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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving The View After Nine Years, Viewers Found Her "Too Extreme and Right Wing"

The people have spoken. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one of the five cohorts of ABC's daytime talk show The View, will not be returning to the couch next season, following hot on the footsteps of fellow cohost Joy Behar, a source tells Us Weekly.

According to the source, the show's resident conservative voice is being ousted after market research revealed that she isn't popular with TV audiences.

"The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing," the insider tells Us. "People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed."

When reached for comment, a rep for the show told Us in a statement: "Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of The View and has a long term contract."

Hasselbeck, 35, joined the cast of the daytime talk show in November 2003 after guest-hosting the show following Lisa Ling's departure in 2002.

Throughout the course of her time on The View, she has gotten into numerous arguments with her cohosts, including a heated argument with Rosie O'Donnell in 2007 over the War in Afghanistan and with Barbara Walters over Mitt Romney in 2012.

Earlier this week, Behar, 70, announced her own departure from the show after 16 1/2 years.

"You can't stay forever on a show," she told Good Morning America. "I am graciously exiting stage left. I've put in 16 1/2 years and felt the time was right. I want to explore other opportunities."

Adds the source to Us: "Joy says it just felt ... tired and like work. She was over it."

Behar has been with the talk show since its inception in 1997, and currently hosts Joy Behar: Say Anything! on Current TV.

by Finally!reply 27609/18/2014

She's hot.

by Finally!reply 103/08/2013

Show will be cancelled. Barbara will be dead in a year. You think they're going to hang on with Sherri Sheppard and Whoopi?

Elizabeth will get a show on Fox News.

by Finally!reply 203/08/2013

now it can put it back on my DVR

by Finally!reply 303/08/2013

R2 is right, I'm sure she'll end up on Fox.

by Finally!reply 403/08/2013

She was born to be a FauxNews blonde bobble head girl.

by Finally!reply 503/08/2013

The fraus on the Us Magazine comment thread are in meltdown mode.

by Finally!reply 603/08/2013

I love when the persecutors play the persecuted. Especially when the tides are actually turning. As much as the media like to pretend there's somehow an equal number of bigots/rightwingers and "liberals", there really isn't. Our country is turning for the good and all the noise we hear is the death throes of the stupid and ignorant. We are becoming more enlightened, whether the media says so or not.

by Finally!reply 703/08/2013

Ali Wentworth might be a good replacement for one of those women.

by Finally!reply 803/08/2013

I'd love for her to go out with guns blazing a la Star Jones.

I wonder if Baba has a big name lined up to take her place. It seems like a cushy gig: comment on the news of the day and chat with celebs for an hour in the morning? Who would turn that job down?

by Finally!reply 903/08/2013

[quote] I wonder if Baba has a big name lined up to take her place. It seems like a cushy gig: comment on the news of the day and chat with celebs for an hour in the morning? Who would turn that job down?

And it doesn't matter what you say because most of the time you get talked over anyway!

by Finally!reply 1003/08/2013

Mark my words:

Anderson Cooper will be the new girl.

by Finally!reply 1103/08/2013

I think Joy was just setting the stage for BW big announcement about ending the show.

by Finally!reply 1203/08/2013

People love to live in a vacuum. You know that's how you learn and strengthen your arguments, when everyone you talk to listen to thinks the exact same way you do. Because all of us have everything 100% right, all the time.

by Finally!reply 1303/08/2013

We had hoped that Elisabeth would leave with dignity, but Elisabeth has made another choice...

by Finally!reply 1403/08/2013

[quote]According to the source, the show's resident conservative voice is being ousted after market research revealed that she isn't popular with TV audiences.

& it's taken them nine years to reach this conclusion?

[quote]The people have spoken.

Oh, to live in a democracy.

by Finally!reply 1503/08/2013

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

by Finally!reply 1603/08/2013

10 years too late

by Finally!reply 1703/08/2013

Ginny writes: February 27, 2013 5:58 pm How are your other children handling the conintual attention your heaping upon your latest soul mate and the baby? Do you plan to just keep buying babies as your other children grow up or will you leave some for those of us who are not rich and famous?


by Finally!reply 1803/08/2013

Why do people act like The View is a big deal, like an extension of Obama's cabinet or something? Four post-menopausal heifers basically reading today's Yahoo headlines, and opining on them in a prissy, politically correct way. Yet people breathlessly report on their every fart.

Who the hell is sitting around at 11 am anyway? Shouldn't you be vacuuming or something?

by Finally!reply 1903/08/2013

Elisabeth, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.


by Finally!reply 2003/08/2013

OMG! Look how skinny Rosie has gotten.

by Finally!reply 2103/08/2013

Elizabeth will get the first sitdown talk show, similar to The View for primetime on Fox News. Trust me.

by Finally!reply 2203/08/2013

Skinny mirrors.

by Finally!reply 2303/08/2013

OMG! Rosie's gonna be on SMASH

by Finally!reply 2403/08/2013


by Finally!reply 2503/08/2013

Faith Dane is taking her place.

by Finally!reply 2603/08/2013

Baba promoted her from the beginning, thinking the show needed some balance (and possibly giving voice to her own hidden conservative views?). She championed her through all the infighting and hate mail.

She will be replaced by another Republimommiefrau.

by Finally!reply 2703/08/2013


Hold me, David...I'm scared.

by Finally!reply 2803/08/2013


by Finally!reply 2903/08/2013

Wow first Joy now this one? That's crazy that they announced their departures one right after the other.

by Finally!reply 3003/08/2013

TRANSLATION: They cut the budget for the show and bitches be leavin' left and right.

Because at the end of the day, ladies, it all comes down to the almighty dollar.

by Finally!reply 3103/08/2013

She can take Sherri moron with her and let's replace the thicky, Whoopi, while we're changing everything.

I'd like to see Debbie back, but I'm probably in a minority.

by Finally!reply 3203/08/2013

Lisa Whelchel would fit right in.

by Finally!reply 3303/08/2013

Atheists, note! THere IS a God! Let us all give thanks!!!

by Finally!reply 3403/08/2013

Ann COulter, Anderson Cooper, Lisa Welchel, and Wendy Williams to replace everyone.

