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I forgot what I was going to say

I forgot the thread I was about to make.

by Darn.reply 1303/09/2013

Was it about the talking hamster?

by Darn.reply 103/08/2013

I paralyze, I hypnotize and lobotomize....

by Darn.reply 203/08/2013

I didn't have anything to say anyway, so don't worry about it.

by Darn.reply 303/08/2013

Was it about me?

by Darn.reply 403/08/2013

Shouldn't that be "I forgot what I was going to write?"

by Darn.reply 503/08/2013

talking away I don't know what I'm to say, I'll say it anyway

by Darn.reply 603/08/2013

Sorry, miles away. Did you say something?

by Darn.reply 703/08/2013

Hopefully it was going to be better than this one.

by Darn.reply 803/08/2013

Well worth the $18, I'm sure.

by Darn.reply 903/08/2013

Wasn't it about the underlying lesbian themes in "The Golden Girls"?

by Darn.reply 1003/09/2013

I'm voting for r10s suggestion

by Darn.reply 1103/09/2013

R9 thinks each thread costs $18. What a maroon!

by Darn.reply 1203/09/2013

Noodles! I'm sure it was about noodles.

by Darn.reply 1303/09/2013
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