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Things that will make a gay-ling's head explode

Because he doesn't know what you're talking about:

Phone booth. Arlene Golonka. Oleo. Camcorder.

by Pow!reply 12903/13/2013

I'm 45 and I have know idea what 2 of those things are.

by Pow!reply 103/07/2013

Any sentence that begins with "what can I do...."

by Pow!reply 203/07/2013

I'm always shocked at how few people born in the 90s know what Live Aid was, it was a pretty major invent in music history and they have held similar concerts in their lifetimes so they should know.

by Pow!reply 303/07/2013

Dumb Asses

by Pow!reply 403/07/2013

[quote] I have know idea

You certainly don't

by Pow!reply 503/07/2013

common courtesy

by Pow!reply 603/07/2013

R3, for most, it was a pathetic excuse for more self promotion.

by Pow!reply 703/07/2013


by Pow!reply 803/07/2013

What real food used to taste like.

by Pow!reply 903/07/2013

Rotary 'phones.


Smoking sections.

by Pow!reply 1003/07/2013

When you ate supper at home instead of at a fast food place.

by Pow!reply 1103/07/2013

No purse-spitting Brandon the barista. I'm not mad at you. Not at all.

I just don't like you.

by Pow!reply 1203/07/2013

I'm gay and have heard of the first and fourth, but not the middle two.

by Pow!reply 1303/07/2013

R11, I'm 20. My family and I ate dinner together almost every night while I was growing up. My parents are very health concious so our meals were always healthy. That is something I will always appreciate.

by Pow!reply 1403/07/2013

Oleo is just another name for margarine. Arlene Golonka was or is an actress who appeared on television in everything during the 60s and 70s.

by Pow!reply 1503/07/2013

the ability to write without using thumbs and a keyboard.

by Pow!reply 1603/07/2013


by Pow!reply 1703/07/2013

LOL OP: Arlene Golonka! :)

by Pow!reply 1803/07/2013

I just looked up Arlene Galonka. Now I know who she is. I've seen her on the Andy Griffith show. You don't have to be straight to know that.

by Pow!reply 1903/07/2013

[quote] Arlene Golonka was or is an actress who appeared on television in everything during the 60s and 70s.

She was a regular cast member on Mayberry RFD, playing Millie Swanson.

by Pow!reply 2003/07/2013

Card catalog files at the library

by Pow!reply 2103/07/2013


by Pow!reply 2203/07/2013

Flash Cubes

by Pow!reply 2303/07/2013

Never heard of Arlene Golonka! Why not try Rula Lenska, Hermione Gingold, Virginia Graham, or Ethel Merman instead?

by Pow!reply 2403/07/2013

Penny parking meters

by Pow!reply 2503/07/2013

Oh come on! I have a difficult time believing there are gay men who don't know who Arlene Golonka is! Next you'll be telling me that they don't know who Anita Gillette or Sue Ane Langdon are! (I always got them confused)

by Pow!reply 2603/07/2013

The ribbon candy old ladies had in a dish on their coffee tables. You tried to sneak one, but they were all stuck together.

by Pow!reply 2703/07/2013

10 cent pay phones

by Pow!reply 2803/07/2013

Fake Fruit.

by Pow!reply 2903/07/2013

I am 45 and I had no idea who Arlene Golonka was, and I barely knew what oleo was (it was long before my time).

OP, you must be REALLY old.

by Pow!reply 3003/07/2013


by Pow!reply 3103/07/2013

If we're gonna do Arlene Golanka...then how about E.J. Peaker as well!

by Pow!reply 3203/07/2013

Arlene Golonka would have been a brilliant MAME!

by Pow!reply 3303/07/2013

Talking to them in a bar, apparently.

by Pow!reply 3403/07/2013

The Polaroid Swinger!

by Pow!reply 3503/07/2013

E.J. Peaker--who was actually reasonably good in "Hello, Dolly!" I liked "That's Life!" It was my first introduction to some great Broadway songs.

by Pow!reply 3603/07/2013

OMG R35 I had that camera! I still have all the pics I took some 35 years ago.

by Pow!reply 3703/07/2013

James Garner and Mariette Hartley are NOT married!

by Pow!reply 3803/07/2013

R37 wow! You were alive 35 years ago, I didn't know they let you guys use computers at the old age home!

by Pow!reply 3903/07/2013

[quote]I didn't know they let you guys use computers at the old age home!