Babs stays.

by Finally!reply 3503/08/2013

Isn't Ann Coulter farther to the right than Elisabeth? It sounds like they need to find a more moderate conservative.

by Finally!reply 3603/08/2013

YES to Lisa Whelchel. She's quite bright and engaging and has a self-deprecating sense of humor. (her Twitter feed can be funny. Haven't read it in a while) I don't know how comfortable she would feel advocating particular POVs or engaging in controversies.

by Finally!reply 3703/08/2013

Now if we could just get rid of that retard Sherri, the show might stand a chance.

by Finally!reply 3803/08/2013

Wonder if other female viewers got a headache from Hasselbeck's shrill, grating voice. It was far worse when she tried to make a point or yelled.

by Finally!reply 3903/08/2013

Anybody who had to sit next to that loud-mouthed, interrupting ignoramus Sherri Shepard has my sympathy.

And that includes extending it to Hasselbech who is dead wrong on her political views

by Finally!reply 4003/08/2013

I wouldn't be surprised to see Patricia Heaton hired. Keep it in the ABC family.

by Finally!reply 4103/08/2013

Heaton is just as, if not more, unlikable than Hasselbeck and her views are even more extreme.

by Finally!reply 4203/08/2013

I don't believe this story for a second.

by Finally!reply 4303/08/2013

What about Diana Canova?

by Finally!reply 4403/08/2013

I thought R8 said Ann Wedgeworth.

by Finally!reply 4503/08/2013

Does US Weekly fact-check? Are they more People or Star!?

by Finally!reply 4603/08/2013

US Weekly is like Star and National Enquirer.

by Finally!reply 4703/08/2013

[quote] YES to Lisa Whelchel. She's quite bright and engaging and has a self-deprecating sense of humor.

Lisa just moved back to LA. Doubt she'd be so keen to uproot again so soon.

by Finally!reply 4803/08/2013

NO to Lisa Whelchel. She a mush-brained Xtian mommiefrau. Instead of parlaying her success on a hit sitcom, she got married to a closet case and started spitting out kids for The Lord.

People become Christians because they're not smart enough to imagine an alternative ("God named all the animals..."). She'd sit there like a lump and cry.

by Finally!reply 4903/08/2013

Kathleen Parker, who was on CNN for a short time with Eliot Spitzer, is a smart, educated, articulate conservative. It would actually enlighten viewers to hear her discuss (not debate) ideas & perspectives about current events with a similar type of woman who holds more liberal views, like Soledad O'Brien. But neither is the young "mommy" type that the show seems to insist on lately.

Barbara Walters had a good idea when this show started eons ago, & people like Lisa Ling & Meredith Vieira filled the roles well. But it's pretty much a farce at this point, & Walters would be well-advised to give it a decent burial sooner rather than later.

by Finally!reply 5003/08/2013

Why not Midy COhn instead of Lisa? Or Kim Fields for the token black?

by Finally!reply 5103/08/2013

TV Newser says it has two sources familiar with the matter, Hasselbeck will not be returning to the daytime program next season.

by Finally!reply 5203/08/2013

they're sayign she is moving to cnn mornings with chrissy cuomo

by Finally!reply 5303/08/2013

R51 what do you mean "token black"? What are Sheri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg orange?

by Finally!reply 5403/08/2013

[quote]What are Sheri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg orange?

This is hilarious.

by Finally!reply 5503/08/2013

I'm making hot cross buns for Easter. Why don't one of you start a thread so we can talk about it?

by Finally!reply 5603/08/2013

It's a little late. I stopped watching the show because of her.

by Finally!reply 5703/08/2013

What, Heaton? Heaton is even worse. That would be a really stupid move.

by Finally!reply 5803/08/2013

After Meredith and Star left I stopped watching.

Those years with Meredith, Star and Joy were The View's golden years IMHO

by Finally!reply 5903/08/2013

From what I've been hearing former Brady Bunch star, Susan Olsen, will be taking the spot.

by Finally!reply 6003/08/2013

Isn't Susan Olson supposed to be verging on Victoria Jackson crazy?

by Finally!reply 6103/08/2013

I love that Joy is quitting because it "felt like work." God forbid someone have to fucking work for a living.

And Elizabeth didn't alienate people because she's too far right. She alienated them because she's annoying and shrill. Unless Fox picks her up I think she's done on TV. And either way her descent into oblivion has mercifully begun.

by Finally!reply 6203/08/2013

Joy is 70 years old. She is entitled to stop working for a living at this point, you know.

by Finally!reply 6303/08/2013

If you go to the 5:38 mark in this radio interview Rosie did a few years ago, Rosie says that The View pays practically no money. So who would even want to be on the show, unless it's just to stay in the public eye so they can get side projects that do pay some money?

by Finally!reply 6403/08/2013

I can't imagine Whoopi wanting to stay around as a bunch of new women come on the show. OTH, she's so fat and grumpy now that she isn't likely to find work anywhere else if she left.

by Finally!reply 6503/08/2013

[quote]Rosie says that The View pays practically no money.

Really? Its probably practically no money, TO ROSIE, since she had her own gig before.

They should consider bringing Rosie back, not that Rosie would consider doing it. The Elisabeth blowout took The View to another level. It was not just seen as daytime filler after that, it was a place where women went toe to toe over politics.

Jeanine Pirro would be a good replacement for Elisabeth, but they would need a staunch liberal like Rosie to balance it out.

r65 I agree that Whoopi is probably a goner too soon. She is miserable most days.

by Finally!reply 6603/08/2013

I wouldn't be surprised if Megan McCain replaced her. She's been on the show numerous times, and Barbara seems to adore her.

by Finally!reply 6703/08/2013

Megan McCain is insufferable. She thinks she's a far more substantial presence than she really is. And she often seems rather clueless.

by Finally!reply 6803/08/2013

I liked George's suggestion about his wife, Ali Wentworth. R8

by Finally!reply 6903/08/2013

Hell... why not just get Lisa, Mindy, Kim and Nancy to do it. Charlotte could handle the Baba Wawa role and if they needed fill-in hosts they could rotate between Molly Ringwald, Felice Schachter, Geri Jewell & Julie Piekarski.

by Finally!reply 7003/08/2013

[quote]Megan McCain is insufferable. She thinks she's a far more substantial presence than she really is

She definitely has the heft for it.

by Finally!reply 7103/08/2013


by Finally!reply 7203/08/2013

It is kind of hypocritical to fire her for being conservative....that is what they hired her for...all the contenders who auditioned that time were conservatives.


by Finally!reply 7303/08/2013

Anne Romney!

by Finally!reply 7403/08/2013

Wouldn't be surprised if she got a talk show on Fox, cross promoted on Fox News, but I bet no politics... you'll just be able to tell her bias from her guests and themes.

