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Steve Carell

I've never really found him attactive, but the accompanying picture to this article has me thinking he really is a hot daddy type.

by What say you?reply 1203/07/2013

Didn't we just cover this topic about three weeks ago?!

by What say you?reply 103/06/2013

We might have, R1, but I didn't have time to check with you. I'll hopefully remember to do so next time I post. Does your cell get good reception in your mother's basement?

by What say you?reply 203/06/2013

But you did have time to check it out OP/R2, and you did not. Maybe if you had done a search and found out that the topic had been brought up, you wouldn't have to worry about R1 snarking on you. I hate it when people post shit that is already posted because they were too lazy or too ego-driven (I HAVE TO BE THE FIRST TO POST THIS) to do something as simple as to do a search.

by What say you?reply 303/06/2013

Yeah r2, fuck off and die you lazy puswart.

by What say you?reply 403/06/2013

Oh you poor things. To think that a thread you could have skipped has gotten you in an uproar instead. Sensitive little things aren't you?

by What say you?reply 503/06/2013

Swallow a blasting cap, r5 / OP

by What say you?reply 603/06/2013

R6, is that the best you have to offer? Are you a newbie here?

by What say you?reply 703/06/2013

Okay, r7 – how about you grab the nearest dog turd in your hovel, pop it in your mouth, and then use your tongue to squeeze it back out between your teeth?

by What say you?reply 803/06/2013

Giving away your parlor tricks for nought, R8? Poor dear, you should be rewarded in some manner.

by What say you?reply 903/06/2013

I have always thought that if a movie about Nixon is ever made he would be good in the title role.

by What say you?reply 1003/06/2013


by What say you?reply 1103/06/2013

His next movie with Toni Colette and Sam Rockwell sounds interesting. He is a great actor but too often stars in flat popcorn flicks. He was great in Little Miss Sunshine.

by What say you?reply 1203/07/2013
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