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Have you ever faced sexual harassment at work?

Was it your boss? How did you deal with it?

by Anonymousreply 103/06/2013

Yup, by a woman actually. I managed a medically related business with about 40 employees working under 3 of my supervisors. She was black and the company knew she needed to go but was fearful of a discrimination law suit. I told the president of the company he needed to stay out of it and back me up. I went through the process necessary for a clean involuntary termination and canned her ass. The workers that were black hated her, it was them she fucked we. My company thought they would turn against me for firing her. I knew I would be a hero for canning her and indeed was. I always took care of my workers and was always fair. She filed a suit against the company through the EEOC for sexual harassment because she knew damn well she had no chance using racial. No one would testify on her behalf. Myself, her immediate supervisor and the company president were all named in the suit. The suit claimed we talked dirty around her creating an atmosphere that made her uncomfortable The EEOC made big demands of us, all male personnel records for so many years and so on. Before we went to court we discovered she had pulled the same shit in another state and had some serious evidence against her. The EEOC officer had no choice but to send her packing, humiliated from the trial. Her husband had no idea of her past, happened before they met. He dragged her sorry ass out of there. I was vindicated !!!

by Anonymousreply 103/06/2013
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