It's good she's gone. Elizabeth's problem isn't so much she's right wing and conservative, but that's she comes across as not terribly bright and extremely petulant. I wouldn't have liked her if she was a liberal. She's a whiny baby.

by Finally!reply 7503/08/2013

Barbara should just end it now while they can still say they left before the ship started to tank. 16 years is a good run for any program.

by Finally!reply 7603/08/2013

Best to leave with dignity.

by Finally!reply 7703/08/2013

If Elisabeth was able to articulate her viewpoints succinctly instead of emphasizing every word with shrillness and contempt, then she wouldn't have been so bad.

by Finally!reply 7803/08/2013

I think it's finally seeping into the brains of some Fox viewers that Fox is losing credibility. Their own guests appear and call them out on their shit. The View watchers enjoyed EH positions because it created tension, not that they think she has an intelligent thought. So, can't imagine anyone following her to a Fox show; can't imagine even EH wanting to go to Fox because she knows they are a joke. EH wants GMA or something along those lines.

by Finally!reply 7903/08/2013

Fox's viewership is still double everyone else, which I'll never understand because it doesn't match the country's liberal/conservative ratio. The only conclusion is that older, more conservative people tend to watch Fox all day long.

by Finally!reply 8003/08/2013

It's weird, back when I watched Survivor, I really liked her, and was glad when I heard she was going on The View. Se was really likable on Survivor, but man...

I figured out really quick what her true colors are. Yuck!

by Finally!reply 8103/08/2013

R61 - Same here.

I also think she has become more shrill with time.

by Finally!reply 8203/08/2013

R61 Susan is politically well-versed. Though I don't see eye-to-eye with her on everything, I do think she is smart and will make a great replacement for Hasselbeck.

by Finally!reply 8303/08/2013

I loved when Rosie tore into her. Best season The View ever had.

by Finally!reply 8403/08/2013

R49, Lisa Whelchel has actually been doing some co-hosting with Jeff Probst. So though his show won't be renewed, she's shown herself to be pretty personable and thoughtful with the right personality for a chat show. Though I agree with the other poster she's recently divorced and restarting in LA, she may be more interested in acting gigs.

by Finally!reply 8503/08/2013

[quote]I loved when Rosie tore into her. Best season The View ever had.

You think?

You're so young!

by Finally!reply 8603/08/2013

It's time to put someone retarded, or with special needs, on the panel.

by Finally!reply 8703/08/2013

In addition to me, r87?

by Finally!reply 8803/08/2013

The problem for the The View is that other shows like The Talk, Hoda/Kathie Lee and even Access Hollywood cover the same territory in a more entertaining, less shrill way. And these other shows don't have The View's off putting self importance.

by Finally!reply 8903/08/2013

She certainly lasted longer than Rosie.

by Finally!reply 9003/08/2013

She knows her views don't really make sense but she keeps hanging on to them. Maybe they will replace the Fox blonde with Elisabeth.

by Finally!reply 9103/08/2013

[quote]The only conclusion is that older, more conservative people tend to watch Fox all day long.

More liberals also watch Fox news than any other news channel.

...and then bitch about it.

But they keep watching.

by Finally!reply 9203/08/2013

[quote]She certainly lasted longer than Rosie.

& me.

by Finally!reply 9303/08/2013

It's interesting that everyone is nominating a conservative to replace Hasselbeck, when being a conservative is why she's getting dumped. They'd be fools to replace her with another conservacunt, but foolishly ignoring the political winds is fine with me, anything to get that monstrosity off the air.

by Finally!reply 9403/08/2013

You need a conservative to get the cat fights that lead to high ratings.

Everyone getting along = a boring show.

by Finally!reply 9503/08/2013

Yes, and the ratings are so high now with Elisabeth. And they're firing her because people aren't watching her because she's a conservative, but what they need is another conservative, that'll get them watching again!

by Finally!reply 9603/08/2013

I don't mind that Elisabeth is conservative. The show needs a diversity of opinions. What the show desperately needs is intelligent hosts, regardless of ideology. As it is, the conversation on The View rarely rises above the level of beauty parlor gossip.

by Finally!reply 9703/08/2013

The original show was much gayer, much more New York. It was like DL TV.

They'd have their hairdressers on to make catty comments about famous people's hair styles, stuff like that.

I loved it.

by Finally!reply 9803/08/2013

I don't believe it. She is in Barbara and Bill Gedde's pocket and they own the show. One of the reasons Rosie didn't get along with Gedde is because he insisted she wear an ear piece so he could talk to them all during the show. Rosie refused. She said that's what the stage manager was for and she didn't want to hear him giving Elizabeth talking points. And just this week Barbra pulled out her ear piece and said she thinks it made her hard of hearing after all these years and Whoopi admitted she didn't wear one because she wears hearing aids.

by Finally!reply 9903/08/2013

I think the biggest problem is dimwit Whoopi. She leads the fucking show and she's the real dumber downer. She's the elephant in the room.

by Finally!reply 10003/08/2013

I never watch Fox but other liberals do because they want to keep up with the lies they are telling.

by Finally!reply 10103/08/2013

Frankly r97, who cares what you think. The audience has spoken, they don't like Elisabeth because she's a conservative, they don't think the stupid side of the debate need to be represented. They've heard enough of it, listening to Repug morons spout their bigotry isn't worth their time.

by Finally!reply 10203/08/2013

Sherri is no powerhouse intellect either. i cringe whenever she opens her mouth.

by Finally!reply 10303/08/2013

I'll say it again: the whole "she's too conservative" thing was a distraction to hide why these bitches are leaving.

It's all about the M O N E Y.

by Finally!reply 10403/08/2013

How many times are you going to whine "what about Sherri," r103? We get it already.

by Finally!reply 10503/08/2013

Half of the country is conservative.

If you turn the show into a liberal echo chamber they'll tune out in droves.

by Finally!reply 10603/08/2013

This show is meaningless and I watch it to hate on them....the audience gives a standing ovation to every shill trying to sell or plug something.....they give Kris Jenner and Nene Leakes a standing O- as if they have contributed anything to society. Sherri is nothing but a talentless ghetto slob who has gotten better at reading cue cards but is still ignorant of facts.

The hags dish on everyone then kissy kissy when the dishees are guests on the show. They lick Donald Trump's ass and think their opinions mean something.

Whoopi is the worst hag of them all- very rascist but hides behind it in what she thinks is humor.

