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I'm ugly, alone, unemployed and suicidal

I don't feel I'm getting my $18 worth here- why aren't you helping me?!

by D.J.reply 3906/21/2014

Get a blog or a bottle of cyanide.

by D.J.reply 103/07/2013

What is it you want, OP? Advice? I am also unemployed but not ugly or suicidal (anymore). What's your problem? Specify so we can offer advice.

by D.J.reply 203/07/2013

Well I will make you feel better. I'm ugly, alone, unemployed, suicidal and OLD.

by D.J.reply 303/07/2013

OP, are you fat? If not than at least that's one positive in your life.

by D.J.reply 403/07/2013

Look down there. It's easy, isn't it? Why don't you? Why don't you? Go on. Go on. Don't be afraid...

by D.J.reply 503/07/2013

Yes: fat, old and adult acne! Help me!!

by D.J.reply 603/07/2013

OP how old?

Are you white? If so you have more advantages over a visible minority.

by D.J.reply 703/07/2013

You got to post a topic, that alone is worth $18.

The HuffPo reported the Great Recession which ended years ago and American wealth has rebounded fully.

by D.J.reply 803/07/2013

Help me I'm poor!

Listen Op, I'm a depressed mess ad soon to be laid off after 29 years. I have 10 more years before I can retire. Who the fuck is gonna wanna hire me?

I'm trying to remain positive.

by D.J.reply 903/07/2013

What's a "mess ad", R9?

by D.J.reply 1003/07/2013

Where do you live, OP? Maybe we can hangout sometime.

by D.J.reply 1103/07/2013



Done for.

by D.J.reply 1203/07/2013

I've always said, just about anyone can be beautiful - but it's work.

And it involves things to which many gay people seem allergic - sleep, exercise, diet, healthy living.

But if you can get THAT part together, you'll find yourself not as alone nor sad, and you'll have better chances at landing a job.

by D.J.reply 1303/07/2013

Can I have your stuff?

by D.J.reply 1403/07/2013

Take an ayahuasca trip. If you can't afford that, go on a fast--three days at the least. It will shake you out of your despair. Likely, your body is filled with toxins anyway and are making you depressed and lethargic.

Best way--go to a fasting retreat. Investigate the best ones out there. They are no that pricey.

During a fast (water is best but you may do the master cleanse as well) your winkles will soften and you will feel a supernatural connection with nature. You will feel born-again, so to speak.

Of course ask your doctor if it's doable for you. But if you are suicidal anyway, what the fuck.

It beats killing yourself, which is a dumb move if you have been given the gift of good health.

by D.J.reply 1503/07/2013

Are you uncut OP?

If so, you have a visible advantage over the greviously mutilated US majority.

by D.J.reply 1603/07/2013

According to the Essenes, fasting is a form of prayer and they also took enemas. The Essenes also instruct us that while on a fast to walk barefoot on the grass and dirt. It is very important to be very close to the earth while fasting.

All that aside OP, when WAS the last time you walk barefoot?

You'd be amazed at the healing properties of just walking barefoot on grass or dirt can do for you.

The most simple, free, and obvious things are usually the most healing.

by D.J.reply 1703/07/2013


by D.J.reply 1803/07/2013

Are you drug free OP?

If so, ensure you load up on every anti-depression drug you can get your hands on so you can share the emotional crashes with all the other medicated & zoned-out DLers. Insert quote: "It changed my life."

by D.J.reply 1903/07/2013

Have a good shit, you'll feel better....

When in doubt, jack off.

by D.J.reply 2003/07/2013

When I was broke - no money for food, just exactly seven hundred dollars left for one month of rent - I went to a silent vipassana meditation retreat in the desert near where I live. Free (though I later sent money, with NO culty hassles). I also walked barefoot, gave up eating animals, realized that most of the people in my life were seriously fucked up (which made sense, as was I) and I detoxed. I continue to meditate. Since then, I have experienced synchronistic events, good fortune, "good luck". I also limit my exposure to negative people, manipulaters, users, etc in my life, to which I was clueless before. I take good care of myself now - it was a chance to start over.

by D.J.reply 2103/07/2013

R21, you have a fascinating story and I would like to read more of it. Cold you or someone else start a thread about your experiences?

Also, I would love to read a blog of yours.

Questions: how did going barefoot affect you? Was going barefoot intentional and something uncommmon for you?

How did animals and plants react to you?

Have you become more self-confident as a result?

And lastly, what type of meditations do you do?

by D.J.reply 2203/07/2013

What is it with old, alone, fat, unhappy on DL. I'm 58, partner died 8 years ago and have been alone ever since. No family, decent salary, nothing saved. I guess I have gotten fat - 5'10" 205 lbs. But I'm not unhappy. I have great friends, I'm involved with the gay community, travel, like my home.

by D.J.reply 2303/07/2013

They say giving away your stuff is most restorative.

by D.J.reply 2403/07/2013

The other test I like to do:

Take off all your clothes. Stand in front of a full-length mirror. Would you want to do you? Do you like what you see?

by D.J.reply 2503/07/2013

R25 I love my body

But no one else does, and I'm the only one.

What to do?

by D.J.reply 2603/07/2013

So why don't people like your body? Have they ever told you?

Are you overweight? Small penis? Bad skin? Unfit, no muscle tone?

by D.J.reply 2703/07/2013

I am alone and unemployed. But I am happy. I hated my last job. This time is for me.

by D.J.reply 2803/07/2013

R21 - want to hear more about your story. It inspires me.

by D.J.reply 2903/07/2013

Would a puppet show help?

by D.J.reply 3003/07/2013

OP, do you have a doggie? Did you read online - today, I think it was - that somewhere a German shepherd (I think) saved it's owner, a woman; knocked the gun out of her hands when she was trying to shoot herself.

Seriously. ANimals are wonderful! What great instincts that dog had.

Doesn't mean you can just run out and get a dog! But if you have a dog - or a cat - remember they depend on you.

We all feel down. THis economy and unbelievably slow job recovery are hideous. Very easy for me to say; I'm on disability (6 years now).. Decent $$ but the tradeoff is living in the hideous small town where I went to high school, from which I thought I had escaped 40 years ago; ha-ha.

THank God for DL!; you're right: posters SHOULD be there for you. Keep in mind: "ugly" is in the mind of the beholder. Unemployed sucks, yes. Alone: CAN be a good thing sometimes.

Hang in there! I don't know you, but I don't want you to do away with yourself!(you might miss some great threads here, at the least!)

by D.J.reply 3103/07/2013

It's hard to feel sorry for you OP because it sounds like you feel sorry enough for yourself. Keep your chin up and plow ahead. There are lots of people who have it way worse than you.

by D.J.reply 3203/07/2013

Can I have all your stuff if you die?

by D.J.reply 3303/07/2013

Yeah, OP? Try walking three steps in MY shoes...

by D.J.reply 3403/07/2013

OP, would you cheer up if this thread made it to 100 posts?

by D.J.reply 3503/07/2013

Think of it this way, you made a stupid thread with stupid responses. That's one accomplishment.

by D.J.reply 3603/07/2013

Op are you male or female?

by D.J.reply 3703/07/2013

keep reaching out, op. i mean it. a spark of hope.

by D.J.reply 3803/07/2013

I'm the same plus old and stupid. Dumped by sb who wasnt even worth spitting on. Abused by another. Not even enough money to buy antidepressants. I know whats it like. Your body wants to live but your brain is dead. Yr crying for help. But its up to you really what you'll do. I know already im dead; soon ill be gone. but you... you have a choice. Not even the best shrinks will help you if you dont want it.

by D.J.reply 3906/21/2014
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