12703/12/2013

I love the way people make up bullshit and state with such assurance on this site, like the one who just said Green Day produced the Go-Go's. Get your facts straight before you spout off! I've seen Go Go's about 4 times since the Talk Show Tour and they've always sounded good and Belinda is not that bad of a singer, she's strong and rarely off-key. And it is hard to play a lot of fast songs, it's all about stamina, and Gina is exceptional.

by Why????reply 12803/12/2013

I don't want new music from them, I thought "God Bless the Go-Gos" was awful. Same thing with most of these bands and artists from the 70s, 80s, etc. Their new stuff sucks and is boring to hear in concert. I want the hits.

by Why????reply 12903/12/2013

"The Go-Go's have parted ways with bassist Kathy Valentine"

Jeez, is this a headline from 1985? In other current news:

Back to the Future looks like it will end up being the highest grossing film of the year.

Rock Hudson has been hospitalized in France, what is his mystery illness? Could it be AIDS?

The cruise ship Achille Lauro hijacked in the Mediterranean Sea.

by Why????reply 13003/12/2013

"She's regarded as one of the best in pop because she is."

That's great r124, it holds almost as much weight as Bill O'Reilly's "Some say...".

by Why????reply 13103/12/2013

No, R124 is right. I know nothing about drumming, but I do remember an article on Gina in a drummer's magazine maybe 10 years ago and she was well-regarded.

by Why????reply 13203/12/2013

I agree with r129 that their comeback album sucked, although I did like the ballads, especially the autobiographical Daisy Chain, which was a single and has a nice video. The other ballads are good but sounded like Belinda solo tracks. The rock tracks sounded nothing like classic Go Gos, they were trying to stay current with the Riot Guurl sound I guess, something that never appealed to me and wasn't the pop sound Go Gos were known for. That's often the mistake that old groups make, thinking they have to update their sound so much they sound nothing like they did originally.

by Why????reply 13303/12/2013

[quote]a drummer, who never uses a click track

Bully for you, R131! A lot of brilliant drummers have employed click tracks as a valuable tool in the recording studio. A good drummer won't let it inhibit their playing whereas a bad one finds that almost impossible.

Boasting about not using click tracks is about as meaningless as a guitarist boasting he doesn't ever refer to an electronic tuner.

by Why????reply 13403/12/2013

You're right of course, [R125]. Christ, I'm old, I get mixed up stuff, times some.

by Why????reply 13503/12/2013

when performing live

by Why????reply 13603/12/2013

R131, she uses the track for the others members,when she has to. She said so herself. Gina has natural timing, which is great since its difficult to maintain her speed at a constant rate.

And big deal, there are tons of other great drummers who do use it constantly on everything. Nothing worse then a snotty musician. magazines from Rolling Stone ( when they were good) to Drum magazine has said she's one of the best. I'll take their word over a snotty jealous drummer.

by Why????reply 13703/12/2013

I loved God Bless the Go-Gos but I'm one of the younger fans who grew up with bands like Green Day. Though they sounded fantastic and wished they would continue down that road. They could always form a subgroup with or without Belinda, with a different band name. The same way Tool lead singer had Pucified.

by Why????reply 13803/12/2013

R131, please pull the diseased, splintery piece of wood out of your ass. Gina is respected, whether you seem to think so or not.

by Why????reply 13903/12/2013

A lot of people are respected. It doesn't make them technically great at what they do. I think the praise for the Go-Gos in this thread is a little over the top, they're proficient at what they do when they are on their game. They are the best Go-Gos there will ever be! How's that?

by Why????reply 14003/12/2013

Anyway, back to gossip.

Whose cock did they suck?

by Why????reply 14103/12/2013

Don't care about who's cock was sucked, I want to know why this happened.

Belinda and Jane are blocking people left and right, Facebook deleting critical posts & no official reply or explanation to fans. What's up?

by Why????reply 14203/12/2013

My guess is Kathy threw an even bigger fit behind the scenes than she did in social media complaining about the tour continuing without her last year. It was also so odd on her birthday when she complained about not hearing from the Go-Go's for three months. Couldn't she pick up a phone and call them?

I wonder if they just didn't want to put up with her anger and drama anymore.

by Why????reply 14303/12/2013

[quote] It was also so odd on her birthday when she complained about not hearing from the Go-Go's for three months. Couldn't she pick up a phone and call them?

Yeah, I'm sure Kathy could have called them. But for someone's birthday, don't your friends and family usually call you? I can understand why she would feel slighted at that.

Ultimately, my guess is there's enough blame to go around for each of them.

by Why????reply 14403/12/2013

R144, I meant, Kathy could have called them in the previous three months rather than counting the days since they had called her. She only made it public on her birthday.

by Why????reply 14503/12/2013

I was at The Hollywood Bowl and even then I thought it was fucked up that she wasn't there. If she was still hurting, that's fine but they didn't even do a shout out. People around me were saying the same thing, it was a big obvious gap, especially watching the video montage with her in it.

by Why????reply 14603/12/2013

Yeah, the radio silence about it is weird. Just blocking people is very third grade.

by Why????reply 14703/13/2013

[quote] Whose cock did they suck?

David Lee Roth wrote about some hanky panky with the whole band in a motel bathroom in his memoir. No idea whether it's true.

by Why????reply 14803/13/2013

The whole band? I'm doubting that one.

by Why????reply 14903/13/2013

Belinda was asked about the split with Kathy during a recent interview. She said the Go-Go's have been together for "many, many years" and the action was precipitated by a very serious issue that couldn't be resolved. She wouldn't give more details.

by Why????reply 15003/15/2013

R148 Trust me, if it was David Lee Roth, he meant to say he did it with all the GO-GO BOYS. Not the female group the Go-Go's. That man AIN'T STRAIGHT!!!

by Why????reply 15103/15/2013

What ethnicity is Kathy Valentine and why does she have slanted eyes?

by Why????reply 15203/15/2013

R152 Somebody said she's Turning Japanese - I really think so.

by Why????reply 15303/15/2013

Nothing screams 2013 like a Go-Go's thread. They are THE band of our time, along with Devo, The Police, Blondie, Blue Oyster Cult, The Cars, Cheap Trick, Pat Benatar, Asia and Kiss. Gawd, the 21st Century rocks!

by Why????reply 15403/15/2013

So Kathy did something so extreme that they had no choice but to kick her out? After 30 years and all the fucked up things the Go-Gos did, THIS reason was the line in the sand? Wtf?

Did she skin a kitty in front of Jane? Did she sleep with both Belinda and Charlottes husbands? Was her possible book, an actual memoir, unlike the whitewash book Belinda put out? (If this is case, I hope she burns the bridge and puts it all out there in revenge) Did she say she hated "sun" and Belinda sucks as a solo singer? (Don't blame her.)

What in the world could be so bad that they had no choice? She doesn't even live near any of them.

by Why????reply 15503/15/2013

Looks like the whole band lost its head!

by Why????reply 15603/15/2013

Obviously r154, their music has stood the test of time and they still have plenty of fans. There's a lot of disposable pop music that should be forgotten, but good music, like all good art, doesn't have an expiration date.

by Why????reply 15703/15/2013

After all these years and the $$ associated with reunion tours, it couldn't have been an easy choice to dump Kathy. I'm guessing it's something insurmountable like drug dependence or mental illness--something that prevents her from picking up a guitar and standing on stage for an hour. Otherwise, there's too much $$$ for all involved to dump her, including the other Go-Gos.

by Why????reply 15803/15/2013

I hate all 80s music I can't think of one good song from then It was before I was born but the 80s really sucked was all Michael Jackson Madonna Paula Adbul and shit like that and Bon Joovi and nothing good The movies were shit the pop culture was shit Reagan was a cunt Thathcer was a whore and the govt gave everybody a.i.d.s fuck the 80s

by Why????reply 15903/15/2013

R159 I sincerely hope you get the mental attention you need as quickly as possible. Ever heard of something called punctu-fucking-ation? I realize it's relatively new, but Jesus!

by Why????reply 16003/15/2013

R150 link please

by Why????reply 16103/15/2013

R158, it's so silly since she's done a fine job of it and she was getting ready for the tour. If its drug use or mental illness its a disgrace to give her up. She stood by their asses. Nah, has to be something else.

by Why????reply 16203/15/2013

You make a good point, R159 (o.k, a few) until I remembered

the '90s

the noughties

and whatever this cultural void we're in now is called.

The '80s don't look too bad in comparison (apart from Reagan and AIDS).

by Why????reply 16303/15/2013

R154 I love all of those bands (well, except Asia). Go listen to your Bieber songs and STFU!

by Why????reply 16403/15/2013

[quote]I'm guessing it's something insurmountable like drug dependence or mental illness--something that prevents her from picking up a guitar and standing on stage for an hour.

She's still performing with her other band in Austin, TX, the Blue Bonnets.

And if they kicked her out for drugs, I call hypocrites.

by Why????reply 16503/15/2013

Well, that is the question...did Kathy refuse to tour with them?

Was the fact that she said she had a broken arm....but then did other dates later in that year.....cause a rift?

Something happened between the dates they did last summer and now for this to happen.

by Why????reply 16603/16/2013

From the small clues here and there, it looks like Gina may not be with this and Kathy loved a tweet that was a stab at Belinda. Broke my heart to read Kathy pretty much say it wasn't the way to go out. Mary!

Evidence that its Belinda's fault? No, but I blame her anyways!

by Why????reply 16703/18/2013

I don't about that, R167. Most fans seem to think the dispute is Jane/Belinda vs. Kathy, with Charlotte and Gina more in bystander mode. But Gina was out with Jane the night the announcement was made. If Gina disagreed with the decision, I don't think she'd be hanging out with Jane, especially so soon after the announcement. Plus, Gina's girlfriend is really close friends with Jane and Belinda as well.

Gina can "like" a comment on Facebook just as a sign of respect for all of her and Kathy's years of creating the rhythm section of the band.

I still think Kathy did something. I wish we had some Go-Go's friends with real info on this site.

by Why????reply 16803/18/2013

That's a good point r168 but I wouldnt rely on Gina's girlfriend as an indication. That woman is a total Groupie (feel bad for Gina) and is the type to try and hang on to Jane/Belinda anyway possible.

However, I suppose you are more right then wrong. At the very least Char or Gina had to agree since it had to come down to majority. But what in the world could justify kicking out Kathy? It's a betrayal, really.

by Why????reply 16903/18/2013

I have no inside knowledge but I'll speculate for the hell of it now:

Kathy Valentine has been sober a long time - perhaps she's a 12-stepper?

Her closest friend in the band is Charlotte who is probably a 12-stepper herself. Are there others in the band on the same program? Possibly.

What if KV has decided she CAN enjoy the occasional drink or joint without descending into a drug/alcohol bender? It's been known to happen.

Her fellow 12-stepper(s) might take a very dim view of that, which might explain KV's tweet before she was kicked out (as posted by R40):

[quote]I'm feeling a little ranty, a lot of annoying ridiculousness going on! Sucks when someone tries to make THEIR problem become YOUR problem!!

by Why????reply 17003/18/2013

Was Charlotte Kathy's closest friend in the band? I know Charlotte talked about flying to Austin to write a couple songs with her a couple years ago, but I always thought they were going extra lengths to smooth over their troubled history. They were estranged for a number of years.

I don't know if Gina's girlfriend is a groupie or just really loves Gina. Tough to tell.

by Why????reply 17103/18/2013

I don't think Charlotte and Kathy are close. I too thought it was just going the extra mile to mend things.

Total groupie. if she wasn't a Go-Go, I doubt she would be with her. Aw Gina, you can do better. *mary!tear*

by Why????reply 17203/18/2013

Maybe Kathy licensed the two songs she and Charlotte wrote or gave them to another band to record without Charlotte's permission? Nah, probably more like Kathy wanted a cut from last year's tour after she broke her wrist but didn't get it. Maybe she wanted some kind of guarantee this year and the others weren't comfortable with that.

My take: Gina's girlfriend (although a groupie) loves her, and Gina loves having someone dote on her. Gina's always been the most talented musician but most underappreciated Go-Go financially (lack of group songwriting credits), and now she has someone who appreciates everything about her, especially her Go-Go-ness.

by Why????reply 17303/18/2013

Well, I guess my fantasies are pretty wide of the mark.(@ R170).

Oh well. let's just blame Belinda then!

I'm kidding, of course. In a way I hope they manage to keep their squabble private. What good will it do me to know about their internal grievances?

by Why????reply 17403/18/2013

Belinda is a trouble making bitch and the more I see from Jane the more I realize how two faced she is.

by Why????reply 17503/18/2013

Details, R175? (Or should I say, Kathy?)

by Why????reply 17603/18/2013

Bless you r173 for trying to put a good face on it. Seriously.

If I may butt in, I think that is a horrible situation. To be wanted only because of who you know and what you were/are. That's not love, that's being a user hanger on. I love Gina, she's my favorite and I truly wish her happiness with someone good, not such an obvious groupie. Good for ego but its time to grow up.

Btw, glad to see I'm not the only one that picked up that groupie vibe!

Kathy situation: it's such bullshit! I'm with r175, Belinda is always causing trouble and Jane is no better. Breaks my heart to say.

by Why????reply 17703/18/2013

R174, true about not airing dirty laundry but I think we should get some explanation, no?

by Why????reply 17803/18/2013

How are Belinda and Jane always causing trouble? Gina's my fave too, and those are the two Go-Go's she seems to adore most, so I'm skeptical that they're troublemakers.

Kathy has seemed so fiercely angry in recent years on social media. That would be difficult to take all the time. If she had been screwed over, however, wouldn't she have said something hinting at the reason? It's another clue to me that she's somehow culpable for what happened.

Gina and her girlfriend have been together for more than four years. That's a long time for even a groupie to hang around. There must be some legit feelings there.

by Why????reply 17903/18/2013

I haven't felt that Kathy has been over the top angry. She has a right to now but I haven't really felt it in the past. The problem is that most fans can't wrap around any idea that could cause this. It's one thing to walk away, like the other two did before, but straight out fired?

Gina and gf actually broke up for awhile but gf tried like hell to get back. She loves having famous friends to brag about. my take is that Gina's lonely and rather have a user then nothing. Sad.

Gina is in LA all the time. I don't get why she doesn't just move back. SF isn't the cheapest place to live. If she doesn't agree with what's happened, it has to be $.

by Why????reply 18003/18/2013

To: Kathy... (AKA r176?)