Would be funny if they replaced with all black women so Barbara can pander and prove how much more worldly she is. A hateful woman who should be punished for being friends with Roy Cohen.

by Finally!reply 10703/08/2013

[quote]Sherri is no powerhouse intellect either. i cringe whenever she opens her mouth

I once saw her say something like she prays for her 'gay friend' every day, something like that or even worse, prays that it's OK to have him as a friend. I hate to misquote...but, from then on...

by Finally!reply 10803/08/2013

And how many times are you going to insist that her conservatism had nothing to do with it, and they better not become more liberal or they'll be soooory, r106?

by Finally!reply 10903/08/2013

This show is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I have to admit I'm devastated by these two blows.

The View won't be same without either of them. It's like a great gossip girls fest.

Barbara will be on there until she's ninety. If Betty can do it, so can Barbara Walters.

by Finally!reply 11003/08/2013

I disagree about Sherri. I don't agree with her viewpoints, but she's hot and has a great sense of humor.

And she has a fabulous sex life. They had a show a while back where she was talking about what gives her orgasims. I missed that part, unfortunately.

by Finally!reply 11103/08/2013

OMG r111

You can't possibly be serious. LMAO!

by Finally!reply 11203/08/2013

[quote]And she has a fabulous sex life.

Now there's a reason to put someone on the panel.

by Finally!reply 11303/08/2013

Rosie was making MAJOR money on her own show.

On The View she only made $3 millon, peanuts to her.

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that money maybe the real reason for Joy's exit.

She makes 1.8 million and wanted more. ABC balked, so Joy walked.

by Finally!reply 11403/08/2013

Perhaps money is more of a symptom, in that the budget is being cut because of the flat ratings, and their research shows Elisabeth is the main drag on the ratings. So it all gets back to people hating Elisabeth and her repellant views.

by Finally!reply 11503/08/2013

Her husband no longer plays football so Elisabeth is the bread winner now. She needs to keep the finances rolling in because putting 3 kids through Manhattan private schools can easily exceed six figures per year.

by Finally!reply 11603/08/2013

Nobody is tuning out because of Elisabeth. She's only 1 person on the show. All those people who "hate" her are still watching.

by Finally!reply 11703/08/2013

Read the fucking article r117, the ratings are down and their research shows people HAVE stopped watching because of Elisabeth.

by Finally!reply 11803/08/2013

r118 = Rosie

Calm down gurl.

by Finally!reply 11903/08/2013

Sherri needs to go too. I can't imagine her having a fanbase. I'd rather bring back Star Jones.

by Finally!reply 12003/08/2013

How about that slob Lena Dunham? The View might get the hipster demographic interested.

The first day, LD can do the show topless, before sitting, she can moon her disgusting shapeless underwear-free ass to the audience. She will, of course, wear a long blouse with no panties.

Each day of her first week, LD can expose part of her body to the live, and TV viewing, audience, that might perk up ratings for at least one week!

by Finally!reply 12103/08/2013

they could replace them with Star and Meredith

by Finally!reply 12203/08/2013

r121, a hipster girl wouldn't be caught dead watching The View or any major network show for that matter.

by Finally!reply 12303/08/2013

Honestly, I can't watch the show because of Elisabeth and it's sad because I wanted to like her. The only person I ever enjoyed in that seat was Lisa Ling because she was different but I knew from the start she wouldn't last.

The only morning show I almost enjoy watching is Kathie Lee & Hoda. There's something about that trainwreck, that pleases me. Two women drinking the day away, one clearly imbalanced and the other trying to hold her and the show together manages to catch my attention longer than The View or the Talk. I don't even care about the segments. I just like to hear them talk while Hoda tries to get Kathie to shut up for five seconds so they can go to commercial or focus on the topic.

At least when Rosie & Star were on the View you always had to wonder when a fight would break out. I miss the split screens that would divide Rosie and whomever she was arguing with.

by Finally!reply 12403/08/2013

"Her husband no longer plays football so Elisabeth is the bread winner now. She needs to keep the finances rolling in because putting 3 kids through Manhattan private schools can easily exceed six figures per year."

If she's leaving the show WHY would Hasslebitch even NEED to stay in NYC? Her 'showbiz' career is basically over, she, her fug husband and demon brood should move to some conservative state and stay there, they all need to just go away. Perhaps the Hasslebitch's can get a job clean Anne Romney's horse stables and shining Mitt's shoes!

Hasslebitch needs to go back to wherever she came from, I don't know where that was, but she sure isn't a native New Yorker, bitch needs to get OUT of my town!

by Finally!reply 12503/08/2013

R123, it was a JOKE, though, LD is such a revolting pig, she might just fit in with the rest of those View losers.

by Finally!reply 12603/08/2013

I always thought she wanted to do Fox and Friends once her View contract was up.

by Finally!reply 12703/08/2013

[quote]Her husband no longer plays football so Elisabeth is the bread winner now. She needs to keep the finances rolling in because putting 3 kids through Manhattan private schools can easily exceed six figures per year.

I don't think she lives in Manhattan anymore. here is her apartment listing. I think they bought a big house in Jersey. She still has to cover the big property taxes, so she ain't going anywhere.

by Finally!reply 12803/08/2013

You know I must admit republicans often do have impeccable taste

by Finally!reply 12903/08/2013

Be nice. Elisabeth reads the Datalounge.

by Finally!reply 13003/08/2013

I can't find her twitter...has Barbara had her silenced?

by Finally!reply 13103/08/2013

Sarah Palin is out at Fox News. She might be a good fit for Lizzie's replacement

by Finally!reply 13203/08/2013

Hollywood Reporter and Deadline reporting it too. Going to be fun on Monday when the subject comes up. Today was pre-taped so no announcement. Someone leaked it.

by Finally!reply 13303/08/2013

R133 - they're doing it to boost ratings. Geddes will not be happy. I'd love to be a fly in the wall of that make up room Monday morning.

by Finally!reply 13403/08/2013

Can we get rid of Sherri Shepard too? I think she's funny as an actress, but that woman is a moron. With the exception of Whoopi, a completely new cast could make the show interesting again.

by Finally!reply 13503/08/2013

Whoopi could play all the characters in her one woman show.

by Finally!reply 13603/08/2013

Barbara will never is in her will that they drag out her corpse once a week like Norman did to Mrs. Bates in Psycho.

by Finally!reply 13703/08/2013

Her husband is a football analyst on ESPN. He does a pretty good job there.

She makes $1 million.

by Finally!reply 13803/08/2013

No, get rid of Whoopi, too. She's fucking brain damaged.

by Finally!reply 13903/08/2013

Make way for Brooke

by Finally!reply 14003/08/2013

Wow R140 a whole lot of love for Elizabeth on that site. Downright creepy.

by Finally!reply 14103/08/2013

They are just hiring Brooke to drive Kathy Griffin crazy.

by Finally!reply 14203/08/2013

[quote]They are just hiring Brooke to drive Kathy Griffin crazy.