There's a lot you don't know. And you're not worth teaching, either.

So leave this thread before all this knowledge fills your shot glass sized brain and you hurt yourself.

by Pow!reply 4003/07/2013

Arlene Golonka used to teach acting in LA in the 90s. Sue Ane Langdon owned a building in Weho that a FOAF lived in. Don't know if either of them still do either of those things.

by Pow!reply 4103/07/2013

Rula Lenska


Disc cameras

Scoop Jackson

Boomtown Rats

Tape recorders


Body on Tap

The Knack

by Pow!reply 4203/07/2013

R40 I have a serious question have you ever been to a drive in, I've heard about them but nevet been to one as they all closed down in my area before I was born or when I was a baby.

I've seen drive ins in movies and TV, one question is how do you get the sound from the screen into your car? Always wondered about that

by Pow!reply 4303/07/2013


by Pow!reply 4403/07/2013

R40 Yes. Two people would sit in the front of the car and two or three of us would hide in the trunk and split the ticket price.

by Pow!reply 4503/07/2013

R40 they had speakers you attached to your window.

by Pow!reply 4603/07/2013

I don't get this thread at all...stupid.

by Pow!reply 4703/07/2013

There are still drive-ins, even brand new ones.

by Pow!reply 4803/07/2013

Did you have to buy the speakers at a store or did they give them to you at the drive in?

by Pow!reply 4903/07/2013

[Has the elgar-gay word been banished by U-know-who?]

by Pow!reply 5003/07/2013

I always choked when I read "AYDS". I haven't thought about that product in 25 years. Also in my postage sized hometown was a junior sized all purpose 5 and dime called AIDE'S Dept Store. A precursor to Walmart.

Never has an entity been unfortunately saddled with such an unfortunate name by no fault of their own since Barack Hussein Obama.

by Pow!reply 5103/07/2013

R49 They were at the parking space.

by Pow!reply 5203/07/2013


Brother word processors, typewriters

Carbon paper and typewriter ribbons (black, red, and white correction ribbon)

OnTV, SelecTV, Z Channel, VHF/UHF

Jiffy Pop

Kelly Girls

Joey Heatherton

Jaye P. Morgan

Claudine & Spider

by Pow!reply 5303/07/2013

Of course I remember Arlene Golonka as "Millie Swanson," Andy's girlfriend from The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry R.F.D.

In her 1960s days, Arlene was roommates with Valerie Harper. They must have remained lifelong friends because Arlene appeeared on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' 'Rhoda' and Valerie Harper's later show, 'Valerie.'

Arlene Golonka always appeared as the upbeat, perky blonde friend. She was a delight in so many TV roles throughout the years. She is still alive; 77 years old.

by Pow!reply 5403/07/2013

E*dergay rampage!

by Pow!reply 5503/07/2013

electric typewriter

tv antenna on the roof


roller skate key


Rubik's cube

by Pow!reply 5603/07/2013

78's, the jingle jump, wrestle around

by Pow!reply 5703/07/2013

I'm 44 (have no idea who the old-time actress is, but know what the rest are), I remember drive-ins. Trust me, you're not missing anything. They were the worst possible movie-going experience you can imagine. To put the speaker in your car (not exactly Dolby sound) you have to roll down your window and get bitten by Mosquitos all night long or listen to the sound on an AM radio frequency and run your battery down or, more likely, have to turn your car on and waste gas to run the AC. It was worse than mall movie theaters.

by Pow!reply 5803/07/2013

Laserdisc movies!

by Pow!reply 5903/07/2013

FotoHut and Fotomat


Fondue sets

Singer sewing machines (Singer ... we taught the world to sew)

Lilt and Toni home permanents

by Pow!reply 6003/07/2013

[quote] electric typewriter

Smith Corona, of course.

Pica and Elite

Carriage returns, hence "Return" vs. "Enter" to us old fogeys. The "DING" at the end of the line.