Burn the bridge honey! Burn it! Give us that memoir with whole new chapters on this drama!

by Why????reply 18103/18/2013


by Why????reply 18203/19/2013

R180, who's Gina's gf? Is there a picture somewhere?

by Why????reply 18303/19/2013

So which one of you bitches is "gina schlock"? That Jodie/happy memories/great beaver was pretty funny.

by Why????reply 18403/19/2013

Sorry r183 but I rather not link it. But you can figure it out since the bitch always tries to cross reference the official twitter with her own.

by Why????reply 18503/19/2013

Not we got the beat

More like bitches look beat!

by Why????reply 18603/19/2013

Belinda is starting to give a lot of interviews because of her new single, Sun, which was co-written by Jane. She had a couple intriguing answers to PrideSource:

Re: Kathy leaving the Go-Go's: Well, it's kind of sensitive, but I will say that for a band and a band member to go separate ways after 30-odd years, there has to be some pretty significant reasons - and it's not all for nothing. That's as far as I can say, because it's very sensitive at this time.

Re: Whether having a gay son makes her feel closer to her gay fans: Actually, it kind of is. You know, I've always kind of gotten it, because from the beginning, my friends have been 90 percent gay and lesbian. That's just the way it's been for me. So I'd rather have a gay son than a straight son, let me just say that. But now, I look at it differently, because I know that when my son told me, it was like, "What's life gonna be like for him?" "Is he going to be treated equally wherever he goes?" I think about that for any gay person now, and I never really thought about that before. Now I think about how the world is toward gay people, and although it's better, we're still not 100 percent accepting.

Re: Belinda's own sexual adventures and why she won't talk about them because her son might read them: My son and I butt heads about anybody's sexuality, and he thinks that everybody who's gay and in the closet should come out; it's their responsibility. And I say no. I think if a person doesn't want to come out, it's their business. They have their reasons. That's kind of the way I feel about myself, too. But he knows. We laughed about it the other day. I think everybody does (have those experiences) and nobody likes to talk about it, that's all.

by Why????reply 18703/19/2013

A lot of the fantasizing in this thread is completely insane reading.

by Why????reply 18803/19/2013

Wow. Kathy just posted this on the Go-Go's Facebook page:

"Hi Go-Go's fans! I see the FB page has removed me from the likes and this won't be up long either, but come visit KV anytime over at my page. xoxox I'll miss you all"

Kathy was wrong. Her page is still listed on the Go-Go's "likes" list. LOL.

by Why????reply 18903/19/2013

Her son sounds like a douche.

by Why????reply 19003/19/2013

How about clearing up those "fantasies" then r188?

by Why????reply 19103/19/2013

I don't think she was wrong. She was gone from the liked page but is now back.

I want Kathy back in the gogos before they turn into Belinda's back up band but I must admit, I'm liking this drama.

by Why????reply 19203/19/2013

No, KV's page was always in their group of nine things "liked," but only five show up on their Facebook home page at any given time. I bet KV saw the page and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

I wonder what Belinda meant by calling the situation with Kathy a "sensitive one."

Someone mentioned upthread that Gina has been spending most of her time in L.A. How do you know that? Is it because of her songwriting and producing for the Disney kids?

by Why????reply 19303/19/2013

[quote] Burn the bridge honey! Burn it!


by Why????reply 19403/20/2013

In other current news, Iron Butterfly and Cream have broken up.

by Why????reply 19503/20/2013

[quote] Well, it's kind of sensitive, but I will say that for a band and a band member to go separate ways after 30-odd years, there has to be some pretty significant reasons - and it's not all for nothing. That's as far as I can say, because it's very sensitive at this time.

This from Whorinda, the part time GoGo whose bullshit has split the band up before.

Gah. I wish that cow had stayed away from the band and they'd have had Jane sing. Or anyone.

by Why????reply 19603/20/2013


No, I'm not bumping the thread, I mean I want a BUMP!

Christ, doesn't anyone here do BLOW anymore??!!?

by Why????reply 19703/20/2013

I don't think Kathy's twitter memoir caused the split. I think it was her temper tantrum at not being able to rejoin the tour as her wrist healed.

by Why????reply 19803/20/2013

What's with Belinda moving back to the states? Anyone know?

R193, it's not most of her time but at least once a month. I'm sure there are times that are more and less. I think she should move back down to get her songwriting career going or even transition to music supervising for film. She has the connections. Gina needs a plan B and C, since this drama can turn even uglier.

I do wonder how she got those Disney contacts, it was a smart move.

by Why????reply 19903/20/2013

R199, do you have inside information that the situation could get uglier or is it a gut feeling?

by Why????reply 20003/20/2013

No inside info but look at what's going on. These women aren't the most matured people around. Gina still acts like she's going through a midlife crisis at 55, tries to act young; not her age, Jane is the same with a bit of a 'mean girl' thrown in, Belinda like a "I'm above it all" but is not and Char still the follower. It's a matter of time, if we go by history. I love The GoGos but I calls it like I see it.

Ultimately, if it gets uglier, it will all depend if they all agreed to kick out Kathy or if at least one member voted no.

Agree r196

by Why????reply 20103/20/2013

Pretty good take, but I don't see Gina as being in a midlife crisis. She's with a woman who is in her 40s and has steady employment. I don't see her as trying to act younger than her years.

I am curious why people think Jane is a mean girl?

by Why????reply 20203/20/2013

Gina is dating a younger woman who wants to constantly go to clubs and bars. She's in her early 40's and Gina is at least 10 years older (good luck a few years from now). What's her steady employment? And if you don't see her trying hard to be younger, you are blind or haven't been paying attention.

Re Jane: you really haven't been paying attention.

by Why????reply 20303/20/2013

Gina has been in midlife crisis mode since her 40's. you should check out the pictures.

by Why????reply 20403/20/2013

Don't know how much to trust this but I do agree with his hash tag.

This was one of the theories put up since the start.

by Why????reply 20503/20/2013

Gina writes and produces songs for the younger Disney stars. I'd say that's a steady paycheck. I have looked at the photos - only a few from clubs. I've probably been out more than her in the past year, and I'm a stay-at-home bookworm. Since when is a 10-year age gap a big deal?

Seriously, what has Jane done? I've followed the band pretty closely over the years, and the only one whose behavior I've winced at has been Kathy's for her twitter gossip.

by Why????reply 20603/20/2013

She's only done a few songs, i wouldn't call it regular employment. There's a reason why everyone knows she's the most vulnerable when it comes to money.

Age + behavior

Midlife crisis going on since 40's, we aren't just talking this year.We are talking on going years of this behavior, for all these ladies.

Even old fans recognize this in these girls.

by Why????reply 20703/20/2013

[quote] or even transition to music supervising for film.

It worked for us!

by Why????reply 20803/22/2013

R205 is interesting.

I knew Jane and Belinda were at the center of this! I always loved Jane but like I said upthread, something unusual was happening with her....

If it WAS the Twitter memoir, then what I think might have happened is that the remaining Go-Go's kicked Kathy out because she was sharing/publishing her memoirs....and perhaps they feared Kathy would tell the REAL story about what happened back in the day?

'Cause Belinda's memoir is pretty sanitized from the main Go-Go days. She may talk to a degree about drinking/drugs but not about the massive amounts of cock they all had (except for Gina) and not about some of the Mean Girls bullshit they pulled. And are STILL pulling.

by Why????reply 20903/22/2013

I'm not convinced that Kenneth site is legit, R209. Seemed like speculation to me, and we're treating it like fact.

by Why????reply 21003/22/2013

I would think that the most embarassing revelation abou the Go-Go's is the filth they all lived in. That whole scene was dirty and turned most women off from attending the clubs and parties. But these chicks didn't care and lived a truly yucky lifestyle.

I wonder if they passed around dirty needles--most people did in those days.

by Why????reply 21103/22/2013

Son of a bitch! Next you're going to tell me The Runaways have broken up too. Shit!

by Why????reply 21203/22/2013

[quote]But these chicks didn't care and lived a truly yucky lifestyle.

It was called "punk"

It gave them street cred.

by Why????reply 21303/22/2013

Are Belinda and her husband still Republicans?

by Why????reply 21403/22/2013

Belinda was clamboxing too? Didn't she hump Gina or was that KV?

by Why????reply 21503/22/2013

Belinda fucked everything that moved.

I remember her dating a major league baseball player (whose name escapes me at the moment) and she did a radio show on one of their tours when she was dating him.

She was obviously high or buzzed, made several suggestions about the size of his cock (which made it into a music magazine - spoiler alert: it was big) and then said something like, "well, he's hardly the only one, anyway."

Cocaine is a lubricant!

by Why????reply 21603/22/2013

It was Mike Marshall, R216.

With Belinda admitting her cocaine and alcohol addictions lasted until 2005 - including during her pregnancy - I'm really surprised she and her son have such a close relationship. I'm surprised her husband stuck with her all that time.

by Why????reply 21703/22/2013

I'm most struck by the rumor that Jane and Belinda have teamed up. My impression is that there was bad blood between those two for years (Howard Stern accused Jane of being jealous of Belinda when the Go-Go's were on his show some years back. Jane attempted to avoid directly answering, and Belinda gave her a smug look) and that Belinda was a major user (of Jane) and rather nasty towards, and dismissive of, her. Via interviews, I've heard and read a number of mean girl comments Belinda has made about the others over the years. And now Jane is writing songs for her? Hmmm...

by Why????reply 21803/22/2013

Can I play in the band Now? And who stole my fucking purse?

by Why????reply 21903/23/2013

In all previous chatter about feuds, R218, everyone asserted good relationships with Belinda. She seemed to be the one the others had the least bad blood with - probably because she lived in Europe and they saw her the least.

Jane did leave the Go-Go's because she wanted to sing more lead vocals and Belinda wouldn't step aside, but a few years on her own made Jane appreciate the comfort of a group approach.

Kathy had major problems with both Jane and Charlotte for years. Gina and Charlotte had their lawsuit, which apparently left no lasting scars as they're fine with each other now.

I'm looking forward to seeing the group dynamics on this year's tour.

by Why????reply 22003/24/2013

I don't know why Belinda gets the shitty end of the stick. Like it or not, she was the breakout star of the group. She had a face that was made for stardom.

I remember Jane saying that she was jealous of the attention Belinda received in the mid-late 80's, as Jane was trying to carve out a solo career herself. But Belinda got the billboard hits, the hot hollywood actor for a husband, got Diane Keaton to direct some of her videos, got to work with people like George Harrison.

Jane got to be the singing telegram in Clue.

by Why????reply 22103/24/2013

Well, Jane did get to be Joan of Arc in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Totally gnarly, dude!

I like Jane. She seems to have a very short attention span and likes having her hand in many different pots.

Belinda is admittedly lazy. She doesn't like to learn new songs and rehearse much, but I agree she gets a bad rap.

by Why????reply 22203/24/2013

These women should just be happy that they crawled out of the sewer to have great success, much of it undeserved. But who cares--they gave the public what it wanted and improved their lives.

Belinda loves the penis and good on her for getting it for so long.

Gina loves the vaginer and best regards for getting it for free.

Janey loves both the peeny and verginer and got to stick her nose/hand/toe into both and she was high too.

Charlotte--heroin lover, but now has a baby girl--that's the best!

Kathy--an undetermined entity that seems to be more discerning in her tastes but looks great!

The Runaways retired from rock young and most went to college. They were real musicians who were great live--a real rock band.

But they weren't ruled by cock and verginer so they went to college and used their minds. Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

by Why????reply 22303/24/2013

Really? You guys can't figure out why Belinda gets a bad rap?

by Why????reply 22403/24/2013

Kathy isn't looking so good, R223, and Charlotte's baby girl is an adult now.

I don't believe Jane is bisexual as she claims. I think she just wants to appear hip - or help lead Gina out from the closet.

And I'm waiting for details, R224. TIA.

by Why????reply 22503/24/2013

This has been covered in this and other gogo threads r225 but lets start simple:

1) The reason for the original breakup was so she can abandon the rest of the girls and be a solo star. That whole "drug" reason, I call bullshit on. Belinda never stopped until 2005. Charlotte cleaned up much much sooner.

2) She comes back to the Go-Gos only after her career starts to stall. Aw, isn't she great?

3) She's a lazy ass who refuses to do new songs. The rest of the band have been wanting to record new for years but Belinda doesn't want to. 4 vs 1, but she wins. She doesn't need the $$ so why work? If the other girls want to do new music and you don't, let them go find a new singer. Watch the girls try to replace her, watch Belinda run to mark her territory.

There's more but I think this is enough to get a good back and forth conversation going. Anyone else want to add to the list?

by Why????reply 22603/24/2013

Great... We've been named on that damn Go-Go board. Now no one is going to gossip anymore.

by Why????reply 22703/24/2013

Why would that stop the gossip, R227?

by Why????reply 22803/24/2013

What are they saying about us R227? Besides it's not like there's been all that much scandalous gossip going on.

I was just a baby when the Gogos first hit it big, but of course I'm familiar with some of their songs plus I've found this whole thread interesting. Yes, Belinda had the best looks back then so it figures she would want to try for a solo career, but I think Kathy looks the best now and her tweets make her seem like she's a cool person.

by Why????reply 22903/24/2013

Belinda didn't become attractive until the late 1980s when she took some weight off. Charlotte and Gina were the really pretty ones back in the day.

Kathy used to be one of my favorites until I started following her on social media. She's passive-aggressive. She went onto the Go-Go's Facebook page a few days ago and asked her fans to follow her on Facebook since the Go-Go's had removed her from their "likes" list. Only they hadn't. A few stupid fans are still bitching about it and haven't figured out Kathy made it up or was just wrong and too proud to apologize.

Kathy also went on a bizarre rant on Twitter during the Go-Go's tour last year. Jane had to jump in and calm her down. For the first time, I could see the anger issues that always put her at odds with Jane and Charlotte.

by Why????reply 23003/24/2013

Ok, R230, but those rants didn't come out of nowhere I assume if they were due to the fact she was off their tour last year and out of the band this year.

by Why????reply 23103/24/2013

Kathy's twitter feed isn't angry. It was Jane who tweet-ranted during the tour, then realized how mean she sounded and deleted it. All of Kathy's twitter posts said nice things about Abby and told fans to go and enjoy the show. The one that made Jane rant was Kathy's reply to a friend or fan that who was sorry Kathy wasn't going to be there. So she replied, yes, it's sad. Go through and read it's all there.

by Why????reply 23203/25/2013

R228, come on I'm sure you have been here awhile. You know people (like me!)clam up the moment this place gets named somewhere. If you want a gem to come out, you can't be naming this place.

Agree r232, I've never saw any of these so-called-angry tweets. Jane ranted but Kathy would not. And even if someone felt she ranted, Kathy had the reason to. She was ok to join after awhile but they didn't let her. If they were going to do that to her, at least allow her The Hollywood Bowl. I remember Kathy tweeting a thank you for lettering her play when they hit Texas.

by Why????reply 23303/25/2013

Yeah, I saw the tweets too and it was Jane who came off as the angry ranter, if that's even a word. She's always struck me to be bi-polar or a minimum she's not stable. She once posted a few YouTube videos looking like complete shit while being in a depressed mood, and just going off on weird tangents about shit she's going through in her life. All in a seemingly desperate attempt to be noticed. Kinda pathetic.