WTF does old ass Kathy have against Brooke? If it weren't for Brooke's show, Kathy wouldn't have a career.

by Finally!reply 14303/08/2013

[quote]Be nice. Elisabeth reads the Datalounge.

then read this: you are a whiney entitled idiot. please disappear and never come back.

by Finally!reply 14403/08/2013

Kathy isn't the one with the grudge. Brooke has the grudge against Kathy. (because of some joke Kathy did about Brooke's mother)

by Finally!reply 14503/08/2013

They need to get a Latina up in there. It's 2013 and it's THEIR COUNTRY!

by Finally!reply 14603/08/2013

Lets begin from the top. Replace Barbara Walters with entertaining Betty White!

by Finally!reply 14703/08/2013

I really wonder about this. NOW, after all these years, her politics are an issue?

Plus, as others have said, she'll be on Fox by April.

by Finally!reply 14803/08/2013

What a load of bull. Hasslebeck was hated right away for her bimbo appearance and parroting Republican rethoric. That it's been discovered right about now is total bullshit. Either the show is cutting down costs or she peed in Walter's cerial (= betrayed her in some way?).

by Finally!reply 14903/08/2013

It hasn't just been discovered right now r149, it's a matter of the political winds shifting. The Repug party just lost a big election and is on the ropes, the youth hates them, their base is dying off. Remember liberals ruled the roost from FDR until Reagan, so it's not unprecedented that the country gets fed up with conservatives.

by Finally!reply 15003/08/2013

So she's put on the show only because she's the prototypical Republican blonde bimbo, told what to say by Bill and Barbara, then fired for expressing their views. Hmmm.

by Finally!reply 15103/09/2013

I heard a rumor that the loathsome Bill G. is a closet case. Any truth to this rumor?

by Finally!reply 15203/09/2013

[quote] They need to get a Latina up in there. It's 2013 and it's THEIR COUNTRY!

They tried with Rachel Campos who had on-air auditions not once, but twice. Losing both times to Lisa Ling and Lizzie.

by Finally!reply 15303/09/2013

Can't believe her big claim to fame is that she was on "Survivor". Now that's a respected journalist!

by Finally!reply 15403/09/2013

I can explain all the love on the site R140 linked to...Drudge linked to it, so all the rethugs went there.

Whenever you see lots of right-wing mania at a site that doesn't typically cater to it, just check Drudge and you'll find a link.

by Finally!reply 15503/09/2013

I think the same thing happened to Regis r114. The View didn't make Joy super rich, but I'm sure she's comfortable. I'm sure Regis regrets not just taking the pay cut. And I'm sure Anderson regrets not joining Kelly. He's just not that good on his own.

by Finally!reply 15603/09/2013

r150 nailed it.

by Finally!reply 15703/09/2013

I'm available!

by Finally!reply 15803/09/2013

Regis was making almost $20 million. He didn't work Fridays and he wanted more time off without a pay cut. He thought he was worth it. It was Kelly who was actually worth it as she covered for him daily. He barely knew who was on. He waltzed across the street at 8:30 AM and was on the air at 9:00am. He just got a job on the new Fox Sports Channel formerly Speed

by Finally!reply 15903/09/2013

r158, yeah, because politics always get in the way of long standing business deals, right.

That is all about ratings, fabricated drama, and money.

by Finally!reply 16003/09/2013

In addition to their various backgrounds and politics, the View was also structured around five women in a different decade of life.

Lisa Ling, was in her twenties, Star Jones in her thirties, Meredith Viera forties, Joy Behar fifties and Barbara in her sixties when the show began.

Elizabeth has always been hated by most of us, but not everyone. After firing Debbie Mantenopoulos, Ling leaving, and then the Star, and Rosie debacles I think they have just been waiting for the right time to dump Hasselbeck, but chicken to fire the young republican mother. Joy leaving and Barbara never dying and a second term for Obama means the time is NOW.

There are plenty of better people to hire than Brooke Shields, or Soledad O'Brian, that are still coffee friendly. But Whoopi, Barbara and Sherri remaining pretty much guarantee a fail. It's a dull circus show with only the least interesting freaks left.

Elizabeth vs. Rosie, Elizabeth vs. Joy are the fumes that show has run on for years now. Even Star Jones brought some juicy tension with her beautiful enunciation and wide eyed shark attacks.

After Ling and Viera left, any class left with them as well as the balance and the premise of the show.

Good Luck Joy.

Good Riddance E.H.

by Finally!reply 16103/09/2013

Elisabeth can't stand all the attention Joy Behar is getting for her news of leaving. I had a premonition this would happen and now it has. Elisabeth is an attention whore. I'm glad she's going too. Must make it Whoopi's show.

by Finally!reply 16203/09/2013

Am I the only one who thinks she's actually reasonable, as far as conservatives go? I've sort of enjoyed her inching ever so slightly further left as the years have gone on...

by Finally!reply 16303/09/2013

The problem with dittoheads is that they have nothing original to say and that makes them boring. It also makes them lousy at conversation since they can't be spontaneous. All they can do is recite the talking points they've memorized through hearing them over and over a million times. Even Limbaugh's listenership has fallen off since he abandoned the "edgy comedy" and became a full-time political propagandist.

by Finally!reply 16403/09/2013

Promoting Romney is not "reasonable."

by Finally!reply 16503/09/2013

[quote] I think it's finally seeping into the brains of some Fox viewers that Fox is losing credibility

LOL. Wishful thinking.

Plenty of people still tune in every day. It's a successful formula they will not be dumping anytime soon.

by Finally!reply 16603/09/2013

Blind that sounds like it's about this show -

by Finally!reply 16703/09/2013

The social climate in this country is changing very rapidly. It's becoming much more liberal like it was in the 70s and early 80s. People like Elisabeth Hasselbeck will soon be welcome only on media outlets like Fox.

by Finally!reply 16803/09/2013

I did think it was very ODD during this past election season when they was really hardly any drama like there was with Obama vs. McCain.

They almost went out of their way to avoid it.

by Finally!reply 16903/09/2013

170 replies so far and not one person is sad to see her go?? Well let me be the first.

by Finally!reply 17003/09/2013

FWIW Susan Olsen (former Brady Bunch littlest kid) is completely pro-gay, pro-gay marriage. She's a righty but is a California righty & if anyone read today's SF Chronicle, it said that there's an almost 100% total acceptance of gay marriage in the CA Republican Party.

