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I love to smoke it. In a bong. In a pipe. A sweet. A joint. I like to vape it.

I like dro. All of the different strains. Some are so pretty. White Widow. Grape Ape. Afghan Dream.

Do you smoke?

by Harry Potheadreply 1903/06/2013

Can you explain vaping and where to get the device, OP?

by Harry Potheadreply 103/05/2013

R1, vaping is smoking without actually smoking. The vaporizer doesn't burn the weed, so you're also not getting any of those harmful carcinogens.

Plus, no smell. The absorption of thc is higher so you use less. The weed doesn't burn, it just gets sucked dry, so there's also the leftover vaped weed. I save it up and when I have a good supply I make use it to make some weed butter. Ill make pot brownies and cookies and shit.

I have two. An Extreme Q and a portable version called the Arizer Solo. I really recommend the Solo. I got it online for like $150.

by Harry Potheadreply 203/05/2013

Thanks, OP. I read an article about the vaporizer on The Village Voice website but they didn't really explain how it works. There was some vague mention of using wax in the device. I quess the advantage of the Solo is that you can smoke in public places and it looks like one of those Blu e-cigarettes. Although, when law enforcement catches on they will probably be outlawed. I'm looking at places to live in the state of Washington. It gets tiresome being paranoid about the odor and having to sneak to smoke and always being worried about copping weed or being busted for having it.

by Harry Potheadreply 303/05/2013

My bad, I'm thinking of the Vape-pen.

by Harry Potheadreply 403/05/2013

No wax. Just weed and the vape. I like the solo because its handheld and portable. It uses a lithium ion battery, too. Some other portable vapes use butane.

The extreme q is really awesome, though. The best highs I've ever had we're with that vape and some really good dro. It's got a remote control, a fan and all kinds of attachments. For the true pothead lol

by Harry Potheadreply 503/05/2013

Weed is awesome! I'm slowly getting my bf to ingest it more (he hates the smoke so I have found great THC capsules and I shotgun him) and he loves it too.

by Harry Potheadreply 603/05/2013

I did it a lot in grad school, overdosed. never again. I'm fine with that

by Harry Potheadreply 703/05/2013

You can overdose on weed?

by Harry Potheadreply 803/05/2013

No, I think they meant, "had enough".

by Harry Potheadreply 903/06/2013

I never got into it because I don't like the burning sensation in my lungs and I sometimes have a "bad trip" on it. But I think it should be decriminalized. It's certainly no worse for people than liquor and the fact that it's not physiologically addictive makes it a lot safer to use.

by Harry Potheadreply 1003/06/2013

Call me about 45 minutes after you smoke, when you get to the "horny" stage!

by Harry Potheadreply 1103/06/2013

Bought some yesterday. Just rolled one for later.

by Harry Potheadreply 1203/06/2013

Weed isn't even considered a drug in Austin, TX.

by Harry Potheadreply 1303/06/2013

I only smoke nights and weekends and in the mornings.

by Harry Potheadreply 1403/06/2013

Good for you OP- hope you also recognize that weed is as addictive as alcohol- can be just as problematic, and just as carcinogenic as smoking cigarettes.

I suggest moderation.

by Harry Potheadreply 1503/06/2013

That's why vaping is good. No harmful carcinogens.

by Harry Potheadreply 1603/06/2013

Is this a thread about weed, or a marketer's spam thread about the joys of vaping?

by Harry Potheadreply 1703/06/2013

Sorry, R17. I did hesitate in my declaration of live for my vape because it sounded like I worked for them or some shit, but really I just love it.

But I do love a good bong, too. The guy I buy from has the most incredible setup ever. Looks like a chemists lab. It hits so hard and so smooth. I ca t do more than one hit without choking.

by Harry Potheadreply 1803/06/2013

One hit is enough anyway, don't get stoned, get high! Safely.

by Harry Potheadreply 1903/06/2013
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