Just go to YouTube and search for Jane Wiedlin Sad Sad and you'll see them.

Kathy on the other hand always seemed the most level-headed. She's been sober for what 15, 20, 25 years I think. She's got a kid and that seemed to cement her ability to put any desire to return to the partying ways of the Go-Go's behind her. Belinda, Jane, Gina...they have all fallen off the wagon several times and that's hardly a secret. Only Charlotte seems to have, like Kathy, been able to stay on track.

by Why????reply 23403/25/2013

KV most certainly went on a rant. She had between 8 and 10 posts complaining that she was ready to rejoin the Go-Go's tour but was told not to because the others were concerned about the health of her wrist.

Jane jumped in and told KV to catch her breath. KV then deleted all of her tweets that day, which is why you can't see them, R232. I was shocked by KV's anger that day.

A few months later, KV tweeted that she hadn't heard from the Go-Go's and it was her birthday. Beginning of the end.

by Why????reply 23503/25/2013

But once again r235 sounds like she had a reason. Why make it seem like she's throwing useless tantrums? more then one poster has said thats not the interpretation most saw.

If she was ranting because she was angry over the tour,which she wasn't IMO, I don't blame her.

by Why????reply 23603/25/2013

If Jane Wiedlin lashed out at something Kathy Valentine tweeted to a fan about being sorry to be unable to attend a concert how do you put that on Kathy Valentine? Sounds to me like Kathy Valentine was being friendly to a fan that was disappointed, as many are now, that she wouldn't be in attendance. For Jane to jump in and go off just sounds immature and actually kinda mean. I mean, way to kick your bandmate when she's already down, bitch.

by Why????reply 23703/25/2013

Oh, geez, the revisionists here. Kathy wasn't tweeting her condolences to a fan for her absence several months ago. She was bitching that the other girls didn't let her rejoin them when she felt her wrist was adequately healed.

She lashed out at them - no, not in answer to a fan - and later thought better of it and removed all of the tweets.

You obviously didn't see the tweets or you wouldn't be mischaracterizing them as you are.

I don't know what happened with the other Go-Go's or if this was the reason for the split. I'm just saying for those of you who are bashing and blaming Jane and Belinda that I've seen an ugly side of Kathy as well.

Ironically, my faves were always Gina and Charlotte, so I have no skin in this game as they appear to be bystanders in this fight.

by Why????reply 23803/25/2013

My favorite is Gina, so I too don't have a big dog in this but how can you try and make it seem like Kathy has gone off the crazy train? Wouldn't you be pissed at the shit they pulled on her? If she ranted, it's with good reason, unlike the others! who does go on off the wall rants. And the blame Belinda? Well geez...she certainly has a history that you are over looking.

by Why????reply 23903/25/2013

I don't know if Kathy has gone crazy. I've said she has had some passive-aggressive tweets, such as during the last tour and complaining about a lack of social media love on her birthday. I think both reactions are weird, but maybe that's just me.

I don't know if shit has been pulled on Kathy. I don't know if Kathy is the one who has been pulling the shit. I don't think you know either.

I haven't seen off-the-wall rants from the others. I'll keep a closer eye out for them if you say they're happening.

Belinda annoys the crap out of me for not recording new music, but I don't know of any history of games you're referencing in the past 20 years. (I'll cut them all slack from 1979-85.)

by Why????reply 24003/25/2013

P.S., I also thought it was extremely bizarre for Kathy to go onto the Go-Go's Facebook page and leave a message that the page had removed her from its list of "likes." It hadn't. Her page was there when she posted it. It's still there now.

That type of behavior is a bit unhinged, IMO.

by Why????reply 24103/25/2013

I've been a huge Go-Go's fan even before I saw them open for the Police on the Ghost in the Machine tour. Have seen them three more times since including close up on their first and second headline tours. Only Gina ranks as a fine musician, but as it's been said here already, Go-Go music doesn't really require much extreme showboating outside of the mostly fast and loud rythms. Even when she was chubby in the mid80's Belinda is an extreme beauty. Now, my question is one not yet mentioned here. Why did she fuck up her face? I think she went to Priscilla Presley's doctor. It's just plain creepy to look at her. The music has lasted well and doesn't sound terribly dated. They have influenced and inspired females to pick up quitars and sticks and play with the big boys. That can never be denied. How many other, younger female popstars write and play their own songs today even though the Go-Go's did it 30 years ago. They've been the greatest dysfunctional family since the beginning and that's something I celebrate. I'm continually amazed that with all the backstabbing, drugs, financial and fame disparities, these women and still come together, for whatever reasons and give a fair sized audience a great time and their money's worth. It's really shitty that Kathy seems to be out of the band. She still seems to be close to other female artists from the 80's and today. So she has a respect factor that Jane and Belinda seem to be lacking. I'm sure the next VH1 Behind the Music, with an update will be revealing about this whole bunch of shit.

by Why????reply 24203/25/2013

Oh fuck, I don't have any dogs in this fight and I saw the tweets too and there was no bitching on the part of Kathy. Nope. It was all very matter of the fact explaining to a follower that she wouldn't be joining the tour because the other girls didn't want her out of concern for her wrist, and that's when Jane tweeted IN ALL CAPS that Kathy broke her wrist or something like that, as if it were not already known or as if Kathy was accusing the band of pulling a Nancy Kerrigan on her. Why wouldn't Jane privately e-mail Kathy unless she felt the need to publicly butt-in? If anyone is to blame for that tweet war it's sweet little Jane.

I do question why Kathy would not be allowed to join the tour though. Isn't it between her and her doctor as to whether or not it's a health risk? Couldn't they have the substitute as a standby? Seems kinda dumb that the others would keep her from playing if she wanted to play. There's gotta be more to it than this.

by Why????reply 24303/25/2013

You're wrong, R243. KV was obviously pissed. She later deleted all of the tweets from that day.

by Why????reply 24403/25/2013

That actually sounds like the appropriate thing to do.

by Why????reply 24503/25/2013

Well, I'm sure none of them are perfect (Gina is the only one I've actually seen be a bitch with my own eyes) but if nothing else, they gave us "Our Lips Are Sealed" which is still one of my 10 favorite songs of all time. I listen to it at least three times a week on my work commute.

Didn't know Belinda had a new single until this thread. It's not bad.

by Why????reply 24603/25/2013

Christ r243... Keep stomping those feet.

by Why????reply 24703/25/2013

R242 brought up a good question. What's with the Botox on Belinda. Ease up woman! She's been going Half-Pint on us for years now. Heres another question, What's with the L.A move?

R246, lets go, give us the details on bitchy Gina. There was someone on Micheal Ks sight that constantly mentioned what a bitch she was, when her B-day greetings were posted.

by Why????reply 24803/25/2013

The thing that bothers me the most is that, after a month from the announcement, we still haven't got any "official" statement with the reason why The Go-Go's have fired KV. "The Go-Go’s have parted ways with bassist Kathy Valentine, citing irreconcilable differences.". With that statement (sounds very lawyerish to me) they left KV as the bitch. She is not the bitch, and they should thank KV she hasn't spread all the band's inside dirt

Even if that's the official announcement, I think the other 4 left should tell us the truth in a polite way. There are people who have been support them for over 30yrs. The band should treat their fans better not as stupid kids.

by Why????reply 24903/26/2013

Yes, spill the beans on Gina's bitchiness please.

by Why????reply 25003/26/2013

Agree with you r249 but the line that bothered me was the "original line up" WTF? Not cool. She is an original GoGo since she was there with them in the first, second, third, and forth albums and when they hit it big.

After so much support from their hardcore base, they owe it to them especially.

by Why????reply 25103/26/2013

They don't give a flying fuck about their fans anymore, if they ever did. It's all about the money that touring provides, and in Belinda's case the fame that she desperately craves. She's been on one reality show after another (Hell's Kitchen, Dancing With The Stars, Celebrity Duets) and even game shows (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?) and she even went so far as to pose for Playboy (the pics were airbrushed to point of non-recognition). She even taped a pilot for her own reality show called Belindia and nobody wanted it, lol. If they cared about their fans they would make new music or at least change their set lists, or even their clothes. Anyone who has seen them in concert has seen Belinda Carlisle wearing the same black outfit for years.

by Why????reply 25203/26/2013

I always felt that the two that actually cared for the fans were Kathy and to a lesser extent Gina.

Belinda looks miserable in some of those fan photos.

I knew she was in Dancing with the stars but had no idea about the rest.

by Why????reply 25303/26/2013

Ok, just watched the Gogos Behind the Music episode on youtube. I've linked it below.

I didn't know that everyone was mad at Charlotte and Jane because they were the songwriters and therefore making more money. That's such a duh! moment. Without those catchy hooks there probably wouldn't be any Gogos.

Question for the Gogo experts - in that doc, Gina says they each had a favorite drug, but they only mention Charlotte's heroin and Belinda's love of cocaine. Do you guys know what the res of the girls were into?

by Why????reply 25403/26/2013

Oops forgot the link to the Behind the Music episode, if anyone cares--

by Why????reply 25503/26/2013


Cocaine cocaine cocaine.

It was the 80s.

by Why????reply 25603/26/2013

R254, Kathy was alcohol, Jane was coke or speed or some such thing and Gina was weed and coke. From what understood, Gina never had the big addiction like Belinda, she falls under casual, i guess. Charlotte/Kathy cleaned up completely.

by Why????reply 25703/26/2013

Thanks R257.

by Why????reply 25803/26/2013

So can that be reason for Belinda moving back to the states, hogwarts r252?

by Why????reply 25903/26/2013

Belinda has a new song out called "Sun" and it's actually pretty good (and I'm not even a big fan of hers).

But yes, I think she moved back to LA because she wants to get into the spotlight again. She lived in France for over 20 years and it's strange how suddenly she moved back to LA - a city she once said she didn't like being in for more than 2 weeks at a time.

by Why????reply 26003/26/2013

[R246] here. So I met them backstage before a show a few years ago, and they were all really friendly, except Gina who seemed over it. After the show, a friend approached her for an autograph and said how much he loved the show. she didn't even look at him, signed the paper and sort of tossed it back at him without a word. I dunno, maybe she was having a bad day.

On the other hand, Belinda hugged me backstage. I managed to wrangle myself front and center at the edge of the stage and she kept smiling and winking and waving at me during the concert. I heard from other people who had gone backstage that Belinda had been a bitch, so I don't know what I did that made her like me.

I thought they all looked pretty good up close other than Belinda's botox and what have you. They are all tiny people!

by Why????reply 26103/26/2013

Well now she's raving how much she loves it r260. Weird, isnt it? I though maybe she was having $$ problems since she always seem to put down her hometown.

by Why????reply 26203/26/2013

I don't see how it's strange at all. Her son moved to LA a couple of years ago and she probably missed him and wants to be close to him. And to her dealers, hahaha.

by Why????reply 26303/26/2013

Carlisle has no money problems. She married the late actor James Mason's son and when his mother died they inherited a bundle. A BUNDLE. Why do you think she kept him for so long?

by Why????reply 26403/26/2013

We know that r264, but you never know. She could have snorted majority of it by now.

R263, it's strange because she had made it clear how much happier she is over there. How she wouldn't move back.

by Why????reply 26503/26/2013

I agree she probably likes being near her California-living son. Belinda and her husband seem to have an odd marriage. Perhaps they like being apart some of the year? Maybe in her mid-50s she appreciates being near old friends, family and a different social scene.

I'm curious about Jane's battle with depression. She didn't seem to be in a good place a couple years ago.

by Why????reply 26603/26/2013

Belinda just did this interview with Joan Rivers and she says that she still spends half the time in France. I was surprised when she said she knows how to speak French - how did she have the time or ability to learn it during all those years of being strung out?

Anyway, it's a cute interview.

by Why????reply 26703/28/2013

I knew I didn't hallucinate the previous thread about the Gogo's antics (linked here).

The more I see of Kathy's Twitter and Belinda's interviews, this all seems to be shaping up as: Belinda and Jane can have side projects, but when Kathy played with the Blue Bonnets at the end of last year after her injury healed, it was decided she couldn't have a side project - and she was fired.

by Why????reply 26803/31/2013

[quote]They've been touring every summer with more and more attendance every year including sold out shows.

I just checked on Ticketmaster, and they have 5 random dates they're playing this year - you call that a tour? Seems more like random one-off appearances here and there.

by Why????reply 26903/31/2013

R269, They've just started putting up dates for this year, they are not done announcing all of them. How about you check information for more then just this year before you try and dismiss what a people have been telling you?Christ..

by Why????reply 27003/31/2013

R270 Okay, Jane!

by Why????reply 27103/31/2013

LOL at the 80's fangurl R270!

by Why????reply 27203/31/2013

R268, they all have side projects. Kathy has played with a couple other bands for many years. You're way off on your supposition.

by Why????reply 27303/31/2013

Don't get mad r272 that someone derailed your obvious troll post.

by Why????reply 27403/31/2013

R272 Shush, Whorinda.

by Why????reply 27504/01/2013

why did the Go-Go's and Kathy Valentine part ways?

i think i can answer this question for you all.

The Go-Go's Belinda Carlisle & Jane Wiedlin are behind this. They had KV fired because belinda & jane wanted more money for their tours. (charlotte & gina already get less than jane & belinda do)

Both Belinda & Jane feel that they are the stars of the Go-Go's.

Kathy wanted the $$$ from tours to be split equally, but jane said no and forced belinda into helping her get rid of kathy.

Jane is a very greedy & selfish person.

by Why????reply 27604/01/2013

But Charlotte and Jane get the royalties because they wrote most if the songs.

by Why????reply 27704/01/2013

Don't quote my ass r277 but I once heard that music played on tours don't pay out. It's only when album is bought or songs licensed, do they get royalties, if that's what you mean. So the tours would be their major source of income.

R276 does make the most sense and is one of the most fucked up reasons. Let their asses try to replace Gina, doubt they can find someone as good of a fit for them.

Is it me or is Gina always the one to get screwed in these deals? Time to marry a millionaire.

by Why????reply 27804/01/2013

Well Belinda is the biggest star, there's no denying that, but Jane? Why, the one solo hit? It's only one song, a bit of a stretch to say that makes her a star on her own. She was the strongest songwriter, but most people don't even look at the songwriting credits. I don't think Jane is considered a bigger star because of her songwriting.

by Why????reply 27904/01/2013

No but a lot of people like Jane and a lot associate her as being one of the important GoGos, although I think they are all equal.

If there is a second in command, it's Jane.

by Why????reply 28004/01/2013

It's cunty of her to expect more money, though. That's taking money out of the hands of the other women, and I don't think she's that much bigger of a draw than they are.

by Why????reply 28104/01/2013

About 32 years ago, Jane sang the "Hush my darling, don't you cry" solo verse in Our Lips Are Sealed. So I made her my no. 2.

Any more questions, bitches?

by Why????reply 28204/01/2013

Five women in menopause or freshly post- menopausal and everyone is wondering why they have so many issues.