Here's one: actually talking on the phone, even cell. My BFF's 25-year-old daughter texts her constantly. At some point the BFF invariably has to text "CALL me." Or she just calls her. The daughter will text "I'm getting a call" while her mother is calling her.

NOT taking a minimum of 10 pictures of yourself per day.

by Pow!reply 6103/07/2013

Awww R58 ... you mean you actually watched the movie at the drive-in? How cute!

I went to the drive-in to drink and have sex.

by Pow!reply 6203/07/2013

Steno pools

Mimeograph machines

by Pow!reply 6303/07/2013

Sonny and Cher Show just to see Cher in her Bob Mackie creation.


My mother loved the Flip Wilson Comedy Hour: “When you're hot, you're hot; when you're not, you're not.” "What you see is what you get.”

NBC Saturday Night at the Movies


"Welcome Back, Kotter"

Lassie on Sunday night...I used to cry when the theme song played at the end and Lassie put his paw up.

by Pow!reply 6403/07/2013

Will you Xerox this for me, doll? I have a call coming in on my beeper.

by Pow!reply 6503/07/2013

Princess telephones

Transiter radios

Schwinn bicycles (slightly higher west of the Rockies)

Captain Kangaroo

Bonnett hair dryers

Spiegel ... Chicago 60609

by Pow!reply 6603/07/2013

Was she "Twinks" in MTM?

by Pow!reply 6703/07/2013

Pubic hair

by Pow!reply 6803/07/2013

AYDS ads were always in the back of a magazine, with the Mark Eden Bust Developer and the Frederick's of Hollywood ads.

by Pow!reply 6903/07/2013

I remember in the early 80's being shocked when someone told me that hookers in Las Vegas carried beepers.

by Pow!reply 7003/07/2013

[quote]I am 45 and I had no idea who Arlene Golonka was, and I barely knew what oleo was (it was long before my time).

Didn't you ever do a TV Guide crossword puzzle anytime between the ages of 10 and up r30? Basically every issue's puzzle contained oleo worked somewhere in the weekly puzzle as a filler answer.

ie, 26.(across)> margarine (4 letters)

I Dream of _______ [Jeannie], Delores ____ [Del] Rio, Barbara ____ [Bel] Geddes, and Barbara ____[Eden] are a few other giveaway answers that come to mind as frequent filler answers employed to construct the weekly crossword.t

by Pow!reply 7103/07/2013

Lauren Tewes' raging coke habit.

White tennis balls.

Travel agents.

TVs with rabbit ears.

Creature Double Feature.

Calling for directions.

Battle of the Network Stars.

by Pow!reply 7203/07/2013

The intoxicating (read 'toxic') scent of school handouts fresh off of the Ditto machine.

by Pow!reply 7303/07/2013

These 25 year-old gays I know have never seen "The Poseidon Adventure", or "Mildred Pierce"! And one of them is a drag queen!

by Pow!reply 7403/07/2013

"Will that be smoking or non-smoking?"

by Pow!reply 7503/07/2013

"Write Zoom, Z double-oh M!

Box three-five-oh

Boston Mass

Ohhh, two oooone three foooour!"

by Pow!reply 7603/07/2013

Drive-ins also provided electric heaters, attached to poles, so you didn't have to run the engine.

And who can ever forget carbon paper? Got ink all over your hands, and every copy had to be erased or whited-out separately.

by Pow!reply 7703/07/2013

Porn used to be expensive and hard to get.

by Pow!reply 7803/07/2013

Can you imagine an earnest 16 year old girl stating "I'm going on the Ayds diet as soon as I get my paycheck??

by Pow!reply 7903/08/2013

The "cent" sign on the typewriter.

Comics for 10 cents, the deluxe editions for 25 cents.

Ads in the back of those comic books for x-ray glasses. (See through peoples' underwear! The precursor of TSA!!) Seahorses that grew in an aquarium from a speck of dust, apparently.

A plethora of movie magazines, Photoplay, and Motion Picture being the top two. Combing through the aforesaid for mentions in bold print of your favorite stars.

When [italic] lack [/italic] of product on hair was considered sexy.

by Pow!reply 8003/08/2013

the continental railroad

by Pow!reply 8103/08/2013

Guest starring Kay Lenz

Bell bottoms

Growing your hair out Partridge family shag long, or Neil Young long and straight or sideways and up into long, gravity defying fro.