Plus there's a gay R running for some office in San Diego that will probably win.

by Finally!reply 17103/09/2013

Whoopi is not part owner of The View. Just Bill and Barbara.

by Finally!reply 17203/09/2013

Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn't quit. She was fired.

by Finally!reply 17303/09/2013

I just re-read the Susan Olsen thread. She dips into loony territory and sounds far too controversial to be a palatable replacement for Hasselbeck, especially if the latter is considered to right wing for shifting sensibilities. Olsen may be socially liberal, but...

by Finally!reply 17403/09/2013

All of the extremists are being pushed out: we are living in a different era and it is long overdue. Even in "the old days" it was very uncommon to stay on the air or on the screen for decades.

Only the greatest stars lasted a long time until the days of superagents and expensive contracts. You can bet EH's replacement will get less $.

by Finally!reply 17503/09/2013

That's essentially a $3+ million dollar apartment with a galley kitchen? That amount of money sure doesn't seem to buy much in the city these days.

Did you notice how small the bedrooms were?! I have a huge three bedroom apartment in LIC, my master bedroom is 15X18! I have a full eat in kitchen and a separate diningroom.

I paid nowhere near 3 million, let alone $300,000!

by Finally!reply 17603/09/2013

"Her husband no longer plays football so Elisabeth is the bread winner now."

If FOX doesn't hire her, he'll divorce her, ask for custody and alimony.

by Finally!reply 17703/09/2013

Lizzie would be snapped up by any medium sized local station in the midwest to do their local morning news program.

Yes it is local and yes it is a comedown, but the midwest market would snap her up.

by Finally!reply 17803/09/2013

I like Elisabeth, she has her strange moments but she is not the devil like Star Jones was.

by Finally!reply 17903/09/2013

[quote]If FOX doesn't hire her, he'll divorce her, ask for custody and alimony.

That's what's perplexing. All the others have moonlighted. Joy had other shows, Whoopi and Sherri do other show like Dancing With The Stars and Glee yet Elizabeth made some guests spots on FOX years ago and they never offered her a show. Maybe because she has young kids and didn't have the time but you would think they would have grabbed her by now.

by Finally!reply 18003/09/2013

I tried that R101 and after 15 minutes I thought I was going to have a stroke.

by Finally!reply 18103/09/2013

I assume that most of the posters on this board are liberal--you value diversity and you consider yourself open-minded. So why all the hate for conservative Republican Elizabeth? And please don't tell me it's because she's a brainless twit. Sherri and Whoopi are equal embarrassments to the U.S. educational system yet you guys don't diss them they way you do Elizabeth?

P.S. I am not a freeper Repuglican. I'm more left wing than most on Datalounge. I'm just tired of all the smug self-righteousness and the knee jerk hate for people who have other points of view.

by Finally!reply 18203/10/2013

Classic concern troll post, r182. A staunch lefty who is worried that there isn't enough right-wing idiocy being disseminated to the masses, riiiight.

by Finally!reply 18303/10/2013

[R183}] So the solution to fighting right wing idiocy is giving the left wing idiots (Sherri, Whoopi) a pass?

by Finally!reply 18403/10/2013

She was hired at the height of the so-called 'culture war'. Babs and Geddes wanted to counter the charges that TV was all 'liberal pinkos'.

The war is over. The Republicans are imploding and their mouth pieces (O'Reilly, Beck, Limbaugh et al..) are liabilities.

They don't need her. Bye bye!

by Finally!reply 18503/10/2013

Barbara just announced, live on the air that Elizabeth will NOT be leaving The View!

by Finally!reply 18603/11/2013

Thought so

Because let's face it. Lizzie scores high among soccer moms in those red states.

They love her.

She ain't going anywhere.

The story never meant any sense, and was all gossip.

by Finally!reply 18703/11/2013

Just confirmed live on air, as I said here, she ain't going anywhere.

by Finally!reply 18803/11/2013

"The war is over. "

Tell that to the thousands and thousands of troops and their families who are are still in Iraq and Afghanistan.

by Finally!reply 18903/11/2013

Good, now I can go back to not watching this show.

by Finally!reply 19003/11/2013

Sherri is not "left-wing" r182. You're one of those conservative dimwits who think all negros are communists.

by Finally!reply 19103/11/2013

“We love Elisabeth,” she said. “We value and appreciate her point of view. It helps give the show perspective. We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave this show.”

by Finally!reply 19203/11/2013

[quote]Barbara just announced, live on the air that Elizabeth will NOT be leaving The View!

So it just goes to show that the mainstream media is no more credible than a gossip blog, since all of the mainstream outlets were reporting this as if it was a done deal.

Talk about getting people's hopes up.

by Finally!reply 19303/11/2013

They said two sources confirmed her leaving

It was probably two janitors on the show.

by Finally!reply 19403/11/2013

If Barbara wants to keep that albatross around her neck, it's perfectly ok with me. It'd be nice of Hasselbeck left, but much better if the whole show got cancelled. But ABC will can her ass long before that, phony denials aside.

by Finally!reply 19503/11/2013

[quotes] If Barbara wants to keep that albatross around her neck, it's perfectly ok with me.

Again we lefty may not like Lizzie. But she scores very high among soccer moms in suburban red states. They LOVE her. Those are the women advertisers appeal to. Lizzie keeps those women tuned into the View.

So unless those red state soccer moms start disliking Lizzie, she ain't going anywhere.

by Finally!reply 19603/11/2013

Of course, Barbara has always been completely honest about personnel issues at The View, so we can take her announcement today as gospel.

by Finally!reply 19703/11/2013

In fairness R197 she DID NOT defend Star on the air on The View.

She only told a reporter at the Emmys that Star was welcome to stay, it was her choice.

Going on the air on The View and saying Liz is not going anywhere, That is a bit different.

by Finally!reply 19803/11/2013

So what the hell were "sources" talking about? There must be some huge internal conflict on the show for news like that to get out on a Friday to fester over the weekend capped off by Babwa's denial this morning.

by Finally!reply 19903/11/2013

Let's not assume all is said and done. Where there's smoke there is usually fire.

Hasslecrack is probably leaving, but it will be "by her own choice". Or at least that's how they will spin it.

Diamonds to dollars, they will announce her leaving to pursue a new reality show, or be on that Chew business, or something.

by Finally!reply 20003/11/2013

[quote] So what the hell were "sources" talking about?

It was the janitor and security guard.

by Finally!reply 20103/11/2013

Barbara was caught lying once about Star. I doubt she would stick her neck out again for Lizzie.