First off, it's got to be hard to travel and tour during these years, especially when they have so worn down their bodies with drugs and alcohol.

Secondly, they have probably all slept with each other so there's all of that drama.

And lastly, to be playing those tired old songs--I hear that they don't change their set and every concert is identical.

The Go-go's need to record a new album but with mature and eccentric music. They need to reestablish themselves as artists and not as a county fair retro act.

Tey need to pull off an album similar to Genesis' The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway or Bowie's Low.

The Go-go's should put out an apocalyptic concept album, perhaps based on the upcoming Earth methane field explosions or fracking catastrophes.

by Why????reply 28304/01/2013

They would love to r283 but Blimpy is too lazy to do it. Damn, you would think she'll help out her sisters when in need. They put up with her shit.

by Why????reply 28404/01/2013

cc: Jane Weidlin Charlotte Cafferty Belinda Carlisle Gina Shock Kathy Valentine

Dear Jane and Charlotte, I am a big fan of your Go-Go's compositions and appreciate the advances you have made for women in rock and pop music. You are, in a word, iconic.

That being said, The Go-Go's are now considered something of an 80's retro act, and I believe that you five ladies are far too talented and relevant to be locked in the 'box' of memory acts.

I submit to you my idea of a new Go-Go's concept album, something that has been previously unheralded by any New Wave act.

My idea is a concept album based on the true story of the man who died after having sex with a horse. Now, ladies, this was a true event that happened down Philadelphia way. I think that this album could even be all-instrumental, which could show those Go-Go chops off to the world.

May I submit a tentative title to you: "Horseplay"

by Why????reply 28504/01/2013

Jane who? That little pixie one with the desperate and never-ending pleas for attention? LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME! I'm going to be Marilyn Monroe when we get our Star on Hollywood. LOOK AT ME! I'm going to put a pink wig on when we got on the TODAY show! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I'm going to reveal to the world that I am a bi-sexual fetish freak on THE SURREAL WORLD! Don't you dare call me a has-been! It's not working. Fuck!!! FUCK!!! I know! I'm going to kick Kathy Valentine out of the band because she's getting too much attention on my side of the stage. BELINDA, she's making too much me! Help me! We don't need her anymore. No one will notice and instead they'll all LOOK AT ME!!!

by Why????reply 28604/01/2013

Good. I think they should purge all bassism and other forms of prejudice.

by Why????reply 28704/01/2013

even if thats the reason, it had to be more then just Belinda and Jane, right?

by Why????reply 28804/01/2013

I thought they were Back! after the catchy "Unforgiven", but typically they were unable to maintain the momentum.

by Why????reply 28904/01/2013

It seems to me that Belinda is being controlled by yoga demons. In fact, her possession is so strong that she even moved to India to live more closely to them.

Don't laugh, but yoga has a very strange history that belies the good nature of its pants.

It was a very misogynstic and drug-addled practice. Westerners don't know about this because it was promoted by the satanic laurel Canyon music scene and the Tavistock Institute which promoted the Beatles.

Belinda, come home to the West. You grew up a cowgirl and don't forget it! Respect your roots, babe.

Your Go-Go systers need you, and I don't mean sexually. They need you to help the go-go's take off in a new artistic direction.

Belinda, Babe, get off of that fucking yoga mat and get on the Go-Go train.

by Why????reply 29004/01/2013

I love Unforgiven, LaLa Land and pretty much every song on that album. They really need to release a new album, they can do it but it only takes Belinda to say yes. The other women have been ready for years to follow up on that album.


Lets go back to ragging on Belinda. That was fun!

by Why????reply 29104/01/2013

"Unforgiven" was a flop, it did chart at all on the pop chart, just made it to #22 on the Adult-Contemporary chart. Catchy? It's just noisy and obnoxious, doesn't compare at all to their classics. They should've stuck to their original sound. Beautiful, recording in 1994, sounds like classic Go Gos and is just as good.

by Why????reply 29204/01/2013

There's nothing wrong with trying a different direction. It was slightly harder then their usual New Wave roots but it was still a great album.

How was it a flop when it made it #22? granted, didn't set the world on fire but a real flop never would have charted at all. I might be wrong but I don't think their last album was advertised all that much.

Its a different world now and they can release on their own.I would love for them to continue on the route of GBTGGs. At least try something...blimpina

by Why????reply 29304/01/2013

Jane: I need more money. All my solo records suck. I've been selling my used, smelly boots on eBay and trying to sublet my ugly, decorated by a teenaged boy loft in downtown Los Angeles for a while now but it's not cutting it.

Gina: Bitch, you got enough dough. I need more money. Do you know how much beer a lesbian my size can throw back every day? It's bad enough I've turned to Pabst Blue Ribbons. I want to drink Stella again but I cannot afford it. My girlfriend drinks those, but she tells me Pabst is better for my waistline. Do these sweats make my ass look big, Charlotte?

Charlotte: Huh? I mean, what are you two going on about now? Oh, never mind, just do what you want and wake me when you are done.

Jane: Help us, Belinda. We need more money and you need to stand next to a bunch of middle-aged women to make your Botox'd and distorted face look somewhat normal again.

Belinda: I am too busy chanting and planning my next trip India. Shut the hell up and do what you want. Just tell Duke to fill me in when I get back.

Jane: Kathy, what's your favorite color?

Kathy: It changes, this month I'm into gold glitter.

Jane: I knew it! The rest of us like blue. Irreconcilable differences!!! You're FIRED! We want to be like the B52's someday and eventually that means Belinda and I and a bunch of back-up musicians will be singing We Got The Beat at county fairs and truck stops.

Gina: Hey, wait a minute! Charlotte, WAKE UP!

Jane: Shut up, dyke. Drink your Pabst and let her sleep. I know what I'm doing. Hey, can I have your boots? I'll put them on Ebay.

by Why????reply 29404/01/2013

Jane, color those boots gold glitter, they might sell.

Gina, for the love of god put down the Blue Ribbon and every other beer. Seriously, go drum for some other bands, don't be lazy.

Belinda, are you even married still?

Char, Wake up! We love you!

by Why????reply 29504/01/2013

R278 yes, Jane and Charlotte make money from radio, TV, and licensing the songs they wrote. Touring money is from performances. Without Kathy, the gals will make more from a 4-way split.

by Why????reply 29604/01/2013

[quote]Is it me or is Gina always the one to get screwed in these deals? Time to marry a millionaire.

Right. Well lesbian millionaires are in short supply to begin with, who what millionaire is going to want to marry a 56 year old sweatpants for all occasions type with arthritic hands.

And is she suffering from some other ailment? Her face looks like it has the prednisone bloat.

by Why????reply 29704/01/2013

I've been wanting to ask that r297 but I felt it was rude. Now that you've brought it up..

Her face changed quite a bit starting in '94 but yeah, in the last 5 years something might be up. Medical reason did cross my mind... or maybe it really is too much Blue Ribbon.

by Why????reply 29804/01/2013

People bitch about Belinda's clothing on stage but its Gina that should get grief. Granted, she's behind the kit but for the love of god, dress up a little like you used to do. No more Sweatpants!

by Why????reply 29904/01/2013

I always thought Kathy was the George Harrison of the band. People think Jane and Charlotte wrote everything but KV co-wrote on more singles than Jane did, 3 of them. Kathy was new in the band for the first record and only had one song, one of the best ones, but every record after that had a pretty equal split of songwriters. I also remember reading they are a democracy. Belinda makes the most solo and keeps the Go-Gos in their place, just tossing the girls a bone for a few weeks in the summer and refusing to change the set or do new songs.

by Why????reply 30004/01/2013

Belinda can think she's the star but she needs them as much as they need her these days. She can't sell out a show as Belinda in the U.S. but can as a Go-Go.

by Why????reply 30104/01/2013

R301 I completely agree.

by Why????reply 30204/01/2013

R286, you are one pathetic puppy.

The naysayers still don't have it.

by Why????reply 30304/01/2013

The naysayers don't have what?

by Why????reply 30404/01/2013

Belinda came off pretty well in that video with Joan. She looked better too-- her face didn't look so jacked up.

by Why????reply 30504/01/2013

I'm only reading between the lines, but I don't think the split with Kathy had to do with Jane, R304. It's weird how so many have jumped on the bandwagon to make her the bad guy in this imagined scenario.

Not really a Jane fan - I was always fondest of Charlotte and Gina and think they put out the two best post-Go-Go's albums by far - but I don't get the Jane blame here.

by Why????reply 30604/01/2013

r306, The assumption for Belinda being at fault is because of past history and current attitude. Jane because of past attitudes but mostly because of the little Twitter thing that happened last year or so with KV. Those are my theories.

I put the blame on Belinda cause I want to but in reality, 3 out of the 4 at least, needed to agree to this, right?

by Why????reply 30704/01/2013

On the four biggest singles, Caffey has nearly 50 percent of the writing credits, while Valentine and Wiedlin have just under 25 percent each. (The remainder belongs to Terry Hall of the Specials, who cowrote "Our Lips Are Sealed.") Caffey is going to get the most royalty money from radio airplay and sales, but touring is the real source of cash. Since the band can't tour without Carlisle -- who has other, non Go-Go sources of money and doesn't need to tour -- I bet she gets to call the shots. Further speculation: Wiedlin and Schock probably need the money the worst and are willing to go along with whatever. Why was Valentine booted? She was the non-Californian in the band and the last to join and went back to Texas almost ten years ago. Her husband is an attorney. Maybe she's the outsider in the band, maybe she's financially solvent )her husband is an attorney) and therefore willing to call bullshit. This kind of fight happens in all oldies bands that tour for a living. If one of the original members is being annoying, it's very tempting for the other original members to throw him or her out of the band, hire a cheaper replacement, and divvy up the profits.

by Why????reply 30804/01/2013

Valentine has been divorced for two years, R308.

by Why????reply 30904/01/2013

Wiedlin and Schock live in SF, one of the most expensive cities in the country. If they need cash, they got to move. Bone head move to live their if they need to extend income.

The impression I always had was KV and Schock were the closest. They were the ones left behind back in '85 and they were in a band together outisde of the GoGo's. Out of all of them, I expect Schock to be the one not in agreement with this firing but who knows?

Char seems to be exactly what the other post made her out to be, asleep.

by Why????reply 31004/01/2013


by Why????reply 31104/01/2013

Gina is very close to Jane and Belinda.

by Why????reply 31204/01/2013

I don't think Gina needs the money. She's been doing a lot of writing for other artists and I believe other projects. I could look it up, but I'm too lazy.

by Why????reply 31304/01/2013

Those were years ago r313. The latest one that got produced for one of the Nick-kids weren't on the level of Selena Gomez or Miley money. She has to be living off the tour money only at this point. I haven't heard any other projects from her.

Gina maybe close to Jane now, since they live in the same city but I wonder who her loyalties are stronger to.

by Why????reply 31404/01/2013

Gina always cared the most about the Go-Go's. She knew they could have been really special, and she loves playing in concert.

by Why????reply 31504/01/2013

Agree r315, she has always seem to be the only one to really get what they were, and could have been. Kathy as well, I think. Could be since they were the two true musicians in the group.

by Why????reply 31604/01/2013

When Jane asked Charlotte to join the band in late 1978, it was because Char already knew how to play two instruments. She's never really been considered one of the true musicians in the group.

Is Charlotte considered a good guitar and keyboard player?

by Why????reply 31704/02/2013

Good? Yes. Charlotte played bass in The Eyes before being asked to play guitar in the GoGos. She also studied music in college and played piano there. Her skills as a guitarist over the years went from OK to Capable to Good. She's not a virtuoso or anything. She does not improvise, and arguably the surf sound she brought to the GoGos was more because that simple style of playing what she could do at the time. But it worked. She's probably a better songwriter than she is a player.

by Why????reply 31804/02/2013

gina & belinda are very close!

i thought KV & char were very close, but how could char let this happen?

jane & bel are close but jane is and always been secretly jealous & resentful of belinda-and still is. But i do think its easier for jane to just kiss belinda's ass now, which she does! alot!

kv stated in an interview less than 2 years ago she was closest w/ char , and then belinda (probably belinda cuz KV was there for her when she finally got sobers)

i've read all the replies several times on this thread... and to any of you who have implied that KV is using again is absurd. KV has over 25 years of sobriety and is the most mentally balanced of all 5 go-go's.

it sucks the way this whole thing has gone down. i do believe KV is hurt by this....she's had a rough 2 years... a divorce, lost her dream house, broken foot, broken wrist & now has been kicked out of the Go-Go's...But if you ever read KV's twitter memoir or follow her on twitter, you know she's very strong... she will be ok!

But i can guarantee the go-go's wont be! sure, they will make money off the tour this summer, but friendships/relationships will never be the same after this. it also cheapens the Go-Go's legacy

by Why????reply 31904/02/2013

Yes, how could Charlotte let this happen?

Outvoted is the only reasonable explanation.

If it's true that Gina and Belinda and Jane are closest now, then that's a majority that couldn't be overcome by just one.

It's just shady. After 32 years they kick one of their own to the curb. What the bejeebus could she have done, from several States away? I think when/if the truth comes out we will find out there is no good reason at all. Greed, jealousy, power-tripping.

by Why????reply 32004/02/2013

True, char should be considered along with Gina and Kathy as the true musicians of the band. I am guilty of excluding her as well. Guess to me she's always been the 'songwriter of the band' that I don't recognize the other aspects.

I'd be very disappointed if Gina was part of this shit since she's my favorite. Out of all of them, she should know how fucked up this move was. Whatever happened, it's not worth ruining a 30+ year friendship.

by Why????reply 32104/02/2013

R294 got it right.

I said it upthread: it's about $$$.

Jane has been selling everything but a spare fucking kidney. Do the math.

by Why????reply 32204/02/2013

greed envy wrath

that's 3 of the 7 deadly sins

3 gogos against 1, with 1 asleep

shame on them


by Why????reply 32304/02/2013

So there's two possibilities

A) Jane and Belinda make more then the other two and want more. Cut KV for standing up and saying fuck you. The other two follow cause one is asleep and the other needs beer money and the only pussy she can get is by being in a band. That keeps those two inline.

B) Jane is behind this because she wants more money. Poisons the well with the others, who also want more money. 4 even is better then 5 even. That's a good chunk of change since they've been selling out shows the past two tours. A contact negotiation coming up?

I hate to think it was a unanimous call.

Any other possibilities? Money can only be the reason to fuck up this band at this point.

by Why????reply 32404/02/2013

R305, with some pictures, I have a hard time distinguishing Belinda trying to smile and Belinda smiling forcefully because she doesn't want to be there.

She needs a little more meat on her face but not her usual kind. Ha!

by Why????reply 32504/02/2013

Sorry if this was already discussed, but Belinda has posted her new single on FB. Co-written by Jane who also sings back-up.

