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All About Barbie...

Hello boys and girls!

This is where we post little stories about, and questions to, our most favorite BPFF (Best Plastic Friends Forevers), Barbie and her friends!

You can talk to or even BE fabulous Barbie or any one of her wonderful friends, such as:

Handsome Ken! (We’ve been going through some boyfriend/girlfriend problems lately.)

Trans GI Joe! ( He just got back from the war and is very confused.)

Cruella! (She is my BEST friend in a BDSM sort of way, and she always wants to touch my plastic.)

Liza With A “Z”: Found her in a 99 cent bin.

Many more friends! Name some!

So, first question is: What do you do for footcramps?

by Barbiereply 212/18/2013

I'm White Trash Barbie! Ken knocked me up behind Malibu Barbie's back!

by Barbiereply 103/05/2013

Barbie is my best friend.

by Barbiereply 212/18/2013
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