If Liz was indeed going to be sacked, they would get Bill Geddie or even Whoopi to say Liz was staying (and then announce 3 months later Liz is quitting).

and Babs would look the total innocent saying she had no say in this.

But the fact Babs did say she is not going anywhere, means she is not going anywhere.

Babs lied once, no way she would it again.

by Finally!reply 20203/11/2013

Does anyone remember the first idiot who played the role? Debbie Matenopoulos -- a fucking embarrassment. Then there was Lisa Ling -- BORING as hell.

Elisabitch is hands down the best one they've had. She's an emotional & proud right winger who is not afraid to make a horse's ass of herself.

by Finally!reply 20303/11/2013

[quote] Debbie Matenopoulos. Then there was Lisa Ling

Both have done very well for themselves post The View

by Finally!reply 20403/11/2013


The idiom is "dollars to donuts."

Please do not make this error again.

by Finally!reply 20503/11/2013

What about Sheri Shephard's tweet?? I'm sure she was referring to Elizabeth and not Joy??

Something's a brewin'.

by Finally!reply 20603/11/2013

I don't think Sherri has the type of relationship where she can phone up Babs and ask 'What's up?'

by Finally!reply 20703/11/2013

If you watch when Walters talks about Elizabeth, the camera never pans to her to get her reaction, even though Walter's looks over at her a couple of times.

After Walters finishes, there is just no reaction from anyone and Elizabeth is kinda stonefaced.

Wouldn't everyone be joking about all the nonsense that was reported in the press this weekend?

by Finally!reply 20803/11/2013

They should just pull off the band aid already if they are gonna can her.

by Finally!reply 20903/11/2013

I bet it was Liz who leaked. She heard she was going to get canned and knows she has a contract so is playing hard balls.

by Finally!reply 21003/11/2013

Girlfriend looked skeletal today. Must be really upset.

by Finally!reply 21103/11/2013

She has a contract which would be paid out by NBC regardless. The only possible reason she could be the leaker is that she wants to save face (probably knowing that this is how Walters would handle it). Then she can orchestrate the way her exit looks like.

by Finally!reply 21203/11/2013

Maybe that is why she seemed so sombre at the table today.

Babs is not stupid and probably gave her a tongue lashing backstage.

by Finally!reply 21303/11/2013

[quote]Girlfriend looked skeletal today. Must be really upset.

Doesn't celiac lead people to be underweight? She's probably back on the wheat.

by Finally!reply 21403/11/2013

[quote]She has a contract which would be paid out by NBC regardless

So she is moving to NBC?

by Finally!reply 21503/11/2013

I feel really bad for her, this show eats its young.

by Finally!reply 21603/11/2013

ABC not NBC.

by Finally!reply 21703/11/2013


by Finally!reply 21803/11/2013


by Finally!reply 21903/11/2013

[quote]The idiom is "dollars to donuts."

R205, the idiom is "dollars to doughnuts".

Phonetic spelling makes one look dumm.

by Finally!reply 22003/11/2013

The proper spelling in the USA is Donut.

by Finally!reply 22103/11/2013

One less chicken in the coop.

by Finally!reply 22203/11/2013

This was denied by Barbara on Monday's View, Bab said Elizabeth isn't going anywhere.

by Finally!reply 22303/11/2013

Barbara Walters is a self-admitted liar.

by Finally!reply 22403/11/2013

Sarah Palin isn't doing much these days...maybe she should take Elisabeths' spot when she leaves.

by Finally!reply 22503/11/2013

Here's video from yesterday of the ladies clearing the air about Elizabeth's firing.

by Finally!reply 22603/11/2013

If they were firing Elisabeth for being too conservative, they'd just admit it. Barbara would say it's true, everyone hates Elisabeth and we're dumping her ass. And yet Barbara didn't say that, so the reports had to have been false. Probably coming from a lowly janitor, someone who isn't nearly as fabulous as our cute little Liz. They've cleared the air, and now we know the truth, as told to us by the women of View who have no reason to lie.

by Finally!reply 22703/12/2013

I thought dear Liz was having an affair with Geddes?

by Finally!reply 22803/12/2013

[quote]Hasslecrack is probably leaving, but it will be "by her own choice". Or at least that's how they will spin it.

This. I have no idea why anyone believes the bullshit that Barbara says on air. Come on people, Star Jones blew Bab's cover years ago. Lizzy is toast.

by Finally!reply 22903/12/2013

She's disgusting. She probably told the producer she was going to sue...therefore they have to keep her. I think the whole show should go. Elizabeth is about the same as Paul Ryan...seriously hated.

by Finally!reply 23003/12/2013

This is Elizabeth's co-op. Look at the "Art" above the couch. That tells you all you need to know!

by Finally!reply 23103/13/2013

[quote] She probably told the producer she was going to sue

She would have no case. Contract states it is up to the network whether to pick up her option or not.

by Finally!reply 23203/13/2013

What does it tell you? R231?

by Finally!reply 23303/13/2013

Hate her politics, she is yappy and irritating, but I've had some personal dealings with her, and she's quite sweet.

by Finally!reply 23403/13/2013

For one thing she'll hang a picture in her living room, she swiped from a Greek diner.

by Finally!reply 23503/13/2013

Yesterday when Whoppi was telling about The Bachelor, Joy said something about maybe this is why everyone leaving.

by Finally!reply 23603/13/2013

The picture itself is barely visible to my eye so I don't know whether to love it or hate it.

by Finally!reply 23703/13/2013

I can't make much of the picture but her decorator has some splaining to do.

by Finally!reply 23803/13/2013

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: 'View' brass pushing her to quit - report

By Molly Chance, March 18, 2013 5:18 PM ET

Though Barbara Walters denies Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being fired from her seat on "The View," sources behind the scenes continue to spread the word that she is on her way out.

It was first reported that Hasselbeck was being given the boot because of her ultra-conservative views. The news came on the heels of Joy Behar's announcement she would be leaving the show. After the Hasselbeck report hit, Walters took a moment on air to denounce the story.

"We value and appreciate her point of view," Walters says of Hasselbeck. "We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave this show." But the New York Post says Barbara only called off Elisabeth's termination when the news leaked early. Instead the show plans to let Elisabeth quit under pressure of re-tooling the show to skew younger.

It's not clear how dumping the youngest host on the panel would accomplish that goal, but that's beside the point. The show is looking for a fresh new look, and Elisabeth is not part of the plan.