The beauty of men in short tennis shorts or coloured running shorts.

Stan Smiths.

Reel to reel high quality audio tape recorders.

Whispers overheard about people being fired from their jobs or run our of town for being "queer", the smell of you sister's hot rollers, the wonder of Pillsbury crescent rolls.

Hanging our for hours in record stores.

Saving up your money for concert tickets and waiting in line to purchase them and always getting good seats.

Parents letting you have a drink with company when you were far too young to drink.

After-school reruns of Bewitched, Beverly Hillbillies and I Love Lucy, Monday to Friday.

Friday Late night horror movies on TV, getting to stay up late and eat junk as a treat.

Mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow.

Ugly but expensive digital watches.

Very special guest star......

Watching all of out boring Ed Sullivan to see the Mama's and the Papas or Jefferson Airplane or the Temptations.

Looking forward to Carol Burnett and Mary Tyler Moore on Saturday nights.

Washing dishes, helping your parents, building things with your dad - nothing in your room to escape to, but your posters and if permitted a 12 inch black and white TV.

Biking over to their house to talk to your friends.

Peter Duel.

Avocado Green and Harvest Gold appliances, ugly even then.

Drive-in waitresses on roller skates.

Learning Yoga or Spanish from record albums.

A different kind of danger in the streets for some of us.

Chad Everett's Ass in green scrubs.

by Pow!reply 8203/08/2013

evenings, weekends, and vacations without phone calls or email from work

by Pow!reply 8303/08/2013

How many of you had parents who called it Welcome Back Carter instead of Kotter like my mom did?

by Pow!reply 8403/08/2013

Well done R82. I feel like I was transported back to my childhood for a few moments.

by Pow!reply 8503/08/2013

No ATM's and of course no debit cards. If you didn't get to the bank in time to withdraw money for the weekend before it closed on Friday, you were FUCKED until Monday.

A lot of people kept an extra $20 in their sock drawer just in case of such an emergency. Yes, you go out and party on the weekend with just $20.

by Pow!reply 8603/08/2013

Arlene Golonka??? I haven't thought about her in years. Loved her, she was so appealing. This is why I like coming to Datalounge. Thanks for making my morning!

by Pow!reply 8703/08/2013

A carefully placed shotgun blast.

by Pow!reply 8803/08/2013

R86 I thought ATMs always existed, I'm in my late 20s and kinda getting old and I always remember ATMs being around.

by Pow!reply 8903/08/2013

I was on the Ayds diet.

And I drank a lot of Tab*

Then I died.

by Pow!reply 9003/08/2013

R86, we used to go to the grocery store during bank off-hours and make a check out to 'Cash' or added a little extra to our grocery total. Some supermarkets even issued check-cashing cards so we could cash our paychecks during those off hours (banks used to close at 3pm and weren't open Saturdays like a lot of them are now).

by Pow!reply 9103/08/2013

Wasn't it the mid-1980s when ATM's first appeared? And if I'm recalling correctly most ATM's were in banks, it took a while for ATM's to be in every store.

by Pow!reply 9203/08/2013

In Birmingham, ATMs debuted in the late '70s. First National Bank called theirs "William Teller."

by Pow!reply 9303/08/2013

R92 yes and ATMs were not national or international. You could only use your card at your bank's ATMs and only in your area. Even if your bank was national.

by Pow!reply 9403/08/2013

"Rinse and spit."

by Pow!reply 9503/08/2013

When can we start and Elena Verdugo thread?

by Pow!reply 9603/08/2013

[quote]The intoxicating (read 'toxic') scent of school handouts fresh off of the Ditto machine.