So maybe instead of "Kathy Who?" the gals are asking, "Go-Go what now?"

by Why????reply 32604/02/2013

Message number 19 is listed as being written by Paula Jean Brown

It was not.

I would not make a comment about any of this other than to wish Kathy the best.

by Why????reply 32704/02/2013

"Gogo what?" Will leave two behind. Even Belinda can't kid herself into thinking one single will put her back on top without the Go-Gos. As a band they have a better chance. I would think at least Gina would push hard against it since she loves being on stage and playing.

by Why????reply 32804/02/2013

Any recommendation from Kathy's band Blue Bonnets? Any fans?

by Why????reply 32904/02/2013

KV may have thought she was closest with Charlotte, but I'm not sure the reverse was true. They didn't speak for many years.

by Why????reply 33004/02/2013

Sorry, Paula at R327, that was me posting as Paula at R19. I was just trying to be funny, I didn't expect anyone to think I was really Paula.

by Why????reply 33104/02/2013

I don't think anybody thought it was really PJB, but it's nice to get her input. Glad to see she isn't taking sides.

by Why????reply 33204/02/2013

I, on the other hand am Jodie Foster and I am thankful I really dodge a bullet with these bitches.

Should have went for Kathy.

by Why????reply 33304/02/2013

i doubt that was really paula jean brown

by Why????reply 33404/02/2013

Question to all you gogo fans

Have all the girls been married? I know Belinda is still married, 25 plus years. Kathy is now divorced. Was that her first and only marriage? Jane is divorced, I remember reading. I'm surprised at that one. Didn't think she would ever be the type to marry. Charlotte still married from last I heard. Gina? Ever been married? Beard? Is that an obvious no for obvious reasons?

by Why????reply 33504/02/2013

jane has been married twice.

charlotte & belinda are the only 2 still married.

gina-never been married

kathy-now divorced but i believe she is still friends w/ her ex.

by Why????reply 33604/02/2013

Thanks r336. Jane's been married twice? What's the story there?

It's been mentioned briefly here but Belinda seems to have a strange marriage from the looks of it. Seems so uninvolved but I could be way off base.

by Why????reply 33704/02/2013

Coca bump!

by Why????reply 33804/03/2013

Finally gave "Sun" a listen. Damn thing is catchy. Shouldn't Belinda be all over the media trying to promote it?

by Why????reply 33904/03/2013

Sun [New Recording] Belinda Carlisle / Gabe Lopez

Belinda's single 'Sun' was written by one of her son's friends, not Jane. Belinda shares writing credit.

by Why????reply 34004/03/2013

Jane co-wrote with them. It's even acknowledged on Belinda's Facebook. The credit on the cd, leaving Jane out, was a mistake.

by Why????reply 34104/03/2013

I can picture Jane looking at the liner notes....HAHAHA

by Why????reply 34204/09/2013

The manager of the official Go-Go's forum seems to be trying to remain neutral and says she doesn't know all the details, but I get the impression she believes Kathy did something worthy of being kicked out of the band.

She says the vote was 4-0 to part with Kathy.

by Why????reply 34304/10/2013

Read her statement again, this time with a discerning eye and you will get the feeling that it was not written by her at all. It was not.

by Why????reply 34404/10/2013

For the record...There's no official Go-Go's board.

by Why????reply 34504/15/2013

Old whores.

by Why????reply 34604/15/2013

Did Belinda's new single flop? Did it chart?

by Why????reply 34704/15/2013

I think someone said it got up to a certain number on Amazon but that's it. I haven't seen it mentioned. She's off in Europe again, not much of a publicity tour to push it up.

From the last few days its clear that Kathy is hurt by what's happened. It's not right.

by Why????reply 34804/15/2013

On the way to work I switched to Out Radio and he was interviewing some woman. She was talking about how she was going to turn 55 and wanted to get off the treadmill. How she had a life beside music-quite a lot of other interests. She said she was 55 like 6 times. He then asked her if the Go-Go’s were touring this summer-it was Belinda. She acted like she did not know. I think we start in Kansas sometime in June and end up in California 5 weeks later with the B-52’s, she said. She acted like it was something she had to do, like a chore. She was pushing her new album. She said she was punk before it was cool to be punk. She really loves herself.

by Why????reply 34904/15/2013

If Belinda's single or any other song charts even just a little bit, you can kiss the GoGos goodbye. She'll pull the same shit she did last time, use the GoGo's then (re)launch her solo career in the U.S.

The shows they've been selling out, the star and the extra attention they've been getting is starting to inflate their pride.

by Why????reply 35004/15/2013

It's not right, R348? You don't even know what happened. I find it hard to believe the four other Go-Go's would turn on poor little Kathy unless she had done something wrong! Good grief.

by Why????reply 35104/15/2013

We don't know the details r351 but a few things are clear. It wasn't Kathy leaving and Jane and Belinda are acting like spoiled little kids. They are blocking and banning long time hardcore fans if they even mention Kathy. Even fans who helped them get their star on the walk of fame.

As said time and time again, unless she slept with one of their husbands, I don't see what justifies kicking her out. Keep in mind, she also lost a good chunk of her lively hood in this.

Its not right and its not right the way the others are behaving towards fans.

by Why????reply 35204/15/2013

Anyone who doesn't believe the other four wouldn't turn on one of their own really has no fucking clue what these ladies are really like. No fucking clue. They are the catty girls they sing about in This Town.

They are not and will never be ladies.

by Why????reply 35304/16/2013

True r353 but I think some are in denial that these girls haven't matured to the point of not pulling this shit.

Belinda will always be the one who acts like she's above it all. Jane the mean girl. Char asleep (hehe) and Gina, the midlife crisis that continues without end.

You would think at least one of them would stand up and say 'lets grow up already'.

by Why????reply 35404/16/2013

from what i have heard from a very reliable source is that Kathy and Jane were not always getting along on the past couple of tours. when Kathy was injured, and Abby filled in for Kathy, Jane convinced the other girls that Abby would be a better fit and it was time for Kathy to Go-Go.

Jane started by convincing Belinda. And then those two approached Charlotte and Gina, and basically laid down the law-because Belinda & Jane said they are basically 'the band' anyways.

Jane is pretty much that 'mean girl' that everyone has been making her out to be

by Why????reply 35504/16/2013

If that is the real story behind it, I'm not sure who I'm more disappointed in: Jane for her mean girl shit or Gina/Charlotte for being scared and going with this. They could have sticked together and not let this happen.

by Why????reply 35604/16/2013

Bogus, R355. If Jane is such a "mean girl," why would she insist on bringing in a younger, prettier bass player to hang out with on her side of the stage?

And no way do Char and Gina just roll over. No way does Jane tell her good buddy Gina that she and Belinda are "the band" anyway. No way does Jane tell her beloved writing partner Charlotte that she doesn't count.

If Kathy is innocent in this, she would be able to speak out. She hasn't. She can't. There's a reason for that. (Except for the time she went onto the Go-Go's Facebook page and claimed the "like" link to her page had been deleted - when it hadn't!)

R354, who is having a midlife crisis? Gina has been in a long-term committed relationship for more than 5 years. The only Go-Go who is recently footloose and fancy free is ... Kathy.

by Why????reply 35704/16/2013

Don't believe it, R356. If you look at the somewhat official Go-Go's forum, there are four or five uber-fans who are shrieking hyenas and gossiping to no end about what they think happened. I think Miss Bello is one of them. None of them know anything. They were tweeting "what about Kathy?" over and over to Belinda and Jane then freeeeaaaaaakkkked out when they got blocked. Pathetic.

by Why????reply 35804/16/2013

Gina has been having a midlife crisis for years (pink hair anyone?) that many have pointed out already. Its less then 5 years BTW and its with break up and its with a groupie. Wake up and pay attention.

Jane and Kathy clearly did have some trouble for a while. Did you not see some of the erased Twitter posts between them?

Of course Gina would roll over. Out of all of the GoGos, she has never been finacially stable. Charlotte is either asleep or thinks about the money they are getting.

Your insane if you think Belinda and Jane don't think they are the rooters in the hen house. Abby will never over shadow Jane. In that, at least she's correct in feeling secure.

by Why????reply 35904/16/2013

Three 50-something women I work with have dyed parts of their hair various colors in the past three years: two pink and one blue. None were having midlife crises. That's ridiculous. The "groupie" is financially stable and seems to generally care about her and has photos of them together as early as 2008 (five years).

I did see the posts. Kathy was foaming at the mouth insisting her wrist had healed. Jane told her to calm down. End of story.

by Why????reply 36004/16/2013

Jane's stinky vegan pussy is behind this, mark my words.

by Why????reply 36104/16/2013

Who cares if the groupie is financially stable? They aren't married, that has nothing to do with Gina. And god forbid they have photos going back before they dated.

A 40-50 year old women who dyes their hair bright pink, acts like an immature woman in a rock band and tries desperately to cling to fame and dating younger isn't in a midlife crisis mode? Fine, she's just really immature. Look at the bigger picture and you see, this bitch has been having a midlife crisis for years.

You know what I noticed? You attacked r355 saying that they must be one of those psychos from Twisted, when I just saw, you have been trying to place the blame on Kathy for pages. You even had this groupie/midlife crisis argument with other posters. In denial much?

I believe r355, it makes the most sense and it fits with what little clues we have been seeing for a long time now.

What else have you heard r355?

by Why????reply 36204/16/2013

Is R355 one of the girls?


by Why????reply 36304/16/2013

Is there anything interesting in this thread? I can't read over 300 posts. Any lesbian content?

by Why????reply 36404/16/2013

R355 = Kathy

R357 = Jane

Now that would be great.

by Why????reply 36504/16/2013

Was Belinda never very bright or was it all the years of drugs that make her seem kind of stupid in interviews? She just doesn't seem very intelligent when you hear her talk.

by Why????reply 36604/16/2013

No r364 unless you count "Jodie Foster" posts in this thread.

by Why????reply 36704/16/2013

"You even had this groupie/midlife crisis argument with other posters. In denial much?"

That wasn't me.

by Why????reply 36804/16/2013

And you thought lesbian drama was bad!

by Why????reply 36904/16/2013

Poor Kath. She came into a studio sessions and all the other broads yelled "Go! Go!" She replied "We're The Go Gos!" She quickly realized they were telling her to go the fuck out of the studio and their lives as security hauled her away crying.

by Why????reply 37004/16/2013

my source is indeed very reliable.

You're fools if you think Jane & Belinda don't think that they matter the most.

Gina was at war with most of the girls for years, and was almost thrown out on her ass a number of times. At this point, she's not gonna rock the boat by siding with Kathy, even though Kathy has always had her back- remember the lawsuit against Charlotte in 1997? Hellooooooo?

And Charlotte, believe it or not, has always been about the bigger picture, which is, $$$$$$$$ money.

Jane wanted Kathy out. Bottom line.

Also if anyone is having a midlife crisis, it is Jane. examples: sad sad conversation on YOUTUBE is a great example. Lady robotica-need i say more? marilyn monroe hair at the hollywood walk of fame? minister jane? i could go on & on & on but i wont. jane is a freak.

i personally think Jane is having the midlife crisis and Kathy may have called her out on it. and then bye bye Kathy.

And this isn't what 4 or 5 so called official message board posters think. This is what about 90 percent of the real fans know is the truth.

by Why????reply 37104/16/2013

Good info Bello. Is it any wonder why Gina and Jane are close? They are both Women-Child types; they won't grow up.

I can't fault Char for seeing the big picture. In the end, they have to look out for themselves but it still got to hurt to turn on each other like this.

Tell us more Bello, if you have any more info. Anything on Jane, Gina (being under constant threat of being kicked out) or anyone else.

by Why????reply 37204/16/2013

That's a lot of speculation for someone with a "very reliable" source. I think you're making it up.

by Why????reply 37304/16/2013

You seem so sure of yourself R373. How about you give us what you know? If you don't have anything then sit down. At the very least, Miss Bello gives a plausable explanation.

by Why????reply 37404/16/2013

Imaginative at any rate, R374.

by Why????reply 37504/16/2013

In other words, r375 doesn't know anything. Don't claim anyone is making stuff up if you don't know it as fact.

Let's get more gossip in here.

by Why????reply 37604/16/2013

Anything more miss bello?

by Why????reply 37704/18/2013




by Why????reply 37804/19/2013

Give us more on Gina being almost kicked out through out the years and any guesses as to Charlotte feelings about this? She was closest to Kathy.

by Why????reply 37904/19/2013

Charlotte and Kathy were estranged for many years. They didn't like each other. Charlotte went out of her way to bond with Kathy after she became a mother, but they were never particularly close.

by Why????reply 38004/19/2013

I think the only real friends in the group are Jane and Belinda. They're like Regina George and Gretchen.

(Jane is Regina, of course.)

The others are hired hands. Just like any of our coworkers. Some you get along with, some you don't.

by Why????reply 38104/20/2013

I don't think Belinda is really close to Jane. I think she's more close to Gina and Char. At least Char has collaborated with Belinda for many years after they broke up. She even played on her first solo US tour...

by Why????reply 38204/21/2013

Belinda actually stays with Gina when in San Francisco, not Jane.

Maybe someone can make up more gossip about how they're not really friends in an effort to make Jane look bad and Kathy good somehow.

by Why????reply 38304/21/2013

Oh Christ Jane (r383) give it up. This is a gossip forum so you will have to deal with people's differing opinion and gossip. And let's be honest, everything is pointing that its a Jane/ Belinda shit that sent Kathy packing. Deal.

by Why????reply 38404/21/2013

It's not just gossip from DL that points out the whole Jane/Belinda thing, it's longtime fans who have been blocked from Jane's FB and Twitter, who post on the Go-Go's forum, etc.

It was a rift between Jane and Belinda that broke the band up initially, and it was their reconciliation that got it back together. They are the driving forces.

by Why????reply 38504/21/2013

Who cares about these middle age scrawny bitches?

by Why????reply 38604/21/2013

Were any of the member from the Go-Go's racist?

by Why????reply 38704/21/2013

Belinda and Jane were the founding members (with a couple of former members), so I wouldn't be surprised if they felt like they could call the shots.

Not saying they are calling the shots, but there's rationale for it.

by Why????reply 38804/21/2013

They can think that but it was the other three that made them make it. Without those other three, the gogos never would have exsisted. Theres no getting around that at all.

Your right r385, it's not just here. People may feel a bit more free to say it here, on twitter, Facebook etc. then on other forums that are known to be followed by the gogos themselves. But it's not just a DL gossip driving this.

by Why????reply 38904/21/2013

There's someone who has been to, like, 20 GoGo's concerts, a bunch of Jane's solo and other group things, etc.

Both Belinda and Jane banned her on social media and she is raising a STINK on one of those forums and on Twitter too.

by Why????reply 39004/21/2013

its not just one fan that was blocked on facebook/twitter by jane and belinda, its been several.

and some of these fans that were banned were fans that started the fund so that the Go-Go's could get their star on the hollywood walk of fame.

these fans spent years raising money.

