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Can you really "turn it all over to Jesus"?

When life's problems become just too overwhelming, can you just throw your hands up and say "I give up, Lord- you take over"?

by Berthareply 1003/07/2013

I have my doubts about Jesus, now that we know he barebacks.

by Berthareply 103/07/2013

I let Jesus "take the wheel" then he pushed me out of the car and took off!

by Berthareply 203/07/2013

"Turning it all over to Jesus" is basically the equivalent of closing your eyes hoping someone will fix your problems and then opening them to find the problems still there.

by Berthareply 303/07/2013

I shaved it. Buffed it. I spread it. I turned it all over to Jesus. That Luz just walked away from it.

by Berthareply 403/07/2013

This is why it takes my 45 minutes to get to work. Jesus is so busy running people's fucked up lives, he can't keep everyone focused on what fucking traffic lane to be in, thus screwing my day up.

by Berthareply 503/07/2013

OP--Jesus is available to all of us. If you find that difficult to accept, you just need to drink a lot more, get hooked on a dangerous, preferably hallucinogenic, drug, or huff household cleaners (Drano is rather good for this). Sooner or later, your brain cell count has got to reach Christian levels, or you die, in which case you don't care any more.

by Berthareply 603/07/2013

Yes, people can be religious. Athiests can be so annoying.

by Berthareply 703/07/2013

"Jesus, take the wheel

'cause I'm too drunk to drive..."

by Berthareply 803/07/2013

Yes, you can. Don't lift a finger for yourself and just sit back and enjoy the ride down to skid row.

by Berthareply 903/07/2013

Yes, you say "God will provide" and some sap will help you and they'll say "See, I told you all I had to do was turn it all over to Jesus."

by Berthareply 1003/07/2013
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