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Technical issues

1) When I plunked down my $18 a while back, the Thread Watcher kept track of every thread I'd commented in for updates. However, now that works during the session of posting itself for new threads, keeping a running list of older ones only after I log out.

2) I'm running Firefox and Windows 7 and for the past few weeks I get caught up in having to wait for an error message about an Ajax script to come up before the site will fully load. Anyone else (know a way to stop that)?

by A Confused Memberreply 203/07/2013

I don't. Sorry.

Switch to Chrome. It's better and I don't ever have issues.

by A Confused Memberreply 103/07/2013

OP, I have Firefox and Windows 7 and I'm not getting that error message.

by A Confused Memberreply 203/07/2013
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