Belinda & Jane obviously dont care.

by Why????reply 39104/22/2013

R391 speaks the truth. Most of the fans blocked are more then just any old annoying trolls, some where long time, they know by name, fans. Some who spearheaded the campaign as r391 says. Some who didn't even troll Belinda and Jane, just said that they will miss kathy or just mention her name. Has getting the star and other events puffed up their ego enough to turn on each other?

by Why????reply 39204/22/2013

LOL at people getting all worked up over some 50-something has-beens.

by Why????reply 39304/23/2013

Mr. Kool is having a nervous breakdown.

by Why????reply 39404/23/2013

There's one here who is super passionate in defending Jane/Belinda. The rest just want gossip about why this happened. I like that there are poster going off about the girls and how they really are. Obviously they couldn't do it on other forums so I say, bring it here. It's DL, that's why we are all here.

I, for one, would encourage Kathy to spill all. Her twitter account was great in telling her stories.

Don't pay attention to people like r393, let it all hang out, people.

by Why????reply 39504/23/2013

R395, you do realize your "gossip" and "how the girls really are" is just crap, right? It's super-fans who don't know anything? It's not gossip when it's strictly speculation.

by Why????reply 39604/23/2013

Your ridiculous r396, who gives a fuck. Let people talk.

by Why????reply 39704/23/2013

R396, you realize you're on a FUCKING gossip site with a stated mission of talking about gossip, do you not?


by Why????reply 39804/23/2013

I'm surprised that Belinda and Char aren't closer. Charlotte wrote a bunch of songs for Belinda's solo albums.

by Why????reply 39904/23/2013

I knew DL being mentioned over there wasn't good.

R399 is right. You would think that would be the real friendship relationship in the group. Perhaps they will since Belinda now moved to l.a. again. Belinda mentioned that she talks a lot to Gina on the phone. Wanna bet eventually Gina and then Jane move back to L.A.

by Why????reply 40004/23/2013

This band is a wreck.

by Why????reply 40104/23/2013

LOL, R398, you need a valium or a viagra or something. Gossip away, but you keep pretending that gossip is actual fact. It's not. Just pointing that out.

Gossip away, ladies! Just know that's all it is, cause nobody really knows anything about what happened.

by Why????reply 40204/23/2013

Bye bye r402

by Why????reply 40304/23/2013

Maybe they are, R399. Here's a new tweet from Belinda:

"worked with Ellen Shipley yesterday ( new song ) and Monday, Diane Warren...Wednesday Charlotte Caffey...yes new "stuff" :)"

by Why????reply 40404/24/2013

She's going to record new music? Wow, what a turn around from just the past year. This los angeles move must have given her a second wind. I knew moving back was more then just because of her son.

Cue Gina or jane moving and there might be some active new GoGos music ...or Belinda ditching them again for a solo career.

by Why????reply 40504/24/2013

A few posts in here have hit the nail on the head. Jealousy and bitchiness. That's what happened. Those who believe the "something significant" excuse from Bitchlinda are the naive and ignorant. That was cover to suggest wrongdoings by Valentine but the wrongdoings are all on the part of Jane and Bitchlinda. Bitchlinda hasn't been faithful to her own husband so why would she remain faithful to the women who made her famous? Bitchlinda craves the limelight again but she will never find itt, especially hitching her wagon to pathetic Jane whose been chasing it for decades now.

by Why????reply 40604/24/2013

lol bitchlinda.

I think it's more then Belinda craving the limelight again, I thinks it's all of them now. They see a bit of a chance, so there going to take it. I don't think it's a direct reason for the Kathy firing but I think it's part of the ego booting they have gotten lately.

by Why????reply 40704/24/2013

Chance? What chance? You have to record new music to have a chance and that band couldn't care less about recording new music. If they change song arrangements once in a decade they would consider that a big feat. They're done.

by Why????reply 40804/24/2013

A bunch of post menopausal hags think they have a second chance?


by Why????reply 40904/24/2013

Not talking like full come back, calm yourselves bitches.

Obviously Belinda sees a chance at some fame. Otherwise her lazy ass would get up to sing anything.

Even they aren't delusional enough to think they can get back what they lost. We aren't talking that level. But a song out once in awhile will help their tours even more. For them to be an actual working band.

by Why????reply 41004/24/2013

Not gonna happen. Touring is a paycheck for them. Nothing more. The only one seriously interested in making new music is the one they kicked out.

Brilliant move.

Snickers. Bunch of dumb ass cunts.

And Belinda has tried and tried and tried to become famous again, each time with failed results. Reality shows, books, talk show appearances, even Dancing With The Stars--first one kicked out. She's old and nobody cares.

by Why????reply 41104/24/2013

Agree r411, Kathy was the main pusher it seems for new music but just last year Gina and Jane mentioned realizing a new song . Much the same way Belinda just did. Not a new album just a single or two. The feeling was the girls wanted to but Belinda wasn't too keen.

by Why????reply 41204/24/2013

I don't want to be mean but I've been meaning to ask

What happened to Gina? She went from the hot one to the cute but plumpy one (IF you clean her up, otherwise she looks really sloppy now). Was it sickness? Too many beers? Depression after Jodie dumped her ass? Ate her emotions? What? She started changing around 93-94.

Also, what's with Belinda's face? Did she have full surgery or just constantly Botox? Hope she's not getting addicted to that. She's looking Melissa Gilbert on us.

by Why????reply 41304/25/2013

Bump for the moron who made a whole new thread, when they could have just checked in here.

by Why????reply 41404/25/2013

This thread has 414 replies. Who would have thunk it?

by Why????reply 41504/26/2013

I know R415! I would never have guessed.

by Why????reply 41604/26/2013

Gina does look awful. She just posted a picture on Facebook from the Prince show in SF she went to a couple of nights ago, and she looks like everyone else's mom. Seems like she just kinda gave up and let gluttony take over. She used to be so cute.

Belinda is gross.

by Why????reply 41704/26/2013

Gina can clean up really well. Around the time of their last cd, she had this cute spikey hair and nice light make up. She can go back to that in a flash if she had someone to push her. Just a hair cut will do wonders. She doesn't even bother to try anymore. She needs someone to whip her into shape.

by Why????reply 41804/26/2013

Do you young people realise that Gina is 55 years old and that people age differently according to lifestyle and life situations? I think she looks cuddly, she has a cute face and nice teeth but above all she is an excellent drummer.

by Why????reply 41904/27/2013

She doesn't look cuddly, she looks unkept. Lets be honest here, shes gotten "sloppy" as others have noted. She doesn't look like a mom, she looks like a grandma. At times, more then her 55. And her teeth are smokers teeth.

Her transformation stared in the early 90's. she still looked great at the first reunion (cool jerk 90 time), then by 1993 she had changed. That's a small window for a dramatic change. Either it's medical or she let herself go.

She could quickly look good if she would quit the drinking and smoking. With her heart, you would think she would take care. Come on Gina, clean up. We all love ya!

(Belinda, stop the Botox for the love of god)

by Why????reply 42004/27/2013

To me she looks cuddly chubby. But yeah i agree that she should stop the smoking and drinking. And yes she has changed since 1992 about. I think its beer not a medical condition. Regards.

by Why????reply 42104/27/2013

Interesting... from 2006, but as Kathy gives the intro to Vacation, you can see Belinda in the background, with an expression on her face that can be best described as "botoxed bitchface".

by Why????reply 42204/29/2013

So what's the thinking here? Will this make them implode again? Will this be enough to cause tension between them? Will this be the last tour or one more after this one?

What will happen to Bitchlinda, mean girl, sleepy one and fat one? Oh the drama!

by Why????reply 42304/29/2013

Their last cd was 12 fucking years ago. Gina can't turn back the clock that easily, no way. She's beyond help. It isn't medical. It's gluttony.

by Why????reply 42404/29/2013

But Bitchlinda, give her a few dimes and she can get lipo or the band. Don't be mean, she's your homegirl. Or are you secretly happy she isn't the hot one anymore?

Gina slams down those stick like crazy, imagine getting punch by those hands. Ouch.

by Why????reply 42504/29/2013

[quote]imagine getting punch by those hands. Ouch.

Yikes, why would you even think about that?

by Why????reply 42604/30/2013

Why does Bitchlinda always look like she just woke up from a nap? She always seems so blasé about everything.

by Why????reply 42704/30/2013

The last time it looked like she had fun singing was 1994.

by Why????reply 42804/30/2013

I'm surprised the Kathy fanatics didn't catch her tweet in response to Belinda.

by Why????reply 42905/01/2013

I think most here figured the beef was with Jane more then Belinda. Belinda seemed to have gone along with it (they all seemed to have). Still makes Belinda= bitchlinda for every other reason.

by Why????reply 43005/01/2013

Tweets going the other way would be the only ones raising a brow on my face.

by Why????reply 43105/01/2013

True r431.

Kathy has always been the peacemaker. Trying, successfully and unsuccessfully, over the years to patch up whatever problem arise with them.

by Why????reply 43205/01/2013

They will fall apart without her then, and it won't be too soon.

by Why????reply 43305/01/2013

It will be sad if they do. They can still make fun music if they tried *cough* belinda *cough*

by Why????reply 43405/01/2013

new go-go's music without kathy's input would be horrible

by Why????reply 43505/01/2013

Really, R432? If Kathy was always the peacemaker, why didn't three of the four Go-Go's talk to her for seven or so years? She has famously feuded with Jane and Charlotte off and on again. When did she become the peacemaker?

by Why????reply 43605/02/2013


What a bunch of absolute BULLSHIT! You must be one of the Whore-Go's to come up with that kind of stinky crap that you expect people to believe. Back your shit up, whore! The band was never on hiatus for 7 years. Didn't they break up in 1985 and then first reunite for a tour in 1990? Then again in 1994 to record and tour again? Then another tour in 1999, album in 2001, and tours practically every year since then. Do the math, hunty.

Unless they went on tours without speaking to each other I am calling BULLSHIT on your lying, tired ass and saggy tits. And if they did tour without speaking then why can't they do that again?

Fucking liar bitch you are! If you know so much, tell it! Tell us about these "famous" feuds, puhleeze. You really did do too much drugs if you think anything you do is "famous" anymore. Hahahahaha!

Stupid bitch.

by Why????reply 43705/03/2013

Oh r437, I love you.

Kathy has said how she tried to keep them together because she saw them as family. Like a kid who sees his parents break up.

I think she even says this on the behind the music thing for vh1.

by Why????reply 43805/03/2013

"or so"

Whenever the Go-Go's were in disarray, it was always Kathy who was on the outs with the majority, her claims of being the peacemaker to the contrary.

by Why????reply 43905/03/2013

Give us examples r439

by Why????reply 44005/03/2013

Mid-1990s, Jane, Charlotte and Belinda weren't talking to Kathy. Gina and Charlotte weren't talking post lawsuit but soon mended fences. Gina was the only one who would talk to Kathy.

Let's hear examples of Kathy's great peace-making skills.

by Why????reply 44105/03/2013

In the first break up she was the one trying to get all of them together. She was the one running around doing that as Gina was pissed, and Belinda + Char not speaking to anyone. It took years for Belinda to speak to them.

Give us another example.

by Why????reply 44205/03/2013

i think i can settle this. when the Go-Go's split up in 1985, gina did not talk to charlotte or belinda for 4 years. kathy talked to belinda but only on occasion, and she didnt talk to charlotte til 1988 or 1989 and they became friends again.

Up until 1990 reunion tour, jane, gina & kathy were all friends and talked on a regular basis. in fact, it was jane who didnt really speak til belinda until the 1990 reunion tour.

after the 1990 tour, jane & kathy were close for several years, even forming a band in 1991 called "REALNESS", and in 1992, worked on a children's cartoon together.

1994 the band reunited, but in 1995 for many reasons (belinda's on going drug problem, issues between gina & char) the band split again. Kathy also during this time wasnt really into the Go-Go's for alot of reasons, but mainly because her focus was more on blues/rock.

1996- GINA sued CHARLOTTE. at this point, gina wasnt talking to anyone but Kathy. In fact, Kathy got Gina into drumming for the delphines for awhile. Kathy was not talking to charlotte (i'm not sure why) but was still close with belinda-she even went and visited her in france or london (wherever belinda was at the time)

It took up until 1999, for gina & charlotte to smooth things over, and thats when the band began talking to each other again.

To say Kathy Valentine did not speak to belinda or charlotte or jane for 7 or so years is absurd. She's always been friends with Belinda

Charlotte & Kathy have also been very close here and there over the years, off & on.

The only one charlotte consistently kept in contact with though after the band's initial break up was belinda. Even char & jane were not always in touch.

To Whoever thinks Kathy is not the peacemaker or is thinks she is the one that is the problem doesnt know shit about this band! This person obviously can not accept that without Kathy, the band is now a joke.

To anyone who has any doubts out here about what kathy has brought to this band, take a long hard look at the songs that Kathy has written in the Go-Gos. Most agree her songs are the strongest. -cant stop the world, apology, vacation, head over heels, whole world lost its head, beneath the blue sky, you thought, i'm the only one

by Why????reply 44305/03/2013

Did Gina play with The Delphines only in 1996? My friend saw them in concert in London once and met them. I think it was that year. Thanks.

by Why????reply 44405/04/2013

According to "Behind the Music", Gina became outraged at the income differences of the band members. The songwriters, mainly Charlotte and Jane, were making more due to the songwriting royalties they received. Gina called a meeting and demanded that the songwriters pay the non- or lesser songwriters money to equalize everyone's income, and from that point on, share royalties with everyone so everyone made the same amount of money. This pissed Jane and Charlotte off. The feuding got much worse.

by Why????reply 44505/04/2013

"She's always been friends with Belinda"

How's that working out now?

by Why????reply 44605/04/2013

Lets face it - none of these bitches like each other. This happens in girl groups ALL THE TIME.

by Why????reply 44705/04/2013

R445, what's the status of that now? Are they all getting equal or is it still the same as before?

Anyone know?

Great sum r443

by Why????reply 44805/04/2013

Great summary R443.

I'd add that the original tear in the band, as I said upthread, was conflict between Jane and Belinda. Jane as much as says this in the VH1 Behind The Music show.

Jane and Belinda have always treated the band as "their" property.

by Why????reply 44905/04/2013

R449, As someone earlier in the thread said, if you tried to replace Belinda, she would have flown right away to the states and pee on her territory; I've heard this more then once. Always had the same feeling for both Belinda and Jane. They are the roosters in band, which is sad because I think the other three care more about the whole band then B/J.

by Why????reply 45005/04/2013

this is all jane wiedlin's fault

by Why????reply 45105/05/2013

R451 I've been saying that for aaaaaaaaaages now.

