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Did Kate say 'daughter' or not? The Daily Mail says...

Revealed: Duchess DIDN'T start to say 'daughter!' New footage shows Kate saying 'is this for us, aww' NOT 'is this for our dau...' when handed gift this week.

Speculation that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are expecting a girl went into overdrive this week when on a trip to Grimsby, she was said to have began to say the word daughter. But now new footage of the exchange when Kate was handed a teddy has come to light in which the mum-to-be does not start to say the d word. The latest video, which you can view below, was captured by Lisa Hewson, 32, of Healing, who was also in the crowd outside the Heritage Fishing Centre when the pregnant Duchess visited on Tuesday.

She flat out denies she said daughter.


by Apparently tonight I'm the Daily Mail Trollreply 103/08/2013

The story was officially retracted. They're either going to have a boy or a girl. If it comes out being a girl, that doesn't mean that they actually said this.

by Apparently tonight I'm the Daily Mail Trollreply 103/08/2013
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