There's a shot in an 80s high school movie where the teacher hands out ditto paper and everyone sniffs it. I think it's "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" but it could be from a John Hughes movie. Anyone know?

by Pow!reply 9703/08/2013


by Pow!reply 9803/08/2013

R97, it was from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

by Pow!reply 9903/08/2013

The Twist being banned by the Catholic Church

by Pow!reply 10003/08/2013

Priests who come to your house for dinner.

by Pow!reply 10103/08/2013

vicious face-slappings

by Pow!reply 10203/08/2013

Trying to balance a check book.

by Pow!reply 10303/08/2013

Personal. Computer? Like, why is it so personal? Is it, like, custom made? I don't get it.

by Pow!reply 10403/08/2013

VHF versus UHF. CB's. Slide rules . Peculators. Telegrams.

by Pow!reply 10503/08/2013

Analog tuners.


by Pow!reply 10603/08/2013

Gadgets connected with cables.

by Pow!reply 10703/08/2013

R101,our priests used to visit the dysfunctional drunken parents with kids in our neighborhood and tell them to straighten out and cut the bullshit...well, they didn't exactly use those words but they did help some people.

by Pow!reply 10803/08/2013

Ours just ate dinner, r108, but we were well-behaved and boring.

by Pow!reply 10903/08/2013

Radio stations 'TOP 40' playlists which were distributed at the local record stores .

by Pow!reply 11003/08/2013

Yes R101, my mother had our priest over a few times, he was young and good-looking with a great sense of humor, but he got very serious when he led the prayer before we ate.

by Pow!reply 11103/08/2013


actually, I know tons of young hipster gaybees who LURVE the LP's

by Pow!reply 11203/08/2013

pneumatic tubes in department stores.

escalators with wooden stairs in department stories.

department stores.

by Pow!reply 11303/08/2013

They get Joan Crawford and Joan Rivers mixed up.

by Pow!reply 11403/09/2013

clickers that actually clicked

by Pow!reply 11503/09/2013

Film negatives

Three or four channels of local TV that signed off at midnight

Overhead projectors

Telex machines

by Pow!reply 11603/09/2013

You don't have to fuck when you first meet a guy.

by Pow!reply 11703/10/2013

Carbon paper

White Out/Liquid Paper

Floor Wax (Glo-Kote?)

Yardley cosmetics

Department store catalogue, especially the Sears Roebuck "Wish Book"


by Pow!reply 11803/11/2013

I'm trying to create an Arlene Golonka song and am not doing well. All I have have so far is..

"Oh Arlene Golonka! And Willy Wonka...

That's all I've got.

by Pow!reply 11903/11/2013

This thread has the smell of a lot of elder gheys who, once upon a time, wore their mother's Enjoli!

by Pow!reply 12003/11/2013

MTV played music all day, without reality shows, cartoons and celeb puff-pieces. The same for VH1.

You actually had to go to a videostore to rent a film on tape, not download it.

by Pow!reply 12103/11/2013

My heart weeps for the modern gay-ling, for whom, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest must-have gadgets, and with all the worlds information lying right at his fingertips, will, alas, never experience dialing the phone with a pencil.

by Pow!reply 12203/11/2013

Boxes of Cracker Jack had actual prizes,Not a lame sticker passing as a 'prize"

by Pow!reply 12303/11/2013

R113 What did pneumatic tubes at department stores? They fascinate me. I'm into "steam punk" style. What did people put in them?

Also with pneumatic tubes, how was the direction of the capsule controlled?

I vaguely remember them at drive-thru windows at banks. Maybe they still use them, but keep the wind muffled. Still I the thought of pneumatic tubes criss-crossing through department stores like a scene from "Brazil" fascinates me.

by Pow!reply 12403/12/2013

r122, that's the second reference to a pencil and phone I've read today. It doesn't make sense. Phone buttons are smaller today than they used to be, right?

by Pow!reply 12503/13/2013

Season Hubley

Sian Barbara Allen

Zina Bethune

And E. J. Peaker singing "Walking Happy" with the Osmond Brothers-

by Pow!reply 12603/13/2013

r124, the pneumatic tubes all went to the same place, a cashier's office. The sales clerk sent the customer's money there, and the capsule was returned with the change.

by Pow!reply 12703/13/2013

[quote]Lassie on Sunday night...I used to cry when the theme song played at the end and Lassie put his paw up.

Wow, I did the same thing. In fact, to this day my partner can whistle the theme and I can feel tears coming on. No kidding.

by Pow!reply 12803/13/2013

Campus "Expressions" hippie shirts for men & boys - I had a rib knit space-dyed long-sleeve t-shirt one I loved...

by Pow!reply 12903/13/2013
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