Jane "I'm selling all my shit and will marry you, bless your baby or hold your hand when you poop if you pay me $1000" Wiedlin is the one I suspect to be the shit stirrer here.

by Why????reply 45205/05/2013

agreed. she's no 'sweet jane' just my opinion!

by Why????reply 45305/05/2013

How the fuck has this thread about a nostalgia act from the 1980s made it to 454 posts? I thought for sure I would open it and discover it was one of those soap threads in disguise that keep cropping up lately, but no, it's really about the Go-Gos. Hilarious!

by Why????reply 45405/05/2013

R454 IKR who knew they had so many fans on DL.

by Why????reply 45505/05/2013

Yes we know r454, you've said it over and over...

by Why????reply 45605/06/2013

OK, OK! I'll hold your hand when you poop for the low low price of $750! And airfare of course. Call now, lines are open!

by Why????reply 45705/06/2013

[quote]Lets face it - none of these bitches like each other. This happens in girl groups ALL THE TIME

Oh come on, very few bands, male or female, stay to together for decades. Most marriages don't last that long.

by Why????reply 45805/06/2013

True it's not a female thing.


by Why????reply 45905/07/2013

Fat Gina bump!

by Why????reply 46005/09/2013

Note to Go-Go's "fans" who believe the gals all hate each other's guts: Don't read the next sentence.

Tons of cute Jane and Gina photos from their Big Foot weekend.

by Why????reply 46105/11/2013

You moron, no one thinks they all hate each other but their clearly having trouble. It's been established here that Jane, Belinda and Gina get along. This is more about Kathy and Jane with the rest being WTF? For kicking her out.

Christ, Bigfoot adventure... If those two actually grew up, there wouldn't be any problems.

by Why????reply 46205/11/2013

The jane defender is back from that bloody forum. Don't bother denying again "That wasn't me" hahaha.

The last thing I would call those photos is cute.

by Why????reply 46305/11/2013

R447 did indeed say so, R462.

by Why????reply 46405/11/2013

So one post, a sarcastic one by beyonce, erases everything else that majority of people have been saying? Really? Get the fuck out. Seriously.

by Why????reply 46505/11/2013

I guess i better not sign my posts jodie or belinda, they might believe it.

by Why????reply 46605/11/2013

Seriously, my post was more a commentary on my group than the Go-Go's.

by Why????reply 46705/11/2013

The dumb queens posting on this thread about the Go-Gos' just love the psycho-drama of it all and love to pretend they are in the know. None of you braying cunts know a God damned thing about any of the Go-Gos' business or relationships. So, why don't you all just shut the fuck up about it already?

by Why????reply 46805/11/2013

i think #468 is jane. sounds alot like that bitch

by Why????reply 46905/11/2013

R469 - Go shove a Belinda CD up your ass.

by Why????reply 47005/11/2013

Only a Jane or a Jane fan would say go shove a Belinda cd up your ass!!

by Why????reply 47105/11/2013

Ah ah this thread is so funny . Thank you .

by Why????reply 47205/12/2013

These damn Belinda-Jane fans won't be satisfied until the Go-Go's setlist morphs into a belinda carlisle-solo setlist!!

by Why????reply 47305/12/2013

The Go-Go's fired KV today belinda's on LSD the rest of the girls are looking ragged would never want to see them in a bikini jane's selling her costumes from shows door to door charlotte caffey is nothing but a big ol bore i read it in the paper i see it on my tv have the go-go's lost their heads? is it just me? have the go-go's lost their heads?

you can voice your opinion to belinda & jane via facebook & twitter if you're still a fan of KV makes them very bitter Gina's off chasing Bigfoot with tag-along-jane charlotte's writing for belinda solo again has she gone insane? i read it in the paper i see it on my tv have the go-go's lost their heads? is it just me?

by Why????reply 47405/12/2013


Hand jobs, 20. Blowies are 40.

A girl's got to eat!

by Why????reply 47505/12/2013

R474 bravo/brava - just realized that was a spoof of that song!

by Why????reply 47605/14/2013

thanks-i did the spoof of the song...

by Why????reply 47705/14/2013

What happened while I was asleep?

by Why????reply 47805/14/2013

Um, lets see Char...Gina drank more beer. That's about it.

by Why????reply 47905/14/2013

Dont forget that she smoked a few cigarettes too.

by Why????reply 48005/14/2013

And Char, Jane got paid for marrying two pug dogs and also for doing her singing telegram girl bit for Moose Lodge 182. She made a whole $300 today!

by Why????reply 48105/15/2013

Wow. Thanks y'all.

Well, I'm really bushed. Think I'll turn in for a bit.

by Why????reply 48205/15/2013

FUCK YOU 468. Do you think the band lives in a bubble and that only they know what goes on with them and their fucked up lives? They have family, friends, people that work for them, roadies, and yes we all know shit. So fuck off.

by Why????reply 48305/15/2013

i sure hope hope we get to 500 messages/posts.

why do you guys think jane is so mean?

by Why????reply 48405/15/2013

R483 is so mean, makes me think he doesn't like being called out as a faker because it bursts his delusional bubble.

by Why????reply 48505/16/2013

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

These women have always operated as a pack, always clamoring to be the top dog and digging their claws into the backs of their band mates. The bitch at the bottom usually doesn't stay there for long, because another bitch takes her place. It is a vicious cycle with these 'ladies' and always has been. Except this time, the claws went too keep and the good one was not able to recover. It is a sad story.

But what the others do not realize is that now there is one less bitch to climb over, which means they are more likely to be her.

Watch your backs, bitches. Your day is coming.

by Why????reply 48605/16/2013

Yet r485, he is absolutely correct. Bitch is blunt but says the truth. Well done r483, it's ridiculous for others to think these women, who are surrounded by gays, won't have people on here. I may not know all, but I do know some. And in all honestly, you reply r485, makes it obvious, you aren't from around these parts are you?

by Why????reply 48705/16/2013

R486 speaks the best overall truth on here.

I see this as the first step and wouldn't be surprised at an eventual combustion. Char or Gina has to think, they too could be on the once-unthinkable chopping block one day, if the nice one was thrown away, imagine them? Gina's temper alone could be it. Char, I could picture just walking away sick of it all....If she was awake.

by Why????reply 48805/16/2013

... delusional ...

by Why????reply 48905/16/2013

Can't help but stomp the ground r485/9

by Why????reply 49005/16/2013



by Why????reply 49105/16/2013

It's like the universe exploded with that news! Oh my!

Quick! wake up Charlotte, give Gina a ding dong, send Bitchlinda a case of coke and slap Jane, it's now party time!

by Why????reply 49205/16/2013

They're just trying to squeeze a few more dollars and a few more seconds of relevance out of their long-since-past time.

Their recent tours, where they've ignored "Talk Show" and mostly ignored two other albums to favor "Beauty and the Beat", might have sold some tickets, but it also ended up underscoring a point: if they're insisting that's the only album worth performing, then after 30 years they have a piss poor catalog - two hit wonders, if you will.

They should have done something - released new material, rearranged some of the great songs on "Talk Show," done an acoustic version of some songs....but they tapped the last marrow in those bones for Beauty and the Beat.

And now, these horrified hags have realized the well is dry and are fighting over the last drops. Sadder than sad.

I've been a fan since 1981, but I deleted their shit when this went down. I don't do toxic.

by Why????reply 49305/17/2013

But to be fair r493, the concert in 2012 was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of b&b. I don't know about last years since I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl, don't know if they added more Vacation in other non-"totally 80's concerts" but they acknowledged Vacations 30th year. I assume they plan to sing more talk show this year...maybe? Hopefully?

by Why????reply 49405/17/2013

[quote] I assume they plan to sing more talk show this year...maybe? Hopefully?

No, they've said for years they won't play from it. It was a great album but apparently Whorelinda hates it and won't do anything other than "Head Over Heels" from it.

by Why????reply 49505/17/2013

You guys are fools if you think they are going to put the effort into working up new songs for their upcoming tour. Guarantee you will get 1, maaaaaaaaybe 2 at most. And one of those will probably be a cover song. They don't care about anything but their paychecks and if they can get that playing the same songs in the same way that's what they will do. Bitchlinda will trot out her basic black outfit again. They run on auto-pilot.

by Why????reply 49605/17/2013

Fuck a cover song, I want "I'm the only one" at least! Give me some "yes or no". that album was great.

Bitchlinda complains about getting tired of "we got the beat", so change that shit up then! Not from Talk Show but I would also like to hear "here you are" from GBGGs. Ive never seen that live or in video. Anyone?

Is it really the whole band or just Bitchlinda who doesn't want to relearn things? I can't picture Gina or Kathy refusing fan requests. Oh wait, I guess only Gina now.

by Why????reply 49705/17/2013

Gina doesn't give a shit either. Don't be fooled. None of them do.

by Why????reply 49805/17/2013

R498, I'm debating going this year. I've been seeing them every year lately but without Kathy, it just seem so wrong. I get it if she was hurt but she was kicked out, Totally different for me. I hope they change their set list a bit, it's the only way ill go see them again.

Maybe whorelinda's brain cells are so gone after so much coca, she can't fit anything else in? Oh woe is me.

by Why????reply 49905/17/2013

They cater to the people that don't care. They are a nostalgia act and have settled into that mode. The people they play to couldn't tell you if Vacation or Walk Like An Egyptian was their biggest hit, and yes I'm serious. The bulk of the crowd will be there to hear We Got The Beat and as long as Bitchlinda is there to sing it they'll be happy. They couldn't care less if the rest of the band is there. Even Jane which eats her up inside like acid. The band knows this and that is why they don't bother to change their sets. What's the point?

by Why????reply 50005/17/2013

So exactly why doesn't Gina play in other bands? I think she's basically the only one that doesn't right? Kathy has BB, Belinda does the circuit with her solos, Jane writes and sings her own stuff, Charlotte is sleeping, whats with G?

For years she's been the one who you can tell loves playing live. What's with the no-effort? Did she burn so many bridges in LA? Is that why she moved to SF?

by Why????reply 50105/17/2013

Why on earth would you think Gina loves playing live?

by Why????reply 50205/17/2013

Seems like it to me, bitchlinda. Guess its naive to believe this but she's often said it in interviews and I believe her.

Bitchlinda, whorelinda, blimpinda, cokelinda etc. Man, I wish Jane had a name we can convert as well.

by Why????reply 50305/17/2013




What is this, the Kathy fuckin' Valentine Fan Club Board? Whatever. I'm outta here. Later, fucknuts!

by Why????reply 50405/18/2013

R504 on her way to score some cock and some coke.

by Why????reply 50505/18/2013

Aw Belinda, don't be jealous. Here, have some coke or powered donuts to ease your insecurity.

by Why????reply 50605/18/2013

Gina banned someone from her Facebook, i didn't see it. please tell me "Tim" wrote something hilarious that we would appreciate.

by Why????reply 50705/18/2013

How do you know she banned someone? I wanna know too!

by Why????reply 50805/18/2013

Yes she banned Tim. But what did he do or say?

by Why????reply 50905/18/2013

She has it under the newest status about sloths. Yes SLOTHS. Lord have mercy.

I was hoping someone here could say what Tim said. Anyone see it?

by Why????reply 51005/18/2013


Belinda Carlisle is a HUMAN ROACH NEST.

by Why????reply 51105/18/2013

Too much needless bitching with no info. Lets get some gossip going on.

Two topics I want to know about:

1)Everyone "knows" that Jodie was Gina's girlfriend for a long, long, long time but no one talks about it. Whats with the hush-hush over that?

Whats the details on their relationship? I know one of you bitches knows more. Spill.

2)David Lee G, claims to have messed around with all of them, except for the obvious one. What say you Datalounge? Believe him or not?

by Why????reply 51205/18/2013

It would be nice to see a pic of j and g together.

by Why????reply 51305/18/2013

R512 = Susanna Hoffs

by Why????reply 51405/18/2013

What? Can a girl get some Vintage jack-off material?

Spill, with great detail.

by Why????reply 51505/18/2013

I was in Jodie and Gina's presence only once but it was after they had split. They were still friends so I assume that is true to this day although I doubt they see each other very much anymore. At the time Gina boasted that she could still make Jodie cry at the drop of a hat, as if she yielded some power over her. What does that tell you?

by Why????reply 51605/19/2013

Wow r516. What year was that? must have been soon after they separated to brag about that. Gina always did strike me as a controlling one, maybe even a territorial jealous one.

by Why????reply 51705/19/2013

Gina's parents seem nice and very supportive and proud of Gina. Jodie seems like she was really interested in family life. Maybe that was part of the attraction.

by Why????reply 51805/19/2013

Jodie still takes her sons to Go-Go's concerts in the L.A. area, so I assume she and Gina are still friends.

by Why????reply 51905/20/2013

It's my birthday bitchezzzzz! I'm 55 today!

Send me your love on FB and Twitter! And any loose change, singles, tens or twenties you might have. A bitch gotta eat!

by Why????reply 52005/20/2013

Polyanna Prisspot ,is that you at R520 under a new alias? swf maybe ? Or it`s perhaps Prince91 who pompously announced himself/herself 2 and a half months ago as `the new bitch in town ready to shade` and it was the only time he/she ever posted.

by Why????reply 52105/20/2013

R519, Jodie may not be aware that Gina bagged about something like that. She was up in SF not to long ago.

It could be Gina's ego trying to pump itself up after the break up but still that's kinda fucked up to say to a bunch of strangers. That ego must have deflated once Jodie took off for real with someone else. Not so much control then.

More on them, don't be shy.

by Why????reply 52205/20/2013

It wasn't to a room full of strangers, and Jodie was already with Cydney by then.

by Why????reply 52305/20/2013

If it's Plain's birthday and nobody notices does it still count?

by Why????reply 52405/20/2013

Damn, well i was giving Gina the benefit of an excuse but this makes it even more fucked up.

What' was your impression of that, since you were there?

by Why????reply 52505/20/2013

I'll tell ya what it means OP, it means i let myself trust her ass to much.

You bitches thought I was joking, saying a dodged a bullet, didn't ya? See?

by Why????reply 52605/20/2013

No, R521, I'm a regular poster who used to love the Go-Go's but have been super turned-off by their recent behavior.

I've posted several times on this thread, mostly tongue in cheek but also to make some observations.

by Why????reply 52705/20/2013

R523 I second the impression request. Give us your thoughts on it so we can judge too!

by Why????reply 52805/20/2013

Wow, it sounds like Jodie's a softie under that tough exterior.

by Why????reply 52905/20/2013

This it a nerve, I can't even lie. It reminds me of a boyfriend years ago. The stupid asshole would say something similar years after we broke up. God, it wasn't even a long relationship! I had moved on because he was so toxic and angry all the time.

My friends and I analyzed it to death since I was so pissed. Figured it was a jealous reaction to moving on without him. Like he was trying to prove to everyone, and himself, that I will always be his. i may have moved on physically but I was his always. SOB.