If Hasselbeck gets the old heave ho, that will make two empty seats for fresh faces to clamor for. Brooke Shields, Ali Wentworth and Christie Brinkley are said to be on the short list of women up for the job. Now it's your turn to play TV executive: Who would you choose to replace Behar and Hasselbeck?

by Finally!reply 23903/18/2013

Reportedly making the announcement next month

by Finally!reply 24005/23/2013

Now if they just got rid of those morons Sherri and Whoopi, they could have a fresh start.

by Finally!reply 24105/23/2013

[quote]Elizabeth will get a show on Fox News.

R2 was right on target.

by Finally!reply 24207/09/2013

How about this line-up:





And Alice

by Finally!reply 24307/09/2013

So that rumor that Barbars was retiring anD eLISABETH LEAVING that Barbara so vehemently denied...was true afterall. Barbara is such a liar.

by Finally!reply 24407/09/2013

[quote]Barbara is such a liar.

How many years did it take for you to figure that out?

by Finally!reply 24507/10/2013

She's gone!!!!

by Finally!reply 24607/10/2013

Time to celebrate the fact that she was fired.

by Finally!reply 24707/10/2013

not to mention, she's stupid and talks in that nasel-y baby voice, even though she's 35 years old.

by Finally!reply 24807/10/2013

What is odd is today is her last day. Joy announced she was leaving months ago and she is still there. She is not starting fox and friends until september - so something went down. It's can't be a non compete clause since Joy has her own show on another network.

They did not have a big huge send off for her, she just got 15 minutes at the start. Barbara seemed teary but I dunno..something was up.

by Finally!reply 24907/10/2013

[quote][R2] was right on target.

Well, it wasn't exactly what you could call a "bold prediction"

by Finally!reply 25007/10/2013

Hasslebeck is usually pretty good on gay issues

by Finally!reply 25107/10/2013

Debbie Matanopulous returns tomorrow!!!!!!!!

by Finally!reply 25207/10/2013

Where was Sheri today? Was she prostrate with grief over this being her "best friend"s last day?

by Finally!reply 25307/10/2013

Next year The View will be an entire hour of Whoopi talking about her flatulence while eating a pie.

by Finally!reply 25407/10/2013

[quote]Next year The View will be an entire hour of Whoopi talking about her flatulence while eating a pie.

So you're saying it'll be a little more erudite than it is now?

by Finally!reply 25507/10/2013

[quote]Where was Sheri today?

making a Chris Rock movie.

Whoopi was quite mad at Barbara and has been all week. At one point Barbara interupted her and then said oops I'm sorry I interrupted you and Whoopi said "yeah, me too."

by Finally!reply 25607/11/2013

[quote]Hasslebeck is usually pretty good on gay issues

Do you think she'll continue to be once she's taking her talking points directly from Roger Ailes?

Of course, she'll look like a Rhodes Scholar sitting next to Steve Doocey.

by Finally!reply 25707/11/2013

I'm going to sign all my posts "Your sister in Christ."

by Finally!reply 25807/11/2013

Elizabeth will be fine. The rest of those loud mouth cunts will be off the air soon. The View always sucked anyway.

by Finally!reply 25907/11/2013


by Finally!reply 26007/11/2013

off topic, but im not sure how to reply to posts,

etc. poster [67] said this, ive tried reading the help, any assistance please

by Finally!reply 26107/11/2013

I'm only curious to see if they make her get the Fox Blonde job. All of the anchorettes have this weird hair color that reminds me of light margarine.

by Finally!reply 26207/11/2013

Anchorettes, correspondents, contributors, Republican strategists on Fox are all blonde bimbos with little or no experience. Men like to ogle the fake boobs, but never take them seriously, because they are women.

by Finally!reply 26307/11/2013

[quote]poster [67] said this

It does no good to put brackets around 67. That does not create a link to that post R261.

If you want to create a link to a previous post, type an upper or lower case [bold]R[/bold]. Then type the number. No space between the [bold]R[/bold] and the number - don't put a bracket around it. The DL system will turn that into a link to a previous post.

by Finally!reply 26407/11/2013

r264 Thanx so much for the information, I sure do appreciate it.

by Finally!reply 26507/12/2013

ding dong the witch is dead which old witch? the right wing bitch ding dong the wicked witch is dead!!!

by Finally!reply 26607/12/2013

Why don't they rename it "The Whoppi Goldbrick Show" instead since everyone's leaving?

by Finally!reply 26707/12/2013

Time to dump the rest of the bunch and start over.

by Finally!reply 26807/12/2013

Hasselback's problem, well, biggest problem, was that she wasn't able to intellectually or eloquently voice an opinion. Her anger and opposition often got the best of her. Also, she was hycocritical from one day to the next. One day she was irritated about the skimpy costumes on Dancing With The Stars (a valid issue, I guess), but this half-wit wasn't running around the beach in a pair of Carhart overalls while she was on Survivor.

Now all this show needs to do is can Sherry and it'll be back in fighting form. Like Hasselback, she has a problem with articulating her opinions, and unless a person can effectively put thoughts into words they're just another big mouth. Plus, Shepard is not well-rounded enough. Unless the topic isn't pretaining to or she can't steer it back to po' black folks (and no, I'm not mocking her--listen to her talk), she really has little to offer and sits there looking drunk.

Whoopie's perspective is typically spot-on. Without her presence on the show I'd forget it was on.

by Finally!reply 26907/16/2013

r269, what always got me about her problem with everyone else's skimpy dress was that she usually expressed her sanctimonious distaste while sitting there with a slit all the up to her hip in a miniskirt that left nothing to the imagination and her big ample breasts were pouring out of a top that barely held anything together.

by Finally!reply 27007/16/2013

R269 Come on. There's a huge difference between a woman wearing a bikini on a beach on a reality show and the provocative stuff DWTS makes their dancers and contestants wear.

by Finally!reply 27105/09/2014

R269 "Whoopie's perspective is typically spot-on. Without her presence on the show I'd forget it was on."

I didn't see this. I really should've known you were a moron from this.

by Finally!reply 27205/09/2014

Also... Maybe I'm batshit insane, but I'm a liberal that likes to hear a variety of opinions. Not just one side. What's the point of a debate then?

by Finally!reply 27305/09/2014

[quote]I'm a liberal that likes to hear a variety of opinions. Not just one side. What's the point of a debate then?

There's no point to a debate if it doesn't have intelligent people on both sides.

by Finally!reply 27405/09/2014

NYT critic and Ken Tucker miss Elizabeth.

by Finally!reply 27509/18/2014

I always watch Liz on her Fox and Friends show.

Bitch fits like a glove!

by Finally!reply 27609/18/2014
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