I don't know if this is the case here. It may not be as bad as it sounds (until OP can elaborate). I won't jump to conclusions but it did remind me of my relationship. Toxic toxic toxic people out there.

by Why????reply 53005/20/2013

hey everyone, its jane!

i wanted to give you a fans a special shout out since its my birthday. this year's tour without kathy is going to be the best tour ever! i got my birthday gift early when belinda helped me kick that bitch out of the band!

anyway, we are working on a special setlist for this year's go-go's summer tour. we're gonna perform not only "mad about you" , but some other belinda songs as well, like heaven, i get weak, leave a light on, emotional highway, and runaway horses.

we wanted to perform rush hour, but belinda said no. we got to make belinda happy!

later fans


by Why????reply 53105/20/2013

R531 is closer to the truth than s/he knows!

by Why????reply 53205/20/2013

Hey jane





by Why????reply 53305/20/2013

I never thought this would be the most successful thread I ever started.

by Why????reply 53405/20/2013

some freak on twitter who worships jane sent jane & kathy a bunch of pictures together.

kathy had enough and replied "thats enough pictures, thank you"

ha ha

by Why????reply 53505/21/2013

its just very obvious that the underlining problem the Go-Go's were having was jane with kathy.

sad, i used to like jane alot.

but as some have said, she seems to have this 'mean girl' quality about her now! unfortunate.

by Why????reply 53605/21/2013

Of course, Jane was the problem, so the four decided to excise Kathy. It couldn't possibly be that Kathy did something the other four found inappropriate. It must be four evil people as opposed to one problem child. Of course.

by Why????reply 53705/21/2013

Yes, any way you dice it Jane is a cunt. She did this. The other mean girls went along with it.

by Why????reply 53805/21/2013

Can you think if one reason r537 that can excuse them from kicking out a member after 30years? I can't. Belinda role in this is a question mark. The other two, afraid for their livelihood? We don't know if Char woke up enough to say yes or no. 4 out of 4 or was it 3 out of 4? Either way, it was enough to have surprised Kathy a bit. As far as Kathy is concerned, said in interview, this all started with her getting hurt and snowballed (easy bitchlinda..) to now. All indication says this was a petty thing going that Jane started.

In other news, we finally started getting some good gossip. Please continue before we get to the end.

by Why????reply 53905/21/2013

R535 I saw that too....and was like OH SNAP!

by Why????reply 54005/21/2013

The only thing Kathy Valentine is guilty of is taking attention away from jealous Jane.

by Why????reply 54105/21/2013

"All indication says this was a petty thing going that Jane started."

There are no such indications, just wild, inaccurate conjecture.

by Why????reply 54205/21/2013

There is none so blind as be who will not see.

by Why????reply 54305/21/2013

Good god r542, are you really STILL in this thread defending your beloved girls? You contribute nothing except denial of every little thing.

You claim others don't have any evidence or there isn't any indication, yet you have not posted any counter argument. Plenty of "smoke"...where is yours? Show us/tell us how "there is nothing to see here". I would love nothing more then to read an opposite view but give us something to ponder. Give us anything. ----

Please continue doctor. This thread turned interesting in the last page. Here's a theory, power over her=still messing around? Dismissing the new relationship at the same time?

by Why????reply 54405/21/2013

I was following Kathy last year when she went on her bizarre, almost-incoherent multi-tweet rant about not being allowed to rejoin the Go-Go's even though her wrist was almost healed. Jane (who was never my favorite) recommended she chill out. Kathy later deleted her ramblings.

Even though others and I saw it, you continue to insist that Kathy was calmly explaining her position while Jane went off on her (not true).

Because you keep flipping the truth about that incident on its head, I don't believe anything else you have to say, especially your "smoke" and "theories," none of which are based in fact or reality. You have offered nothing but guesses and conjecture.

All I've said is there are two sides to every story. I'm more inclined to believe the group of four in this case based on the history.

by Why????reply 54505/21/2013

So that--IF it's as you say--is reason to kick her out of a band she's been in for 30 years?!

And if it's as you say, wouldn't she be justified in complaining that her wrist had healed and she should be allowed to play? I mean--it's Twitter. How ranty could it have been in 140 characters?!

And if that was last year, the four of them can't get over it a year later?!

Yeah, that's real mature.

by Why????reply 54605/21/2013

What was bizarre about it?

How was it incoherent if you understood what it was about?

How was it incoherent If Jane understood it?

Oh, it was "almost" incoherent you said. So hat means it was coherent. OK.

Is she the first person to ever delete twitter posts after a rant? If so, then I can totally see why they fired her. What a loon.

Or, Jane's a bitch. Yeah, I'm going with that one.

by Why????reply 54705/21/2013

When does their little 12-date pub tour start?

by Why????reply 54805/21/2013

Well r545, what is the reason to eject her?

You site these erased tweets, which most here have already said you are over stating the mood of the tweets. Anything else? Is that the only thing you are hanging your hat on? How much denial are you going to be? At least everyone else is willing to rip apart and see if it fits the clues but you can't handle it. The biggest crime is that you don't contribute anything. Either contribute or STFU.

T&J is where you belong. The place you can't talk about Belinda's bitchyness and frozen face, Jane immaturity, Gina's relationship with Jodie and Charlotte's lack of sleep ( the poor thing). The place, you either kiss ass or are banned. We want to gossip here and if it ,means they come off looking bad, oh well. We all love them here for the music they gave us but we can recognize their faults...which are a lot.

by Why????reply 54905/21/2013

Could y'all quiet down? I'm trying to sleep.

by Why????reply 55005/21/2013

Good lord. All along I've assumed that this thread was one of those under-the-radar soap threads, maybe, or just a thread that had long ago gone far afield from its original topic, but no .... it's really and truly 550 posts' worth of people talking and arguing about some has-been, barely-ever-was band from the 80s, and the unsurprising departure (from its current, novelty act incarnation) of one of its members. WTF, Datalounge?

by Why????reply 55105/21/2013

When this thread hits 600, the world will end.

by Why????reply 55205/21/2013

Hello Jeff and Steve? I just KNOW you've been stirring the pot here.

by Why????reply 55305/21/2013

Jeff is gay right?

That's what I heard.

by Why????reply 55405/21/2013

Always loved the Go-Go's and I'm happy to see this thread continue so long....but very sorry it was over such an unpleasant circumstance, or set of circumstances.

by Why????reply 55505/21/2013

When we hit 600, someone needs to open a part two. It will make r551 head explode. Original OP, hopefully you'll do it. It's taking awhile but little gossip snippets have come out.

I missed most of Kathy's twitter bio. Did anyone save them? Did she mention me?

by Why????reply 55605/21/2013

Who are Jeff and Steve? I must have missed a post.

by Why????reply 55705/21/2013

I don't see how anyone could honestly call the Go-Gos "never was." They were the band of the moment for more than a few moments in the 80s.

by Why????reply 55805/21/2013

Ignore, that person comes in every few pages with the same old thing "omg how can you still be talking about them?" "Who cares about them?" etc.

They are constantly surprised I guess.

by Why????reply 55905/21/2013

has been-(belinda) wannabe-(charlotte) never-was (gina) refuse-to-see (jane)

by Why????reply 56005/21/2013

[quote] When does their little 12-date pub tour start?

As soon as Bitchlinda can safely be taken out of formaldehyde.

by Why????reply 56105/22/2013

I never thought this thread would be close to hitting 600 posts! I posted some early on, and I thought I was a big fan, but damn...some of y'all really know your Go Go's info!

I've talked to several friends about this topic---just saying that they kicked Kathy out. These are friends who like the band, but don't know much about the history or behind the scenes stuff. Every single person has said the same thing:

"Jane must be behind it."

by Why????reply 56205/22/2013

Of course, R562. That sounds extremely likely.

by Why????reply 56305/22/2013

I am sure Jane, with Belinda's approval and help, is the reason Kathy was fired.

by Why????reply 56405/23/2013

i think Jane should be the one to leave the Go-Go's. Maybe she can resurrect that horrible band froSTed she had in the mid 90s

by Why????reply 56505/23/2013

Most of Jane's solo music has been shiteous.

by Why????reply 56605/23/2013

Shiteous, hahaha!

She should definitely go back to doing that then.

Shiteous, hideous bitch!

by Why????reply 56705/23/2013

now i have to ask this!

#567, why do you hate jane so much?

now i for one, definately think jane is responsible and im not happy with her, but i dont hate her. i just wont support anything she does musically or otherwise...

but i dont hate her...extremely disappointed in her and belinda, and i'm somewhat angry that the go-go's legacy will go down like this because of them...but i dont hate them...

i'm curious as why you do?

by Why????reply 56805/23/2013

I can't answer for R567, but I can say this:

It's disappointing to find out the group you thought was a family was all just business.

It's sad to learn the two most famous band members ended up being real life versions of Patsy Stone (Bitchlinda) and Edina Monsoon (Jane).

by Why????reply 56905/23/2013

This thread is 90% filler.

by Why????reply 57005/23/2013

R570 So is your cock.

by Why????reply 57105/23/2013


by Why????reply 57205/23/2013

568, I hate her because she's a shady, phony bitch. When she's onstage always trying to grab attention in any way possible, kinda like a gnat that you can't get rid of and instead it lives forever. Priest outfits, colored wigs with rollers in them, ridiculous dance moves that are embarrassing to watch. I find it pathetic. Then off-stage she does the same, declaring she's bi or into S&M, wearing corsets, or dressing like Marilyn Monroe and it's all so LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME. After so many decades it's just OLD, it's not working and she needs to just hang it up and fuck off. The others all seem to have been aging gracefully--for the most part--acting their age at least. Jane is just annoying.

by Why????reply 57305/23/2013

R573, acting their age? You can make arguments for Char and Kathy but the rest? Hardly.

Jane's the worst with Gina following very closely behind and Bitchlinda having her moments. That's probably why Jane and Gina get along so well, they won't act their age. Pathetic at this point.

by Why????reply 57405/23/2013

Well yes but I was comparing them to Jane. Next to her they all resemble classy middle-aged women. She looks like a buffoon.

by Why????reply 57505/23/2013

Girls! Girls! Late Development!

Kathy is SUING the others!

by Why????reply 57605/25/2013

Go Kathy Go!

Did you notice Bitchlinda's "my mind" comment? And confirmation that it WAS the twitter honesty that was one of the reasons. Pathetic! She as everyright to be honest.

by Why????reply 57705/25/2013

Yep, Cuntlinda apparently thinks she's the final word.

by Why????reply 57805/25/2013

i hope kathy gets rewarded belinda's house in france!

by Why????reply 57905/25/2013

The tweet to Belinda must have been a last effort to place an olive branch.

by Why????reply 58005/25/2013

Bitchlinda is an idiot.

She tried to keep Kathy Valentine's memoirs under wraps so that her Twitter followers wouldn't know what a bitch she is and guess what happens? Now an even wider audience will know. That's karma for you.

Today she's pissed at Jane because the plan backfired. Bwahahahahaaa!

by Why????reply 58105/25/2013

Belinda Carlisle needs to sit her old white ass down. Eww.

by Why????reply 58205/25/2013

Can we please go through the KV memoirs blurs that we can remember? Not everyone finished them, I know I didn't.

I don't remember anything that wasn't known or that would case such a huge reaction from the rest.

I remember the abortion one, although I don't remember the details. I just remember her saying none of the girls wanted to go with her in support.

(Can someone get ready to make pt. 2 of this thread? I have a feeling we are gonna need it)

by Why????reply 58305/25/2013

[quote]Valentine says she received an Email from Carlisle on January 17 saying, “We have decided, for a variety of reasons, including our musical differences with you and the disparaging comments you have made about the band on your Twitter memoir, that we no longer wish to work with you.”

So why didn't they share these reasons with the public at the time? Why keep everyone guessing?

Part of me thinks they're trying to generate more attention for this...

by Why????reply 58405/25/2013

I think Kathy could give three fucks about whether they still like her or not. This boils down to the M O N E Y.

Kathy wrote almost a third of their music, and they need to pay her a cut for using it. Them firing her was an attempt to get around having to do that, and it FAILED.

by Why????reply 58505/25/2013


Creating a separate company to cut her out of her fair share is just downright nasty, shady, and ALL OF THEM TOOK PART IN IT.


Because why? Because she said some things on Twitter that are true? To her own followers?

I hope she gets every penny, and more. I hope they implode in the process. Fuck the go-gos.

by Why????reply 58605/25/2013

Oh Gina, I'm so disappointed in you. I expect it from them but not you.

by Why????reply 58705/25/2013

Don't look at me. I was napping for the last 18 months.

by Why????reply 58805/25/2013

I'm so far behind.. I didn't even realize belinda had a gay son!

by Why????reply 58905/25/2013

You all realize that filing a lawsuit doesn't mean a judge has ruled, right? The lawsuit lays out Kathy's allegations, nothing else. This story might get more interesting when the Go-Go's file their answer in court.

Plus, bands kick out members all the time.

by Why????reply 59005/25/2013

If the band had good reasons to fire her we would have heard of them by now. They've got nothing. In the lawsuit we have a quoted email from Bitchlinda giving the official reason, which is bullshit. There's no way Valentine loses. Kick someone out, sure. But cheat her out of what she is due? Not so fast.

by Why????reply 59105/25/2013

Yes, we know that r590 but the revelation of Belinda's email starts to cement what was said here from the start. What I didn't know was the GoGoGo corp. made to lock Kathy out. Beyond fucked up.

The My Mind-line from Belinda... If that doesn't sum up the problems with the gogos, I don't know what will.

As I've always thought, Bitchlinda keep these girls hostage. What she says, goes. She goes back to them anytime she needs a career boost. She got some big ones to do that.

by Why????reply 59205/25/2013

Part II is ready for when this one is full

by Why????reply 59305/25/2013

I'll post here and the new thread.

Interview with Kathy.

by Why????reply 59405/25/2013

With the tweet that Kathy sent last to Belinda, it certainly makes Belinda look bad. Wonder if she would have curved this lawsuit had she replied or made the effort to talk to her.

Oh what I wouldn't do to see all their faces when the lawsuit was given to them.

by Why????reply 59505/25/2013

They had to be expecting it. You don't fuck somebody over and not be looking over your shoulder. Still, you are right. They must be having hot flashes lol.

by Why????reply 59605/25/2013

Ok, this might show how foolish I am but in all honesty, I didn't expect a lawsuit. I though that it was just a situation were not all of them were in on it and Kathy, mistreated, was going to just walk away. This revelation of the separate company to exclude her, which shows that all were in agreement, changes things.

I hope she wins. I hope it all comes out and they pay. This isn't right, after 30+ years, they suppose to be better then this.

by Why????reply 59705/25/2013

and almost 600!

by Why????reply 59805/25/2013

Sale! I'll hold your hand while you poop for the low low price of $500! We need a legal defense team!

Also, I'm selling my home, a pair of underwear I wore last week, and one of my kidneys! Call now!

by Why????reply 59905/25/2013


by Why????reply 60005/25/2013
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